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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  August 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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"we had a horrible night last night. 9 shootings. 5 homicides" homicides." several neighborhoods rocked by gunfire...all with in a matter of hours of each other. 3 we drew up a map showing each sherman, 23rd and state, 40th and fond du lac...two men were shot at 34th and north... we're told they will survive survive two others.. in the hospital tonight... still fighting for their lives...and police tell us suspects -- in each shooting -- are still out there. there.tonight cbs 58's evan kruegel is live at police headquarters with our top story tonight. 3 eric/amanda,this was the deadliest night of the year in
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in less than 9 hoursit has community leaders ?once again? asking what can be done to stop this violence. on the streets of milwaukee - a rash of shootings - leaving 5 men dead in a 9-hour span :"it's very sad, very :"it's very in a 9-hour span :"it's very sad, very sickening."desmond barnes knows one of the victims - a 33-year-old man shot and killed while driving his car on sherman boulevard. "it's very sad to that, that close, could get hurt." 7 hours later - police say two men in their early 20's were shot and killed in a "robbery related incident" ?here? - at 23rd and state.and at 3 a-m - a fight outside this bar off fond du lac avenue ended with ?four? people being shot - killing two men in their mid 30's. across the street - cherise barnes helps runa small church.
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just, 5 families that are without a loved one. and i think when people do senseless crimes, they don't think about what they leave behind." mayor tom barrett responded to the night of violence this afternoo. afternoon. "it happens way too often. it happens because there are too many guns. it happens because there are too many people that don't know how to solve their problems without violence."but communi lowe - who jut finished walking to chicago to protest this very issue - say it's much deeper than that. that. "the mayor has four more years in office, and he doesn't do job creation on the north-side, and improve the public education system, there will be worse, even more grotesque stories. more shootings. more historic years like last year." last year at this time there were 94 homicides in the city of milwaukee.last night's violence brings ?this? year's
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3 we have word of yet another shootg..this is a live look of the scene at 44th near auer in milwaukee.right now, all we know is someone was shot.. we have a crew on the scene.look for updates online at and on our next newscast at 10. the memory of zalayia jenkins is bringing the community together yet again.... groundbreaking n'layia died after she was hit by a bullet that wasn't even meant for her.the dedication is on 15th and meineke where the shooting happened. cbs 58s amanda devoe is there right now.amanda? za'layias family says they want to turn a tragedy into triumph with this peace garden. the community is celebrating the opening of the garden with food music and games. this
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za'layia's aunt ramona along with other city leaders were able to get the lot donated, to form this memorial. they hope this garden encourages people to speak up if they know anything about the crime.. which still remains unsolved. 3 ramona boone, zalayas aunt: i'm hoping that people see that she was somebody important. she was somebody's family member. people are mourning her so i'm honestly hoping that through all of this that somebody's going to give themselves up." they'll be planting weekend, they'll be planting every weekend, focusing on purple flowers and ornaments -- za'layia's favorite lor. live in milwaukee, ad, cbs 58 news. the hunt for 9-1-1 dispatchers in milwaukee police department . -- they held the first of two open house to
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spots....the department wants all qualified people to apply...they're looking for folks willing to help their community when it's needed the most. 3 the minimum qualifications that we're looking for is 6 months experience in the relevant field." field." "if not, we're looking for two years of work experience where a person has worked in a fast- paced environment." the next open house will be this tuesday, august 23 from 4 to 8 p-m at the emergency operations center at m-p-d district three.or information on this opportunity -- visit our website -- some milwaukee national guard members are helping our friends to the north recover from severe flooding. flooding.members of the 128th air refueling wing joined the recovery response across eight northern wisconsin counties. it's part of a joint effort with the army.on july 12th...nearly a foot of rain fell with in just a few hours. listen as one airmen tells us about his experience a couple weeks ago.
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"everything was just trees down, left and right. it was just miserable actually, it looked bad." bad." "for the amount of work we did there, it turned out really nic" nice."governor scott walker declared a state of emergency and last week he formally requested a federal disaster declaration for the eight counties. while those areas have had ?too much?'s still very dry here. here. the drought situation. meteorologist rebecca schuld is here with details on this evening's weather.hi rebecca! saturday: rest of the day enjoys sunshine and some puffy clouds. temperatures are still warm with late day readings in the mostly in the 80s with a few isolated 70s... mostly
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15 mph. dew points are in the middle 60s, so just a little less muggy than the previous couple of days. nice evening to get out and enjoy. an isolated sprinkle is possible, but most stay dry.tonight: few clouds with a touch of patchy fog. lows in the 60s. winds: w 5 mph.sunday: mix of clouds and sun. half 80s.extended: 80s continue tough the early part of next week. chance for a shower or storm on wednesday. warmer air returns by the end of the week with rain chances increasing for the following weekend.
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democratic vice presidental candidate...senator tim kaine...slammed republican donald trump at a rally in new hampshire today. today.kaine bashed trump for not releasing his taxes...saying they could reveal things trump doesn't want you to know.he also said how the rnc convention in cleveland showed a very negative side of the competition. 3 it was like doom and gloom and blame america first. people have said to me that was a dark vision of that was no vision of america. that was a guided tour through the mind of donald j. trump, which is a very frightening place to be." be."kaine also said trump would say anything, even if it's a lie, in reference to recent comments about president obama being the "founder of isis." a trump spokeswoman was hit with a bit of fact-checking on cnn today...while trying to push their beliefs of president obama and isis... even though the war in afghanistan started nearly eight years ??before? his presidency... trump's camp still calls it "barack obama's
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(katrina pierson/ trump spokeswoman)"and barack obama went into afghanistan creating another problem. it was hillary clinton and her incidents in libya which was also a reckless decision to create that vacuum. they armed the rebels and they're even funding them now." now."(victor blackwell/ cnn correspondent)"ok, so so you're saying barack obama took tookthe country into afghanistan post 2009 isthat that what you're saying?" (katrina pierson/ trump spokeswoman)"what i'm saying is the policies barack obama and hillary clinton, that was bama's war, yes." yes." his comment about obama and isis sarcastic, "but not that sarcastic." 3 3 parts of the south are underwater.we have details about...what one state's governor is calling..."unpreced ented and historic" flooding. 3 and we have some spectacular video of a twister of fire in the pacific northwest.more to come on that.rebecca? 3
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3 3 3 3 3historic flooding has forced thousands of people from their homes in louisiana.the rain is still falling and their governor says its only going to get worse. cbs news correspondent omar villafranca is in hammond, louisiana with more. 3 national guard used a helicopter to rescue a man clinging to a tree branch in louisiana saturday.more than a thousand people had to be pulled to safety after historic flooding.(sot paulette short/flood victim) our house is gone under, our pets, our horses. everything is gone under back there.(nats of rain)the rain started falling friday... causing rivers across the state to overflow their banks. more than 100 roads are now closed. (mos)you can't get through it. cars are getting washed off the walker, a graveyard flooded and caskets
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governor of louisiana has declared a state of emergency. (sot gov. john bel edwards) asking everyone to evacuate to simply evacuate if you are supposed to do that. bridge: officials expected another 4-to-6 inches of rain to fall before its all over.a flood watch remains in effect through sunday across most of south jeanie holmes' neighborhood the water is knee-deep. she's still trying to recover from flooding five months ago. (sot jeanie mcandrew holmes)the pictures you can't replace. big green rubbermade from last time. i've never t them up. while some homeowners are waiting to surveythe damage.holmes says its time to move.omar villafranca, cbs news, hammond, louisiana. governor bell plans to tour the flood damaged area. officials say there are two weather-related deaths. before we get back to have got to see this next video... video...this is a fire tornado - or 'fire-nado' for short.the
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by the cornelius fire department.sohow does this happen? wildfire can sometimes create its own wind...and that can turn into a spinning vortex of flames like you see right here.crews were able to put out the fire without any injuries. 3 saturday: rest of the day enjoys sunshine and some puffy clouds. temperatures are still
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few isolated 70s... mostly inland. northwest wind is 5 to 15 mph. dew points are in the middle 60s, so just a little less muggy than the previous couple of days. nice evening to get out and ean njoy. isolated sprinkle is possible, but most stay dry.tonight: few clouds with a touch of patchy fog. lows in the 60s. winds: w 5 mph.sunday: mix of clouds and sun. highs in the lower half 80s.eended: 80s continue through the early part of next week. chance for a shower or storm on wednes warmer air returns by the end rain chances increasing for
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okay rebecca...thank you!today was an extra special day for a lot of southeast wisconsin kids...they got the chance to meet the people who saved held at the milwaukee county was put on by children's hospital of wisconsin's "herma heart center."the kids at the picnic had very delicate heart surgery.they, along with their families, met the doctors who performed the procedure. 3 "this is an opportunity for the families to show their kids off, running around with their siblings at the zoo, and for our physicians to see their reward of the work that they've done." done."for one teen in
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special day after living with heart problems for portion of her life.we'll introduce you to her tonight at nine on w-m-l-w "the m" and at ten on cbs 58. what happenes to young, athletic and elegant greyhounds after they've reached the fish line of their racing careers? mike: about how many eyhounds do you find homes for each year?chris our organization adopts out anywhere from 150to 200 per yearevery dog that leaves here has a home. home. this weekend on cbs 58 sunday morning - a different breed - we meet a dedicated army of volunteers working to find homes for reired racing greyhounds... why these dogs are unlike most rescue animals ... and their remarkable journey from the racetrack to wisconsin homes. mike: "what's the biggest misconception about greyhounds?" chris straka: "that they're hyper dogs. i mean you're seeing them run around here and they're running pretty fast and they're playing, but they're really not hyper. i mean they'll sleep 20 hours a day if you let them."
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you can watch the entire story plus much more on cbs 58 sunday morning with mike strehlow... that's at 7-am just ahead of cbs sunday morning fromnew york...we hope you'll join us the packers won their preseason opener at lambeau last night....scott joins us now with reaction from the field.... 3 it wast always pretty in a game that had three safeties, but green bay got it done....hear from the undrafted rookied quarterback
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undrafted rookie joe callahan joined the greats last matter how the rest of his career goes, the wesley college grad can always say he was the starting quarterback at lambeau field for the green bay packers...... packers......c-b-s 58 sports director kevin holden was in green bay for the 17-11 win and talked to callahan after he put himself in the same sentence withbart starr, brett favre and aaron rodgers, even if it was only for one night.... kevin: "scott the chance to start a game at lambeau field as a green bay packers quarter by just a few people over the last quarter century. add joe callahan to that list. it was just a preseason game last night but callahan played the first half, threw a touchdown pass and learned a few things along the way." callahan: "it was great to feel what it is like to be qb 1 for the night. it was a really cool experience to play in front of a huge crowd at lambeau. i grew up a packers fan so this is a dream come true for me." barclay: "he was real calm out there, played with poise. he
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came to the line, starred everyone in the eyes, he's a great guy and he earned it, man he's been working."kevin: "10 different packers caught passes in this game including a heavy usage of tight ends. the leading receiver was justin perillo with 5 catches for 52 yards." cook: "jp had a really good game and joe did a great job of finding him so they were clicking really well." perillo: "just running routes, jared cook is awesome, i'm in there every y brain, picking richard's brain too, just trying to learn from those guys." kevin: "no word yet on who is under center and starting for the second preseason game also here at lambeau field next thursday against the raiders, but you have to think you'll see a little bit of aaron rodgers to help him get ready for the 2016 regular season. at lambeau field, kevin holden, cbs 58 sports." thanks kevin......without clay matthews or julius peppers the youngest players on the packers defense dominated the b.
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two turnovers and two safeties...carl bradford, kentrell brice and christian ringo had standout performances.....20-13 first round pick datone jones looked sharp too.....the u-c-l-a grad dropped 14 pounds in the off- season switching from defensive end to linebacker.... with 2 q-b hits and a sack at his new position jones is excited to get back out there... jones: "you get that first quarterback hit and it's like ok, next time i'm going to get him. you start itching. i time so just to come out get a sack and watch my teammates get a sack, we had it going and that spark on the sideline we have to keep it up the rest of the year." the packers avoided injuries during the game but weren't so lucky in practice.....wide receiver jeff janis reportedly fractured his hand......janis will likely miss at least the rest of the preseason.... waukesha native joe schobert was on the losing end last night but had a solid game....the former badgers linebacker picked up four
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fourth round pick this year and should earn some playing time right away in cleveland... zach davies takes the mound for the brewers tonight at miller park....the 23 year old has turned into milwaukee's best pitcher since the end of june....he hasn't lost in six straight starts with an e-r-a under 2.5 during that stretch.....first pitch against the reds is slated for
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saturday: rest of the day enjoys sunshine and some puffy clouds. temperatures are still warm with late day readings in the mostly in the 80s with a few isolated 70s... mostly inland. northwest wind is 5 to 15 mph. dew points are in the middle 60s, so just a little less muggy than the previous couple of days. nice evening to get t and enjoy. an isolated sprinkle hi guys! got the birthday girl a drum set. drum set? he's kidding! [laughs] oh you guys must have time warner cable. this is gonna be some party. yeah, their free home wifi lets us connect all our devices at the same time. and there's no data cap, so... the kids must love that, huh?! hey, there's the birthday girl! let's get this party started! get time warner cable 50 meg internet. that's more than 8 times faster than dsl and no data cap. uploading! honey, i'm goin viral!
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: severe weather threatens millions. deadly floods in the deep south, more than 1,000 rescued. extreme heat in 14 states. ( cheers ) also tonight, the surge in immigrant applying citizenship to vote in this year's presidential election. >> i think urgency is real, and this election is a game changer. >> ninan: katy ledecky swimming in gold as michael phelps prepares for his last lap. and the rio landmark attracting not only tourists but nature's wrath. >> the statue sits 2,000 feet up and because it sits between the mountains and the atlantic ocean, it's a prime target for lightning.


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