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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  August 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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"the national guard will be activated, but it will not be deployed unless chierf flynn decides to deploy it." it." has milwaukee's preparations to prevent a repeat of last night's fiery disturbance been successful? we'll have a live report from where much of the damage was done last night. 3 3 man shot to death by a milwaukee police officer touched off the violence and unrest. cbs 58 was there. 3 and a community responds to the devastation left helping with what promises to be a long and difficult cleanup. 3 news continues to break tonight, almost 24-hours after violence broke out in and around milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. 3 you're looking at video from last night. the wisconsin national guard was activated
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tonight...though not deployed. this after 6 buildings were damaged...some of them destroyed in fires after saturday's police shooting. shooting.tonight, we're getting a report of a large police presence gathering near the wisconsin state fair, we have a crew on the way and we'll have a report as soon as they arrive. we've also just gotten word of a fire at 46th and auer...our jacob kittlestad is headed there right now and we expect to hear from him at any momen a report that marquette is on lockdown..asking people to stay inside due to unrest marquette police safety alert due to potential civil unrest mupd is asking people on campus to remain indoors as a precaution. sheriff david clarke officially requested the activation of the national guard in milwaukee.he talked at length today about yesterday's officer involved shooting and the violence that .
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the police. and i've said publicly before, stop trying to fix the police, fix the ghetto. i've talked about those urban pathologies.that have to be addressed to shrink the size of the underclass." 3 the sheriff said you reduce the size of the underclass by reducing poverty, improve the schools and put people back to meaningful work. governor scott walker announced the activation of the national guard during an appearance in glendale today. he deflected questions about the conditions that led up to last night's troubles. troubles."that's something that we'll have to address sepately and we'll certainly work with the city, i've got some meetings coming up with the common council president and other members of the common council to talk in general about things in milwaukee, not just specifically this." this." walker says he's not ready to jump to any conclusions about this weekend's unrest. 3 the area around sherman park has seen more than its share of trouble this summer. fighting broke out for three
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police out in riot gear to deal with young people-- at times-- throwing rocks and bottles, smashing windows at a gas station and an mcts bus. to stop the violence, deputies were called in early to patrol the park. but the incident raises obvious concerns about what might happen tonight. 23-year old sylville smith has been identified as the man who was shot by police saturday afternoon...and at his news conference today, mayor tom barrett shared this information about a photo taken of smith during the confr. photo demonstrates without question that he had a gun in his hand. and i want our community to know that." that." the state justice department will pick up the investigation of saturday's shooting. shooting.meanwhile a large crowd gathered tonight near 44th and auer for a candlelight vigil for sylville smith. cbs 58's kristen barbaresi was there and she
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it's an all hand on deck effort to make sure what happened last night... people were so frustrated they couldn't turn it off. and we just need to make sure we are out in the community and that people out there support them and we'll work to fight and change this together" 3 3 we've talked about the damage done to six local businesses last we got an aerial view of the damage, and
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reported and as we've shown you from the ground, the gas station at sherman and burleigh was basically leveled by last night's fire....its canopy is standing, but most everything else is rubble. other businesses were, if not destroyed, severely damaged. today, volunteers started showing up to help clear some of the 58's julie parise talked to a father who turned the day into a lesson for his teenage son. sot - "if we don't better way to do things, then these problems will continue" track: across the street from devastation left by fire and protest - vincent nash and his son are taking small steps to help. sot - i always want to show my children the right way to things and that they can help build the community up. track: at the age of 14, zyaire nash says - he doesn't want this o be the future of his
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and some others to clean up after saturday night's looting and unrest. zyaire is urging his friends and neighbors to do the same. sot - i just want them to be strong like me as a 14 year old and do whatever it takes to help out with the community. track: this family says that strength may be exactly what the milwaukee community needs to step up - and stop a cycle of violence. "i seena lot of tearing down and frustrationa nd anger yesterday, and i want him to see lo parise, cbs 58 news. 3 "it looks like a war zone"-chuckles-"it's ridiculous. and for what?" what?"calvin white also showed up to help....he was one of the volunteers who worked at the charred o'reilly's auto parts store on 34th and fond du lac. he figured if some people start pitching in, the spirit will become contagious and many will start helping.
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a milwaukee police officer has been a vocal critic of police practices in milwaukee...but he is ?not? happy with the disturbance that broke out last 58's kyle aevermann talked with hamilton today. 3 nate hamilton says violence and destruction isn't going to solve anything. that's why he and the coalition for justice took to the streets this morning to say enough is enough. and this entire city needs to come together. 22:4316 "it start with us, it starts with the community." nate hamilton coalition for justice walked burliegh avenue early this morning.... less than 12 hours after chaos errupted on this very street. street.nate hamilton 22:16:31 the people feel like they have nothing like they have no one so a gas station,a building, it just means just as little to them as anything else. hamliton's brother dontre was killed by a milwaukee police officer at red arrow park in downtown milwaukee in april of 2014. he said it was important
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reach out to this neighborhood.... that is now both phyically and emotionally in pieces.22:17:19 my job is to come out here and to encourage better. for our people, for our youth, for them to see better, for them to do better. we need to give them that.2:23:26 the answer is never to destroy your own neighborhood.milwaukee life long resident earl ingham says he never has seen violence quite like saturday night. he's he's now concerned where this already struggling neighborhood is going. going.earl ingham" wear where there are a lack of black businesses how does burning down businesses in our own nighbhrohood where black people are employeed who are now going tobecome un employed solve the problem.many i spoke to say a solution needs to come sooner rather than later. and they believe it starts with communication. not only between communities but with milwaukee police...something they've been promised in the past, but say they haven't yet . seen.brian mann 22:21:54 "at one time we had the finest polcie officers in the world,
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open up the dialoge, "hamilton agrees but knows any solution will not be solved overnight. hamilton "theres a lot more work to do. today is just a start of trying to come over here with the communit yand talk to them and deal with them in a positive way." (reporter tag) tag)hamilton says he's not the only voice and hopes the entire community can come together to bring change. in milwaukee. kyle aevermann. cbs58 news. th should have seen this coming can point to statistics as evidence a 2013 study from u-w milwaukee... using census data, shows that wisconsin leads the nation in locking up african-american men.almost 13-percent of the state's african-american men are now behind bars in state prisons or local jails... nearly twice the national average. average. a 2015 report from researchers at u-c-l-a found that african- american high school students were more likely to be
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study from the website 24-7 wall street called the milwaukee area... "the worst city for black americans to live in the country." that study cited unemployment rate in the city... and the income disparity between black and white residents. 3 milwaukee's weekend of unrest has become a national story. crews from national media have been in town today., our coverage continues in just a few minutes with a look at how the faith based community can help ease tentions in the city. many people out at clean up sites and vigils today handing out water bottles due to the heatbut will summer stick around? meteorilogist drew burgoyne is getting us ready 3
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new at ten, gun violence claims a woman's life on milwaukee's west side., side., 34:17-25i just can't believe
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a family grieves for the 31-year old woman who was shot and killed this happened near 27th and lisbon. the victim's brother tells us she was shot by a man during an argument.her other relatives say the violence needs to stop. 19;33:00 -12what happened to her shouldn't happen like that. no matter what, no one has to the right to sit there and take someone's life like that, that's riduclous. we're already dealing with a lot of riots and stuff that's going on... it's bad out here already so they didn't have to do that. the shooting remains under investigation. milwaukee police say no suspects are in custody. a swat team set up in a west allis neighborhood late this mo. morning. a cbs 58 crew was on hand when the trucks and heavily armed personnel arrived near 95th and dakota. police are not saying what happened here, but a short time after the swat team arrived, they were seen talking with a man outside the apartment complex. no reports of any shots fired. we'll have more information on this frightening incident as soon
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3 next at ten, prayers and a positive spirit at one of the buildings damaged by fire in milwaukee. 3 and what can pastors and priests do to help calm the tensions now gripping milwaukee. we'll have a report when the cbs 58 news at ten
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00:07:53 ooohhh..i'm gonna let it shine. never gonna let it out oh no. 00:08:02 00:08:02 the o'reilly autoparts building was completely burned down during the unrest. today people gathered there for a peaceful worship service.. many church members wearing shirts that say grace 00:23:16 jessie griffin it really did my heart good to see so many people sacrifice their afternoon and come in for a worthy cause and just to
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pray for the children. greater new birth church pastor jessie griffin and many here hope that those businesses destroyed return to the area. and don't leave because of this incident. a vision to change the city goes beyond the government or police...that's why a faith- based leader is calling on his own to step outside of the church walls tonight.. to end the chaos he says-- is caused by hurt and 58's marshanna hester has the story. nats"within the chaos of what just happened, there's a root cause of what went wrong with in that."root causes of unemployement, lack of education and poverty."there's people that don't have furniture, people that don't have baby formula for kids." they're needs richard schwoegler says must be met to heal a broken community.. but it's up to churches to meet people where they are... and understand their struggle.. " right now there's a lot of
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got to get them out of that survival mode and then build that relationship with them." an adopt-a-neighborhood program provides resources... the salvation army's chaplaincy program, a partnership with mpd, gives support during crimes and develops inititaives to make neighborhoods safer... schwoegler says pushing through the fear to bring hope can't wait one more day... "through this mess we're going to be victorious i can guarantee that, but it's going to take more people to come out and do these things." marshanna hester, cbs 58 news. two members of the cbs 58 family were injured during last night's disturbance.they were physically attacked while trying to bring you pictures of the bp gas station fire at sherman and burleigh. they're ok, though one crew member was taken to a hospital to be checked out. again, everyone's ok.meanwhile, our cameras and satellite backpacks...that we use to bring you live reports...w 3
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continuing coverage of the unrest in milwaukee.....our morning show will have the very latest...but if something happens overnight, we'll bring you up to the minute coverage. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 we've got some developing news
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3 the packers' rookies took the first step in their n-f-l careers last night walking onto lambeau field for game day.....the top six draft picks all played extended minutes earning some firsts.... firsts.... kenny clark made his first tackle, kyler fackrell knifed in for a sack
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receptions....the most important first was just walking out of the tunnel and onto the field for game day as a member of the green bay packers.... 3 3 clark: "i mean it was a great day. i enjoyed it. running out there, running out of the tunnel."spriggs: "i think we did well. i think i did well personally. we definitely did well as an offense. i think we came together well and worked together well. overall i think coming out of it i have a good outlook on it."fackrell: "i think i played well. i didn't mess up necessarily. but learning from coach moss is to come in with a plan." plan."green bay avoided injuries in the game, but they did have a setback in practice a few days earlier.....wide receiver jeff janis reportedly fractured his hand....he will likely miss at least the rest of the pre-season... janis's injury has opened the door for other receivers to claim those number three and four receiver spots. jared abbrederis added punt return duties to his two catches in friday's preseason opener, and ty montgomery is getting back
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losing most of his rookie season to an ankle injury. the competition is heating up! 3 3 montgomery: i was just excited to be back. i was having fun. that's the new attitude i'm having, and that's every single day. just have some fun with it, no matter what happens. unfortunately, there's no olympic team for us. once you're in the nfl, that's it.abbrederis: if you get 50 reps at practice and you make two bad plays, it doesn't look as bad, but if you have ten reps and two bad plays, it's obviously bad. when you get less reps, you've got to make them all count. miller park lies just four miles from the intersection of sherman and auer. but baseball can bring a sense of normalcy and hopefully a little unity this afternoon. afternoon.few better distractions than watching your brewers put on a show. and ryan braun did exactly that. first inning with two runners on, now two runners off. that's a two-run double, three-nothing brew crew after an inning, and braun was just getting started. second inning, two runners on, and instead of running home, they
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inning, something for milwaukee to smile about. braun added another homer - he's hit 35 against the reds in his career - and that's a winner for the brew crew.
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repeating tonight's breaking news...reports of shots fired in the sherman park neighborhood...we have no word of any injuries.aalso tonight, a tweet from marquette university saying students have been told to stay indoors becuase of potential civil unrest. we have reports of a large police presence at state for updates tomorrow on the cbs 58 morning


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