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tv   CBS 58 News at 4pm  CBS  August 16, 2016 4:00pm-4:52pm CDT

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[applause] "bullder nats" heayafter the mess left daysof unrestin milwaukes sherman park nehborhood. several bu ..iludithib-p s station acrossshern park iswhh osing each ght at sixuntil furtr noe. 3lamethwi cooperation of s and voeers hav in dispersing crola that a 10 m curfew is in place for those 17 and under. unlike the two nigh prior... relatively calm last night. police and city leads are also crediting the fait community with helping make "we have been very gratified
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messages being sent by the faith community as well as the various community leaders." "what really has been a major, major source of support has been the faith comnity, th community groups who'veeen out there continuously really working to make this safe siua. situation. 3 3 58'scbs amanda devoe has be faith leaders who helped keep the peacday. tod.she joins us lie from the sherman park neighborhood withmore on owthe city is he..amanda. rnor walker met th more tstor3patoday wo ferent crches sherman pa 3stors say the meetg wite rnor hiop he anked cleomnity erman pn oencouging peace during e unrestpastors have been on the grounds in shern part since the unrest stted saurday nighthey y thi asweend violence does not represent sherman park as a whole.
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should stay away from. if you do business in sherman park, keep doing business in sherman park. if you have friends who live here, still come and visit. if you have reason to come to sherman park, come. don'stay away. away to hit the erman continue paand wobuilding better relationships with families there. live in sherman park. ad. cbs 58. 3 last night police were still t people were arrested..but no iuries or report of shots fired.that's down substantially from t two days prior when the mpd shot spotter system was recording shots fired by the reptheat ofnjuries to officers by throwing objects that we saw saturday and sunday.and while two civians were hit by gunfire over the weekend.again, no reports of people being hit by bullets
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monday night. 3 thea-t-fis now offering a reward for informationthat leads to the arrest of the le responsible for setting several businon thfire a when any will open. soe are transfeing rkersto other so they can still collect a paycheck.this unrest happened just hours after a black milwaukee police officer killed 23-year-old sylville smith during a foot pursuit. the mayor says there is photographic evidence that smith had a gun in his hand. 3 up at 4-30 asell as our live interview with congresswoman gwen moore on where the community goes from here. ave ha air..onle.. at cbs 58 dot com. camign 20-16co predentia nominee donald trump at miaukee'war memorial this afternoon, meeting with clarke and other law f david enforcement officials. 3
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rally at e washingn county fagrods -- but first, he's holding a town ll atthe pabst theater. theater.s 58's jocely joins us live from there with... milukee polichas officers directing traffic.... tht up barrades....making sure everything ns smooth... it has been a very controlled environment here outside of the pabst theatre... no issues been the case in the past at donald trump's events here in lwaukthe lie lo oke a lwho drove up from georgia. thi her 16thtrump event and her startee trip on sunday and ays t unest that was going on here in milwaukee d ry her. "i was really upset, had tickets on nhake up sunday morning, 1st thing i put on tv and see milwkee on to me, upetting of course for our safety but you know it just pre thi need
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with my an." plan." she also said that if she came here and felin dr she would leave and go back home but that hasnt been the case so far.peop in the meantime are still making their w inside fothe to hall ting-- which arts t 6. live in milwauk, jocelyne pruna, cbs58news meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready for your evening...rebecca. 3 there will be a lake brze that develops, d th could drop lakeside locations into the r 70s. highs around n/se85w5-15 mph. tonight: scatted srs and a few storms return late tuesday night into wednesday morning. lows in the 60s. extended: warmer air stays with us through the week as hiprch90 withsun ay asdd friday. looking toslightlycool to thweth end wi chances that stick with us through monday of next week.
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they're "curious" about how a fire started in a vacant house that had no eltral os pa by o steppein to waem.s ky aeverman explains 3 "a ung m that s walng down the street his way to work was rtg (sha-ree) shrri mcneil andfamily that the niing on d qck growing.1:05:59 "we ould have been dead r smokinhalation or anything, i hank god for that young man." morningit's been years since anyone has live there according tneighbors.with the recent unrest in ar sherman park, investigators fire started. arterewas electricty or serve to this building, so we are persuing it at this point and
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fire could have start whout one ofthose things.the roof and back side ofthe duplex telycomple collapsed and caved in. the heat tcharred and melted the siding oth b ighboring homes.....the was also some damage, but familill w disaced.the red cross is assisting.and mcneil is just grateful no one was hurt......and wants to extend her gratitude to the man that stopped to help. 1:06:23 i justhank him, and i thank god for him. and there should be more people like him. you have to care about your people that live around milwaukee kyle aevermann. cbs 58 news. news. 3 next at four --- senator tamy baldwin tours mont pleasant ... whe properties are eroding into lake michigan.. .her plan of action...ahd. 3 and it's national bratwurst day! find out w klement's sausage company is celebrating in milwaukee...after the break. 3 plus --- meterologist rebecca schuld will return wiour full
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3 3flooding in louisiana has has forced the largest diaster reonse ine u-s si hurricane sandy. the flood waters have killed at least
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rescue teams are still oking for others.more than 11- thousand people are homeless. and much of the southern portion of the state is still under a flood warning. 20 thousand have been rescued since friday in large part because of the help of volunteers. all the water is flowing south of baton rouge, so there are still more flooding concerns in louisiana. 3 homeowners in mount pleasant still hoping somebody castop lake michicn from eating away at their yards and quite possibly taking their homes. cbs 58's julie parise on a tour of the danger zone u-s senator tammy baldwin. 3 nt hpleasad the chance to unt voice their continuing concerns to us senator tammy baldwin. baldwincame out to uftour thosion and with those who live along the water.she said she wanted to see the problem for herself. baldwin is the liaison between homeowne here and the federal government, meaning she'll be the one fightitoresidents gover fix onng ern.
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but it's a itiveprocess and there's no guarane for see the structure is bluffoters eroe een hothat i fearful thahema be next. so now is the time to act. act.time to act. act. there are some residenthere who are looking to help repair their s donated to them by ukegan airport. the village president here in mount pleasant tells me they are just waiting for some permits to be approved before that work can begin. reporting in mount pleasant jp cbs 58 3it's un opportunityat a milwaukee high school --- pairing local businesses with students to help prepare them for the future. it's "draft day" at cristo rey jesuit high school. the
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today students will get matched with one of those companies and work alongside them to learn practical professional skills. "it's going thelp them focus, are college prep, college, as they do this work it will help them focus on what they want to do in college and there are after and hopefully they'll come back here to milwaukee and contribute to our community right here in milwaukee." milwaukee." some of the businesses involved include the milwaukee bucks... mauette... and northstern tual. 3 new y at four --- more than one million people atded the wisonsin state fair this year. the final totwas e-million-15- thousand and 815 people.they all came to enjoy everything the faihas to offer. inclung am pu.. a state fr erer. ere onewere million tythousles taae 55-?0thousand real wiscon grilled cheese sandwiches serve
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and to celebrate kle's is brewers tickets! tickets! they set in the aften.the fi thousa people to stop and ke a nation t feeding america --- got a free lunch. "the brewers aren't home for a game today but we decided to have a party here anyway, promoting national bratwurst day and helpiut feeding am erica stern wisconsin. "come on out to milr park, have sofun!" un!" the first one-hundred people also got free brewers tickets. people were invited to drive thru and make eir donation or park and hang out for a while...and visit with the racing sausages. 3 r full readyct wi ed
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highs approach 90 witn thursday and friday. looking to slitly cool into the weekend witincreasing rain chances that stick with us through mond of next week. 3 3
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maier fespturn ounds just week bit greener for this weeken's irish fest...and some international visitors have arrived in town to help..yl
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i'm russngd and i ap thge. narten million dollusenajon i he paid himselas ceo. johrrator he wins,ys sd...i w. heot gs r xyes to st ben craonshnso ihathip d...i w. d tradalsbsover
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ance bng extra attti to ood works in the commu international rnship program at milwaukee irish fest.
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vis our webbs58dot com. a
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3 cog up tonight onth cbs fe getting anrom d fids as preki re to rern to the classroe'll examine whastethe sta akes to keep them feon the tonighin our specia repo "school bu- pass or f. 3 3and comi upafter the k. arentuing follow the est des on thunest in milwaue. including how the plans deal th the fallo of 3evionce.cent pl i'll sit down for an congresswoman en moore on h she wants milwaukee to move forwd. 3 wionsin todatking to law enforcement officals...and eaking to the puic...a live report on that...sll to come. 3 as the news aturcoming
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there is a problem with both police training in our cit i've proposed, for an example, that there be some de-escalation trining training representative gwen moore addresssing the recent unrest in in our studio. thacoming up in just a few sure to stay tuned for that exclusive interview. but first -- the very latest on unrest in milwaukee. it was the first night of relative calm since a deadly officer-involved shooting on sa. clearosed , a curfew for kids under the of 18 as strongly enforced...and law enfrocement says ts encouraged by the result. 3 milwaukee police report ten arrests and one report of shots fired. but there were no injuries to civilians or officers. and no damage to businesses in the neiborhood. a much different picture thanwhat we saw on saturday and sunday night when half a dozen businesses were burned, others damaged and his most recent
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ed flynn described the operation as lightly deployed in the aa surrounding sherma park..with some skirmishes around seven yesterday evening about an hour after the park was closed and sealed off by fencing. "we did have some confrontations with individulas that were heated, we made a half a dozen arrests, that seemed to have some impact, again, we had folks frothcommunity step forward to take a leadership role in reducing tensions within in the group assthaed." police and the a-t-f are now working tfind e people responsible for the widespread destruction that rocked the .neighborhothe a-t-f is offering a ten-thousand dollar reward for information that could help them arrest the person or peowho set the business fires on saturday night. towards solutions to the problems and struggles he citizens in the sherman park neighborho are facing. facing.and tonight, they'll explore whether allocating more money is theway to go. 58's lindsey branwall joins us live from
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today the police chief and members of the common counc met for the first time after the violence that broke out over the weekend.and we've heard from many city leaders that a very obvious way they feel they can help sherman park is through the city budget. mpd confirmed chief flynn did meet with aldermen today, briefing them on the last few days and answering any questions they had.we spoke with alderman witkowski, who attended one of the meetings. he says his biggest concern is that the violence over the last few nights will affect come. he believes the burned down buildings may not be replaced, and says he's seen this happen before. in 1967 the event took place around 2nd and center upper 3rd st. the looting fires and to this day, 49 years later there are still boded buildings in that area. might see grass and parks but thsoe
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upon a time. time. tonight is the mayor's preliminary budget hearing. the public are invited to attend.aldermanwitkowski says if there was an answer to solve this, it would have already come out.but alderman stamper says the public should come to make sure resources are in place to prevent violence we saw the last few nights in milwaukee. the meeting starts at 6p.m. anit's at the ziedler municipal building. right next to city hall. cbs 58 news. 3 we will have continuing coverage of the unrest in milukee th on-r and online. we will bring you the latest developments our evening newscasts and stay up to date on our website, cbs 58 dot com. 3 republicaprsidential nominee, donald trump is in the badger state today. people began lining up outside the pabst theater this afternoon for a chance to see trump speak to conservative radio
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closed to the media. ors opened at three...the event is at six. 3 3 meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready for your evening...rebecca. today: mix of clouds and sun. there wil a lake breeze that develops, and that uld drop lakeside locations into the upper 70s. highs around 85. winds: n/se 5-15 h. tonight: scattered showers and a few storms return late tuesday night into wednesday morning. lows in the 60s. extended: warmer air stays with us through the week as highs approach 90 with sun thursday and friday. looking to slightly cool into the weekend with increasing rain chances that stick with us
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and trumpis
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and once trump is finished there...he'll moe on his ?public? eve in west bend. cbs 58's david ade is live there now and he's joined by a cbs news correspondent...david. 3 i am who i am... i've gotten here in a landslideexcept for one problem, i then went on a very good run...
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3 looking towards solutions after the unrest in at four thirty i'll sit down for an ex cgresswoman gwen moore...on where milwaukee goes frm
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now to a cbs 58 news exclusive -- i'm joined in studio this afternoon bcongresswoman gwen moore. she's here to talk about the recent unrest in milwaukee. representative moore, thank youfor joining
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while there were people who mentioned specific policy concns that they had, my belief is that many of the individuals that were involved with this weren't reacting as a protest but were rather reacting for other reasons that-- when you burn down operty-- are, point blank,
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3 this afternoon. this week...the wisconsin department of transportation closed all i-94 ram ps ?to-and-from? highway a main entry to downtown waukes. waukesha...and local businesses tell cbs 58's jab kittilstad they're feelinthe effects...he joins us now live...jacob. yo can still get across the overpass here...> but to get or-on-off i-94 you have to take a pretty long detour to get to this area.> those
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signs...> so it's a little confusing at the start of this possibly-longer- than-a-monthlong closure. (nat. construction)worrs put down concrete barriers...> blocking lanes on highway f.> starting monday...> all ramps closed at this exit...> ts area - home to a largest o market - your betbest to get off at the exit to the west: highway 164.> even the short detour is enough for percent of their traffic...> that estimation from marketing director dirk stlman. stallma"it has a definite pact on our business. it started yesterday. and definily have seen a drop- off at this store since it started." "so one of the greatest things about this location is its proximity to the highway andto the exits. wheso the exitse closed the access is ry limited." (nat. trampoline)acros the zone ross the zone trampoline park is prepping employees to
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if they're alile bit late for their jump time - we'll be able to extend them, wel be able to help 'em out so they get e most bang for their buck."herb coulthurst says parent driving kids birthday parties here might not be aware of the construction...> and he's unsure how that will affect first impressions. impressions."first time customers, we don't want to appear like we're cut off and closed off right away when they first want to come."but steinhafels is already bracing for the impact. local businesses have inut requests to d-o-t...> asking them to install more explicit deto sign> according to their bsite, the closures is expected to last through september 19...> bu some businesses are expecticompletion in the ll.> live in waukesha...> jacob kittilstad...> cbs 58
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the humane society of wisconsin was surprised this week with a huge donation. they posted this picture on their facebook page. they say following the difficult events of the weekend...the donation really lifted their spirits. thanks for watching the news at four...
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3 -nats bulldozer- bulldozer- one bulldozer takes on a giant pile of rubble at what once was a gas station in hborneigod. it's a symbol for a city that's moving forward after days of unrest. 3 tonight we'll alsotake you live to dotown of two places where donald trump will make an appearance tonight. can he stop the steady ebbing away of his pport here in the badger sta 3 that's just ahead after our milwaukeunrest leaders are hoping that last night's relative calm in the sherman park neighborhood will continue. continue.we have several new
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looking ahead...and regarding e investigation of the damage left behind from this past weekend's turmoil. 3 one thing we learned today is that the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms is offering a reward of up to 10-thousand dollars for information about those fires from saturday. six commercial buildings burned on that we showed you moments ago, a bulldozer started removing rubble from the b-p gas station on sherman and burleigh...a business that was wants info that leads to the arrest and conviction of whoever started the fires....a response team from the bureau will be in town to help investigate., 3 as we mentioned before, the sherman park neighborhood was relatively calm last night, after the park itself was closed at 6pm and city officials announced that a curfew for teenagers would be more aggressively enforced.
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branwall reports from city hall, where officials have been discussing ways to keep the peace. today the common council and police chief met for the first time since violence broke out in milwaukee. ?nats from over the weekend.? with milwaukee police chief flynn on the streets the last few nights,he met with the common council today 23:46witkoi witkowski"i was glad i was able to sit down with chief along with other aldermen. hear their concerns. hear the chief's explanation of what he could tell us is going on and what they've learned."while mpd confirmed chief flynn did meet with the common council, they did n meetings were held in small groups to avoid open meeting violations.alder witkowski did attend one of the meetings, and says they also talked about solutions.24:55witkowski "several aldermen expressed there is frustration in the community. we want to get to the bottom of what's the frustration.tonight the mayor will be just across the street, the public is allowed to give input on the 2017 city


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