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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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branwall reports from city hall, where officials have been discussing ways to keep the peace. today the common council and police chief met for the first time since violence broke out in milwaukee. ?nats from over the weekend.? with milwaukee police chief flynn on the streets the last few nights,he met with the common council today 23:46witkoi witkowski"i was glad i was able to sit down with chief along with other aldermen. hear their concerns. hear the chief's explanation of what he could tell us is going on and what they've learned."while mpd confirmed chief flynn did meet with the common council, they did n meetings were held in small groups to avoid open meeting violations.alder witkowski did attend one of the meetings, and says they also talked about solutions.24:55witkowski "several aldermen expressed there is frustration in the community. we want to get to the bottom of what's the frustration.tonight the mayor will be just across the street, the public is allowed to give input on the 2017 city
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"god bless this city, i love this city."in the middle of the violence saturday night, alderman stamper asks those affected to attend tonight's meeting to start change.stamper8 :28"we're going to put resources in this neighborhood in this budget. we're going to finance. we're going to put resources in this budget and cdbg is going to work towards organizing this neighborhood"but alderman witkowski doesn't expect recent events will change the budget.29:15witkowski"the budget planning really starts in january. we're on the tail end now. and i think if anone had everything it would have already come out. " governor scott walker was in milwaukee today and he was asked by reporterhow long the national guard might stick around. the guard was activated two days ago to back up local law enforcement. enforcement."today we'll assess whether or not they'll need that anymore today or tonight, so probably be at
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handle on being able to send them back to their respective homes across the state, but it was a good sign last night." night." the governor met with leaders from milwaukee's faith-based community.....those religious men and women are being widely praised for their role in easing tensions. cbs 58's amanda devoe joins us live with more on that part of the story. it's been a relatively quiet both pastors and the governor agree that they plan to work as hard as they can to keep it that way. "perhaps this is beauty that's come from the ashes."as the city works on getting back to normal after the unrest over the weekend, governor scott walker decided to meet with more than 30 area pastors ..thanking them for their work in repairing the community... and issues that families face. face.tischa brown, resident 49th and lisbon, church member "we did talk about the state of wisconsin and how it's
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microcosm of that. you live on one street, and just blocks away you can have a totally different population. he's aware of that." since the unrest started saturday night, that faith community has hit the streets in order to promote peace. i'm walker says clergy play a crucial role in strengthening the communities. peter borg, pastor, citybrook church "150-250 people who are all pastors and church members come specifically to show support. we hear that your hurting and we want to walk with you."tischa "having pastors on the street is definitely a key piece. because if you don't have hope, you don't see the opportunities that could be right in front of you." overall, pastors believe meeting with governor, shows the impact of the faith community during times of distress.tischa "will be bring about a utopiasociety? i think i'm a little more realistic than that. but i believe with every challenge there's an opportunity. if we grasp those opportunities, we
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pastors plan to continue to meet with families to help restore peace. live in sherman park. cbs 58. 3 cbs 58 will continue to monitor the sherman park neighborhood throughout the for more coverage on our news at nine on the "m", wmlw and at ten on will break in for coverage, if something serious happens. our other top story tonight is the return of the presidential campaign to wisconsin.....donald trump visiting with milwaukee county sheriff david clarke and others at milwaukee's war memorial this afternoon.he is about to make two more appearances tonight. in a couple hours, he'll be at the washington county fair in west bend, but first, he's in downtown milwaukee at a made for tv ent that's closed to other media. cbs 58's jocelyne pruna is live outside the pabst theater....jocelyne,
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outside of the pabst theatre... no issues or protestors-- which hasnt been the case in the past at donald trump's events in wisconsin. milwaukee police has officers directing traffic.... they put up barricades.... making sure everything runs smoothly the line organized... very calm out here.this town hall is closed to media but weve been out here monitoring the on their way inside.some people came from far, others live close but the unrest that happened in milwaukee over the weekend did concern them a bit but didnt stop them from coming to listen to what donald trump had to say. sots trt 20 secterry honeck/ franklin resident"it gave me a little bit of a concern but i thought that the police were taking care of those things and if we can't come down to something like this then our rights are gone so we need to be able to do this."sot paulette delcas/drove from georgia"i made the promise to myself and to my family that
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that it wasn't the right thing that we would turn around and come home." the doors opened at 3 and people have about an hour until trump starts his event. live in milwaukee, jocelyne pruna, cbs58news. 3 once donald trump is finished with his milwaukee appearance, he's headed to west bend for a rally at the washington county fair. cbs 58's david ade is there right now and he joins us live....david? -third visit, first to a wo
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down in wisconsin i am who i am... i've gotten here in a landslideexcept for one problem, i then went on a very good run... run... -on cbs 58 news at 4:30... cbs network's chief white house he believes trumps response means look donald trump in this election wants to be the change agent. he's comfortable in his own skin. that's why his supporters really rally around him. they find someone that a) they can believe in and b) is completely authentic... even when he wanders off script. even when there isn't any script at all.
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day is closer than it appears... early voting will have impact. -tease to tonight's coverage, soc 3 on the democratic side, the hillary clinton campaign is taking heat..again.. over her e-mail use when she was secretary of state. some congressional bl things she has said about her private e-mail server. those republicans sent a letter to the u-s attorney in washington, claiming that clinton may have perjured herself during testimony at the house benghazi hearings. clinton has insisted that she answered all questions honestly. 3 toss to drew
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there will be a lake breeze that develops, and that could drop lakeside locations into the upper 70s. highs around 85. winds: n/se 5-15 mph. tonight: scattered showers and a few storms return late tuesday night into wednesday morning. lows in the 60s. extended: isolated t'showers are possible wednesday afternoon along with a mix of sun and clouds and warm highs in the middle 80s with a light southwest wind. warm air stays with us through the end of the week as highs approach 90 with sun thursday and friday. looking to slightly cool into the weekend with showers and storms likely saturday following by a few days in the
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3 new at five a man and a woman are dead on milwaukee's north side and police are trying to figure out just what happened. they b killed by the man in a home near 24th place and capol drive. the man was also found dead...police are investigating the cause of his names or ages have been released. somewhere in milwaukee, there's a man who's a hero to a local family. "i thank god for that young man. on his way to work and he apologized to me for beating on my door..i said don't was walking down the street."
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this morning....he told them that the duplex next door was on fire....and the mcneils were able to get outside safely.the fire, near 50th and clarke heavily damaged a vacant house with no gas or officials called that "curious". houses on either side were damaged, but no one was one knows who it was that knocked on the mcneils' door. 3 next at five, construction closes off another key connection to waukesha.....we'll have a live repor and e brewers were out of town, so fans showed up at miller park to cheer for...bratwurst. we'll tell you why. feingold: i'm russ feingold apprani e this message. hnson: i've always said i'll be the calmest guy on my election night. i win either way. narrator: if he loses,
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aid himself as ceo. a big corporate payout for him. johnn: i'valways said... i win either way. narrator: if he wins, he getanother six years to support tax loopholes and bad trade deals that ship jobs overseas. all to benefit corporations andjohnson: i win either
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the fightto save the shoreline continues in racine county. today, wisconsin senator tammy baldwin toured the lake michigan bluffs in mount pleasant... pleasant.those bluffs are rapidly falling away, taking people's yards and getting awfully close to their homes. the question tonight what kind of money might the federal government provide?so the senator wanted to take a look
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process where, regrettably there'll also be others who have emergency needs that'll be competing for federal dollars. but i've weighed in and i've encouraged other leaders to weigh in to say, look re, in racine nty, this is an emergency." emergency." recently, large chunks of concrete were brought in from an airport in waukegan, illinois to at least temporarily protect the shore. 3 as of this week, it's a little trer waukesha. the state department of transportation has shut down all ramps on i-94 leading waukesha.that's one of the main entry points for the city.. 58's jacob kittilstad has been talking to waukesha area businesses and he joins us live near the ramp....jacob? there are quite a few businesses in this immediate area... cut-off from their once easy access. there's the giant steinhafels store to my write... and across the bridge - which is still open - you
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the question right now is how will the loss of these ramps affect business? one who i spoke to today faulted the d-o-t for updating and improving infrastructure. at the same time - the people at steinhafels say they're hoping clear signage for detours will be put up soon. they're predicting between 20 and 40 percent of their traffic will be lost because of this construction project... which is difficult because of the swing of their sales season. dirk stallmann / marketing director, "the next month is particularly critical because we're going to be going through labor day weekend. and labor day weekend is a very significant sale for us and [construction] will definitely have an impact on a very, very large weekend for the company." a ripple effect from this is also predicted for businesses not in this immediate area... but those that have customers who use this spot as an access point. the best detour you can take is just west of here... taking the highway 164 exit.
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be a bit of a headache. live in waukesha... jacob kittilstad... cbs 58 news. 3 -nats announcer- "tony...eleni...and vitoni" -applause- no sign of espn, but this was "draft day" at cristo rey jesuit high school in west milwaukee. at an assembly this morning, local companies like sendiks, us bank and even the milwaukee bucks "drafted" freshmen students. those students will now get job experience with those firms as part of a corporate work study program. "as they do this work it'll help them focus on what they want to do in college and thereafter and hopefully then come back to milwaukee and contribute to our community right here in milwaukee." milwaukee." 3any resemblance to professional sports drafts was completely intentional....the kids even got t-shirts and hats to wear from their new corporate sponsors. 3
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today: mix of clouds and sun. there will be a lake breeze that develops, and that could drop lakeside locations into the upper 70s. highs around 85. winds: n/se 5-15 mph. tonight: scattered showerand a few storms return late tuesday night into wednesday morning. lows in the 60s. extended: isolated t'showers are possible wednesday sun and clouds and warm highs in the middle 80s with a light southwest wind. warm air stays with us through the end of the week as highs approach 90 looking to slightly cool into the weekend with showers and storms likely saturday following by a few days in the
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3 what's for er tonight?how about a little something on abu? bun? "we got a free bratwurst and a sod" soda." little kaileigh is one of many who celebrated natial bratwurst day at miller park today. from 11 until 2, anyone who made a donation to feeding america of eastern isconsin got a brat, a bag of chips and
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bratwurst and the racing sausages were provided by "we basically met with them a couple weeks back and came up with this dea of celebrating one of the things that made milwaukee famous. bratwurst, ri" right?" 3 "ketchup and mustard. it's my favorite on a brat and a hot do" dog." 3 "um after we get a ride home, we're gonna go for ice cream." cream." because what's better after a brat than ice cream? now that the nfl the nfl has given clay matthews and julius peppers an ultimatim, the question now is how will they move forward? 3... ...a lot of questions to be answered--a lot of questions to be answered--we get ted
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it's kind of as simple as pie. we're going to support our players. the green bay pacrs h julius peppers will go forward now that nfl has gi them an ultatim--but they do remain behind their players. players.the league sent a ter to the players association, telling them that they want to hear from e players in response to the al jazeera report that these guys used rfomrance enhancing drugs. appaently there some inconsistencies with some of the statements with the players, specifically with former packer now free agent linebacker mike neal. it was thought that they would be interviewed the first day of
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interview y august th o face suspension until they do. right n--gm ted thompson says both guys have his full support. we've always sported our players and wl continue to support our players. that will ctinue inhis cas i think th more people pipe 3into likely it' be woitl it out. nfl perts d iiders bve this is her case that could go to the courts... but that's not good news for the players. the last two the way he of ttom have gone brady's four game suspension and adrian peterson's six-game suspension being upheld by the u.s. circuit court of appeals. green bay hosts the oakland raiders thursday night at
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on wmlw the m.... kickoff is at 7 pm before today'sgame against the chicago cub.. the brewers sending reliever michael blazek to the 15-day dabled list, activating tylercravy and bringing up david magnifico fr triple-a, giving them 26 players for the doubleheader. matt garza coming off three wins but ariel pena can't control his pitch and dexter fowler scores the cubs second run. then gaza gets the dropped on hiby trevor cahill... all runrs safe and the deficits ethree. garza going five and giving up three runs. bacto the pitcher cal... who has help from his defense. anthony rizzo with the stop and the flip to get kirkniewenhe out barely first. the brewers with just three hits on the . they wer shu out 4-0. second half of the
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the cbs evening news with scott pelley is next at -30, major garrett is in west bd to covedonald trump;'s appearanctonight. today: mix of cuds and sun. there will be a lake breeze that develops, and that could dr lakeside locations into e upper 70s. highs around 85. winds: n/se 15 mph. tonight: scatt showers and a few storms return late tuesday night into wednesday morning. lows in the 60s. extended: isolated t'showers ssibleednesd afrnoon along with a mix of sun and clouds and warm highs in the middle 80s with a light southwest wind. warm air stays with us through the end ofhe week as highs approach 90 with sun thursday and friday. lookto slitly cool into the weekend with showers andsto following by a few days in t 70s. 3 thanksor joing us.the cbs
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: fire and flood. as firefighters risk their lives arsonist.rnia, police arrest an and the the death toll rises in the louisiana flood. >> this is my entire life that worked my eire life, j >> pelley:lso tonight, the runaway cost of epipens is forcing patients to choose. >> it could meanife or death. >> pelley: we'll remember john mclaughlin, who raise the the decibels of debate. and "drop and give me 22." the great push-up challenge, putting muscle into saving the lives of veterans.


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