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breaking news tonight.. a person hit and killed in a crash..this was the scene about two hours ago near fond du lac avenue and oak street in witness told us a woman died..we have calls into police and hope to update you with new information as we get it. 3 3 there's now a 10-thousand dollar reward for information about the fires that damaged or destroyed six businesses in the sherman park neighbhorhood saturday night.the federau bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms is offering the reward and has a response team in the city investigating. heavy equipment started removing rubble from the b-p gas station on sherman and burleigh today, which was one of the businesses destroyed. by order of the sheriff sherman park is being closed at six o'clock every night or the time being.
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still in place.with the number of arrests and skirmishes going down since the first burst of violence on saturday, hopes were high that tonight would be uneventful. 58's evan kruegel is live monitoring the situation tonight..evan. all is quiet here so far tonight - where a heavy police presence remains in the area you can see the fence surrounding sherman park behind me... ...deputies began fencing off the park again tonight at 6pm - running that orange fencing around the exterior of the park.we saw deputies moving through the park asking people to leave at that time - and we didn't see any issues with that request.they've also once again brought in a mobile staging unit - that is sitting near the center of the park as
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and could continue for a number of days according to the sheriffs department. a reminder a 10pm curfew is in effect again tonight for those under the age of 18 - and police say they will be enforcing that live near sherman park ekcbs58news. governor scott walker and lieuntenant governor rebecca kleefisch met with dozens of pastors today who are ng calm.they are going out into the neighborhood and the parks and hosting gatherings at their churches.they want to be a place where people can express their rage or sadness and offer an activity that is positive.the governor is hoping his visit will bring much needed attention to their work. 54-1:02 "having pastors on the street is definitely a key piece. because if you don't have hope, you don't see the opportunities that could be right in front of you." 43-54
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all pastors and church members come specifically to show support. we hear that your hurting and we want to walk with you." you." recently, specially trained chaplains would go out with officers to hot spots in the city to ease tensions that erupt after a crime or officer involved shooting.many supporters say what happened this weekend is a sign that more outreach is needed and more volunteers need to get involved and more residents need to be receptive to their efforts. a chicago group blamed t police chief for inciting some of the weekend violence is disputing that claim tonight... tonight...the revolutionary communist party-- or rcp -- says its members came to "stand with the people who are fighting the power today to stop the terror police inflict on black people" -- not to cause trouble.spokesperson carl dix wrote in a blog... blog...that slyville smith's death by a milwaukee cop enraged the community and they rebelled against the
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says r-c-p is organizing a revolution to end a system of "state sponsored violence." some say throwing cash at the problem in sherman park for more officers ins't the answer. tonight, religious leaders are pushing for more cash to generate business along a busy . 58's kristen barberesi joins us live with who's leading the charge to bring back center street. kristen. 3 at this meeting the group common ground-which is made up of the mayor to add 19 million to budge for 5 neighborhood projectone of which is in sherman park ciara davis is a member of common ground a pastor in the sherman park neighborhood.she says the root of the unrest in that area goes beyond police community relations relationsciara davis, common ground 00;52;35 saying we've had difficult time in sherman park is an
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seeing now is simply a manifestation of years of hopelessness and despair. years of lack, dependency and fearmayor barrett acknowledged the past weekend was one of the most difficult the city's face d in decades decadesmayor tom barrett 00;09;28 we also underand thathere are issues many of you are here because of the ssues that we as a city face or we as a city or that we as a society face and there's a crying out for change so davis, along wi about 2 dozen other common ground members, called on the mayor to fund the revitalization of center street, from 35th to 60th street in the sherman park area.00;54;44 it will also demonstrate to the residents they're not the only ones taking pride in their neighborhd. unortunately this isn't the message that's given when hundreds of millions are being invested in an arean and downtown street car programthe project would include road and sidewalk
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improving store fronts and street lights. davis made it clear her groups call for neighborhood funding isn't in respse to this weekends activities-they did plan to attend this meeting long ago, but added it's more important now than ever 3 and remember... you can stay up to de with the milwaukee unrest on our can read stories from the four days.. and watch interviews from community and city leaders. 3 3 republican presidential candidate donald trump campaigning in wisconsin tonight. the latest poll ys he's down 15-points to hillary clinton.he met with local veterans at the war memorial center along the lakefront.. milwaukee county sheriff david clarke who says he would always be open to advising the nominee on homeland security issues.. was also there to welcome trump to milwaukee. 3 it was a packed schedule for
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cable was staged at the pabst theatre.he also attended two in la crosse and one here in milwaukee. 3 he also stopped at the washington county fair..former new york city mayor rudy guilliani was one of the speakers before donald trump... governor scott walker was also there. next president of the united states... donald trump trump 3 governor walker giving a warm welcome to the presidential nominee.trump didn't start discussed taxbreaks for workers and small businesses as an incentive to keep jo in the county.and talked about the recent unrest in milwaue. 6:34:07 violence riots and to liv ein security to live in
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restored. 3 meantime democratic nominee hillary clinton can't shake her email controversy. controversy.some congressional republicans are calling for a new investigation into statements she made about her private email server while serving as sectretary of state. some going as far as to say she perjured herself. the f-b-i turned over its notes to congress from an interview with clinton. the clinton campaign said it believes the fbi notes should be made them. they say the candidate has answered all questions honestly. milwaukee police are investigating the deaths of a man and a woman. woman.they were found this afternoon inside a home on 24th place near capitol.poce believe the woman was killed by the man.the man was also found dead.police are investigating the cause of his death 3 a fire that started in a vacant house that had no electrical or gas serivice is being called "curious" by
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fire started around 4 this morning at the home near 50th and clarke.a man walking to work alerted neighbors so they could geout safely.the red cross is assisting six people now displaced because of the fire. 3 a discrimina lawsuit filed after a kenosha student s forceto wear a bright wristband dictating what bathroom he could's the latest test as communities everywhere deal with creating a fair enviornment for transgender 58s april dorany is live in the newsroom with new details tonight..april. the lawsuit was filed in july... but it won't be settled before the start of the school year... so the mom wants the judge to force the school to treat her son like any other student we first brought you the story of ash whitaker in april-when the kenosha school district told the then-sophmore at bradford high (?) he couldnt run for prom king-only prom queen.ashton was born a female...but started publically transitioning to male his
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of the district's discrimination against him-and a judge has to step in before ?this? school year starts. the big issue is bathrooms: by federal law, ashton can use the bathroom he identifies with...but school officials want h to use the ladies bathroomtodays motion says- when he uses the men's bathroom he's "repeatedly pulled him (ash) out of class, threatened him with disciplinary consquences and instructed school security staff to monitor and report on his bathroom use." it also says-school administration "directed guidacounselors to give green wristbands to ash d students...presumably to help monitor their restuseroom court documents say ashton's mom was shown these wristbands at the end of the school year...and this picture was submitted with tuesdays motion. the lawsuit alleges these wristbands will be used in the coming school year...and that ash's mental and physical health has already been affected by the thought of wearinthem. in a statement he told us "i am really anxious about returning to school this fall after the harassment and stigma i experienced last year from school administrators," kusd says they're limited in
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statement saying in part "...the district has been reviewing its policies to determine how to address the unique issues raised by a student's transgender identification. the district expects the process to culminate in new policies before the end of the year year?it? continues to work diligently with transgender students and their families to address their unique needs and . accommodations.april dovorany, cbs 58 news 3 there are more than 15-hundred school buses across southeastern wisconsin...but are they safe?what you need to know before your kids go back to scho and the surprising numbers from the wisconsin state fair given those heavy rain showers and sometimes brutal
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15 more days before most kids in southeastern wisconsin jump on the bus and head back to how do you know your child's school bus is ?safe?? ?safe??cbs 58's jessica tighe gives you an ?inside look? at what the state inspects before the school year starts. 4:58:16 (sound of school bus starting up.) "so he'll turn all the lights on. high beams. turn." 4:58:20 there are more than 15-hundred school buses in inspectors with the state patrol check ?all of them? annually--- ?most? before the school year starts. starts. inspector harman chahal/wisconsin state patrol 4:44:34 "the reason why the wisconsin state patrol comes to do these inspections is because we have the most valuable commodity in these buses."they check the tires... the mirrors... the door. (video at 5:12:06) 4:37:50 "the biggest issues we have aren't because mechanics aren't taking care of their buses, it's just because buses get used and issues come up as
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discovered deals with the ?emergency exits?--- the buzzers go bad.(nat pop of buzzer sounding)but ?not? in this case. on to the next task... (slams door)once they pop the hood, they look for any problems that might cause the bus to ?break down.? insp saectors.. ?serious? sues are ?rare?--- especially when dealing with the ?big? bus companies, but they ?do? uncover problems. 4:41:34 "issues come up when we deal with charter schools becae they have maybe five or 10 buses and have one person working on them. they have older buses." older bus or undergo the ?same check.? inspectorseven slide ?underneath? the bus--- rolling from front to back. they carefully look at components essential to ?safety on the roads?--- equipment like the brakes and s. springs. jessica tighe/reporting5:16:36 "there are also some new things inspectors are looking for this year including these amber lights. they're now required for most school buses. they're basically a warning that the bus driver is about to stop. they're also looking for these new signs that tell drivers you must stop when the lights are
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the bus needs to be examined too. seat cushions must be secure. no rips either. any graffiti has to be gone. violations are ?noted?.. and need to be fixed before the bus can go out.4:39:30 "sometimes it's a small issue that they can fix right away. then i can check it again and make sure that it's good to go and approve the bus. sometimes it's bigger issues that take awhile."in a case like that, the bus is put out of service and the company has? five days? to ?fix? the violation. the inspector then returns... and re-examines the bus. it ?won't? hit the streets unless that issue is s safety... and making sure their rides to school are safe. jessica asked for ?specific? numbers on how many buses in southeastern wisconsin ?failed? inspection last year. the state couldn't give us that information because it has each inspector keep his or her own reports.state inspectors also do "spot" checks throughout the year-- randomly pulling over buses during the school year. there's a new safety feature on schses ool buthat's designed to help alert drivers
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stop. most buses in wisconsin made the switch to this new 8-light system starting today. amber lights will flash before red lights, warning drivers the bus is preparing to stop -- similar to a traffic light. additional lights will alert cars traveling around the bus that they should prepare to stop. studentat a milwaukee high school are preparing for their future in a unique way. re than 230 students at cristo rey jesuit high school were partnered with local companies in the school's "draft day".the school teams up with 50 local bu allowing students work alongside them and learn practical, professional skills. 22:56-23:08they'll be working in all sorts of different departments getting hands on experience with real world business work, getting to know the business world and kind of the broader career options they have before them and really getng to know the people in the milwaukee communiy community students invovled in the program could potentially work at four different businesses each school year.some of the businesses involveinclude
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mutual. the 5th edition of the wisconsin state fair is in the books. for the fourth straight year, more than one-million visitors came to the fair. fair.other stats from the fair this year....315-thousand cream puffwere sold.... 55-thousand grilld cheese sandwiches were served along with 5-thousand corn dogs.the fair used 330 tons of ice.and there were 150-thousand rides taken down the giant slide. next year's state fair will 3 enjoy the summer weather while it lasts.the farmer's almanac says this coming winter... will be a very cold one. they're predicting an ice cold winter in the eastern 2-thirds of the country.the editor also
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a few storms return late tuesday night into wednesday morning. lows in the 60s. wednesday: mix of clouds and sun. isolated chance for a storm with highs in the middle 80s. highs around 85. winds: ssw 5-15 mph.extended: warmer air stays with us through the we as highs approach 90 with sun thursday and friday. looking to slightly cool into the weekend with increasing rain chances for saturday 3 3 3 more than 30 red cross responders from wisconsin are heading to louisana to help with flood relief least 8 people are dead from the flooding.residents are using sandbags to help stop the rising waters from ruining their property.louisiana's governor says 40-thousand homes are destroyed and 20-thousand people were rescued. 3 here in the midwest... parts of indana and michigan saw
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morning. some areas saw 10- inches of rain.river levels are expected to rise over the next few days.many roads were impassable, several cars were submerged, and there were dozens of rescues. 3 for drivers in the waukesha area... it's going to be tricker getting to the city's downtown.the d-o-t shut down ?all? ramps on i-94 to and from highway 'f' in waukesha. waukesha.there's some concern for business owners because customers will be cut off from easy access to the interstate. they're predicting t and 40 percent of their traffic will be lost. according to the d-o-t's website, the ramps are expected to stay closed for about a month.the most convienent detour is just west of highway 'f'.... the hihway 164 exit. homeowners along lake michigan kenosha and racine counties are hoping for a permant solution to the erosion problem in their yards. yards.u-s senator tammy baldwin was touringthe damage in mount pleasant today. baldwin says there's an shorelinrestoration funds, but there's no guarantee
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"this is a competitive process where, regrettably there'll also be others who have emergency needs that'll be compeng for federal dollars. but i've weighed in and i've encouraged other leaders to weigh in to say, look ere, in racine county, this is an emergency." emergency." some homeowners are already getting help from the waukegan, illnois airport.the airport donated chunks of concreete, which will be placealong the shoreline. day... and of cour klement's sausages had to celebrate. the sausage company was out at miller park around lunchtime, giving a free brat, chips, and a drink in exhange for a donation to feeding america of eastern wisconsin.feeding america assists more than 374-thousand people in eastern wisconsin, including children. 03:21-28it's events like this that keep the awarenss out there of us getting closer to solving hunger hunger the first 100 guests got
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it wouldn't be national es.and bratwurst day without an appearnce from the racing sausages. 3 the humane society of wisconsin was surprised with a generous donation this week. they posted this picture on their facebook page. they put up a wish-list last week asking for some much-needed supplies, and they recieved items like dog and cat food, and dog treats.their post said after this weekend's events in the city, the donation lifted their spirits and reminds them of what a selfless community they serve. 3 what would the packers do if they didn't have two key defensive players?g-m ted thompson answers that
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do without clay matthews and e julius peppers? it's a real thought now with the nfl's ultimatum givento the packers top two linebackers.
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talk to the nfl about their p.e.d. allegations... and the league wants to make sure that happens. but whether or not they decide to talk by august 25th, gm ted thompson says there's no specific plan if they happen to be without either player. we'd rather have those players than not. i'm not saying we woudn't miss them or something like that. we've always supported our players and will continue to support our players we haven't heard much from the but pittsburgh steelers linebacker james harrison providing some insight, saying he's just doing what he's been told by the players association. he says he's not talking yet because that would mean anyone can accuse him of virtually anything and the nfl would be able to suspend him if he doesn't comply. harrison one of the players names in the nfl's ultimatum, along with free agent linebacker and former packer mike neal. not talking would mean an indefinite suspension.... and
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that could go to the courts... but that's not good news for the players. the last two high-profile cases have gone the way of the nfl. tom brady's four game suspension and adrian peterson's six-game suspension being upheld by the u.s. circuit court of appeals. chase anderson starting the second half of the doubleheader against the cubs but his night would be short.... the first inning, he manages to get the out... but it coes at a price. line drive of anderson limping his way off the field. his night over... after chase left... the rbewers getting another four unanswered runs scored on them. one on for javier baez and he'll take rob scahill over the brick wall for a two-run shot. brewers on the verge of being shutout in a doubleheader for the first time in franchise history. in the bottom of the ninth... hernan perez saves the crew
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history. carries for a solo home run.... first run of the day for the brewers. they're still losing... 4-1 your score in the ninth. 3
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get ready to fall in love.... with stubby--a googly-eyed squid who looks more like a
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stubby's det was capted by researchers who were livestreaming an expedition of the ocean floor off california's coast. 3 what do you get for the person who has everything...what about a dinosaur skull?an auction house posted a t-rex skull with a reserve price of 1-point-8 million dollars!the specimen is one of themost complete t-rex skulls ever.the skull was discovered last summer in montanait dates from the late cretaceous period, roug65 million years ago. 3 a man who forgot to return a book 40 years ago was ready to face a ?big? fine.the book was checked out of a west virgina library in the 70's.the man left for med school two months later and forgot about the book.the library fines overdue books 10 cents day... so he would have had to pay about 14- hundred dollars... but the library has a cap of a 10-dollar fine.but, he still gave gave the library a check for 500 dollars...
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and a few storms return late tuesday night into wednesday morning. lows in the 60s. wednesday: mix of clouds and sun. isolated chance for a storm with highs in the middle 80s. highs around 85. winds: ssw 5-15 mph.extended: warmer air stays with us through the week as highs approach 90 with sun thursday and friday. looking to slightly cool into the weekend with increasing we'll have a lot more on the
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>> whoo! >> cubs win again, what a season for the cubs, will they be lucky enough to end their 100-year championship draught? stephen: yes, they will. as long as i keep rubbing my lucky horseshoe, rubbing my lucky rabbit's foot and rubbing my lucky three-legged rabbit. and keep rubbing my lucky three chicago cubs. come on, fellas! it's rubbing time! whooo! whooo! we're going to do it! whooo! whooo! >> tonight, stephen welcomes


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