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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  August 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: zika hits miami beach. u.s. health officials expand a travel warning to south florida after more people are infected by local mosquitoes. also tonight, the long road to recovery fhe vps of louisiana's house is gone. >> ninan: firefighters gain control of a monster fire in california, but more than 100 homes are lost. >> it's heartbreaking as a member here of this community to see the damage that was created by this fire. >> ninan: and it's a sprent to the finish line at the summer olympics. we're in rio where it's l call for this is the "cbs weekend news."
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spread in south florida, that's despite weeks of spraying of insect sde in the miami area. healthfficials have identified a new zika zone in miami beach. eoplfive phave been infected there, apparently by local mosquitoes. that's just across biscayne bay from the initial zika zone, and it brings the the total of mosquito-borne infections in the area to 36. the mosquito-borne virus can cause severe birth defects. pregnant women and hir partners are being advised to postpone travel to miami-dade david begnaud is there. >> reporter: the crowd in miami beach was a ltle smaller than usu for a 90-degree saturday. some might say you can blame it zika. >> now that i-- i'm here and i know it's close, i feel afraid, and the first thing i just when i, i want to go pack. >> it's so dangousr us f because we're on holiday. >> since we discovered i was pregnant, we've been tking a lot of-- we've been very careful about it. >> reporter: aerial mosquito spraying not effective here due
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strong ocean gusts. today, ground spraying was done at private homes. the city is warning people, standing water on your property could result in a fine. this morning, philip levine, the city's mayor, joined in on the fight against zika. >> we vacuums. water and disperse it so that it dries in the sun. >> reporter: according to the c.d.c., the first zika infection on miami beach can be traced back to mid-july. when did you find out there were cases on miami beach? >> we found out >> you know, it's incredible, we found out at 12:00 when the governor gave his press interview. >> reporter: you didn't get a heads up. >> no, zero. which is so frustrating that the governor, literally, has been using this and his press conference to score political points. i mean it's a sme. >> reporter: a new travel varies from the c.d.c. warns pregnant women to avoid the area. dana bator from chicago canceled her plans to travel here even before the advisory. >> don't wan bet guinea pig and i don't want my unborn child to be one, either.
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devastating, that it's not worth the risk. >> reporter: in response to the mayor saying it's shameful the governor dt give him a heads up zika was in mime of miami beach before theublic found out, the governor's office told news today that the th gornor d call the mayor yesterday and again today, but was unable t reach him. reena. >> ninan: okay, david begnaud, thank you, david. floo watches and warnings are post acrosshep suth this weekend. a large section of texas is actuallia risk,s is louisiana. this past week, histic floods in louisiana killed least 13 people. entire neighborhoods are devastated. a massive cleanup is under way. manuel bojorquez is in the flood zone. >> reporter: volunteers are helping kathy edmonston clear out what the flood destroyed. she's lift here almost 30 years. what have you lost here? >> virtually eerything, virtually everything. all of what was inside of my house isone. >> rorter: her home had never been hit by floods.
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rushed in. >> we're going to be here for as long as we need to be. >> reporter: edmonston of one of hundreds of flood victims at this community meet outside baton rouge, learning how to apply for federal aid. fema says the number of people o have registered for assistance in the 20ffected parishes has jumped to more than 103,000, a one-week total the agency has not seen since super storm sandy in 2012. 40,000 homes were damaged, and the water reach many thought flood insurance was not necessary. >> get him, get him. >> reporter: even those who helpedn the rescue effort were not spared the devastion. national guard sergeant justin smith rescued a man from the amite river last week, only to later find his own home d flooded. now, it is his family that needs help. , much like kathydmonston, who sa before additional f aid arrives, the support fromnes
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>> love you. >> bye. >> these ppl that are here gutting my house, these are all volunteers from katrina. i'm so grateful. >> reporter: in flooded neighborhoods across louisiana, as the water goes down, the debris piles up. fema says it has already distributed more than $34 llion in aid. presidobama is set to vis the area on tuesday. reena. >> ninan: manuel bojorquez, th. more than 10,000 firefighters ar in california. 60 miles east of los angeles, firefighters have gained the upper hand on a wildfire that torched at least 300 buildings, includg 105 single-family homes. carter evans is there. >> reporter: today, many homeowners are getting a first look at what the blue cut fire left behind. >> this is my grandma's china. >> repter: for linda and brian shores, isnthe much. their family escaped as flames
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they know many people waited even longer. >> i can understand wanting to stay. i didn't want to leave, didn't want to leave until we absolutely had to. but when you stay behind, you endahenger t lives of the firefighters that are trying to save everybody and their homes. >> reporter: there really wasn't much you couldaveone. >> no. >> reporter: so far, there are no reported deaths, but damage assessment teams have coued more than 100 destroyed homes, and they're justetting started. san bernardino county >> the assessment is ongoing and we know we hav assessed areas that have sustained damage so the numers will klein. >> reporter: this location is exactly where this massive 37-,000-acre fire started. they're not clear on who started it, but there is a homeless encampment, some butane exans they're also able to determine the direction the fire burned by looking at burn patterns on the trees. over the next four days, the fire tore through several desert towns with many close calls.
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>> reporter: this video was taken by a homeowner as flames reached her doorstep. her house is now gone, razz so many others. this was your dream home. will you rebuild? >> we will. we will. >> we'll beitti s on the porch watching the sunset again. >> reporter: most of the mandatory evacuation orders will be lifted today, so, reena, that means thousands more people will soon learn if their homes a still standing. >> ninan: carter evans. with the election nearly 11 week presidential nominee donald trump is asking african american voters to give him a shot. torrey barrett has the campaigns covered. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. what the hell do you have to lose? >> reporter: it was an awkward erture meant to attract black voters on the trump train. >> look how much african american communities have suffered under democratic control. >> reporter: hillary clinton
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is so ignorant, it's staggering." all week, trump has been addressing mostly white audiences while claiming he would do more for african americans. >> democratic crime policies, ioneducat policy, and economic policies have produced only more crime. >> reporter: but so far, only 2% of african american voters prefer trump with 85% in favor of hillary clinton. trump is also underperforming nine percentage point. in addition, trump's leadership team is changing aer the sez naegz of campaign chairman paul manafort. ukrainian anticorruption officials uncovered records of almost $13 million worth of illegal payments for manafort from his time working for the country's pro-russian president. meanwhile, clinton's controversies also linger. on friday, a u.s. district court judge grant a request by judicial watch that requires
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answers under oath to questions related to her e-mail scandal. but because of the timeline, those answers would not be made public until after the elecon. today, the trump camp and the r.n.c. convened a group of spaniceaders to help the that important and growing to demographic. reena, according to a recent fox news poll, clinton leads trump among hispanics by 48 points. >> ninan: erring on barnett in washington. a federal judge i arizona is recommending criminal contemp charges against maracopa county sheriff, joe arpaio. he is nationally known for his tough stance on immigration. arpaio could face charges for ignoring a judge's order on immigration interrogation techniques. officials are investigating a shooting of a man whose speech and hearing are impaired. marlie hall has that story. marlie. >> reporter: reena, it's an unusual case that's left many
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officials say a state trooper followed daniel harris after the 29-year-old failed to pull over. when the hearing and speech-impaired man finally stopped and got out of the car police say there was an "encounter." harris died at the scene. there are questions whether harris was aware of the sirens or could communicate with the trooper. neighbors in the charlotte suburb where the shooting took place say he was gunned down just doors from his family's home. many are shocked and saddened. >> i saw him out in the neighborhood one time, with his family. seemed like a very peaceful family. these things a always heartbreaking. >> asked everybody to keep them in prayer because this is a roug time for them. >> reporter: the north carolitate bureau of identification has identified the trooper involved as jermaine sanders. he is currently on paid administrative lve >> ninan: do we know ifre is police protocoln deang
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>> law enforcement officials are required to follow a certain protocol when dealing with people who are deaf or hearing impaired. however, in this incident, it's not clear whether the offer involved knew that to be the ni, thank you, marlie. in alaska, twoilderne guides had to beirlifted to a hospital in seattle after they were mauled by a bear. they were leading a group of cruise ship passengers on a hike when they g between a bear and her cub. the other guide is okay. the summer olympicses are in the home stretch this weekend, and once again, we've learned that no human can reach the finish line faster than a guy named bolt. jamie yuccas is covering the games for us in rio. >> here's usain bolt. three times three, the triple-triple. >> reporter: it was a lightning-fast farewell to the olympics for usain bolt, who made history again last night winning his ninth gold medal in
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nine races, nine wins has given rio bolt fever. >> bolt, bolt, bolt! >> reporter: the u.s. men's track te has had people talking for a different re.ason they were disqualified for illegally passing the baton and lost a spot at third place. the team's appeal was denied today by the olympic cee,ommitt and they will not attend tonight's medal ceremony. tonight, host brazil takes on germany for the men'sccer final. it will be a rematch of the world cup semifinals. today to maracana stadium. they wan redemption fromhat 7-1 home loss. and for u.s. gym star simone biles, it continues to be her best week ever. on friday, she appeared on "cbs this morning"." >> i think one of my favorite moments this whole trip of winning the team gold because that's one of our favorite competitions, and everyone worked so hard for that one medal. >> reporter: today, those teammates and rest of team u.s.a., chose the four-time
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night's closing cereny. simone is the first-ever female gymnast to be selected as flag bearer for team u.s.a. when tomorrow night's closing ceremony ends, brazil will hand off the olympic flag to japan, who will host the 2020 games in tokyo. >> nan: thanks, jamie. coming up, he's the new face of war inyria. today his family suffered a tragic loz. ? gle of mule symptoms. ? ? trintellix (vortioxene) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made fference. tell your healthcare profession rightway if your deprsion worsens,
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new or do not take berzi if you or severe liver problems,eas problems with alcohol abuse, long-lasting or severe constipation, or a blockage of your bowel allb or gdder. if youre taking viberzi, you should not take medicine the most cmon si effects that of viberzi tion. include nstipationnausea, and abdol pain. stayhead of ibs-d... with viberzi. >> ninan: a group monitorin the warn syria sd today morethan lled this month alone t city o aleppo. many of the victims e children. as old as the war its andelf, al becamehe new face ofrom the car. ra patta recentl visits his war-torn city and has a update tonight from london. >>eporter: the child's cry for her mother remas
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worker. but there is no one to save the children of rebel-held aeppo from the daily reality of the syrianovernment, back by near impunity.g its people with children like omran daqneesh, whose bloodied face has become a symbol of syria's civil war after this image was broadcast around the world. he does not scream for his er, but sits numb with shock in an ambulance. the medic he has never seen ahild like omran. "usuly, when a child gets out of an air strike they're crying, but this child didn't say a thing," he says. these chilen cannot go to school. often, they can't even go to hospitals because they are also targets, like the onhown here on a security camera video. the omar bin abdul aziz hospital that was truck in aleppo last month. and if children do make it to a
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limited. "children can'tercome these seriousuries,this doctor says, "because their bodies are tooeak d with this, parents in aleppo are faed with the impossible task of making childr, who have only ever known war, feel safe. at least the mother and father survived the air strike, and he got away with mutsin and bruises, but his 10-year-old brother n he diedf his injuries l night. the cren of rebel-held aleppo not only ha to survive air strikes. food is scarce, and's thereeen no access to runningaterornearl. and, reena, the united nations ising to ngotiate a 48-hour truce so th relief works ca bring in desperately needed supplies. >> nan: di bra, thank you. still ahead, an update on the
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lization in children and adolescents. lization in breo is nofor pele whose asthma is well conolled on long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> ninan: 30 years ago on an august night, jennifer levin and robert chambers, they met up at a bar in new york's ritzy upper east side. thh tack a walk in the park. she ended up dead. the story became a national obsession. only one person alive knows what really happened that night, robert chambers. he spoke publicly about the case only once, and that was with "48 hours."
5:52 pm
the updated story on this infamous case. >> over here, over here. over here. >> reporter: in august, 1986, robert chambers made headlines for killing his friend, jennifer levin, in new york's central park. >> i didn't mea to hurt her. i liked her very much. and privileged and the press called him "the preppie killer," but to police, he was just a 19-year-old kid with an story that seemed to blame the victim for her own killing. >> without my consent. >> reporter: he always said he strucker to mak her stop. police never believed that story and chambers was charged with murder. he pled guilty to first-degree manslaughter, and served 15 years in pris. when he was released, he gave
5:53 pm
>> i was responsible for her death. >> reporter: okay. >> there's no question about that. >> reporter: you admitted guilt, but you did not intend to kill her. >> i don't believe i intended to >> everything he said about how she died is absolutely untrue. she was frantically fighting for herife. >> am i a monster? no. because if i were a monster, i wouldn't care, but this is from the paralegal course i had taken. >> reporter: robert chambers hoped he could put his life back together, but life didn't work out as he planned. >> ninan: robert chambers turns 50 next mo where is he now? tune in to "48, the preppie killer" tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central, on cbs. up next, the push-up challenge
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lives of veterans.
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>> begin! one, two, three. >> ninan: in new york's times square, where the ball drops on new year's eve, members of the n.y.p.d. dropped and did push-ups. new york's finest were taking part in the latest craze to go l on the internet, the 22 push-up challenge. jim axelrod has this story. >> reporter: move over, ice buckets.
5:57 pm
through social media-- push-ups, 22, in fact knocking them out and then challenging somebody else to do it. from stars like john krasinski, to a class of texas state trooper recruits, the 22 push-up challenge is not about pumping up pecs. 's designed to focus attention fo a tragedy. yes, it was estimated 22 verans committed suicide each retired marine don nguyen is the deecty dr of 22 kill the founehind theallenge. >> when the sic ctatist out that 22 veters a day are committing suicide, it's almost unbelievable. wanteto find out more about where this number came fr. >>from. >>epoer: two summers ago, ice bucket challenge raised $115 million, but the group behind this challenge, 22 kill, says its primary goal is to raise
5:58 pm
dusty carter is an army vet who tried to kill himself after coming home from iraq in 2011. >> if i knew of an organization at the time that was doing what we do at 22 kill, don't feel they would have attempted suicide. >> reporter: recently, the department of veterans affairs adjusted that number down to 20 veterans a day who take their own lives. the numbers may have changed, but the mission has not. >> we're not going to be done until it's zero. we're not going to change our name because of new going down and not up. >> reporter: the hope now is to keep that number moving in th right direction, 22 pushps at a time jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> ninan: and that's the cbs the ws continues now onaturday. 24-hour digital orkbsn
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