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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  August 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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"i don't know why my s died bu know it brought my family oser." 3 celebrating through sadness... the eath of a milwaukee teen is insping a community to live better. 3 3 but first -- a milwaukee man is charged - aft setting a fire on the city's south sihis crime -- inspired by last weekend's chaos... ??and a the city... ci. police tell us 19 year old ?dale folley? torched a van in the parking lot of a pick n' save near 18th and national.he was in court today -- on jumping...according a criminal laint -- folley was with a group of people when one broke out a van window.that's when folley lita napkin on fire and threw it into the van.he ran from the scene, but police caught him just five blocks away.folley's bond is set at 25-hundred dollars.if
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tonight...there are charges against three other men for breaking in to a liquor store during the unrest. unrest.investigators believe the men burglarized the "clarke liquor store" near 47th and burleigh last sunday m. morning.both lindsey and lov told detectives they didn't take anything...and others were alrdy in the store when they went inside. 3 and just a reminder...the curfew for sherman park is ?still in effect for milwaukee.that means if you're 17 and must in the house by now...every night. milwaukecounty officials say the curfew will stick around until further notice. a milwaukee day care -- on fire early this morning...but ckily -- no onwas inside andthere's not much damage to the blding... building...we're told it happened at this day care near and capitol...right now -- officis are working to uncoverow this fire rted... and determine
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3 and...a police are lookfor 32nd and wells far -- they tell us a man was shot in this area around 3 p-m...we do know thahe survived.... and that this is an ongoing investigation. new at ten...a special birthday celebration r a 13-year-old shot and lled by his cousin last summ summer.while it has been a family.the boy's memories are t forgotten. 58s amanda devoe sat down it joins us with more. 3 says .. her family is stronger than ever.. and they showed it... by having those who loved him most come together today.. to celebrate his birthday.. which ??would have been tomorrow 3 3 it's a celebration of life... d a birthday party...13 year d giovannie cameron never got a chance the celebrate.
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and killed by his same-age cousin last summer. giovannie's mom devin...says this past year has been hard for her entire family. "we hurt, i hurt for losing my son. he's hurt from his son using t gun. as a family, we just want everybody to understand that love overtakes all hate." dozens of giovannies friends and family showed up in all white.. as a way to remember him.. and celebrate what would have been his 15th birthday. guests to music in honor of the fallen teen. loved ones say becoming a basketball player and a pastor. tsheimer lee"he always had a place in my heart, and he listened very well. it was the ambition in him. he was always outgoing." olanda robertson "this has been one the ughest years of my life."devin says while the pain of losing her son is still fresh.. she foregives her nephew for pulling the trigger. "when you lose a loved one from a loved one,
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one didn't do it. i'm not made at my brother's son, i'm hurt. i don't want them to think that i'm angry. i'm not angry. i'm just hurt." giovannie's cousin was charged with negligent use of a firearm by a juvenile. he claims the shooting was an accident. his family tells me he is expected to be released from juvenile jail sometime next month. 3 zoo interchange is over. tig.i-94 east at highway 100 ?ad? the full closure of e southbound i-41 / 894 nterchange ramare ow open. the closure was supposed to extend until six tomorrow morning...but construction
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3 3 tonight: stays mostly cloudy with ew becoming less humid and cooling down to the upper 50s and lower 60s. wind: nw 10-15 mph.sunday: dry. morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine. fortab with low humidity bubreezand cooler. highs in the middle 70s. wind: nw 10-20 week: sunshine returns for monday and tuesday. a little warmer but still in the 70s on monday with lower 80s returning tuesday. rain and storms chances return wednesday into thursday morning as temps hover around 800.
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than juin.developing tonight... at least 30 people are dead after an expsion at an outside wedding venue in turkey. witnesses say hundreds of peopl members used blankets to cover the dead. officials say at least 90 people were hurt...this comes as the country is recovering from the violence and bloodshed following a failed coupe attempt last month. officials believe a suicide bomber is responsible for
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it's an unusual case that's left many people wanting answers.a man is shot a killed by a noth carolina state trooper after a chase...but it turns out the victim was hearing and speech impaired... impaired...this all happened yesterday evening... after officials say 29 year old daniel harris failed to pull over.when harris finally got out of the car -- police say there was a quote "encounter" - - and a single shot was fired. harris died at the scene ... his family's home... 3 3 (sot1 - ryan russell / neighbo)"i saw out in the ighbnehood one ti, saw him with his fait mily. emed lia very peaceful family. ese things are always tbrehear (s2 - pat johnson / neighbor) "i asked everybody to kp them in prayer you know because i's a rough time for them." the trooper involved in the shooting was placed n dard, administrative leave.
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blacked...and 's still burning!to put at in to prospective for you...that's more th double the reage of the entire city of nosha! hundreds of buildings are dtroyed...cse to 100-thousand milies are sleeping somewhere else. evacuation orders remain in place...though some folks were allowed back to look for lost pets or see if anything look for lost pets or see if ything could be saved. 3 3 i just get chocked up we're fortunate very fortunate just everybody else around us it's t. terrible. you know it was jtoo too dangs to get ere at those particular moments and it hurtour hearts to see that happen happenat last check...the wildfire is aut less than 30- percent contained. in louisiana --volunteers continue to help with clean up as residents clear out what flood waters destroyed... impacted...and ndreds of ere locals did ?not? have flood insurance...the number of people who've registered for
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than 103-thousand...the agency said it hasn't seen totals like this since superstorm sandy in 2012. louisiana's governor has offered temporary housing help to residts... the flood resulted in more than 30-thousand rescues and damaged roughly 40-thousand homes... 3 3 a new analysis finds that statehouse op candidatet more financial support than democrats this camn contributmits during the first six months of this year. on arage...the gop toed about 25-thousand dolla more th democrats...that's according to the wisconsin state jrnal.but a state demoatic watchdog group says this just shows w a smaller number of peop areplaying a larger ro in fng candidates. the republiand democrat candidates for president both held campaign events today, hough some of them were private. private.donald trump nt he
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group that has yet to embrace news corspondent wendy gillette reports... nats: "welcome to the world of trump!" republican presidential candidate donald trump ld a roundtable discussion with hispac leaders saturday. nats: "thank you for this game changing event today, hank you very much." the leaders from twelve to the campaign, forming the new naonal hispanic advisory council for's an attpt to reach out to a demographic that trump has not won over.a fox news poll shows clinton hispanics by 48 points. standup: (wendy gillette/new york) ru held his igration discussion here at trump tower before heading south for more events. he's moving forward after maki and offering regrets for some of his previous comments." trump spoke to a packed crowd of several thousand enthusiastic supporters in fredericksburg, virginia.nats: (trump) "a trump administration will end for all." a small group of and
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one dressed in a donald duck costume- demonstrated against trump's decision to not release his tax returns. sot shu-yen wei: "he's not accountable to the people he's seeking to represent." nats plane democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton arrived in nantucket, massachusetts saturday for a series of fundraisers.she'll continue raising money for the next couple of days, holding events with cher on sunday and magic johnson on monday.wendy gillette, for cbs news, new york. trump also held a county sheriff's office in virginia. wisconsin voters may be able to cast their ballo early for this november's election... election...that's if an appeals court doesn't intervene on a federal judge's ruiling that voided a host of state election law, clerks must have early voting ballots by september 21. milwaukee's city clerk expects it to start sometime near the end of next month.before the judge's decision early voting would have started october 24th. 3
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right and a privilege." privilege."it'bus rote that people depend on... tonight...we're finding out people are upset that it's being taken away. 3 this dangerous car fire almost cost an officer his it happened, and how he escaped...justi 3 3
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3 3 3 the investigation continues tonight...aft a man dies in anofficeinvolved shooting... london investigators say officers shot and killed a 31 year old man -- who a warrant for his arrest.they ay officers were on patrol yesterday... when they spotted the man... who then pulled a weapon.the
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name...the state department of justice is now haling the case. there'scond a seperson behind bars in connection with a killing in green bay. took police four months to find the 23-year-old.he's facing charges in connection with the shooting death of 25 year old ricardo gomez.the guy was wanted for harboring or ding a felon.the alleged shooter, 20 year old richard arrington, turned himself in to police just a fedays after the killing.he's charged with first degree intentional homicide. some milwaukee of their trip to work is being taken away. away.we're talking about route 9 which beg around two years ago. it runs three times a day for a few hours each day through the menomonee fallsindustrial park.people do use it, but i'm told not enough to make it cost effective. route 279 is what kaprice hart uses regularly... regularly... "i've been working at fedex, so almost a year."it's one of three buses she takes to work at the
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convenient, because of the simple fact is that the bus drops you right off in front of the company."but this tice, attached the sign post may have to walk two miles to hart, route 279 user aprice 11:20:16-26 "that sounds good with the weather like this, summer weather or spring, but what about when it's...of course it's wisconsin...what about when it's negative 32 or when you have ten inches of snow coming in."black health coalition of wisconsin and micah sponsor this route with money from a settlement with the state.those groups said the zoo interchange construction pr benefit drivers, but what about the large percentage of folks without cars?a lawsuit was filed...then settled...but now low ridership is the driving factor behind cutting route 279.mary glass, milwaukee professionals association, llc 11:28:29-32 "public transportation is a right and a privilege."the milwaukee professionals association is behind an effort tchange the minds of the decision makers...and keep route 279. 279.mary glass, milwaukee professionals association, llc 11:26:48-27:02 "and we'rnot just going to be here to do a sign or say we're gonna do it, we're gonna work at this. action oriented. when i said
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action oriented in terms of what we believe and all hands on deck." e route officially ends one week from today.i'm told the money will go, instead, toward improving ?other? bus routes that have higher riderip numbers. 3 some incredible video right city police cruiser -- ..a engulfed in these powerful flames -- right outside a tv news station...we're told the officer riving that carwas looking for a suspicious person when he heard a "pop." then -- this firefighters rushed to clear the flames... luckily the officer was not word
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3 3 ght: sys mostly cloudy with a few becoming less humid and cooling down the per s and lower 60s. wind: nw 10-15 mph.sunday: dry. morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine. comfortable with low idity but breezy and cooler. highs in the middle 70s. wind: nw 10-20 week: sunshine returns for
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warmer but still in the 70s on monday with lower 80s returning tuesday. rain and storms chances return wednesday into thursday morning as temps hover around 800.tonight: stays mostly possible. becoming less humid and cooling down to the upper 50s andlower 60s. wind: nw clouds give way to ternoon sunshine. 3 comrtable with low humidity but breezy and cooler. highs in the middle 70s. wind: nw 10-20 week: sunshine returns for monday and tuesday. a little warmer but
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wi lower 80s returning tuesday. rain and storms chances return wednesday into thursday morning as temps hover around 800. 3 3 (music playing) playing) the enchanting sounds of indiafest -- rang through milwaukee today...the 4th annual celebration kicked off this morning in the humboldt park hborhood ... it closed down just about an hour ago...catch the vibrant traditional dress, authentic
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rformnces all in one place...the day-long event observes the 70th independence day of india... success stries co in all two whee.ythis one...i wheels. kevin hardman: "i think it makes milwaukee a better place to ld ive an work and to visit." tomorrow on cbs 58 sunday morning...we talk about the rapid growthof bublr bikes. you'll hear how the increasingly popular and present blue bike-share stations are changing the way folks get around milwaukee and soon...nearby suburbs. kevin hardmannthe bicycle is a beautiful thing haha and as milwaukee continues to get dense and development pressures get put on other choices the importance of be share continues to raise. can the watch entire story plus much more on cbs 58 sunday morning with mike
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york.we'll see you bright and early at seven tomorrow. this is the moment world war two veteran john politi never cades after serving in the 91-years old, he's getting his three combat medals. 3 "i want to say thank you for serving and you blessed us all. "this means a lot to me." me."politi was drafted in 1942. he was sent overseas to help recapture guam from the japanese. his family knew earned the medals, but an oversight caused him to be overlooked.still -- politi says serving ameri was the greatest experience of his life. 3 (john politi, world war ii veteran): "it was such an honor to live and grow up and be drafted in the service." service." "i can't complain about anythg. i love everybo and i love everything." everything."politi's children found out about his medals from his papers.with help from their county -- his children we from the defense department.
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generally, it's about the money...but just as important is your health.and it turns out...wisconsin is one of the best places to stay healthy. healthy.the comsumer website "wall street 24/7" ranked the badger state fifth best in the country for a pretty unique reason."dangerous falls" aren't as frequent...which are a leading cause of deaths among the elderly.the smoking rate is also low...only about one in 16 people 65 or older smoke ar in middle for things like life expectancy and senior obesity. 3 knuckle-cracking.depending on who you talk can be habit or a pet peeve.but there are findings that it's good for you.that's right -- a california doctor out to prove the ill-effects of cracking your knuckles wound up discovering the exact te.opposi under an i -- he found that people who crack their knuckles actually have better range of motion than people
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was a strange sight at lambeau field thursday as some of the loudest cheers of the packers pre-season game came before kickoff... 3... ... 3 it was definitely bit odd but every time jordy nelson even touched the ball a cheer erupted...after not playing in the game itself i asked neon ho something as minor as a 10 minute practice... ???break??????break??? you've tried plenty of knee or ankle supports, but they may not fit quite right. brace yourself, because the future of knee and ankle support is here. dr. scholl's new custom wellness center uses technology from microsoft to measure your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our best custom fit knee or ankle support to keep you comfortable.
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- th will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't
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here's h
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packers fans's been two days since jordy nelson wore a uniform and did basic warmups f a preseon game.....he didn't play, he was er considering playing, and that's still what people are talking about.... and the team themselves a just so relieved to see nelson take a step towards getting back on e field.....i aed nelson how strange it s to hear a oming ovation from fans every time he touched the ball in a 10 minute practice.... 3 3 nelson: "i'm sure they enjoyed it. e said i wasn't suiting up today then i went out and suited up but yeah like i said it was just another step in the process, not a big deal. i knew that this was going to happen." when he says he knew this was going to happen he was talking about the mob of 40 reporters surrounding him......a great day for him was a disaster for brett hundley who re-injured his ankle....hundley is staying upbeat saying he's focused on taking mental reps... john crockett had a huge game against oakland....the second year running back led the packers in total yards and
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second half run.....he seems to have the third roster spot locked up and might even push james starks and eddie lacy for playing time if he keeps this have to give him credit, he's smart too....instead of talking about how great of a game he played he gave the praise to his offensive line... 3 3 3 crockett: "my job is easy, i feel like i have the best offensive line, 1, 2, 3 all of the way down in the league. to see those boys go to work every day it defingoesy to the heart." wily peralta has pitched much the disabled list and the minors minorsallowing three runs in hist two starts....he's been solid again in seattle tonight just ot sacular.....he allows t two runs in the first five innings....peralta gointo trouble a few minutes ago in the nth serving up back back homers.... milwaukee's offense isleep with fo hits in the game..they trail by four in the 7th... we have a local medalist!!! congratutions to waukesha native gwen jorgensen who made history rio! the waukesha south grad ie
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women's triathlon and it wasn't close....she beat the field by 40 seconds!...... oh and by the way..... she was a full time accountant just five years ago..... she's not the only u-s olympian coming home golden....the women's basketball team and both four by four hundred meter relays finish first......the men's basketball team is in the


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