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tv   CBS 58 News at 4pm  CBS  August 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CDT

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[applause] 3 new today four --- a jusreleas milwaukee police shows a possible suspect from the unrest in milwaukee two weekends ago.police say around two in the morning on up to the m-j-m liquor store on 23rd and fond du lac.three or four people broke in, looted the store, then set it on fire using moltov cocktails. the a-t-f and milwaukee police are asking the public to help identify the man u see h if you know anything call m-p-d at 935-7360 or 1- 888-atf-fire. 3 that looting and unrest was sparked by a fatal officer invved shooting. and the
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camera video from that incident...until the investigation is complete. that's the message today from state attorney general brad sch. 58's jacob kittilstad joins us live with an update on the case, jacob. attorney general brad schimel's says the decision to hold back on releasing the body camera videos is simple. at his press conference - held at the wisconsin center - he imagined a worst case scenario where the milwaukee county d-a determines charges ?against? the officer are appropriate ??but?? complete a successful investigation because they let the investigation get piece of information coming out of this morning: investigators say not just one...but ?two? police body cameras recorded what happened in that confrontation in sherman park august 13. milwaukee police officers involved have not been show those videos - although schimel say they have requested it. but also this means that the family of sylville smith has not been shown the video.the family has been working with
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because of the nature of the situation. 3 "somewhere along the way there was a question asked by a member of the media, possibly several of them: 'is the family happy with the investigation?' and the word 'happy' has nothing to do with their lifright now. there's nothing satisfactory about the situation that they're in. and no one would want to trade places with them." them." the announcement comes after ca release the video feafor that the delay could lead to more unrest.> attorney general schimel says the ultimate decision on releasing the video will be up to the milwaukee county district attorney...> and it will be shown to the smith family before anyone else.> live in milwaukee...> jacob kittilstad...> cbs 58 news. 3 you'll remember sylville smith was shot and killed near 44th and auer over a week the 48 hours following his
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streets... burning at least eight businesses.several law enforcement officers were injured and multiple people were arrested. 3 sherman park is still closing early at six every night. a curfew for teens 17 and under is also still being enforced. milwaukee county officials say the curfew is in place until further notice. 3 we'll have continuing coverage on the investigation into the deadly officer involved shooting... and the unrest that followed both on air and online at cbs 58 dot com. we have new details on the streetcar coming to milwaukee. construction on the project is slated to start as early as this fall downtown. cbs 58's amanda devoe joins us live with the new information...amanda. crews will start working on the multi-million dollar project after the city selected a company out of omaha nebraska to be the official contractor. kiewit infrastruure.. will overseall phases of the project. which according to
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includes installation of the rail, the overhead contact system and streetcar stops . an official with the departme of public works says you won't see any tracks laid down, due to the unpredictable weather, however.. he says they ?may start working on the maitenance facility.. which will be near the train station downtown.. "for residents, for businesses, for employees of downtown. people visiting milwaukee, they can just hope on it coming from the train from chicago, they can just come nd meetings" 3 the streetcar's route through the third ward.. is slated to start service in fall of 20-18 .. with the lakefront line extension launching service in 2019. meterologist rebea schu joins us now to get you ready
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3 a teen led police on a pursuit last night that strechted through several jurisdictions. started at the intersection of 60th and brown deer road around 11:30-- where officers noticed a stolen van.they tried to pull it over-- but the iver took off.he crashed into a car at 76th and good hope d just kept on going. the van eventually crashed again near 84th and carmen in milwaukee, when thdriversed a turn 17-ye-old waarrested and
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3 a 64-year-old woman was killed in a crash last night. it happened around six when a car ran a red light at 27th and wells.the oncoming car was t-boned.police say the woman who was killed passenger in one of the vehicles. more details today about a man who died in police custody. custody. shorewood police arrested a man last monday for a domestic violence incident. just hours later...police found him unresponsive in his cell. he was taken to the hospital where life saving efforts were not pronounced dead yesterday. the milwaukee county invesigative team is looking into the death. the former west bend city administrator accused of sex is headed to ial.girl for cort in waukesha couthis in rning.a trial date has been set for december 13th.the week before that there will be a jury status hearing.justice resigned as city administrator back in april-- after explicit text messages were discovered
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a hardware store in manitowoc county was destroyed by an early morning fire...that fireifighters say was really difficult to put out. cbs 58's julie parise reports. 3 no one was hurt in this fire but it did require a lot of manpower to put of these flames.a fire chief tells us 100 firefighters from 10 different agencies were called out here just after 5am when the flames b o you can see the flames shooting up. fire ief tells they are coming at this fire from the top down because the fire is shooting up through the walls.we're told bc a lot of the products inside the store are accelerants, it made this fire difficult to fight. fight."it is -- making the situatuion ore difficultt. we have pubilc works on hand monitoriing to make sure there are n hazardous materials, we have nothing at this pont"
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apartment next door to the hardware store but were told they made it out safely. reporting in manitowac county i'm jp cbs 58 3 dozens of people are homeless after a deadly fire at a sheboygan apartment complex. the fire ripped through ember apartments early sunday person was killed....the building is destoryed and will not be rebuilt. forty people are out of their homes.the red cross set up a temporary shelter at a nearby mileschool and is looking for donations to help the families. "new fallout from controversy as donald trump's image makeover hits a roadblock. i'm weijia jiang at the white house with the latest coming up." up." 3 plus --- people are returning to their damaged homes in southern louisiana after devestating floods....the latest just ahead... in news around the nation. 3 plus --- meterologist rebecca
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campaign 20-16 now...hillary clinton's email controversy continues to follow her on the campaign trail. donald trump is also defending himself,
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the latest from the white house. the state department is going through nearly 15-thousand emails that were recovered during the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton's private email server. server."we still don't have a firm sense of how many of these 14,900 are new, that we haven't seen before."the department expects to release the first batch of messages just before november's presidential election.the latest cbs news battleground tracker shows ohio. the two are tied in iowa. iowa.after a staff shake up, donald trump appeared more disciplined. he spent last week reading from teleprompters and sticking to the campaign's message. message."i think he's shown maturity. i think that he's growing in his role."but on monday, trump attacked the hosts of msnbc's morning joe implying the couple is having an affair: "some day, when things calm down, i'll tell the real story of @joenbc and his very insecure long-time
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clowns!"republican pollster frank luntz says voters are turned off by trump's personal . attacks."they hate it when he is laser like in his criticisms of specific people or specific things. they find him mean. they find him insulting."trump's new campaign manager says he doesn't hurl personal insults...until he's attacked first.weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. 3 across southern debris is piling up on the side of roads and outside homes... as families return to cleanup what's left after devestating floods. floods.more than 60-thousand homes have been damaged.the historic flooding has ced more than 106-thousand people to register for fema assistance... a one-week total the agency hasn't seen since superstorm sandy.fema representatives say some places are still unreachable-- but they are active in all 20
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"we did have teams on the ground as the waters were rising and we have teams here all the way throug" throug" more than 36 million dollars in federal spending has been approved to help louisiana recover. president obama will visit the storm-damaged areas tomorrow. authorities in turkey now believe the bomber who attacked a wedding party on sunday ?was a child? --- possibly as young as 12. cbs news correondent, holly williams reports from istanbul. survived the attack - and were taken to hospital, apparently in shock - after their wedding party became the scene of a massacre. gaziantep is just 40 miles from the syrian border and isis is the most likely culprit, according to turkey's president. so far the extremists haven't claimed responsibility - but if the suicide bomber was indeed a
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the innocent to carry out acts of heinous violence. in the iraqi city of kirkuk yesterday, cuty forces say they stopped this boy - who was wearing a suicide vest - and prented him from detonating himself. this boy turned himself in to police in baghdad in 2014 - asking them to cut off his suicide vestbecause he didn't nt to blow himself up.isis isn't the only extremist group to e what is unusual is the role of children in the group's propaganda video in which they've repeatedly been shown apparently carrying out executions. most of the videos are simply too disturbing for us to show you. imagine the damage done to the children inv? involved?turkish officials say they are trying to identify the young suicide bomber.
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remnants of the suicide vest found at the scene. holly williams, cbs news, istanbul. 3
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michigan residents are cleaning up today after a number of tornaodestouched down over the weekend. a tornado hit the small town of bango, michigaand also touched down in grand rapids. yesterday --- the national weather service found evidence of a brief ef-0 tornado in northeast grand rapids. they also found ef-1 tornado damage between bangor and jamestown, michigan. volunteers are still
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debris and fallen trees and helping those with damaged homes.
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here's a look at the traffic conditions now...
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3 now that the rio olympics have wrapped up... it's time to look ahead to when the u-s have a chanec to play host...a wrap of the olympic games and
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the rio olympics are over after a colorful and musical closing ceremony. ceremony.the haul of 121 medals is the most the u-s has ever won in an olympics that wasn't boycotted.michael phelps and katie ledecky helped the u-s swim team grab 33 medals in the pool.the track and field team took home 32... d biles led the gymnastics squad with 12.but it wasn't all good for team u-s-a...american swimmer ryan lochte is now apologizing for embellishing a story that he and his teammates were robbed at gunpoint in he lost three major sponsors -- including speedo and could face punishment from the u.s. olympic committee. 3 the next olympics are in 20-20...they'll be held in tokyo, japan-- but there's some added excitement about the following olympics in
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could be held here on american news correspondent ben tracy explains with the olympic flame now extinguished in rio...t competition to get the 2024 games is really heating up. los angeles mayor eric garcetti was in rio to convince olympic officials his city should play host.why would hosting the olympics actually be good for los angeles given how much this costs? well i think a lot of people are asking 'who would ever want these days?'//we know we could do a games that would be profitable...just like they were in 1984 when we helped save the olympic movement.los angeles was the only city that wanted the games in 1984 and it made money. la predicts its 2024 games would cost about 6 billion dollars and generate a 161 million dollar surplus from tv rights, sponsorships, and ticket sales. the la colesium would be updated and a temporary swimming venue
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already exists. the planned 2 - point - six billion dollar state of the art los angeles rams football stadium would become a centerpiece of the games. los angeles is up against paris, rome, and budapest. paris is a favorite as 2024 would be 100 years since it last hosted the games. "the entire olympic ideal is to have bigger, higher, faster, stronger profits" professor christopher gaffney has studied the impact of the olympics on host cities. he says most games make millions for the international committee but leave their hosts billions of dollars in debt with empty and rotting olympic the past decade the olympics have cost an average of 8.9 billion dollars with an average cost overrun of 156 percent. but la's mayor says bringing the games back to the heart of hollywood is not only a win for la but the entire country. it will be some time before we know who'll host the 2024 olympics the committee will
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ben tracy, cbs news, rio de janeiro. 3 coming up --- some new details emerge in the investigation into a deadly officer involved shooting that led to violence in milwaukee... 3 and some local fire departments are worried they won't have enough people to protect their communites...a live report on the shortage of volunteer firefighters ahead. 3 plus...the emergency repairs on the basilica of st. josaphat are moving along...we'll update you on the process...coming up. 3 we've got much more news and weather
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state attorney general, brad schimel offered an update today on the investigation into a fatal officer involved shooting...that sparked unrest and violence in the sherman park neighborhood. neighborhood.schimel reiterated today that the department of justice ?will not? release any body camera video until their investigation is complete.
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schimel couldn't give many details. but did say they are working on collecting every piece of evidence available. including, one piece of video they haven't seen yet. schimel says there is body camera video ?from both? officers who were conducting the traffic stop nine days ago, when sylivlle smith was shot and killed. schmel called for clam from the community while the investigation continues. he says he doesn't want to do anything that might compromise their findings. "i can tell you right now, viewing the body camera video questions. your questions will be better answered when the videos are viewed in the context of all the information gathered in the investigation. more importantly, release of the videos would compromise the integrity of the investigation." investigation." both the police officers involed and the smith family ?have not? seen the body camera video.schimel promised
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complete...the family of syville smith will be the first to see it. 3 milwaukee police released this photo today showing a possible suspect from the unrest sparked by that officer involved shooting.police say around two in the morning on sunday, august 14th -- six cars pulled up to the m-j-m liquor store on 23rd and fond du lac.three or four people broke in, looted the store, then set it on fire using moltov cocktails.the a-t-f and milwaukee police are asking the public to help them nt if you know anything-- call m-p-d at 935-7360 or 1- 888-atf-fire. 3 we will have continuing coverage on the investigation into the fatal officer involved shooting...and the unrest that followed both on air and online at cbs 58 dot com. meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready
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3 3 3 some local fire departments are finding themselves in a tough situation. many of the smaller departments are volunteer run...and right now...there's a shortage of vol. 58 and telemundo wisconsin reporter christine flores joins us live from the germantown fire depatnt wit more...christine.
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the fire the fire department here in germantown says they've been facing the issue for several years as the city continues to grow. this year alone they've already responded to about 250 more calls than they did last year. delain: the budgets aren't getting any bigger bigger-nats of fire truck door- delain: our call volume is increasing greatly those are some of the issues now deputy chief john delain says hes seen departments faced with during his 18 years of service which began as a volunteer. delain: you get to meet so you get to see how your community operates. a huge source of pride and just makes you feel good about your community. like delain, fire chief gary weiss says another problem is awarness. people may not realize the demands of the job are more of a lifestyle. lifestyle.weiss: some people can't deal with someone that's horribly injured or someone that's burned, or dealing with the emotional aspects of someone whose house just burned. delain: you're there to help people on the worst day of their life and if you can make that day just a little bit better, you've already accomplished so much already. on average, weiss
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put in the line of duty. that includes training, school, and shadowing. weiss: but it's not just wisconsin. it's not just germantown. it is across the united states. the number of volunteers is dwindling down. but there's a way you can see what it's all about before committing. delain: come ride with us. see what we do. see how you can help. fire chief weiss tells me you can help at your local fire station by simply stopping by and filling out an application. live in germantown, chritine flores cbs 58 news. milwaukee public schools has extended its superintendent's contract through the 20-19 school year. darienne driver was named to the post back in 2014.m-p-s has been at odds with lawmakers over the "opportunity schools and partnership program" ever since-- as critics say it's a state takeover of the city's struggling schools. the man chosen to lead that initiative, demond means, recently resigned...leaving the whole process up in the
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the restoration at the basilica of st. josaphat in milwaukee is moving forward. the basilica is undergoing a 7- point-5 million dollar renovation project. some of the repairs were described as urgent. cbs 58's kyle aevermann has a look at the progress. 3 today crews used this crane to replace cracked and missing blocks from the exterior of the building. this morning, contractors lifted one of 5 separate 9- thousand pound stones to the top of the basilica.the church, which was built in 1901, was built with materials from an old post office i chicago.the blocks that were installed today are actually from the same quarry in ohio as the original the look should be pretty seamless. but as you can image the installation has to be done very delicately. they say it's like fragile lego pieces. the st josephat basilica foundation says this is needed to protect everything inside. "we've got one of a kind artworks stainglass windows, mirrors, all things that are irreplaceable we want to make sure that the inside is
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taking care of the outside" this is just phase one of the project. which also includes adding lighting to the base of the dome. 3 "a new report shows a record number of drivers need them in new cars. i'm chris martinez in los angeles i'll tell you why technology is part of the problem." problem." 3 plus a new report shows electricity bills here in in the midwest. the impact that could have on businesses in the state... 3 and, if you hate your job when you're young... you could be in for more pain later in life...we'll explain in your
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around 360-thousand student
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return to school today in a florida county struggling to contain the spread of the zika virus. cbs news correspondent, david begnaudreports on how schools are preparing. it is expected to be almost 90 degrees in miami beach today... but adam carp, a high school freshman, will be dressed for much cooler weather.nats: long sleeve, pants, and a long shirt.on sunday, adam and his mother carol, an eye doctor, picked up offered by the school district which has been warning parents to take precautions. precautions.we've had lots of phone calls reminding us about insect repellent and water safety and getting rid of standing schools superintendent alberto carvalho made it a point to dress the part... wearing long sleeves and pants. pants.better safe than sorry. i know that we're trading off comfort for protection.two
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new zika zone, which covers nearly 1.5 square miles of miami beach. precautions are also being taken at a third school just a few blocks outside the zone.ficials across miami-dade coun have accused governor rick scott of poor communication. communication. there's a suspicion that your office is trying to downplay the zika threat, and i just want to give you an opportunityto respo. respond.if you look at what the department of health is putting out and ourfi putting out, we're going to put out accurate and timely inf. information.official with the national institutes of health said he expects to see more zika outbreaks over the next few years, with gulf coast states like texas and louisiana being most at risk. david begnaud, cbs news, miami. 3 an a-a-p study shows drivers under the influence of alcohol are less likely to properly buckle up child passengers. passengers.researchers also found drunk drivers more often
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front instead of the recommended back seats. 3 teenagers whose parents encourage them to eat healthy and be active are less likely to have an eating disorder or engage in unhealthy diet behaviors. that's according to the american academy of pediatrics. they recommend parents discourage teens from dieting, skipping meals or using diet pills. 3 and if you hate your job in your 20s and 30s -- it's going to affect your health in your 40's.ohio researchers over 6-thousand people and found those who are unhappy early in their careers report being more depressed, worried and having trouble sleeping later in life. 3 a bit of a mixed bag on wall street for the first day of trading of the week. the dow fell about twenty three. the nasdaq gained six. and the s and p fell just about a point. 3 in today's moy watch --- wisconsins electricity rates are so high ---regulators are being warned that it could
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public service commission says the electriticy rates here are the highest in the midwest. making it difficult for some industries to remain competitive. we energies says they're working closely with industrial customers to help lower their energy costs. 3 drug maker pfizer says it will pay 14-billion dollars to buy medivation....a biotech company that produces a drug used to treat prostate cancer. shareholders and federal regulators still need to approve the deal. year -- pfizer tried to buy allergan and move its corporate headquarters out of the u-s. that deal was blocked by the oba administration. 3 if you're looking to book your next trip ---tomorrow could be the day to it. august 23rd is considered "cheap flight day". as summer winds down...fares become less expensive as demand drops. experts say ticket prices could drop by about 10 to 20 percent tomorrow. 3 a report from triple a shows a
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help on the road. and many of those motorists are in newer cars. cbs' chris martinez explains why some new car technology could be to blame. everyday, los angeles tow truck driver ed rostamian comes to the rescue of dozens..."70 to 80 calls a day."his first call on this shift: a ad battery in a hybrid toyota."very common ery common."triple a rescued a record 32 million 2015 commonly with battery or tire issues.and its newer vehies that are having says about 40 percent of new cars don't come wisparth a tire.when michelle stevens got a flat on her way to work last year she only had an inflator kit in her trunk. trunk."there was too big of a hole even to use that so i had to call for a tow truck." truck."triple a says newer technologies in cars are contributing to breakdowns. keyless ignition systems in
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strain on the battery. battery."that along with all the electronics on cars today will drain the battery more quickly // 08:18 the life expectancy rate of a battery is only three years and if you have that battery for more than 3 years you're living on borrowed time."on this call - ed found his customer's battery was a goner"100 percent back to the dealer to get a new battery."triple a says tire pressure and testing your battery once it reaches three years old can help ensure you face fewer problems on the road. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles 3 gas prices are inching the price of crude oil rallies. triple-a says it usually takes a couple of weeks for the price at the gas pump to adjust. the national average is 2-16 a gallon... which is 50 cents less than this time last year. 3 here in milwaukee -we' a bit above average. the average
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19.we took a look around for the lowest prices in our area and found...gas as low at 2-07 at the costco on pewaukee road and lake park in pewaukee. it's also 2-07 at sam's club on 124th and bradley in milwaukee. 3 your full readycast with meterologist rebecca schuld is next...stay tuned.
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3 cbs 58's lindsey branwall has a look ahead to her story about the unrest in milwaukee that's coming up on the news at five. i'm lindsey branwall, coming up at 5. seeing the surveillance photo inside mjm liquor means a lot to the owner of the store right here. why he believes the surveillance photo could solve more than one crime from that night... that's all new on the cbs 58 news at 5. the cbs 58 news at four thirty will be back in just a
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"here we gooo!...cheering!" gooo!...chee a pastor from staup new york term "leap of faith" pastor
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following by jumping over a helicopter and through a wall of fire!the daredevil pastor, who's churchis named faith on fire -- said the stunt was to promote a local charity and the christian fai. 3th at four... four...the cbs 58 news at
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3 "i can tell you now, viewing the body camera video will not answer all of your questions." questions." wisconsin's attorney general asks for patience as he leads a thorough investigation of the officer-involved shooting of sylville smith. 3 and new tonight, police release a photo of a man they believe played a role in the disturbances that ?followed? the smith shooting. 3 we also have breaking news just in: mayor barrett has issued a proclamation ending the emergency 10 p-m curfew for'll remember this was implemented in the days following the sherman park of today, the curfew is back to it's normal
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moment, the 6 p-m closure of sherman park by order of the milwaukee county sheriff is still in place. place. meanwhile, wisconsin's attorney general reveals that there are not one, but ?two? body cam videos from the sylville smith incident and neither one will be released right now. cbs 58's jacob kittilstad joins us live from sherman i'm standing less than a block from where those videos were captured on august 13. wisconsin attorneyer investigators have interviewed witnesses, family members, ?and the police officers? also have the videos - whch they're hestitant to release wiout full context. a question has been constant for ad schimel for the past week. (schimel) 9;56;45 9;56;45"the most common request has predictably been for the release of the videos from the body cameras. we will not be releasing se at this time. first, the body camera videos is just one piece of many sources of information."
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schimel notes state invgators wore body armor while investigating the shooting near 44th street and auer avenue. schimel his ncern is ?if? the video is released - it could compromise witness accounts. (schimel) 10;16;31 "[and in order] i cannot have witness statement being colored or painted by information they're seeing from other sources." but other groups say release of the videos would go a long way in the community. chris amuty is executive director of the aclu of wi. ut 10;38;59 "without compromising the information, without compromising the officers rights, aclu believes that can be done sooner rather than later. and rather than have speculation and rumors and social media and all the rest drive the story - let's drive the story on objective information." schimel says he will leave the decision to release the video up to the milwaukee county district attorney's office once the investigation is completed (schimel) 10;01;51 "when the time comes to release the


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