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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  August 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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a string of break-ins at a local pharmacy tonight -- police say a 20-year-old man is in custody - after ?sixteen? separate break-ins this month alone aloneand we've got some compelling video showing that the thieves would stop at nothing. cbs 58's evan kruegel is live milwaukee -- with a story you'll see only on cbs 58.. evan? we first told you about the february - when owners installed bulletproof glass and steel doors to keep out they thought were working - until a string of break-ins this month... off 85th and capital - surveillance video captures a pair of men - ripping down shatterproof glass to get inside.from there - they move straight to a specific shelf -
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codeine - a powerful drug with a high street value."it's normally on this shelf, and this is where we used to keep it, until we had all these break-ins at night, and now we keep the promethazine with codeine in a safe"owner hashim zaibak says those suspects broke into three different stores last night - using a crowbar to pry their way into this location off 54th and capital."somehow they got through this door, and broke the lock"zaibak says they were not pleased to promethazine moved to a safe. "they were extremely upset, and you could see them on the cameras breaking shelves, knocking things down.more cleanup - and more repairs - that's taking a toll on this inner-city business. business.:"by the time we fix everything, we're talking about close to $30,000.this morning - just before 3am - some relief. video shows police arresting one of those
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are still searching for two others."if these people keep doing what they're doing, they're making it hard for us to survive." police say they are still investigating whether that 20- year-old is involved in the other 15 break-ins...zaibak says he believes it's a group of four men that are responsible for all of them. he's hoping this arrest leads to more - and an end to these in milwaukee - ekcbs58news. police are looking for the driver who hit a woman on milwaukee's north side and kept going. it happened this afternoon near 40th and villard.police say the woman was taken to a hospital, but her injuries are unknown. 3 that hit and run comes less than 24 hours after an 11- year-old girl was critically injured by a driver who refused to stop... just a few miles away at 27th and burleigh.neighbors say cars drive as fast as 70 miiles per hour -- and have been for
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anytime soon because a lot of people that zip through here, the don't live around here. i think they think it's a bad neighborhood or something and they don't want to stop for these red lights. i think that mostly be the problem. 3 in april of last year, 57-year-old henry nelson was hit and killed at this same intersection.police have no suspects in that case, or last night's hit and run. a two-year-old milwaukee boy is dead... and her mother is desperate for answers about exactly how he died diedterry harris-lockhart says she can't sleep or eat now...her son, michael, was being watched by his uncle at his grandmother's house yesterday on 40th near north. she says he was sleeping on his uncle's chest... and believes he woke up.. then tried to crawl out of a window feet first... but got his head stuck. 57-1:13 ?crying? "i never thought i would have to bury my child at 2. i wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy. a part of me is gone forever.
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back" a neigbhor tried to give the boy c-p-r after he fell out the window.his mother tells us screens on that window may have saved her son's life.she says the landlord did not put any screens on the windows, even after being asked repeatedly. attorneys' for convicted murderer steven avery plan to file an appeal..this comes after a judge recently threw out the conviction of his nephew in the killing of teresa halbach. cbs 58's kristen barbaresi brings us the latest twist ..kristen.. avery's attorney must file that appeal by monday... and may do it as early as tomorrow. avery was convicted of killing photographer theresa halbach in november of 2005.the manitowoc clerk of courts tells cbs 58 avery's attorney, kathleen zellner, was at the courthouse today, but no official motions were filed. zellner, known for successfully overturning convictions, took on avery's case days after the series making a murderer premiered.
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zellner's office and we were told to email a request for comment, which we did but so far- no response.avery's original trial attorney, who is not involved in the appeal, says he is optimistic that avery will get a new trial. "i think there's newly discovered evidence. i think he's got very competent, skilled team of lawyers working on his case and there's been tips that have been coming in all along, and it's just a matter of time, i think, until the truth comes out, and ultimately of wisconsin is going to look very bad." all of this comes about 2 weeks after avery's nephew, brenden dassey, who was also convicted in the crime, had his conviction overturned by a federal judge.we will be following this developing closely and when that paperwork is filed we'll bring you the very latest. 3 a prosecutor is asking for dennis brantner to get a re-trial.bratner was recently on trial for the 1990 murder
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fond du lac county.but the trial ended in a hung jury earlier this summer.a hearing is set in fond du lac county for september sixth on the request for another trial. brantner was arrested last year for the cold case murder after new evidence was discovered. a local man now criminally charged after police say he was waterboarding his girlfrien. girlfriend.29 year michael martinez is also charged with sexually assaulting the woman. his motive--she went out to the movies with another man..last year.racine polic water torture --the women relenting to the sexual attack to get the waterboarding to stop. a wild police chase is caught on video... and now the driver is facing several felony charges. wauwatosa police say lucas byrd took this 'chevy lumina' from his son without permission. dashcam video shows officers following the car.. with it reaching speeds close to 100-miles an hour. at one point, the car takes a
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up on a sidewalk near 107th and hampton..the car eventually hits a street sign and byrd jumps out and runs off.. but police were able to catch him. 3 a milwaukee mcdonald's restaurant is forced to shut it's doors after a health inspector finds evidence of rodents.the mayor's office says the owners of the mcdonalds at 35th and juneau cleaned up the evidence... but the fast food restaurant remains is still closed tonight.the health inspector is expected to re-visit the mcdonalds tomorrow morning to enough to reopen. governor walker speaking out about the controversy over job creation in the troulbed sherman park neighborhood. neighborhood.his comments -- just two days after several groups including citizen's action of wisconsin sounded the alarm and demanded immediate attention to job creation.the governor says meetings have taken place that were scheduled long before the unrest and he shared with us what he told city officials. ya know that movie "field of dreams: if build it they will
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particuiarly in manufacturing will come to that area and parts of the city." city."part of the controversy swirled around just how many jobs were created by the wisconsin economic development corporation. it denies making any kind of job creation claim only confirming that since 20-11 it has sent 250 millon dollars to milwaukee for workforce development. an army special forces solider killed in afghanistan has ties to our area. staff sergeant matthew thompson was killed during a nato mission while military says troops were working with the afghan army when they trigged a roadside bomb.another american solider and six afghan soliders were hurt in the blast.thompson's parents and sister live in brookfield.he is also survived by his wife.thompson is the first american service member killed in action in afganistan since january. militants attacked the american university in afghanistan today. least four people were kileld and dozens were wou. wounded.witnesses say a large
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school's gates during night classes.several american teachers and hundreds of students were on campus.this is the second attack on the university in a's not known who is behind the attack. 3 more than 150 people are dead after a powerful earthquake hits central italy.the magnitude 6 point 2 quake struck early wednesday morning in a remote, mountainous region.rescuers continue to search the rubble, hoping to find more survivors, but the terrain has made it difficult to bring president obama spoke with italian officials and offered u-s help. 3 3 donald trump's campagin unveils a coalition of influential women to boost support for the presidential candidate in's called 'wisconsin women for trump'.former lieutenant governor maragaret farrow and state senators alberta darling and mary lazich were named to the coalition.other members include former city officials, community leaders, and activtists. 3 meanwhile hillary clinton is in the middle of a new
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questions about her trustworthiness.the associated press reports more than half the people from outside the u-s government who spoke with hillary clinton when she was secretary of state also gave money to the clinton foundation. clinton's campaign says she did not reap any profits.they also say the a- p's data is flawed because it doesn't include 17-hundred meetings with world leaders. unemployment is down in most of wisconsin's largest cities and counties. data from the pa the unemployment dropped in 30 of the state's 32 largest cities from june to july.mount pleasant and racine were the only two cities that saw their rates increase. tonight, waukesha's mayor telling us he's confident the city will still be able to use water from lake michigan..even though some mayors are challenging the approval they gave back in june. june.44:38-46 i really don't expect the compact council to change their mind after doing such an exhausted and through s.
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saint lawrence cities initative -- including racine, oak creek and sheboygan -- are now requesting a hearing to review their earlier decision. citing the same arguments as before -- including worries abouthe return flow. flow.about 8.2 million gallons of lake michigan water will flow every day to the city of waukesha's existing water customers from a pumping station in oak creek.another set of pipelines will bring ?all the water back as treated wastewater...pumped into the root river.the plan wios more than 200-million dollars. 3 and how much is too much sugar for your kids?coming up, new guidelines parents should know about. 3 and two packers players meet with the n-f-l over allegations of using performance-enhancing drugs....
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good de that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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parents...listen up.there are new suggestions when it comes to the amount of sugar your kids should have. comes from the american heart association...with the goal of keeping your kids healthy. but it won't be 58s eric levy is live in milwaukee to explain.eric? bill/michele...we're referring to the added sugars...stuff you'd find in candy and sweet your kids have a sweet tooth...this may not be what they want to hear. "hi!"ah yes, fun on the swings in waukesha before getting back in to the swing of things in school...trinity taylor is about to start second grade..."can you tell me how excited you are? 100!" her school day includes learning how to eat healthy... healthy... "apples, grapes, bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes. do you
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all good things instead of candy.the american heart association says kids eat 19 teaspoons or 76 grams of added sugar per day's what that looks like.but the new recommendations for kids between two and 18 years old should be less than six teaspoons or 25 grams per day. it's, again, the added sugars...not the natural sugars found in vegetables and fruits."it is a big decrease, and i think it's important." healthy living director isn't just it's what she teaches... teaches..."decreasing it, you know, i think it is a challenge for parents, to make sure their kids are getting their recommended amount." challenging, but doable... "maybe you a snack size candy bar versus the large king size, and other things it might be reducing in the amount that you're eating them."or be like abby markwyn...and limit what you buy at the store... store..."at least trying to limit the choices that they have in the house is one practical way to do it, and
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experts suggest checking the nutrition labels...they include the amount of sugar per the way...aldi announced a plan to remove the junk food from it's checkout lines.instead giving healthier options to at 60th and oklahoma, el, cbs 58...and michele back to you. by next year, firefighters in waukesha will response times when called out to emergencies. emergencies.the city council signed off on the land deal for with hopes of putting up a new station allowing a six minute drive time to all areas of the city. 18:48:08 -16where the firestation will be built is further to the west and south of waukesha. we already have a downtown fire station 18:48:18-24this will actually make response times be within the accepted guidelines guidelines
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along state highway 59, just east of county highway x. reilly says he expects to sign the paperwork to buy the land in the next few days. governor scott walker addressing roads today.the d-o-t budget will be released next month and he says there's two things it focuses on. on.32-48"the focal point, i believe, in the budget that will come out september 15th for the department of transportation will focus on increasing aid for local governments so that counties and municipalities can do more to repair local roads and bridges, to and emphasis on state highway m" maintenance." walker was in green bay for the 42nd annual governor's conference on highway safety. a 20-million dollar construction project in downtown wauwatosa is taking a toll on local businesses. businesses.busineses owners in the area say they're taking a owner says customers are still shopping... but he's doing a quarter of the business he did before the work started.and another owner tells us business was so bad, he had to relocate. 57-1:05"we just couldn't hack
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that is redevelopment goes on you're seeing a huge revenue loss. it's very smart to pull out right away than to continue a revenue loss." loss." other business owners admit they're not thrilled with the construction... but they're anxious to see the work finished.phase one is expected to be complete by the end of the year. prince fans have the chance to tour the music icon's home. pasiely park will open for public tours starting october sixth.the estate, located a minneapolis suburb, is a 65- thousand square-foot complex. the tour will take visitors through the first floor of the home, including his recording studio.thousands of artifacts from prince's personal archives will be on display. 3 tonight: a few t'showers
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lows in the upper 60s. wind: w 5-10 mph.thursday: a few showers and storms possible especially in the morning in southern areas. highs in the low 80s. w 5-15 mph.weekend: getting cooler and much comfortable for friday and saturday with highs in the middle 70s. sunshine returns for friday before scattered showers and storms are back saturday. a few periods of rain may linger into sunday, before some clearing happens
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possible. times of clouds. lows in the upper 60s. wind: w 5-10 mph.thursday: a few showers and storms possible especially in the morning in southern areas. highs in the low 80s. w 5-15 mph. getting cooler and much more comfortable for friday and saturday with highs in the middle 70s. sunshine returns for friday before scattered showers and storms are back saturday. a few periods of
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before some clearing happens sunday afternoon. the milwaukee county parks department is demanding that the company behind 'pokemon go' -- get ?permits? for 'pokestops' on county property. property.a pokestop is an invisible landmark, attracting
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county says those spots are 'virtual geocaches'... which require a a letter, parks director john dargle says pokemon players have caused disruption in lake park... but one player says he's disappointed the county is trying to restrict people from playing the game. 1:08-1:16i don't really think it messes up the grass cause grass is meant to be played on in certain places. and this is a park so you should be able to walk on it." it." we have no word if pokemon go's developer has received the letterit's unclear if the county will pursue legal action if their request is not met. some teachers are lacing up their sneakers and hitting the streets to welcome kids back to school. teachers at an elementary school in janesville went to the homes of their new students to introduce themselves.they also handed out goodie bags and say meeting they're making valuable connections that are getting the kids excited about the new school year. 1:07-1:14i know if i was a
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so my teacher came to my house, how special am i.52-59 it was great to let them know, who they are sending their children to every day, so that they knew it was one of us and make that connection with them. them. teachers visited close to 225 houses and they say some kids were so pumped -- they were doing cartwheels when they saw their teachers. it's one of the most exciting and emotional days for freshman college students --- move in day. day. students moved into their dorms at marquette university today.for the next three days, freshman will participate in new student orientation, which highlights campus resources, events, and activities.for some students we spoke with, they were excited to move in. but for parents... not so much. 12:48-56it's been kind of a roller coaster ride, hormonal, stressful, but actually just emotional because she's going away for the first time for a very long time11:01-11:08i feel like we're all nervous to
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function like school and everything without our parents on our backs all the time time marquette officials say this is one of the most diverse class of incoming freshman ever... with students are from 41 states and 22 countries. the floor of the bradley center was full of kids showing off their dance moves. 18:50:39-44dancing/music dancing/music tonight dozens of boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 13 were trying fo bucks dance team.the bucks are looking for kids with great personalities who have experience in dancing, martial arts, and cheerleading... and most importantly... who love to entertain. this the fourth year the young bucks will be performing at
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on a day without practice, there's still buzz in green bay... some of it about a reported meeting between two star players and the league. c-b-s 58's earl arms picks up the story from lambeau field. today supposedly the day clay matthews and julius peppers met with nfl officials about their use of performance- enhancing drugs. this comes from allegations made from al jazeera back in december. josh sitton was in the locker room today and we asked him exactly concerned.josh sitton - packers guardi see a lot of nfl officials. guys in the locker room, nfl officials, gotta talk to those guys about that. i'm not really concerned about that. ted thompson - packers gmi'm gonna stick to my earlier position and not get into this so i have no comment.packers linebacker sam barrington was a little more vocal.sam barrington - packers linebacker it's no secret what those guys
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only that but what they've done for this community and this team so we got their back 100 percent and i'm hoping the best for their situation. barrington says instead he's more worried about week three of the preseason--which is the start of a four-game road trip two in the preseason, two more in the regular season. in gb ea cbs 58 news. 1:10 colin kaepernick once knocked the packers out of back to back se green bay goes to san francisco friday, they'll see a man barely hanging on to a roster spot. the milwaukee born kaepernick isn't even the niners starter now - he's lost that job to blaine gabbert unless kaepernick can show something big in limited action friday night. 3 3 kaepernick: i'm going to go out and do everything i can these next two games and make sure i put my best foot forward to show this organization, this team, this coaching staff, what i'm capable of.
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braun is rolling, anything's possible - not one but two homers from braun this afternoon. he's up to 24 long balls this season. how about a surprise from orlando arcia, too - squeeze play! that plates a run. braun added a second homer in an easy one. 7-1, a sweep for
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a baby monkey has a new mom.... for the time being.the monkey was abandoned by its mother in a russian zoo, so a zoo employee introduced him to her cat.surprisingly, the cat adopted the monkey and the animals have been living together ever since.the zoo director says the monkey will stay with the cat for another month, then will be transferred back to the zoo to live with his relatives. 3 here's a candidate everyone can get behind... he's the mayor of a small town in western minnesota.duke was first elected three years ago with a write-in looks like the town's residents are pretty pleased with duke's leadership... he didn't have any challengers during the election. duke will be up for re-election next year as well -- for his fourth consecutive
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3 tonight: a few t'showers possible. times of clouds. lows in the upper 60s. wind: w 5-10 mph.thursday: a few showers and storms possible especially in the morning in southern areas. highs in the low 80s. w 5-15 mph.weekend: getting cooler and much more comfortable for friday and saturday with highs in the middle 70s. sunshine returns for friday before scattered showers and storms are back saturday. a few periods of rain may linger into sunday, before some clearing happens sunday afternoon.
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>> stephen: good evening, or top story. yesterday donald trump announced he was softening his stand on immigration. for more, let's go to my colleague, anderson cooper. anderson. >> what? stephen, what-- what are you >> stephen: i am throwing to you for more information, anderson. >> yup, you can't do that. that's something only news anchors get to do. >> stephen: i thought anybody could do it. it looks fun. >> well, they can't. the news throw, it's not a toy. it's a sacred trust. >> stephen: i'm sorry. it won't happen again. to find out why it won't happen again, let's go t to anderson


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