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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  August 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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i would just tell him... we are so proud of him.. of what he was determined to accompish with his life... life... family and friends gather to remember a green beret lost in afghanistan..a local hero who once played on the brookfield central football field. 3 3 but we begin with breaking news tonight...the deatha medical examiner confirms a two year old was found on 14th street.we have a crew gathering information as we speak. when we learn more we will share with you. who killed two nuns in cold blood? one with ties to milwauk. milwaukee. sisters 'paula merrill' and 'margaret held' were found stabbed inside their 58's eric levy is live outside the "school sisters of saint francis" where sister held and her work
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sister held was a nurse practitioner...and was a part of this congregation for 49 years.she taught high school in kenosha in the early 70s. sister held's ministry is based in mississippi, which is where she was mississippi, which is ministry is based in sister held's in the early 70s. sister held's ministry is 3 based in mississippi, which is where she was when she was killed. "this is one of the poorest counties in mississippi."video website shows sisters margaret held and paula merrill helping the people of's just the kind of person she was. was..."could handle any emergencies with the greatest of ease and had a real empathy and compassion for the people she served." served.""that was her ministry, that was her life, so as a school sister of saint francis, she was committed to
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of their deaths was shared during the 4 o-clock mass... "we ask that god can strengthen us in our sadness..."many just couldn't believe it..."she was a wonderful representative of a christ-like care for the poor." "it's hard to imagine that one who served the poor, untiringly, day and night sometimes, that her life would (music fades out) sister held has family in wisconsin...funeral services are being made right now. reporting live from south layton near west greenfield 58... bill...back to you. 3 a big police presence on milwaukee's north side tonight..
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crews shot from the scene at 28th and wisconsin earlier tonight.police aren't saying much about what happened...a witness tells us several armed men pulled up in two cars... and says they attacked another man and his girlfriend. 14:53:08-13they still like punching and running and the one dude was like shoot em, kill em, wooo wooo 14:53:18-26 somebody mentioned about the police coming they dispersed.. but they went up the street up there, the same ones in the car that had the pistols got shot up. 3 no information confirmed at this time... but we'll follow new details. tomorrow is the funeral for syville smith, the man killed by a milwaukee police officer during a chase nearly two weeks ago. ago.visitation is from 10 am to noon -- at the christian faith fellowship church on good hope road.reverend jesse jackson will deliver the eulogy. 3 deliver the eulogy. 3 the shooting involving an officer and smith sparked two nights of unrest in milwaukee. three men accused of looting a liquor store during that disturbance appeared in court
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with burglary and was bound over for trial..joseph lindsey and devon love had a scheduling conference.they're charged with entering a locked building. the owner of 'clark beer and liquor' on 74th and burleigh lost more than a 100 thousand dollars worth of products....not to mention the damage done when dozens of people stormed the store on the 14th. preventing a repeat of what happened in the sherman park neighbhorood was the focus of a peace summit today. the sojourner family peace center, a motivational speaker talked with milwauke violence that happened in that community.he also challenged their leadership skills. 03:18:04-14 are you a nurturer or are you a natural born leader? how does leadership come about, how do you know when you're a leader, what leadership skills do you have? 3 the session also included one-on-one interviews with the speaker.. as well as exercises in motivation, and it ended with a call to not go with the crowd but and put community first. it wasn't that long ago when
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the football field at brookfield central high school. tonight they honored his sacrifice as a staff sgt in line of 58's kristen barbaresi has more on tonight's tribute. 3 some of thompson's family some of some of thompson's family was here tonight as the crowd honored his the service and sacrifice with a moment of silence. nat (silence)above the scoreboard-flags fly at half-staff-nat (announceme a green baret, who died serving his country tuesday. tuesday. jim thompson, matt's grandpa 2;54;42 words can say it. we're just so proud thompson's grandparents, along with aunts and uncles, took the field for the tribute to the fallen hero- (applause)jim thompson 2;54;55 he's the oldest, and he certainly led the way and he would do it again. he's just that kind of a person.thompson
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football team, member of the band, eagle scout03;00;16 matthew was the kind of student who made your day better. nat- national anthem band director , jason gillette, performed the national anthem in honor of his former studentnat-more national athem athemjason gillette, matt's former teacher 03;01;08 he gave the ultimate sacrifice and if there's a student i've ever had that i see being in a position and willing to do such a thit thompson's family knows his life and death serve as an example for all02;57;28 a lifetime is not judged by how long it is, but by what a person does with the tiem they have here, and he certainly did his share and then some. and that's what i would tell him. we couldn't be more proud of him. in addition to the family here tonight, thompson is survived by his wife of 5 years, his parents and 2 younger sisters. a gofundme was set up to help the family. well put a link
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there was no sign of steven avery's lawer in manitowoc county courthouse today. supporters thought his attorney, kathleen zellner, would file a motion to begin the appeal of his murder conviction... but nothing was filed.they hope an appeal could lead to his conviction being overturned.a manitowoc county deputy clerk tells us the county clerk is out of the office until monday, and as of right now, they are not aware of anything coming in from zellner's offi this comes almost two weeks after a federal court overturned the conviction of avery's nephew, brendan dassey. the court found investigators tricked dassey into confessing to his role in halbach's murder. prosecutors now have less than 90 days to start the retrial process or dassey will be released from prison. in a day and age when there's a national call to report campus sex assault, a uw whitewater coach found himself in trouble for doing the right 58's april dvornay has the controversy.
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cant do anything until monday. i cant help you at alll. i cant report this to law enforcementattorney stan davis says fader felt compelled to act-in january of 2013 he had reported a sexual assault to the school-a report that was never recoreded. 1626 so yeah if youre tim fadera nd youve already reported one that wasnt responted properly youre going to be safe adn go to police. he also say he was never told of the policy never told of the he also say he was adn go to police. going to be safe properly youre wasnt responted reported one that nd youve already youre tim fadera nd youve already reported one that wasnt responted properly youre going to be safe adn go to police. he also say he was never told of the policy he says--the way the situatio was involved involved???:005 my reputation took a right turn but i dont know if you ever get that back. . the complaint points to a letter sent to the community which "indicated ...police were conducting an investigation into the uww wrestling program...and fader had been suspended.."750 ... conversations started among parents--one said-isnt that the wrestling coach that
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he says that letter kept him jobless for at least a year, and only now after the he gaining back the reputation he had worked on for decades. ??2037 if tim was such a bad guy and you essentially fired hima-and now a year later youre back to saying how great he is-what happened? the reality is-he was never a bad guy to begin with. the university told april it doesn't comment on pending litigation. no charges were filed in this case-bu must be made in the way these situations are handled. a street fight involving more than fifty people... caught on camera outside an elementary sc. school.a neighbhor shared with us this video taken at the end of the happened tuesday afternoon near frank elementary school in kenosha in front of jim's foods just as the school day was ending. police report bricks and wood were thrown... and some parents of students may even have been inovled.and that's prompting parents to take extra precautions.
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child to get hurt, you know, especially in a situation in that situation where the child don't got nothing to do with anything."> "it's not a place to be doing that in front of the school. so, you know, i hope that someone get in trouble for it." it." school officials said they notified parents about what happened through phonecalls... a spokesperson for the kenosha unified school district says they've requested addtional police patrols in the arrests were made in related to the fight several arrests to report after we broke the story a spree of burglaries at local hayat pharmacies. pharmacies.both milwaukee and greenfield police have several suspects in custody.the owner of hayat pharamcy tells us he believes they're responsible for some if not all of the 17 break in's over the past month. surveillance video shows the damage the thieves have done. the theory is they're looking for pain killers.but the owner says the stuff they're after, he doesn't even have. police are cracking down on late-night street racing on milwaukee's northwest side...
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hours of the night. the problem areas are north 170th street, west bradley road, calument road, and tower avenue. avenue.some companies in the industrial area have second-shift workers... who say they've been caught in the middle of a race leaving work.. alderwoman chanita lewis says she's been hearing complaints from residents living blocks away. "it's midnight or one in the morning that you hear the loud engines. like i said, i'm at least 6 blocks away and i r door. so it's really crazy and that's the irritation with the " folks" police have already issued three citations... and since, the area has quited down cracking down on street racing is part of the common council's overall 'safer milwaukee' approach. 3 milwaukee voters can start casting their ballots for the presidential election october 1. 10th.early voting lasts four weeks.the first two weeks of voting will be at two locations, one on the city's
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city's north side.those locations are to be determined. the next two weeks, people can vote at the zeidler municipal building in downtown milwaukee. there will be extended evening and weekend hours at all three sites. 3 coming up... a little girl is regaining her strength... six months after receiving a new heart.... 3 and high-flying acrobatic skills are put to the test tonight...rebecca? 3 at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore
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we first told you about lily lachman back in december - when her family asked for a christmas miracle. miracle. lily needed a new heart.... and in february - she got her 58's evan kruegel has more on the road to recovery for this kenosha second grader. "alright, let's go" kenosha's tender touch therapy "are you ready for today?"lily
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about to take some big steps ... "pick it up high"... working with physical therapists - to regain strength ..."good job!".... and confidence - just ?six? months after receiving a new heart. :24:17 "she's thriving, she's doing amazing, she has a good heart."her mother nicole - thought this day might never come. in december - lily was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy - a large - and underperforming "it was just bad news after bad news, and then the final blow i think was her stroke the day before her 7th birthday. i just figured this was her life, we don't know where we're going to be."but in late february - came good news. a new heart was ready for lily. three long weeks later - she was ready to begin . therapy. :32:51 "she had about a 3-5 minute activity
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scared of her body was not working the way it used to work."but with patience - and daily goals - lily is making progress. her smile is back - along with activities like biking and swimming. :19:46 "it doesn't phase her like she can't do it, like it used to. she just tries to do it." a new life that's all become possible - thanks to an anonymous donation.. :27:24 "without her donor, we wouldn't be where we are today." today."the family has been are today." today."wouldn't be where donor, we wouldn't be where we are today." today."the family has been told they'll need to wait a full year to request information on the donor that provided lily's heartthey're hoping they getting the opportunity to thank that donor's family...bill and michele? 3 amidst major backlash..the maker of a life-saving allergy treatment called the epipen is helping lower the cost. cost.since 2009, the drug company 'mylan' raised the price of an 'epipen 2-pack' by
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costing more than 600-dollars. today, maylan agreed to expand the program to help lower 'out-of-pocket' costs for patients.the savings card will cover up to 300-dollars of a's also doubling eligibility for the patient assistance program to help 'uninsured' or 'underinsured' patients. and, consumers can now buy epipens directly from the company. the village of menomonee falls is transitioning its 9-1-1 dispatch services to the waukesha county communicns center.officials say its to enhance services while saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. the move is expected to happen by february of next year. more than 800 jobs are coming to milwaukee's northwest side. side.that's the promise from direct supply in exchange for tax credits that amount to about 22-million dollars to expand its campus.the company provides equipment and service solutions to the senior living community. the new jobs will be created over the next seven
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2:20;12-22they'll far exceed the committment they made in the first place and i think it's great, not just great for direct supply, but it's really positive news for the city of milwaukee and the state as a whe wholethe state as a whole whole the expansion includes a new five-story office building and a medical office and wellness clinic for employees and their families. the special elite team that went into a dodge county mine last month, rescuing three teens who were trapped overnight spent the day training to do things no one else can. cbs 58 went along with the milwaueke fire departments' heavy urban rescue team during one of their training sessions. today's session included climbing to the top of the we energies vally power plant to "rescue' a worker stuck 50 feet in the air. 5-19we like to be proficient in what we do and we get a chance to see things we wouldn't see on a daily basis with the fire department. we get to see the inner working of we energies boiler. we
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3 a couple of years ago, this team helped workers at we energies who were in a dangerous situation, so that's why we energies and the fire department want to be ready just in case. 3 tonight: partly cloudy, cooler and less humid. lows in the 60s.weekend: temperatures will be seasonable on friday in the upper 70s with a partly cloudy sky and light west wind. wind likely turns onshore later in the day. saturday still in the upper 70s, but feeling more humid with our next chance of showers and storms around. severe weather is not expected. sunday looks dry with a few morning clouds
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around 80 degrees.much of the following week looks dry and warm with highs in the lower
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3 the u-s national park service is celebrating its 100th birthday.president woodrow wilson signed the "organic act of 1916" on august 25th of that year... creating the national park service.the national parks service oversees 58-national parks and 150-national monuments. wisconsin is home to two national parks, including the apostle islands national lakeshore. 3 weekend... three milwaukee county family water parks are staying waters in greenfield park, the schulz aquatic center in lincoln park and tosa pool in hoyt park will be available to enjoy though labor day.the deep well pools have already closed for the season. an elementary school is starting the school year with a new policy -- no homework! many parents and students at winneconne elementary school are happy with the new policy, but there are some who fear
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they should when they move on to middle school.the school's principal hopes the new policy will replace what can be sometimes a frustrating family activty with more quality time. 45-54"lisa hughes/principal: instead of doing a homework assignment - to eat dinner together, play a game together or spend some time reading a book and just enjoying some learning." 29-36"maggie kresal: more time spent with the children instead of focusing just on homework - little short tempers you know when the kids can't figure things out." 3 hughes says there homework increases learning for kids this age. teams of police k-9's were hunting for bombs at camp randall today...but there's no cause for was part of a state-wide explosives training day. day.k9 teams from across the state spent the day improving detection skills and learning from other k9 teams. the stadium is set up like a game-day environment so dogs can used to certain scenarios. 1:28-1:37jeff felt/madison pd for the dogs its a little different signature. so its we
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environment and with different aids than we usually do. do.than we usually do. do. other training sessions included large load explosive detection, dark room scenarios, and other typical game-day situations that officers encounter. some 400 bicylists used pedal power for a good cause. cause.the 12th annual 'beyond design bike tour' is sponsored by eppstein-uhen architects. the tour picks a charity to benefit from their proceeds...and this year, they chose "schools that can - milwaukee", a group that works to close student achievement gaps by improving their schools. the cyclists rode different routes of different lenghths -- some all the way to madison.afterwards, the cyclists met at the concord house in sullivan for a post- ride party. high flying, acrobatic skills were put to the test tonight. tonight.the bucks were holding audtions for the 'rim rockers'. they're the trampoline dunk team that entertains and wows fans at the bradley center.the
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trampolines showing off their best dunks and gymnastics skills. gymnastics dunks and showing off their and trampolines showing off their
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all good things must come to an end. wily peralta and the brewers hoping it's not their four-game win streak. pirates at milelr park... but we can call them the andrew mccutchens. that's because he takes wily out of the park for the first score of the game--a home run barely over the left field fence. then in the third, his single scores starling marte from second. those would be peralta's only runs given up in six innings. sometimes... all it takes is one swing. kirk niewenheis
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his 12th home run of the year ties this game at two. that's where we sit... 3-2 we're in extras. the packers have arrived in san francisco--and now that it seems like julius peppers and clay matthews will be cleared... cleared... looks like that means the packers can focus on football--specifically the 49ers tomorrow night. the packers first team expected to get a bit of playing time... that means j.c. tretter will play center--snapping the ball to aaron rodgers. he'll also be alongside left sitton who says it'll be a seamless transition between tretter and corey linsley. jc is great in speace and everyone is very comfortable with him. he's lean, he's fast and even if he gets beat, he can make it up with his speed. coach paul chryst announcing senior quarterback bart houston will be the starter against l-s-u september third at lambeau field. it will be the first career start for houston. he competed--and won- -the starting job after going
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hornibrook this offseason. also--the badgers basketball team officially releasing their 2016-17 schedule. a couple of notable games to mention... at the bmo for marquette demeber 10th, they'll host uw-green bay december 14th, and they'll begin their big ten schedule december 27th in new york versus rutgers. for the rest of the schedule, go to our cowboys qb tony romo leaving their preseason game against the seahawks with a back injury. initial seahawks with a back injury.
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to senator johnson on student loans: ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, young people don't really, necessarily understand finance. narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. but he wants to eliminate federal student loans and keep interest rates high. johnson: it's just kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, opportunity for middle class kids would disappear.
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an update to breaking news we brought you at the top of the s. show... a child is found dead in milwaukee. here's a live picture of the scene on 14th aunt of the child tells our crew on the scene the boy was a twin. she says he stopped breating and his mom brought him to a house on 13th street... but by the time they got here, the child was already dead.our crew on scene says the mom is still being questioned. stay with cbs 58 for more updates. 3 3 tonight: partly cloudy, cooler and less humid. lows in the 60s.weekend: temperatures will be seasonable on friday in the upper 70s with a partly
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saturday still in the upper 70s, but feeling more humid with our next chance of showers and storms around. severe weather is not expected. sunday looks dry with a few morning clouds otherwise, nice, with highs around 80 degrees.much of the following week looks dry and warm with highs in the lower 80s, and low in the mid range
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