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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  August 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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practice squad member. >> phil: my message is be ready for anything week one from the cleveland browns. if you're going to surprise somebody, that's the week can you it in this league. >> ian: that's part of the reason why you see things thar so vanilla in the preseason. nobody is scheming. nobody is game planning. you're working on some things. working through some things. ultimately you're not showing your hand. >> phil: right. >> ian: hue jackson has deep repertoire. 2:22 in the fourth. fourth and five for the buccaneers. it will be enough for the first down. freddie martino. division ii out of north greenville. they'll move the chains and that's going to carry us to the two-minute warning here in the fourth. tampa bay.
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>> ian: watch live out-of-market preseason games and replay every game of the season with nfl game pass. start your free trial today. pass. final two minutes here in tampa. >> phil: you can sit at home and watch any preseason games.
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>> ian: a true passion of yours. >> phil: i try to watch preseason games. >> ian: you dig it? >> phil: i like it a lot. listen to your local broadcast always -- >> ian: you do. i get texts during the games. >> phil: what bothers me, you text me right back. >> ian: i'm a very fast returner. >> phil: you are. >> ian: i take pride in that. you just texted me now. we're next to each other. >> phil: that's right. >> ian: 1:57 to go, storm johnson ge >> phil: hue jackson, i was wondering if he was going to call time outs, he's going to let tampa bay run the clock out. >> ian: cleveland has been in the heat for a week. i think they're ready to get back. >> phil: this is tough. you practice against another team, you're on the road, you're in the hotels, it's different. it's hard. it's mentally challenging. this was a good learning experience for the cleveland browns, no doubt.
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between the buccaneers and the browns leading up to this match-up. they played in the preseason last year as well. tight formation, and it will be griffin taking a knee with just over a minute to play. buccaneers 2-1 on the preseason. browns have not won a game in the preseason. they'll move to 0-3. tampa has got atlanta and arizona on the road to start the on they're home for l.a. and home for denver. the browns will open up the regular season at philadelphia. then home for baltimore. at miami. and at washington. the return of rg3 in week four. >> phil: listen, i luke at all the schedules, and no matter how you look you say the same thing. it's i tough schedule. it's all tough in the nfl. >> ian: it is.
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for the fourth preseason game we'll see the majority of back-ups around the league, maybe a couple of situations where starters will get a little bit of time. that's been the m.o. around the nfl in preseason game number four. tampa bay hoping that this going to be a turnaround season for this organization. last playoff appearance, 2007 for the buccaneers. final score,he bucs 30, the browns 13. for phil simms, evan washburn and the rest of our cbs crew, this is ian eagle. so long from tampa. closed captioning ovided
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breaking news -- a deadly crash on milwaukee's north side..the car crashed near 35th and keefe about 90 minutes ago.. milwaukee police say a car hit a tree.... ejecting two young men from the vehicle. police say they died at the scene.they say the 17-year-old and another passenger were taken to the hospital.they're expected to be okay. d-n-a evidence is taking center stage in the steven avery case.. case..his lawyer filed a motion today to re-test dozens of pieces of evidence. evidence.avery was convicted of killing teresa halbach in 2007.the case made international headlines after the netflix series 'making a murder' premired in december of last year.kristen barbaresi joins us live in the newsroom with what this latest legal
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avery's attoreny filed 2 things today-- first, paperwork to halt the appeal procs.she did that, so she could file her cond ruest, which she calls the mo comprehnsive testing motion ever filed in the state... 3 3 we're gonna find out one way or another, was the evidence planted and were also going to be able to get test results exonerate mr. avery. attorney kathleen zellner says dna experts from around the world are lined up-ready to conduct new dna tests..and the defense will pay for it all.but attorney julius kim, who is not involved in avery's case says before that happens the state gets to file a response, and ds are there will be a hear. hearing. i think the judge is probably going to want some explanation, or someone to testify to offer some
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even bring in their own experts to challenge the methods zellner wants to use. use. i think there's some assumptions that are built in to her motion one of the assumptions is that the state's not going to challenge the reliability of this new testing to begin with. i think the state is going to take a close look at the testing that is being proposed at this point in time and say hey, are these scientific tests reliable? zellner, who's made a name for herself overturning convictions using dna evidence, says she beli 2007 issued a ruling that will allow for the additional dna testing, and ultimately her motion will be granted. granted.we forsee absolutely no problems in getting this testing done because if you think about it,s omeone who's guilty would never allow this extensive testing to be done. attorney kim says assuming the dna tests are granted, the next step depends on what the tests nd.they could find
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evidence avery's attorney needs to file a motion for a new trial,or the conviction could be overturned. 3 this comes two weeks after a federal court overturd the conviction of avery's nephew, brendan found investigators tricked dassey into confessing to his role in halbach's murder. osecutors have until november to start the re-trial process...or dassey will be released from pr. prison. about both dassey and avery on our website.. 3 two wisconsin lawmakers have sent a letter to u-s attorney general loretta lynch... asking for a feaderal investigation into the shootoing death of sylville smith.milwaukee democrats david bowen and evan goyke say they want the u-s justice department to take over the cas. a statement, representative bowen said "it is difficult for the public to trust a process that has
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shooting."representative goyke says a federal probe would help eliminate any conflict of interest. 3 hundreds came out christian faith fellowship church for syville smith's funel today. our cameras were not allowed inside, but we talked with reverend jesse jackson after he delivered the eulogy.he told smith's faly they must honor sylville by turning their sadness to a positive outcome for milwaukee. 1 putting young milwaukee back to work, and keeping our youth in school and not expelling them and not incarcerating them. bringing them hope, and i asked the young people of the family to lead the way. 3 jackson says there needs to be more transparancy in the smith investigation and is calling for the release of body camera video.friends and family say today was ?not? about the shooting -- but about showing
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3 new tonight....a 32-year-old mother shot dead in chicago.. is the cousin of marquette star dwyane wade.police say nykea aldridge was pushing a stoller and walking with a man when two men approached them on the city's south side. that's when police say those men opened fire.. and the mother was hit in the head. investigators say aldridge was an innocent bystander... and not the intended target.the child was unharmed.two people are being questioned by police. about an hour ago-- wade tweeted this out out in chicago. another act of senseless gun violence. 4 kids lost their mom for no reason. unreal. hashtag enough is enough" governor scott walker announces 4 point 5 million dollars is coming to help with housing and unemployment proble. job centers will be set up throughout the city, giving residents with job searching, resume building, and job assessment. money will also go toward demolshing and fixing
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local leaders say the funds are in response to a meeting they had with ministers in the sherman park neighbhorhood after the unrest. 1:00-1:17i think first of all it's going to send a message that everyone in the state is serious about making a positive change in the community. that is number one. the other thing it's going to do is with additional resources it's going to allow us to reach more people. 3 job centers will be set up will be announced in the coming weeks. 3 state representative evan goyke released a statement thanking the state of wisconsin for investing in milwaukee.while he says the funding is a step in the right direction... it's only ?one? step.he also says-- "for many years and decades, employment opportunities, resources, and hope for many of my neighbors slowly left milwaukee. it will take time, but this i can
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back and moving forward." 20 armed almost the same area in milwaukee -- in just two months.the last few happened just yesterday morning on the east side. 58s eric levy is live along brady street with more, eric? 3 bill/marshanna--brady stree seems to be the place to be on a friday's where people come to visit all of the bars and restaurants to decompress after a busy week. it's in this area and on the north side where the armed robber has been targeting unsuspecting people. these are the areas we're talking about. spots near the busy brady street, as well as residential areas of the east side. early yesterday morning between 1 and 4 am... people were approached by a suspect showing either a gun or belongings and then ran off.
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with police. people we spoke with say enough is enough with crime. caryle jinright, upset with crime 18:13:19-27 "this is ridiculous, you see everybody on the street, it shoudl be safe, and they need to make it safer. i'm not against cops, but they need to make it safe." safe." nobody is in custody for the four robberies we talked about...16 others happened in the east side between east pleasant and east north avenue between mid june and late august...police say they did find people believed to be connected to those. there is now a 22-thousand dollar reward being offered in e murder to two catholic with ties to milwaukee milwaukeesisters paula merrill and margaret held were found stabbed to death in their mississippi home....their car was found abandoned about a mile away.sister held came from the 'school sisters of st. francis order' here in milwaukee.she still has
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high-speed chase that reached speeds of nearly 130 miles per . hour. authorities say earlier this month, the car you see here was involved in a hit and run in sheboygan.deputies in ozaukee county chased the driver at near normal speeds at first-- then the car pulled over to the side and stopped. but when a deputy got out of his squad to approach the car, the driver took off...the pursued car was seen sideswiping another vehicle... finally rolling over and coming to driver daniel lopez faces several charges, including drunk driving and trying to elude officers. 3 3 a 13-year-old is dead after she was pulled from the root river in racine tonight. racine police say the girl was playing with her 9-year-old cousin near the river at island park.... when she either fell in or jumped in. rescue crews attempted to revive her, but were unsucessful.police say the drowning isn't suspicous 3 two people were taken to the hospital after an accident at a construction
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were doing road construction there for the past few days.a witness though tells us a it happened while the crews were digging. 10:07-20 "they have a plate down in there and the ground from underneath there caved in. and then i heard him say oh my leg. they were trying to get him out of there and then he just said call 911" 911" the call was for a trench rescue.. but police would confirm or dy on.the construciton company has not returned our calls. investigators are trying to determine what caused a house to explode in fitchburg... fitchburg... authorities say a 57-year-old man has significant injuries from the expolosion, which happened yesterday evening.the blast damaged at least two dozen other homes. on the campaign trail...donald trump introduced a new app rewards users for doing things like checking in at events, calling undecided voters and of course, donating to the campaign.
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business owners in las vegas was part of his week-long outrach to minority voters.he says hillary clinton an other democrats have abandonded hispanics and african-americans. 20-25(sot: donald trump/(r) presidential nominee/courtesy: cnn "ac360")(dt) "her policies are bigoted because she knows they're not going to work." (ac) "but you're saying she's personally bigoted."(dt) "oh she is. of course she is." is." clinton hit back saying trump is pandering to racist activists. 3 meanwhile... hillary clinton is defending her ties to the clinton foundaon while she the house oversight committee is looking into reports that more than half of the non-government people who met with her when she was sectreaty of state donated to the clinton a letter to the state department congress man jason chaffetz said the reports suggest access to the state department's official resources were for sale. 1:09-1:19(sot: voice of: sec. hillary clinton/(d) presidential nominee/courtesy: msnbc "morning joe")"my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. i made policy
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americans safe and protect our interests abroad." congressman chaffetz says he wants to know if clinton aides violated ethics rules while working at the state department.clinton also said no one in her family have ever taken a salary from the foundation. 3 a decades old wisconsin law is being challenged...after some say it violates their constitutional rights... 3 and... find out where you can get up close to some wild animals....rebecca....
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3 a wisconsin man and an oil company have joined forces to sue the state.they're
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pay higher prices for everyday . products.others have tried and failed to repeal the law-- but representatives for this case say their lawsuit presents a new theory. 3 it's a price you pay attention to when its time to fill up... the pump-- you want to get the most bang for your buck. "32.06 we work so hard for our money"but in wisconsin-- your money may not go as far as it should.under the unfair sales act or minimum markup retailers must charge a certain percentage ?over? cost... meaning ?you? pay more. "17.14 consumers are the ones hurt by this"the minimum markup law prevents retailers of all kinds from selling their products too instead creates a fair price... so small businesses can compete with big, national stores. "13.25 it protects exiting businesses. it protects them from competition and that's the real problem." the wisconsin institute for law and liberty filed a lawsuit this week on behalf of
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robert argues the legislation violates the plantiff's rights to earn a living and benefit from a free market... a theory rick esenberg believes will stand in court."12.55 that is to test whether or not the state of wisconsin has even a rational reason for prohibiting low prices. we don't think the state does." the organization that represents oil and convience stores says the law guarantees that retailers can provide their customers with competitive-prices. prices. a statement.. "this is just another attempt to create a solution for something that's not a problem in wisconsin. it's more than time to let the unfair sales act do its job - and focus on real problems." according to the "wisconsin petroleum marketers and convenience store association" -- this is the 12th challenge to the law.esenberg expects it will be several years before a final decision is made in the case. one of the world's largest brewing companies is cutting
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company that brews anheuser- busch products, says it expects to cut about 3-percent of its workforce.that could be more than 6-thousand workers when it completes its merger with rival sab-miller. sab-miller owns miller coors. right now, there's no indication yet of where those jobs will be cut. the fda now wants to screen america's blood supply for the zika virus. the move comes after locally transmitted cases of the virus were discovered in places where zika cases have been reported, tesar wants new donations in 11 states tested within the next month... and remaining states to start testing within 12 weeks. 1:13-1:19"the goal of the recommendation is to keep the blood supply safe for all those who might need blood tran" transfusion." locally, the blood center of wisconsin tells us they have been ?screening? donors... they're reviewing their policies and procedures to
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investing millions of dollars in a new project downtown -- a state-of-the-art health center. center.the bucks are parterning with the froedtert and the medical college of wisconsin health nwork to build 'the mckinley health center'.it will be a sports medicine facility for buck players and a community health center. 3 3:48:44-58 as an organization our mission is two fold... one to bring a championship to milwaukee... and the other, as importantly, is to play a leading role in the transformation of this city, to build a healthier, more vibrant communiy community services at the new health center include primary care and physical is expected to open next fall. bees were buzzing in fond du lac today... and that turned fond du lac fire rescue crews into beekeepers. beekeepers.they were called out to the fond du lac convention and visitors bureau for a swarm of bees.the bees set up shop right outside the front doorthe fire crews were able to safetly relocate
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a unique animal adventure is gettinready to open in lake geneva. 17:57:31-4they enter the animal's territory and are infact surrounded on all sides by these animals we've assembled in walworth county county 'safari lake geneva' is a family-friendly wildlife habitat featuring llamas, buffalo, ostritches and other animals. guests sit on a wagon and travel throughout the groundll animals up close. 17:58:08-19these are animals that are quite impressive, really, animals that probably would be advised not to approach on foot, but from the safety of the wagon, it makes a for a very unique experience 3 guests can also feed the animals...'safari lake geneva' opens for business tomorrow.. we have more information on the hours and prices on our website, 3
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of mexico is at milwaukee's lakefront this weekend!mexican fiesta is underway at maier festival park.the festival features music, dancing, highlights the beauty of mexico's history.the fest goes until midnight tonight... but if you're heading out there this weekend, it runs from noon to midnight saturday ?and? sunday. 3 today: sun and some fair weather clouds passing through on the day. less humid, but still feeling like summer with temps in the 70s. west wind turns sh to 10 mph.weekend: scattered showers and storms are back saturday, especially early in the morning and later in the day and evening. highs will be inching back up toward 800 and it will feel more humid. by sunday the showers are over and sunshine will be increasing as highs top out around 800 with a west wind 5 to 10 mph.upcoming week: mild and a bit humid. chance of a storm or two, mainly tuesday and saturday. highs in the upper 70s and 80s. lows in the 60s to near of now, it looks warm through the labor day holiday with mid to upper
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3 it's a lot easier for drivers to get around wauwatosa.the ?new? center street bridge over 41-45 opened t afteoon.the bridge has been closed for replacement since spring,...and it's opening a fedays aad of schedule. a special group of men and women were honored at tonight's brewers game. was law enforcement appreciation night.a special ceremony featured nearly two-dozen "honor and color guards" from police departments across the state.a member of the menomonee falls police department says it's an honor to see everyone showing support for law enforcement. 15:56-04to see people rise out
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officers and to understand what we do in risking our lives 16:08-10it's a great pleasure to be here tonight and to be able to see that that the night also raised funds for the national law enforcement museum, which is under construction in washington, d-c. a big football game next weekend at lambeau field... but it's not the packers!the badgers are hosting l-s-u... and s-e-c football fans are about ready to take over titletown. campgrounds in the green bay area are filling up with reservations... and most of them are l-s-u fans. businesess near lambeau field are even renting out spaces in their parking lots. 1:00-1:06there is going to be a lot of people here - as far as i know - we're over 350 rv's right now just down here. 1:16-1:23just to come in come in here and drive around and think there is going to be something available - they are under false expectation and will be deeply disappointed. disappointed. the exact number of r-v's expected to roll into green bay for the game is unknown... but it sounds like the area
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crowded.the wisconsin- lsu game kicks off next saturday at 2-30. 3 neither wisconsin or l-s-u will use the packers home locker room for next week's game...the badgers will use the visitor locker room... and a gym is being convered into a temporary one for the tigers. lambeau field officials the packers will be coming back from kansas city the day before the game -- so all their equipment will be in their locker room.l-s-u did ask for banners of packers greats to be on display in their locker room. it's a job not just anyone can do... 10:14-10:19drumming2:33-41 2:33-41we usually get pretty amped up there before we come on because we know we're about to do what we love doing in front of a crowd that's looking forward to seeing sometg something the milwaukee bucks, held of auditions tonight.the drumline always gets the crowd on their feet during halftime and timeouts with their exciting percussion performances and
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mold... 3 all pooches are being celebrated today... including those that work in law enforcement.more on how some are honoring man's best
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