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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  August 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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new tonight... a two year old is dead...after drowning in a pool in menomonee falls. cbs 58's april dovorany live at the police department with details on what happened. mem falls police say-this appears to be a tragic accident...that when they got to the scene...they found a father trying to revive his little boy. it happened around 245 this afrn lac avenue. police say when they got to the home-the 2 yr old boy was unresponsive. emergency crews continued to try to revive him... and he was transported to a local hospital. the child around 4:30 this afternoon. police and the waukesha county medical examiner are investigating, but as we said before-thry do believe this is an accident. live in mf ad cbs 58 one man is dead and two others are hurt in a triple shooting on milwaukee's north side.
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on 22nd and keefe.police say a 23-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene.the other two are expected to be okay.a chaplain with the salvation army tells us the victims were in a car that was part of a funeral procession.he says this latest shooting is an example of why things need to change. moore: they are already dealing with grief and this is just grief on top of grief. and i would hope and pray that people would understand the devastating affect that grief is having on people. i mean, it impacts them and even spiritually. 3 the milwaukee police department is still investigating and is looking for suspects. two suspects are in custody in connection with a deadly stabbing near the brady street bar district. rd on the names or exact charges just yet. wintesses say a couple was fighting around one in the morning outside of thurman's 15.a regular at the bar intervened and that's when the man was stabbed.a police source tells us that the victim and the suspects knew each other.
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than 13-hundred gallons of gas were stolen from a gas station in caledonia.the same thing is happening again... this time in milwaukee. cbs 58's lindsey branwall joins us live with more on why the gas station owner thinks its the same culprit. 1500 gallons of gas was taken from this gas station this month.according to the owners, the theives came here four separate times, taking hundreds of gallons each time. "probably like four thousand dollars.for their safety, the owners do not want to show their faces.four thousand dollars of gas was stolen from their pump this month."i'm mad and sad. this is surveillance video of the thieves taking hundreds of gallons last night. when the owners looked at their surveillance footage. they noticed something about the guy."it looks like the guy's the same. fat with a
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of stealing from a gas station in caledonia.we showed you this surveilance footage from the theft earlier this month. "he knows everything. maybe he's a technicianand the heist took place in a similar way -- it would happen late at night and multiple thieves would bypass the pump"the meter stops running and the gas continues coming off the pump milwaukee police y inestigating if this incident is connected to any recent similar incidents.caledonia police have not found who was behind the gas theft. keonsha police are looking for help in idenfitying a vehicle in connection to a shooting that happened 8 days agoa 39-year-old man was shot dead over the weekend... and the suspect is armed and dangerous. dangerous.they say this vehicle was seen shortly after
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happened august 21 at an apartment building on 24th avenue and 67th street.police looking for any home security footage from neighboring homes that may have recorded the car. car.police say the victim, bernard reavers, went to the upper apartment to give a vaccuum to his neighbor...when he may have interupted an armed robbery.anyone with information is asked to contact kenosha police. state officials have identified the dodge county deputy involved in a deadly sho. shooting.deputy joseph nicholas hee sheriff's office since 2007. the wisconsin department of justice has not yet completed its review of the deputy's actions back on august 5th. investigtors say 59 year old jame quealy was talking about suicide by cop when he confronted deputies at his beaver dam home. no charges will be filed in the death of a high school student killed on the side of the highway in washington county. back in february, 18-year-old ryan yauck ran out of gas on highway 45 in west bend. while
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crossed the fog line and hit and killed him.police have determined the driver, a 34-year-old man from palmyra, was not impaired or using his cell phone, but they don't know why the vehicle crossed the fog line.the driver was cited, but won't face any furter action from police. an international celebrity who got his start here in milwaukee...died today. gene wilder was 83 years old...kristen barbaresi has more about his childhood here... and his connections to his hometown. 3 according to his family-- gene wilder died of complications from alzheimers diseaseand while most know him as willy wonkaor maybe from the mel brooks comedies...wilder's roots are here in milwaukee...over in sherman park. 3 before his performance in the producers got him an oscar nomination...nat- the producers before he was the beloved willy wonkanat- willy wonkain fact before he was even gene
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school, on milwaukee's north sie sideand everybody knew him as jerrywilder graduated in 1951, a member of the debate team and spanish club, a cafeteria monitor and perhaps least surprising, an actor in the theater group, the washington ps players he got a dramatic award in i think it was his senior yearnat-movieafter he left for hollywood, jewish museum archivist jay hyland says wilder didn't make many his father's funeral. and it was not until 1991, he came back to milwaukee. due to the fact that, he was quoted as saying, it was just too painful for him to come back to milwaukee but wilder did stay in touch-- writing letters to his uncle irv in from 1977 where he mentions working 26 hour days on a movie set...another
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wilder's success is honored in the hallways where he got his start-- a member of the washington high hall of fame fame i think it really means a lot for the community. a career meant to inspire students, one best summed up by wilder himself in a letter home--"my life is in images on film, and i am a lucky man-blessed.all my love, jerry/gene" 3 wilder kept his 3-year battle with statement his family wrote it wasn't for vanity reasons, but because he didn't want kids to know him as anything other than willy wonka...the statement says "he simply couldn't bear the idea of one less smile in the world" 3 milwaukee police are asking for help in identifying two men who held up a wendy's earlier this month. it happened on 46th and north on august 16th.police say one of the suspects pulled a gun on an employee and demanded money. surveillance video shows suspects walk around the counter into the backroom.
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call 414-935-7360. 3 prosecutors have downgraded charges against the west allis man accused of killing two people.zachary hays faced first degree intentional homicide and reckless endangerment charges in sauk county in connection to a drive-by shooting that killed an illinois woman.prosecutors downragded the intentional homicide charge to first degree ?reckless? homicide...saying the charge is more consistent with hays' mental state.hepl guilty by reason of mental disease.he's also facing charges in milwaukee county for the murder of his neighbhor. a memorial today for the nun with milwaukee ties who was murdered alongside a fellow sister in their mississippi hom. home.the mass celebrating the lives of sisters margaret held and paula merrill comes four days after a clinic co-worker checked on them when they didn't show up for work.police still have not revealed a motive for the stabbings.a judge ordered 46-year-old rodney sanders to be held
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from the 'school sisters of saint francis order in milwaukee' and still has family in the area. a man who's crime was apparently inspired by milwaukee's sherman park disturbances is headed for tria. trial.19-year old dale folley appeared in court today and probable cause was found for trial on arson and bail-jumping charges.the criminal complaint says folley told police he wanted to mimic the sherman park violence, so he set a van on fire in a pick-and save parking lot on the city's south side. his next court day is september 15. disappointment for a milwaukee alderman who wanted taxpayers to decide if they wanted to pay for more police. police.alderman terry witkowski proposed a referendum for this november. it called for 150 more police officers in milwaukee at a cost of 17 million dollars per year. a deadline to hold a meeting on the referendum has now come and gone. "when i put it out, i was really taking the temperature of the common council as to whether citywide they felt like there was a problem that needed to be addressed. apparently the answer is no."
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witkowski says a counter proposal of adding 280 officers unreasonable and unfeasible. he also thinks voters should have a say on the property taxes that would be restored to their 2015 level as part of that plan. 3 the milwaukee police association released a statement ...which says in part.. "while we are in desperate need of more officers, the referendum referenced as a 'surge' is misleading. there should not need to be a referendum and new tax to fulfill the promise a city has made - public safes the citizenry." 3 a hip hop legend helping hundreds of local kids walk the right way into school this year. we'll show you next.. 3 and this university claims the top spot in a distinctive list... and school officals aren't happy about it. 3
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let's face it when it comes to starting a new school year --"it's tricky" but hundreds of local students are going back to school this week prepared and in style thanks to a hip hop legend. 58's marshanna hester is live in the studio to explain who's getting them in step to succeed, marshanna? bill and michele-- as the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a a number of local businesses joined an annual event encouraging kids to be great-- from head to toe... 3 "42.28 i haven't heard of him but i've heard of his group." that's okay for darryl mcdaniel. mcdaniels..."20.24 i am the dmc from the rap group run dmc."the legendary rapper says he's not in milwaukee because of what he's done, but what these young people are about
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touching these kids on the inside and lets them know whatever gifts and talents they have, that can be accelerated if they get an education."the milwaukee bucks teamed up with mcdaniels for the 5th annual jam master jay back to school bash.about 300 students earned the right to be here... doing community service, job training or academic enrichment over the summer through five organizations. "40.53 i can use all these tools to get good grades and be organized which helps tu backpacks with school supplies, picked up a new pair of adidas and got a haircut or style.gaulien smith of gee's clippers says confidence is the start to success. "3.01 we do our part to encourage kids to do their best. they can't do anything about yesterday, but they can do everything about today and make tomorrow different." "28.27 it means alot to me. it shows my children i'm concerned about their education that i want them to have the tools they
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doctors, lawyers, ceo's... that's the vision mcdaniels has for these kids... and he says it can be achieved through their own dmc... dmc..."26.35 determination, motivation and concentration." 3 mcdaniels started the event five years ago... as a way to honor the positive attitude of his dj "jam master jay" -- who was killed in 2002.he says milwaukee was one of jay's favorite places to visit.bill? thousands of teachers with milwaukee public schools are getting pumped up for the new school year. year.the district held a pep rally at the bradley center today with teachers from eachs chool.drum lines and cheerleaders got the crowd excited for the new year. superintendent dr darienne driver, m-p-s board president mark sain, and milwaukee mayor tom barrett were some of the speakers at the rally.m-p-s students head back to school on thursday. 3 a new chater school in milwaukee started the school
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excellence charter school has 120 sixth graders... and eventually the school plans on having kids in 6th through 12th grade.the school's founder, who was born and raised in milwaukee, attended milwaukee public schools.he says one of the goals of the school is to get african american kids into the college of their choice. "we want them to standford, we want them to go to northwestern, we want them to go to the best school in the country and then be the leaders of this world, so for us the skies the limit for where we want to push or studen" students." and if you're st for a school for your student...milwaukee excellence is still accepting 6th graders. 3 3 gary johnson is making a stop in milwaukee this week... in what his campaign chairman says is the kickoff to the candidate focusing on wisconsin. the johnson campaign is encouraged by the 10 percent support shown for the libertarian candidate in this month's marquette law school poll.uw-m poltical expert mordecai lee. says donald trump bought media ads over the weekend -- but left wisconsin off that list.he
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republicans who ?don't? want to vote for trump. 3 "the suburban belt around milwaukee has a very high propensity to vote they're dying to vote. gary johnson may be saying oh great i don't even have to compete with donald trump, i can be the alternative to hillary clinton in wisconsin. i bet that's possibly the political strategy" strategy."johnson's event is thursday night at serb hall. it's a free event... doors open at 6 p-m. 3 donald trump will attempt to clarify the details of his immigratiopo week in phoenix. he's recently backed off his call for a deportation force to remove the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the u-s.trump says he would prioritize deportations of ?criminals? that are illegal 20-15, 59 percent of deported immigrants committed a crime in the u-s. 3 when hillary clinton was fundraising in new york today... her longtime aide huma abedin announced today she is separating from former
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photo to a woman as he toddler son lay next to him.abedin's relationship with the clintons has landed her at the center of lawsuits and congressional investigations.critics argue her roles at the state department and the clinton foundation blurred ethical lines. 3 tonight: partly dry. mild overnight. wind: sw 5 mph.tuesday: sun and clouds. chance for a shower or storm during the late afternoon and evening ahead of a front. wind: ssw 5-15 mph.week ahead: nice cool down arrives by mid-week on wednesday lasting through the end of the week with highs in the lower,
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70s under sunny weekend: quiet and mild. storms possible labor day night (monday). highs near 80. lows mainly in the 60s. 3 tonight: partly cloudy and dry. mild overnight. wind: sw 5 mph.tuesday: sun and during the late afternoon and evening ahead of a front. wind: ssw 5-15 mph.week ahead: nice cool down arrives by mid-week on wednesday lasting through the end of the week with highs in the lower, middle and eventually upper 70s under sunny
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night (monday). highs near 80. lows mainly in the 60s. 3 tonight: partly cloudy and dry. mild overnight. wind: sw 5 mph.tuesday: sun and clouds. chance for a shower or storm during the late afternoon evening ahead of a front. wind: ssw 5-15 mph.week ahead: nice cool down arrives by mid-week on wednesday lasting through the end of the week with highs in the lower, middle and eventually upper 70s under sunny weekend: quiet and mild. storms possible labor day night (monday). highs near 80. lows mainly in the 60s.
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just in time for an upcoming holiday weekend... drivers will see the highest gas prices in more than a month. but triple "a" doesn't expect that will prevent anyone from taking a road trip over the long labor day weekend.prices are still lower than this time last year. the average price for a gallon in our area is 2-25. a milwaukee alderman is making year off safe and healthy. healthy. alderman cavalier johnson encouraged kids and their parents to attend a free back-to-school immunization clinic today.alderman johnson said it's important kids get the health services they need... so they don't miss any school. 21:05:55-05a lot of absences can stem from not having the correct health treatment available. we're trying to abate that.. .we're trying to bring the services right here in the neighbhorhoods. 21:05:25-29we want to bring these services right into the community... meeting people where they are, and that's a
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parents were also able to pick up school supplies for their kids.the event was sponsored by the milwaukee health department and housing authority. a cheaper version of the epipen will be available soon. mylan -- the maker of the life saving allergy treatment -- announced plans to roll out a less costly option today.mylan says the "generic" will be available in the coming weeks. it'll cost 300 dollars for a two-pack of epipens. compare that to the name-brand epipen at 600 doar annoucment comes after national outrage over the branded version's high price. getting a new haircut meant giving back to kids today. the "scott free salon's cut-a-thon", haircuts were only 10 dollars.the goal is to raise 500-dollars and 400 inches of hair to benefit the "children with hair loss" organization it's not just for cancer, it's however they lose their hair, which is really important because you can imagine what that could do to their psyche,
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young. obviously having a little hair loss myself, i'm near and dear to the cause cause "children with hair loss" provides free wigs to children suffering from medical-related hair loss. a 10-year-old girl now has a family she can call her own. own.22:05-08that's all it is... she already was family but now she's officially family family abby was adopted by her foster mom, anne notvotny.anne, who's a social worker, has already adopted 7 children... many of them with special education needs.ab living with anne for three years... and today she officially became a member of the family. 21:54-02we just kept saying today it made it what... what was the word? you're a novotny. she said i'm officially going to be a novotny novotny abby attends st. colletta day school and her classmates were at the courthouse to celebrate the occasion with her. 3 u-w madison is at the top of a certain list....but school officials aren't happy about this ranking.... 3
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one of the great athlete transitions is happening right here in milwaukee. c-m punk goes from w-w-e wrestler to u-f-c fighter in september. scott grodsky shows us the grit, determination and unfiltered attitude of cm punk. 3 3 cm punk: what happens if i get embarrassed in front of the world. well, then you think to yourself, you've ---- yourself on so how bad can it go.three years after that one of a kind incident and 19 months after switching from the w-w-e to the u-f-c cm punk is ready for his punk: i'm prepared, and being here every day for like five hours a day has made me feel that way. a week from saturday the longest reigning w-w-e champion in more than 25 years will step into the octagon...some m-m-a fans are expected mickey gall to knock him out quickly
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belong.....but after training with duke roufus in milwaukee don't be too punk: my expectations are to win. i don't care whether it goes three rounds or it goes three seconds. it's my job to get ready.duke roufus: what made him successful in the world of entertainment and wrestling is making him successful over here. he's very committed, he's very driven and he has an incredible punk has every reason not to take his new profession seriously......that's why it's even more impressive that he does....anthony pettis: punk's already rich. he has money, he has fame grinding with us. that's what i love about him. cm punk: once i step into the octagon, i've already won. and for me, it's not about the destination. it's about the journey.punk has been in the national spotlight for more than a decade, he's earned millions of dollars in pro wrestling but in u-f-c he's just another face in the crowd.....he wrapped up today's workout by cleaning the milwaukee, scott grodsky, c-b-s 58 sports.... the brewers start a three game
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too many of these seem to go the wrong way against saint louis, but orlando arcia had a shining moment with his second big league homer. the brewers had a 5-3 lead at one point. and then the lead vanished on a two-run homer by randal grichuk in the eighth. eighth.the cards scored again in the ninth to win it 6-5. milwaukee's going to get the chance to see more of novak this upcoming season. the 33-year-old has re-signed with the bucks! novak played in just three games for the bucks after signing in late february, but novak from brown deer high school and marquette. 3 coming up tomorrow---it's move-in day at uwm!we'll show you what this year's incoming class can look forward to. also--- a heads-up for drivers. what you can expect near the campus could the brewers have their eyes on a man well-known for his ?football? skills?those stories and much more tomorrow on the cbs 58 morning news!
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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u-w madison officials aren't happy the school was first on the list of a the nation's top party schools... beating west virginia and the university of illinois.officials say alcohol use on campus is a public health concern... and say all incoming students go through mandatory programs about the dangers of alcohol.the
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attending 381 colleges for the princeton review's 20-17 edition of the best colleges. 3 an exhibit is opening this week at lambeau field-- honoring packers legend brett favre.the exhibit features displays on his record 297 consecutive starts and 40 game- winning can see the locker he used up until the 2003 lambeau field renovation.the exhibit is open to anyone who ticket for packers hall of fame... and it opens this wednesday. 3 and speaking of favre.... cbs is airing a special this weekend about the quarterback. "a football life: brett favre" will air ?saturday? night at 7 right here on cbs 58.... so be sure to tune in! 3 tonight: partly cloudy and dry. mild overnight. wind: sw 5 mph.tuesday: sun and clouds. chance for a shower or storm
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evening ahead of a front. wind: ssw 5-15 mph.week ahead: nice cool down arrives by mid-week on wednesday lasting through the end of the week with highs in the lower, middle and eventually upper 70s under sunny weekend: quiet and mild. storms possible labor day night (monday). highs near 80. lows mainly in the 60s. 3 cbs 58 morning news from 4:30 to 7 a-m shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports.
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