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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  August 30, 2016 3:07am-3:58am CDT

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donald trump from pivoting, keep everybody thinking of h in the most negative rm. that's one challenge. the other she has to dea with stories that might exacerbate her great weakness on the question of trust. that means, any of these new stories about her e-mail server, or the easy relationship between the clinton foundation and the state department. she has to keep all of the focus off of that. because it gets to that central question, voters have about her. which iser trust worthiness. >> today herampaign had to deal with the issue hillary clinton, one of huma abedin and embarrassing texts her husband sent. does that change things? >> i don't think it changes anything. voters are worried about bigger issuesand still a long way away from voting. anthere are s many more news cycles to come. this will probably be forgotn. >> smaller distraction. john dickerson. thank you. >> thank you, rah.
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there is a tropical storm warning for the nth carolina coast from cape lookout to oregon inlet and pamlico sound. a storm is expected to strengthen and make landfall late tomorrow. it could bring 5 inches of rain. vy flash flooding to day in colorado springs. streets became rushing rivers. came on so quickly, drivers got stuck. their carsad to be pulled out o. >> t epidemic of gun violence in chicago claimed a victim. the cousin of chicago bulls star dwayne wade. 32old,-year-ykea aldridge was
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baby on the sidewalk on chicago's south side when she took her last step. she wasn't theshootes target but she is dead all the same. eddie johnson is the police superintendent. >> she wasn't aware that her short life would stand as an example for what is a clear failure in the criminal justice system here in chicago. >> two arrested suspects are convicted felons. brothers with known gang connections. neither served full sentences. on the other, two weeks ago. to keep prisons from overcrowding, most gun offenders serve 50% of their sentence here. the mayor, rahm emanue -- >> repeat gun offenders who run in and out of the criminal justice system with no consequeacknces b on the streets wreaking havoc. >> in serious crimes, such as murder do offenders serve more
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emanuel and police are pushing for higher bond to keep repeat offenders off the streets awaiting trial they've want mandatory minimum sentences that would remove judicial discretion. >> whatever punishment they get. they should have to abide by that. and serve their time. that's, that's the bottom ne. >> diane aldridge is nykea's mother. >> gone too soon. too soon. too soon. she was taken away from us. >> and nykea aldridge, had she not been related to a famous basketball player it is unlikely her murder would draw so much attention. norah, hers was one of 11 murders "the chicago tribune" counted over the course of this past weekend. rounding out the most violent month chicago has experienced in 20 years. dean reynolds. thank you. more than 280 ights dear
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and at least 27 others diverted when lax descended into pandemonium because o a security scare. mireya villarreahas the the story. with guns drawn, l.a.x. airport police detained a man carrying a plastic sword, dressed as zorro. minutes later. chaos. >> stand up and go. >> police were flooded with calls about an active shooter and gunshot in terminal >> shooting curred. one world way. oneorld way. >> reporter: reports turned out to be false. panic spread quickly to terminals. as well as on social media. awe call on! run! >> reporter: passengers ran in all directions, draggg luggage and carrying children to safety. screaming.dden, the was there is a shooter. there is a shooter. everyone was starting to storm and run down the stairs. it was crazy. >> some travelers ended up on
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>> securit said to run. >> l.a.x. police chief said most passengers left on their own. >> these are difficult situations. because the there were multiple reports of, ofomething that was -- something significant. and pe tdangerous. >> two weeks false alarm at new rk's jfk airport. security expert, henry willis questions whether the right protocols are in place to prevent this kind of mayhem. >> pple left there in a chaotic fashion. ended in some cases out on the tarmac. in otherases on to open roadways. where they put themselves possibly in physical harm. that is a breakdown in public safety. >> things seem to be running smoothly here at lax. in all. 281 flights were delayed. and two were canceled. norah, when the initial reports came in that shots were being fired, here at the airport, the lax police department was able to send out text message, notificaon, telling anyone
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their own safety. >> all right. mireya villarreal, thank you so much. more heavy fighting today along the turkey/syria border. but it is not goi quite the way the u.s. wants. holly willinams o the dilemma posed by america's friends that are foes. >> reporter: it began with turkey launching an offensive against isis last week. fighters over its border and l into turk yew and backed up by air strikes. after an easy victory against isis, the syrian rebels headed further south to take on kurdish fighters. turkey views the kurdish group as terrorists. but the kurdish fighters are backed by the u.s. theyork together with american special forces.
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isis. so, now, two u.s. backed groups, who were bothpose supto be fighting islamic extremists. are instead clashing with each other. this veo appears to show members of the kurdish group, captured and hue mill yamiliate fighters. america's special envoy, brett mcgurk, said unacceptable. the u.s. says kurdish fighters e withdrawing from the contested area. norah this isn't the first time that u.sbacked groups have clashed. the more they fight each other the longer it wil take to combat isis. >> holly williams in turkey. thank yo after facing severeacklash forjk g up the price of its epipen allergy treatment, mylan ans to sell a genic veion.
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today, japan's takata corporation confirmed a truck carrying airbag inflaters and volatile chemical blew up last week in texas.
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here is kris van cleave. >> the blast leveled a home shooting pieces of the tractor-trailer and contents up to a mile. ten homes i a two-mile radius report damage. not much is left of thesemiit s haung takata airbag inflaters and volatile propellant. the maverick county texas sheriff says the scene looked like a bomb went off. part of theine flew at least 30 yards ending up in a house. after a two day sear. police 67-year-old woman died in the search that destroyed her home. texas department of public safety investigators say it happened 2:15 lastonday morning outside the srsely populated town of quemado, the truck went off at a curve and crashed into a hope. he and a passenger were able to got out before thexplosion that damaged a toyota suv with two people inside. all four air lifted d d d san annio. the cident comes as takata faces one of the largest recalls
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defective inflaters that can explode sending schlep nell into the passenger cabin. accidents have killed 13 people. transportation secretary, anony fox expressed concern about the crash. we are just learning that federal safety investigators joined the case. norah in a statement to cbs news, takata says it has strict procedures when it comes to transportation of its products. that meet or exceed requirements. >> few singers have sold as many records as this n. we'll rember juan gabriel. next. you know your heart loves megared omega-3s... but did yoknow your eyes, your brain,
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i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! finally there's a disinfectant mist designed for sofas, mattresses and more. introducing new lysol max cover. its innovative cap has a 2x wider spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria. max cover is another great way to lysol that. talk about a cold case. 3 million-year-old mystery. what killed lucy one of our earliest relatives. lucy walked upright in africa. but it may have been a tall from a tree that killed her. lucy's skeleton had breaks in her arm, shoulder, ankle and knee. fans are paying tribute to one of latin music's biggest stars. juan gabriel died yesterday of a heart attack. memorial is growing at gabriel's star on the hollywood walk of
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his songs in juarez, mexico where he grew up. gabriel performed friday night at packed l.a. forum. he sold more than 100 million records in his career. one of his biggest hits "eternal love." ? ? juan gabriel was 66. in a moment, we will let >> i used to look like gary cooper. cooper cuper! >> come mix where rockefellers
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>>actor a writer gene wder died overnight from complications of alzheimers sease. w classic comedy moments, just the mentioof his name could make you laugh. here's john blackstone with me of those moments. >> give creatiolife! reporter: with hiwild hair and often manic persona, gene lder gave life to a long list of hilarious and hysterical characters from the mad scientisin "young frannstein >> my name, it's pronounced frankenstein
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would-be con man in "the producers." >> nothing, i-- blue blanket, give mmy blue blant! >> reporter: that ro earned him an oar nomination for best supporting aor. >> y must be igor. >> no, it's pronounced igo >> reporter: he was also nominated for writing the screplay for "young frankenstein," along with his frequent collarator director mel brooks. togetherhey took "blazing saddles"here no western had gone b [ gunfire ] he could be depended oto deliver the unexpected. wilder was n the first actor fi in wonka and the >> reporter: fred astaire was ? reportedly in the running, but today it seems hard to imagine anne else in what has become a children classic.>> i
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but i waed it to be real. but you can be real and huge at the same time. >> reporter: he had huge success in a series of collaborations with richard pryor. >> that's right, that's right, we bad. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: the on screen emistry with gilda radner coinued off screen. they were married om 1984 until her death from ovari cancer fivyears later. he became actively involved in raising cancer awareness, ovarian cancer detection center as well as gilda's club. but as he told cbs's sunday morning in 2005, gene wilder lived a life with no regrets. >> i'm very happy where i am. i don't want to change anything. >> reporter: john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. and that's the "cbs overnight news" for this thuz die. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us later for "the morning news" and cbs news this morning.
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new york city, i'm norah o'donnell. ? ? >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the "cbs overnight news." i'm anna werner. donald trump is promising to clear his stand onllegal immigration at a rally tomorrow in phoenix. trump tround his in the primaries, promising to deport all 11 million people living in the unid states but over the past two weeks, the candidate has back pedalled. major garrett reports. >> reporter: donump'ald tr attempts to soften languag on immigration appears and emphasize appears to be short-lived. long time supporters issued stark public warnings for trump to stand his ground. he apares to have listened. now while leprompters have
3:31 am
still trump. >> all the media wants to talk about is the 11 million people or more or less they have no idea what the number is because we have no control overur country. >> of donald trump blamed the media saturday for missing the point of his in graduation plan. but offered little clarity on how he will handle otherwise law-g, undocumented immigrants already living in the u.s. >> we are going to get rid of the crinals and going to happen within one hour after i take office. we start. okay. >> reporter:acking aw from a suggestion trump himself made last week, vice presidential nominee, mike pence of indiana said undocumented residents will have to leave. >> people that want to gain legal status, you hea again anagain. have to leave the country. pence resed toex-paltinian why tough language ke this that helped trump win the republican nomination has disappeared. >> you are going to hav a deportation force. you are going to do it
3:32 am
humane, nice way. i know it doesn't sound nice. but not everything is nice. >> trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conwa admyted trump's langua changed. >> he is not talking deptation force. he i talking about beingair and humane. >> reporter: on twitt nday. trump embraced right-wing health challenging her to nton's release detailededical records. writing, have no problem in doing so. on the campaign ail, trump has only alluded to the >> she doe't have the stngth, the stamina or the ability to straighten out our country. >> reporter: despite being among the oldest general election can dates in u.s. history, trump, 70, oron clint68 released indept health. today, trump released a tv ad focused on the economy. the title i two am katz. which was once democrat john wards' catch phrase.
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battleou trump's bigst so r. >> trump's $10 milli ad buy, a drop in the bucket compared t the $77 llion cemenspent by the clinton campaign. on minority voters. eir language is getting heated. trump and hillary clinton accung each other of racism and bigotry. nancy cordes reports. >> you are living in poverty. ur s arechoolsogood you have no jobs. look at my latest clion ad accuses trump of racial incense tee. more foerd aftedder aer the wee. dwayne wade cousin was shot and killed walking her bab in chicago. just what i have been saying. afriericcaams will vote trump. clinton's runngmate chas tipsed trp. we ought toe eending our sympathy off to the family.
3:34 am
>> ku kluxlan values, david duke val use. donald trump values are not american lues. >> trump did tweet condolences he chicago family. and his supporter, chris kane of overheated.rhetora >> this kd o discoursen t ca is mpaignunwarrted. but staed by mrs. clinton. >> hillary clinton is a bigot.>t >> there has been aady ste ream of bigotry coming from him. ta repter: two side are ling over the clinton foundation and access donors had to clinton taz secretary of state. >> weet the newevelations ekly wethat there are thousand of new things we haven't yet >> republicans call it pay to play. why ther wrong about that? >> whe republicans meet wh donors, supporters, activists ec thl it a meetin en democrats do that they call th a confct.
3:35 am
peat that fouation donors did not get special vors when clintonas crary. t republicans say they want to se more docuion.meat including clintos calendars, schedules and tho 15,000 additional e-mails that were unearthed. by the f san francisco 49ers quterback, colin kaepernick says he pla on sitting through the national antm again on when the team takesn the chgers in sandiego. kaepernick me headlines when ta the star spangled bner last heai. state of race relations. kaeperni lost his starting job last year, and spent much of the trade.ason trying to work out a he insists that has the nothing to do wh his current stance. jeff glor ports. >> this isn't the first time colin kaepernick has spokeout. social mediaages are filled buth posts in the past. this was not online.
3:36 am
i am going to continu to stand with the people. thatre being owe pressed. >> colin kaepernick speith reporters sunday two days after he sat on the bench during the nationalanthem >> cs are getting pd leave for killing people. that's not right by any one's standards. >> reporter: theecision provoked a furious resnse online. anew criticism from some nfl receiver victor cruz.nts wide >> you got t respect the flag. you got t sta u with teammas. is bigger than justou in my opinion. >> tiki barberormer running back? continue thenarrative.esire to there are isss in the coun that you hemend him for. i don't cmend him for sitting and no honoring this country and our flag. >> reporter: in the mid 90. the nba player, sparked a similar controversy. he called the national anthem symbol of opession, standing pray wle it played after
3:37 am
>> last month. carmo anthony, chris paul, ayne wade, and lebn james, delivered a sh at the espys. >>he racial profiling has to stop. >> noneave gone to epernick's lengths. >> time to look in the mirror and ask oselves what are we doing to cate change? >>aepernick has been criticized f his metho when you are faced with a kriems . a crisis of polactivity, in , you feel defenseless. you have got to let people kno that you object. there isever a goodime to prote. theres never a rights way to protest. and that's just the realy. vutz.ried to silence him for his the nfl released a statement o epernick saying playersre encouraged but not required to standuring the national anthem. this thursday, t 49ers play
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thbs overnht news"
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we're going prove st h wet and scky your current gel antiperspint is. 're weing to show you
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through florida. theme parks are handing out mosquito repellent. offering fugree b spray and lotion at eirpas. so far central florida. one case in tampa. the rest are aroun miami. zika usually causes mild illns. many people don't know they have it. but th virus can cause devaating birth defects if a pregnant woman is infected much that researchers don't know about the disease. david begnaud has the the story of one case that confounding
3:41 am
mystery. d toexpose zika in the womb but does not have the birth defect brain. by a small head and >> look at the smile. >> maria fernandez bolivar is her mother. >> she looks normal to me, the doctors say she is not. ramirez bolivar contracted the zika virus. mykella has slight damage to an eye and stiffness. it took doctors several wee to rule out several oer causes. dr. ivan gonzalez part of her team. >> the ultrasound in venezuela and the one she had here in the united states before she gave birth. looked like a there mall baby. >> normal baby. >> you didn't know there were abnormalies until after birth? >> after birth. roi >> reporter: scan of her brain
3:42 am
could lead to seizures. her prognosis is uncertain. >> how long will you study a child likeher? >> unknown to say how long we willollow her. for now, follow her, five to six years. the effects of zika are not limited to babies. in puerto rico where zika is an idemic, cdc reported increased cases of guillain-barlre syndrome. causes muscle weakness and this year, 34 patients with the syndrome had evidence of zika or similar virus infection. one person has died. in the u.s., the cdc set up a registry to follow pregnant women infec with zika. as many as 580 so far. james around the country. 16 babies have been born already with zika related birth defect. >> growing number ofatients
3:43 am
the cull pretty prit is drug re medication. hospitals spend millions trying clear out a bug, c-diff. taking a different approach. john blackstone, sniffs out the story. >> angus. go over here. >> their sense of smell is a buff anythin we can comprehend. >> reporter: with that springer spaniel on a mission to track down the mos common kind of hospital superbug. it is known as c-diff and infection rates are on the rise. >> c-diff is a bacteria. forms spores. it can persist for long period of time. antiicct with -diffaused by contaminat nainated surfaced an
3:44 am
people.a and killing 15,000 we can't see it with the naked eye. but angus c smell it. >> it will alws be prent in your ital. what you are frying to is ntrol it. that's where angus comes into >> angus, ready to work. he is trained to detect it in the environment. e advantage for us is if he alerts on something, then, what we can dupe o is targeted clean. going to couple with our ultraviolet disinfection machines. >> three years ago, thesa was traing bomb and drug dogs when she contracted c-fiff and nearly died. her husband, a nurse at vancouver general hospital suggest she'd tried to train a degree to detect the super bug. >> it has an odor i can in a degreeo find it. she did. the hospital is mishated a first of its kind pilot program.
3:45 am
>> they thought it was out of the box thinking. it helped that angus was kind of cu. oh, he is very loveable. i brought him home at ten weekse itarted training him just by throwing kibble out in the grass. giving him a search comman he started associating using his nose with reward. we paired the odor with it. learned to associate the cdiff odor with his toy. >> in this room we are going to hide a >> h correctly identified all the c-diff positive odors we had. his success was between 95% and 100%. alert. goodboy, yeah. >> angus passed all his exams and will soon be working full >> the medicalield we can go to other things we haven't
3:46 am
can mail the teaspoon of sugar in our coffee or tea. he can smell it in an olympic sized swimming pool. that's how sensitive ty e. >> angus believed the onl dog of his kind. not for long. >> brother dodger will be next. >> and she says he h been getting inquiries from hospitals around the world. >> we are happy to help anybody try to get their own cdiff dog. it is limited by >> john blackstone and the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous garden party foher birthday. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to
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well, christmas is not just around the corner. thank goodness. but turns outhat august is the perfect time for all of the amateur santas toolh up on their santa luke burbankaught up with hundred of jolly st.ks at missouri.ual conveion in sure, we know santa's whereabouts in december. what about the summer? where is he hanging out then? you betteratch out. you better not y. branson, missouri of course.
3:50 am
>> reporter: you are not hallucinating from the spiked eggnog. this really happened. it's called the discover santa convention. just a few weeks ago it brought more than 800 santas and mrs. clauses to branson. ? ? they showed up on a variety of updated sleighs. >> ho-ho-ho. kentucky in this model. >> one of the first things i did. lamborghini doors. santa has a cool sleigh. key on the back.nd wiup. drive it around. have it look like a toy down the road. here to catch up with old friend. >> let igrow. we don't want to shave. covers three chins. we don't want to exercise either. >> reporter: do a little
3:51 am
we will do the scales. ready? the modern santa has more tricks his bag than joy ho-ho-ho there were balloon-tying asses. >> the worstandy c cane ever. but it is mine >> reporter: tips on doing your makeup. i think bushier eyebrows are better for santa. >> even ukulele a word to our younger viewers who might be confusedth sight of so many santas. stufdoing that doesn't really seem santaly. we had it on good authority that the real santa was in branson, some where. its santa here? >> oh, of course. >> of course.
3:52 am
>> i saw him on the bus. >> yes, yes, yes. >> this is the only way that he can really show up for these types of events. we are just decoys, body doubles. ? we wish you a merry christmas ? >> reporter: meet some of his helpersment santa mickey. santa brian. santa larry. santa tom. and santa vern. >> my inner child wears a red suit. has a beard. i let himut when i am sant i get to laugh. joke. and sing songs. >> nick knock. who isthere? >> olive who? >> olive of the other reindeer us to laugh and call him names. >> then there is this guy. >> santa tim connahan. he started the convon. runs his own santa academy. >> reporter: what kind of person makes a good santa? >> number one thing we teach in
3:53 am
it ihere. whatever you are doing, it doesn't matter whether you have a beard, it's wha you have in beur heart. nd that some of them will enhance what they're doing. may get a little nicer suit. >> yeah, got to have your beard up. >> reporter: so this week in bransonas practically crawling with the outfitters. >> what's the price of this? >> t way this is sitting pretty close. $100. >> well. >> but you won't regret it. >> reporter: a purchase clse. speaking of which, w wondered at happens to a marriage when the husband decide to go full saa? >> is this a side of your husband's u hasn't sn before santa stuff? >>absolutely. >> my santa has wait many more tha than ido.ts in the bathroo >> yes. >> trish parish and jennycott are both mrs. clauses to their . and theyeach their own
3:54 am
>> fluff tup saiup santa's bear. ma sure he doesn't have any things hanging down. >>ive me a ho-ho-. >> ho-ho-ho. >> wt does that mean? >> santa. >> which brings us to one of the high lights of the week. the santa tugf-war. watch carefully becau the this a -- santa grudge match. >> pull. pull. to reporter: our time was coming n d. but ther was still one thing i was woering. >> why do you it? >> it is a calling. aministry. >> i do it fm the heart. i do it because of the heart. what i el. >> io it because i le it. i love being santa. love bringing smiles and joy and happiness new people. >> notice nobody said for the money. we not in it for themoney. >> exactly right. >> have fun with it too. >> yes. >> yeah.
3:55 am
branson, yes, virginiherea, t really is a santaclaus.
3:56 am
3:57 am
an elder stesman of the cbws family has annncede is retiring. charles osgood has spent neay lf a century here. the last 22 years as host of unday morning." he delivered the news himself. norah o'donnell has the story.>> mors lately i won't hting the sunday morning broadcasts well, i am here to tell you that e rumor are true. >>ter: repor people would have begrudged charl oood had he decided t anchor just a littit longer. after all his program is the most watched news show on sunday morning. wi its best ratings in decades. but osgood says it is time. for years no peop, even friends and family have been,
3:58 am
consering my age. i am phing 84. it's justthat, it has bee sucnao doing it. who wouldn't want to be the one who gets to introce these terrific storytellers. and the produrs and writers and others who put this wonderl show together. i want to thank all of them. and all of you. our still-growing audience. for all of your support and enco agement. it's been a great run. but after nearly 50 years at cbs including the last 22 years here come. oz guides only the second person to anchor cbs sunday ing. taking over for another cbs news legend, charlesuralt in 1994. >> wll be in the good hand of charles osgood starting next sunday morning. >>'m charles osgood. and this is sunday mornin >> reporter: he won the audience over with the trademark bow tie thousands, folksy style and poetic way with word.
3:59 am
as sunda morning viewers know >> the face that i see in the mirror. >> osgood can tickle the ivories too. >> i know that face ? ? i've seen that face before ? >> wisng you had the days back again. >> osgood joined cbs news i 1971 s last tv brocast september 25th. >> after which, you can still me on the radio. between now and my last sunday mornin have g to practice singing thatld weaver sonsong -- ? so long it's bn good to know you ? ? s it's been gooo know you ? homeong it's i've been ? and i've got to be drifting along ? thene and only charles
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fome of you the news continues. foothers check back with us a little later for theorning ? ? > it's tuesday, aust 30th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." ter a third sextinged sca p hillary clinton aide huma abedin announces she's lng huand anthony weiner. donald tmp praises her decision and slams clinton in the process. >>people in the southeast are eping their eyes on the opics with one storm set to slamhe oer banks today and another takingth aim agulf ast. a croscountry flight is forced to land over unruly passger. how the pilot described the man's ts to pry er a


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