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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  August 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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we begin with breaking news the sherman park gathers in neighborhood... leading to several arrests. 58's evan kruegel joins on the phone with the latestm 44th and auer... evan, what do you know right w?
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just yesterday, i spoke with the chief about how his department is peace especially at that inters. intersection.chief ed flynn, milwaukee police department: sherman park's been restored to its residents. right now we're continuing to work through peace makers and community workers to make sure the scene of the incident is restored to the residents as well. they don't want to have continuous vigils as they go to their front yards and try
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continuing." the department has also heightened its monitoring of social media which has been implicated in causing disturbances at police scenes..especially in sherman park. hey what city wouldn't want to host a minor league team for the bucks.sheboygan, madison, lacrosse have voiced an interest. now you can racine into the mix . .tonight -- city officials held a meeting to discuss the po brand new arena to house that 58's april dovorany was there... she joins us live with details. the new facility would be located right behind me in what is now an empty lot-and while the mayor did meet with bucks officials this week-he says this facility is about so much more than just basketball.. (citizen 1 brian meekma)"we have a golden ticket to make true change"(citizen 2 joey
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pleasanteveryone is going to beenfit. this could be a great game changer in my mindat tuesday night 's meeting - excitement was buzzing from the community.the proposed arena hotel project.which would hold about 35-hundred peoplecould not only house developmental teams from the milwaukee buks-but also the minnesota wildconventions rodeosand smaller scale musical acts. something that is very attractive to local business owners like anthony porcaro. (anthony porcaro/owner, indian motorcycles) 2145 excites me to think of the possibility of 3k people coming to downotnw racine..the barsth the land so the cost of the hotel-arena project is about 40 million dollars.the hotel is privately funded but as for the arena-mayor dickert yscity of racine would cover 2/3rds of the costthe rest coming from the county: about 15 million dolalrs. its a concern for some in the county who believe the location shoulbe closer to the rste. (supervisor something?) 25when youre talkign abot buildign something liek this the real cente rof act for racine county is highway 11, to 20, to k to the interstate. ( and while the supervisors say theyd like to look deeper into
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(supervisor shakoor) we need to enhance and grow where opps are all thruout 333 sq miles. all 17 municipalities. we need to work togethe to get things done. with or without the bucks- mayor dickert says this project will generate 400 million dollars over 30 years and provide 200 permanent jobs. cuonty leaders plan to meet again to discuss specifics in the next few weeek.sin racine ad cbs 5 3 the milwaukee ck downtown milwaukee. the project in the park east corridor should be finished in about 18 months and includes a new sports science along with a health center for the surrounding neighborhood. 3 vigil tonight for the milwaukee man stabbed to death on the city's eastide. side.those who knew shawn ostrom gathered outside "thurman's 15" on pulaski and arlington.that's where the 32- year-old was found dead early monday morning.police say he was stabbed during an argument.
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three men shot.. one didn't make it and tonight we're hearing from the chaplain who was assigned to assist police in the 58's kristen barbaresi has been on the story since it broke at 27th and brown. she joins us live now. kristen. police are still investgating what happened at the home on 27th...but witnesses say a break inled to the gunfire. 3 01;19;22 they're frustrated and their home wasn't safe rev. alexis twito, the salvation army police chaplain coordinator, provided suort to a family, after their home became a crime scene tuesday afternoon. afteoon. they just told me that this is a home invasion gone badas police interviewed some witnesses, rev. twito counseled others hers01;18;26 there was one member of the mily who had already been interviewed and she and i spent sometime
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in to and how scary it is to not know what's going on. that family member told rev. twito she was upstairs when she heard the gun shots. shots.01;18;50 she said she was just trying to help get the kids ready for school this ek so there were nieces and nephews and ople in the house police have not confirmed that this was a home invasion but say the shooting left 1 man dead and another man and a teenager injured. according to the faly, only one of the victims lived in the home.01;19;45 one of the family members in the home was shot, and then the home invaders also, i believe. so far police have not released details about the suspect or suspects in the case.meanwhile in addition to emotional support, the salvation army chaplains are also connecting the people impacted with resources they at police headquarters kristen barbaresi cbs 58 news five men are released from
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say a girl admitted to making up a story about being attacked near a park. the 12 year old took back her statement hours after first reporting an assault near 23rd and national..near mitchell park yesterday.police are now saying there was no group attack.but the clarification comes late for neighbors who first got wind of the allegations around four yesterday afternoon. when it's false alarms like that it does take away from the real seriousness of the crimes that happen in the city. like the burleigh stuff. there's police pokemon.11 seconds secondsright after police determined the assault did not happen, they released the suspects from custody. 3 a major change to the milwaukee skyline is on the way ... following a sale of the downtown transit center. county officials announced that sale cbs 58's evan kruegel reports... that sale is paving the way for a 44-story skyscraper along the lakefront. the milwaukee skyline is set
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at the site of an old county bus terminal. officials have sold this property to developer rick barrett - who plans to bui a skyscraper. - known as "the couture"09:50 "this isn't just a building on what was a concrete bus barn. this is a spectacular building." county executive chris abele finalized the sale yesterday - after four years and multiple legal battles involving the location near lake michigan. the building will housing units - along with restaurants and retail. it will also serve as a transportation hub for buses - pedestrians - and the new streetcar. but it's the work behind the scenes - that abele is most excited about about:07:32 "it's going to create 2,000 jobs, it's a $120-million dollar project, it'll contribute millions to the tax base. it's another visible, tangible sign of the growth in milwaukee.abele is
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to connect the lakefront to downtown - the latest step in an ever-changing yline... :10:18 "people who live in milwaukee are going to want to bring their friends to downtown just to them the new northwestern mutual building, the new couture building, and say yeah, this is what our city is doing right now." evan kruegel reporting.abele says he hopes to hold a ceremonial ground-breaking within the next month... with the project completed in 3 years. 3 hackers could keep you from november...with 10 weeks to the election -- there's growing concern over the security of election systems... cbs 58's marshanna hester is here to explain why wisconsin could be a target? bill -- wisconsin just joined an election system made up of 20 other states...they're able to share information to make sure eligible voters are registered...but two of those states just had their databases hacked. hacked.the fbi says those cases are in arizona and illinois.illinois officials
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records were comprised... including parts of social security and driver's license numbers.the system is called the "electronic registration information center" -- or eric. wisconsin plans to send more than a million voter registration cards next month through the program.governor scott walker says the state is working to protect everyone's constitutional right. 3 "we've put safeguards in there but the volume of hits we get from around day is phenomenal. you're looking at millions of attempts to try and hack into the state's system and that's why we're constantly seeking to improve." improve."experts say hackers could be trolling to steal voter's identity or just take people off the rolls so they can't vote-- causing confusion on election day. we reached out to "eric" today...we're told the system's data -- like date of birth, driver's license numbers or the last four
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numbe noerarpublic-- and the hacks have nothing to do with their group. 3 with the november election getting closer... voters are encouraged to get the necessary id to cast a ballot. you can get an i-d for free at the d-m-v.the d-m-v has an online application to make getting an i-d easier.if you use the application, you'll receive a temporary i-d that will be valid for voting. a ribbon cutting celebrated the recent opening of the mexican consulate in milwaukee. located on the ci months fering all kinds of services to mexican citizens. citizens.they offer services like birth certificats, visas, and id's to over 270-thousand people in wisconsin.mexico is the second largest market for wisconsin exports... and that's good news for the wisconsin economy. "last year of our 5 trading partners, mexico is the only one that saw an increase for the last 20 years, its a 720 percent increase in terms of
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consulate saw more than 500 people.mexico's secretary of foreign affairs and milwaukee mayor tom barrett joined governor walker at the consulate today. 3 is your art phone making you dumb? coming up next at ten a special report on digital anmensia. a surprise cut to the packers roster...details on who ?won't? suit up for the green
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is your smart phone making you dumb?a recent study says the latest technology could be affecting our brains in the long term.
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if our smart phones are doing more harm than good. cell phones are a piece of technology that many of us would probably saywe couldn't do without. but - are digital devices - with all of their convenience -- doing us more harm than good? good?sot - jay kindschi/matc professor: 2:53:39 back in the olden days we would have to commit to memeory 2:53:58 today all i have to say is siri, call julie, jay kindschi is a anatomy and physiology profeser at matc. we talked with him about a recent study on "digital amnes" - the theory that your cell phone - and internet usage - are weakening human memory. sot - jay kindschi - 2:52:39 when we learn new things it is th process fo forming new and fragile connections between enurons that allow us to build w circuits so we can memorize new things it's kind of the lose it and use it phemon phemonsot - jay arnold/matc professor: 2:41:57 i would say its making our society more
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filtering info and what info is good and what info is reliableits not necessarily memporzing its how we look for itjonathan arnold is an it expert - or says, this reliance on technologyis affecting the evolotuon of the human race - in a good way. sot - jon arnold - 2:41:06 its not necessarily that we're losing the ability to memorizeits more of a fact that we're transitioning as a societyesot - jay kindschi 2:55:50 using tech too much could change our brains over long periods of timekindschi agrees that a heavy reliance on technology could influence generations to comeand he offers a word of caution. sot - jk 2:57:26 i think about technology like frostingi wouldn't sit down meal, but a little bit of frosting makes the meal a lot better. the study also found that people don't back up their phones and computers enough... so it's recommended backup often to protect your files. more than 4-thousand students are moving into u-w milwaukee residence halls this week to kick off the new school year. year.move-in week started yesterday.about 2-thousand students are new to campus... and move in day can be emotional for some.but university officials say there's activities to help students meet people and get
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start a week from today. back-to-school shopping can really add up... and the community is making sure kids have everything they need to start the year prepared. prepared.they were giving away book bags and school supplies today at the capuchin community services house of peace. the items were donated by churches, businesses, and community members. 19:48-55"i got pencil boxes, crayons markers, all the school supplies you need." 18:27-34it's a big relief, a big stress lifd off my ou going to have what she needs to start the school year off the right way way the church had enough backpacks to help 25 famlies get everything they need for back to school. parts of milwaukee saw heavy downpours and even flash flooding this afternoon.a lightning strike from those storms may be to blame for an attic fire in milwaukee's walker's point neighbhorhood. 3 the fire started around 2-30 at a business near 5th and washington.a man who works across the street says he
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information on whether anyone was inside at the time of the fire... or if there were any injuries. 3 some streets were flooded in parts of the's video from this afternoon near 13th and bolivar.there were reports of cars stuck on the side of the road... and one man even says when he got out of his car, water was up to his knees. 3 tonight: times of tonight: times of clouds. lows in the low to middle 60s. wind: sw 5mph.wednesday: times of clouds. breezy and cooler. wind: ne 10-15 mph.week ahead: nice cool down arrives by mid-week. thursday will feature highs in the upper
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iday as we head toward the weekend: quiet and mild. middle to upper 70s on saturday and near 80 for sunday. lower 80s return for labor day! 3 tonight: times of clouds. lows in the low to middle 60 wind: sw 5mph. of clouds. breezy and cooler. wind: ne 10-15 mph.week ahead: nice cool down arrives by mid-week. thursday will feature highs in the upper 60s. lower 70s return on friday as we head toward the weekend: quiet and mild. middle to upper 70s on saturday and near 80 for sunday. lower 80s return for
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tonight: times of clouds. lows in the low to middle 60s. wind: sw 5mph.wednesday: times of clouds. breezy and cooler. wind: ne 10-15 mph.week ahead: nice cool down arrives by mid-week. thursday will feature highs in the upper 60s. lower 70s return on friday as we weekend: quiet and mild. middle to upper 70s on saturday and near 80 for sunday. lower 80s return for
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a special ceremony was held today for a special k-9 officer from janesville. the city's first police dog, hardy, collapsed on the job last week.the vet discovered he had a ruptured spleen and cancer... so the department made the tough decision to put him down so he wouldn't suffer. hay had been with the police department since the beginning of its k-9 program nine years ago.during that time, the k-9 became a staple in the community. 31-34 jennifer may, "we've wa being here and protecting our community.25-31sgt. dean sukus, we just had national night out and it was a long line of kids who all wanted to come and pet hardy and see hardy 3 hardy was suppose to retire in november... but officers think this might have been the way he wanted to go -- on the job and doing what he loved. in four days, mother teresa will be canonized into sainthood at the vatican.and over two dozen members of blessed theresa of calcutta parish are making the trip across the world to attend the . ceremony.they left early this
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parish, located in north lake, is named after mother teresa. usually, parishes aren't named for someone until after they become a saint, but they say mother teresa was such a go example for the world.they say that's why it's important for them to be at the canonization ceremony this weekend. 44-59"everyone has seen her as an example and everyone is inspired by her. i think for us to actually be there and to bring that back will be a real impetus for us to make sure that we are doing the best we encourage others." others." the vatican estimates between one and two million people will pack into st peter's square for the ceremony. 3 marquette universi will honor mother teresa with a mass will happen at noon outsidehe schroeder complex, near a statue of mother teresa at 15th and clybourn. watch for coverage tomorrow right here on cbs 58. progress to report t..for an all-inclusive playground in kenosha.. the faulty flooring has now been removed, according to the facebook page for the dream playground.there are even a
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floor ll require safety testing and when it gets the all clear it's time to soon as we have the date, we'll let you know. badger fans heading to green bay for saturday's game against l-s-u... be prepared for a lot of traffic. traffic.officials expect more traffic for this game than a typical packers game.lots of fans are expected from louisiana... including hundreds of motor homes and r- v'sthere's also construction near lambeau... and parking will be at a premium.officials recommend if you are driving to the saturday's game... on staying late.
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tim masthay appeared to be the winner of the pack's preseason punting competition when peter mortell got released yesterday. yesterday.not so. masthay got the boot this afternoon. the packers released the six year veteran and claimed second year punter jacob shumm off waivers from tampa bay. is
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packers had trimmed their roster to 75 players. if you're saying he's just the punter... masthay was statistically the packers best punter - records for gross and net punting averages, and he was the holder for all seven of the longest field goals in team history. earlier today, the path to 75 players included a trade. luh-ren-tay mccray goes to the buffalo bills for an undisclosed 2018 draft pick. mccray came to green bay in the offseason after broncos last year. the other moves to get to 75 today? the pack released wide receiver harvey biord and placed several players on injured reserve, including a few surprises. kennard backman, john crockett, mitchell henry. mike mccarthy on the first of two roster cut days this week. 3 3 mccarthy: this is really the stressful point for every football team, frankly, when you go from 90 to 75 players and you still have a preseason game to play. every football
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week, and we'll formulate our plan for how we're going to play these guys in kansas city thursday night. meanwhile, in minnesota, stunned silence. quarterback teddy bridgewater is likely out for the season after completely tearing a knee ligament in practice. cameras were not present when the injury ppened, but it was bad enough for mike zimmer to end practice on the spot and for bridgewater to ride to the hospital in an ambulance. former badger joel stave moves up to number two on minnesota's depth chart. wily peralta against the cardinals' adam wainwright? that feels like a mismatch on p. paper.but on the field, peralta looked every bit an ace tonight. how about this line - against the cardinals no less - seven innings, one run lowed, one walk, ten strikeouts. it's 20-14 all over again! and the crew got on the board against adam wainwright with a double down the line from martin maldonado. the teams traded runs in that sixth inning. more runs til the tenth... another one run loss
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the family favorite. yoplait.
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well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. new evidence supports what many dogwners have long believed... man's best friend really ?does? understand some of what we're saying.the study found that dogs processed words similar to the way humans do.scientists say if
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po positive tone, dogs could understand that they were being praised. 3 it's the story that has struck a chord with unemployed wisconsin veteran suffering from p-t-s-d goes public about having a hard time playing his pet dog's medical bills.the animal helps him get through his disorder and he wants to do his best to keep otter around. 1:39-1:46(larry gedemer, veteran and dog owner) "i love anybody that prays or puts money toward this because otter and i abo appreciative." a go fund me account has been set up to help with otter's medical costs...we have a link to that on our website, cbs 58 dot com. be sure to scroll down past our top stories in the local news section. 3 tonight: times of clouds. lows in the low to middle 60s. wind: sw 5mph.wednesday: times
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wi: ne 10-15 mph.week ahead: nice cool down arrives by mid-week. thursday will feature highs in the upper 60s. lower 70s return on friday as we head toward the weekend: quiet and mild. middle to upper 70s on saturday and near 80 for sunday. lower 80s return for labor day! we'll have a lot more on the cbs 58 morning news from 4:30 to 7 a-m
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