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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:25pm CDT

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crowds cleared, police say they diffuseanother tense situation, after conontation with a frustrateneighbor an a ll group. "the situation found myself iis t unique." of those arrested, was state representative johnatbrostoff, who says as slaed to gund after comping ofrswih orders antryingto film the altercation on his phone. phone."the irony of it all, was that i waactuly there toelp lice. to descalate the situaon. havinggreat conversati. to beea so big issues thate need to tackle and there's a lot of work that needs to be done." sot police say brostoff and an lu member were otreleased themselv kno fficto not made whh in mpd's wor d n."f -"they'r acally rying tart dialogue wh ghbors abo ere.ast night is the pea wayou should hdle ts. brosto "st bse we have
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that s wre."arily mean mpd ays they are investigating the arrest of ma oper procedures were folwempd spokesmaalsoays rumors o police pto te down mke. ad cbs 58 news. emorial a 3rly th morning, a ild was found he ner 40th a locuhe medal examiner calls it a ?possible? -sleing death, but no rther deils have been releasedt..including the ildof nenight, a 17-ye old ha now beechfor a stday that killed two5- ars his car. iminalcosas dontbarnesas driving at ho when e car hit a ee d spt in ne 35th and ke two edssengebanes --nd a ger pad.r all four peop in e car were related -- three brothers and a cousin. the family says it's been
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cbs 58's liney branwall spoke with the mily during this fficult ey?...lin youan see the balloons, ers etc. left at the crash scene. family members say this shows how much these teens e lov. pkmonet batchelor"he always laeyobinson hale and demeius bachelor jr were ?? cousinsanbest frnds.shylills d. you saw lil dee. they were like best cousins. bff cousins."cse with their family.shyl mills"they were very bright young men, popular, they loved football they lovedily"loved by their friends.monetchet bar "we're going to truly miss 'em. like ... ?sigh?"ty died friday. trey's brother nte
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demetrius we all in the car. drivin?nat pop?but these e didn'tose control.shyl lls"h there sayithat he was a reklesdriver. thero more t. re's more en thaor h juswerveillsay may have been her car approachedhem at a vigil ov theeekend.eryl mills?8 "aver in she was out merge in iving towards r which caused him to swerve aund them a which caused himo hit the tree."the family ss police are n aware of this hedriver, t they hope this rson will me forward so the counity canremember ys t batchelor" they were good ds. i gog i knere they're the family is asking for
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members .... the driver, and other passenger whoa ar still recov ering tryingo rae money for the boys ying to rasemoney the boysfune if you wo d likeo help donate, we website, dots com. o a 28-year old woman was ously hurtearly ts rninmowhen her struck a tree near erson ankna, the juneau village nehborhojust northf watakebyflit for fe a hospita arerkg condion. police are trying happened.e just this the shdow of an nfl pelty is nowfted from two bay packer players....we the ficiald today about ay matthews and julius pp... cbs 58ott grodskins us live in the studio with the story....stt? michele, clamattws and julius peppers are officiallin l says they found no ebl
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al-jazeeraegatio.... this should end eit nth saga that starbefe the playoffs..matthews d peppers th wiet the n-f-l last wednesd and have constently said th hat dinot take p's and tha th woulde cleared.....this rua wes ht of cks fs' shoulders...both r linebaers be play in nextweek season 3ee linebacker jame.... rrison was acleared ough rmer packer mike neal ti frgent aer x sin green ba...he in tt same initial repole art.. 3ike... 3 sso drew
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tonig: partly cloudyth a chance for a lakesid tt cin t upper wi50s.: ne 5-15 mph. ay: suanclouds, coblanlittle ph. laboday e upper- cooler sun stic reaching the er 70s. stays sunny to start the holiday weend with clouds retug chances holding off for now. he middle 70s saturday and right arou00 fosunday. monday will feature highs back into low 80s. 3 a mother's anguish overflows in milwauikee courtroom day.
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why?..." shcried out at sean flers junior appeared in cou. he's charged with drowning their three month old son after getting angry over how t mother was appeared at a scheduling conference today. and the mother had to be consoled as she left the courtroom. the criminal complaint says flowers sat down in a pond and held the child down.. sisting the attempts of witness to stop him. 3 have new formation about february.police w say al februa repeople lvn the t-f bank robbery have en arrested and charged. one of the suspects, ert crumble junior'...was arrested shortly after the incident, but it took investigators months to track down t othetwo suspects. elijah mcgee is accused of storming the bank with a shotgun, and london johnson is charged with acting as the getaway driver. 3 cudahy police department work melissa mueller was bound over for trial today on
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misconduct in public office. she's accused of stealing 'parking ticket payments.' the misconduct charge is a felony and could lead to a prison term if she's convicted. muellepleaded not guilty at preliminary hearing today. 3 the presidential race is getting closer again, at least here in wisconsin.just a few hours ago, the latest marquette niversy law school poll was released and it shows repcan donald trump surging again. again. s joins us live in the s newsroom....vid? vor mbers surprised likely everybody...that's whe hilly clinn opened up a 15 int ad over donald trump... today... it's a much different story. 3 "well it's a very dramatic shift."the marquette law school poll shows hillary clinton's likely voter lead er donald trump is down to ree points... 45 to 42... just three weeks ago... that lead was 52 to 37.among
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nationally numberveaway from clinton and towards tr the also seen clinton's favorabilty numbers come ore clinantrump havump's."th favorability and honesty ratings hovering around 30 percent in wisconsin.part the ason libertariany jo and green party candidate jill stein are pollg race."for aindependent a ertali be llit po rcent is quite ..god.tter than libertarian didateha recieved in the ote previous years here."the poll shows most voters don't really know who gary johnson is... 72 percent of registered and likely votn'ers dove an opinon on him.something the when he stops at lwaukee's se hall tomorronit...
5:10 pm fego lea ron joson 46 to 42 with registered voters... that was six pot feingold lead earliethis in the wsroom...david ade... cbs 58 news. 3 more campaign news, donald trump is in mexico today, meeting with that country's phoenix, trumplans to delir a major policy speech about immigratio mexicans coming intoerica legallhave drawn criticism from mexico's psint ithe st...and hillaryclint down hisplayedrip acro the border today. eranit takes more ting to make up for a f year oi and bdroppinin on our neighbo for a few hours then flying home again. that is not how it works. works. watch for much mortonight on trump's mexico visit on the
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3ur cast next at five, not many universities can sathey on hosted a saint. but marquette can....we'll show yohow they're celebratg mother teresa's upcoming canonization. 3 and a college football player's gestuf ndshfrie to a boy he'd never met fore
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kn or ankle sut to keep comfole. new dr. scholl's custom fit knee and ank supports. kn find the nearest kiosk keep comfole. "reopen" 3marquette niversity paid tribute to mother sa canized into sainthood in the catholic ch. church. many recalling her visit milwaukee more than 30-years ago. ago. jacob stadkittilheard a now live from marquette, jacob when mother teresa visited her giant event not justor marquette university... but for milwaukee as a whole. thismedeo of tt school. during the stop mother teresa received the pere
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during that st e made a speech focusing on ervice... helping inthose poverty and fothe protection of unrn ildren messages ugh. she also held one-on-one meetings with some families. sal sendik says his wife... rosemary... had the opportunity to meet with mother afteresar spending years in theospil duto worsening cancer. sasendik met mother teresa > "andother teresa and ster fatima came walking in by themselves. and they introduced themselves and we wa a conversation and she he my wife'shad and e jush had a smile on her face that she never lost until the day she died i don't ink." more than 10-thousand people tend her vit here in ex outsiof the n more are pect is sunday during service. zed live in milwaukee... jacob kittilstad... cbs 58 news. a barbershop will ?never?
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ts- but th oe cityeemi aming up with local barbers eishops. it's a new program desigto couragn acachdr .wisconsin has e of the b achievement thecouny whitanudndents.. mogettin g maal a familiar vue like a rbop will "w sure that they ow that they dot tad nove o n . you up d rentand gaziust exercise min mi the program ck off tod barbersh...and to mark the occasion, the owr free backpacks, scol suppliesand ck-to-school hairts. it sounds almost too sy...b di subs and help fight cancer. cancer.but the people on the u nohow important t fight want
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the vince lombardi cancer foundation annoced the send annual "combo for a cure" funaiset rks like september, when u buy a m alt any they donate tia p of the price to cancer research. 3 "vy recently a dear friend and co-woer of my husband died after a ten year battle that fear ain of what sehim nt through when i experienced my jonewith fresh gain and that's the scarpart." rt." ng shadowagain,'combos for a cause' runs through cousinsubs.t all wisconsin 3 3 togh partly cloudy with a chance for a shower lakeside.
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upper s. wi: ne 5mph.thursd: d coortae and a little zyafternoon. coer wi highs in upr 60s. wind: ne 10ph-20 mlaboray weekd ound ffriday with temps reaching the lower 70s. ays sunny to stahe holiday d with cloudsretni r labor day itlf butain chances holding off for now. warminup s in t middle 70s saturday and right around 800 fosunda mowill ure highs k
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popping- ey celrated the start of matc. all fourf e at techcacollege's am studen' th food, festive decorations and the chance for monday. good luck to students at matc and all of the
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kaernick's national anthem prott, a photo ofth? folllanow etting some traction. trtion tavis rudph s for flida state university...and during a school visit th his tes, rudoh noticed a le boy eating lunch alone. rudolph sat and talked with e boy....a child with autism, who often ea by hims "honesi sawhim himself and i was like, yo, can i have a st with you and ea sure, why not? we just ted out honehat's l poo t kid overall, i'llang out wi y day." this small actnd ck to the boy's she sted message on facebook. "i'm not sure what exmade this incredibly kind man shit will not soon be . forgotten....isruh ? thank you so much. you made this momma extreme happy, and have made us fans fo
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titletown..clay hewsmattnd julipers have been clre but tt's not all th ig on.... 3... ..., it's a day full of good news at e latest details on peppers and matthews, plus a lookt the west displayn
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ru feingd: so, what do you girlsant to be whe? 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl ru fu shoud: thinbe paid : i want toa doctor th ase meo? girl 1 : russ feingd: well, i raised my two gir : right he and they agree with you my tso gir : right .e i'll workl wis foequal a lot om me less than men dng te jo pay for women, and forrkl wis pa leave a lot om me less than men dng te jo so parents can care for a sickfamily member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold apprani e this message. sif elief oday as clay ttnd julius peppers are ey thn-f- l....after monthof stigatg the league concluded that was the noible credidence that thews peppers used peorman d ththr l-
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matthepers suene ible pek ine.ks tse ..e the po oweboayerocalthno ..3wrong.. ma: --r betck of r rm. work for is guy isthgsnot true. the h me out a i'm carry myself the right way.not r it cndat stufbut i anto put iout there t. former packer " ha cooperate with e n-f-l just meda like matthews and peppers....neal is a free agennow ter spenng six seasons on green bay's defense.... brett favre's hall of fame
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opening a new fae exhibi... rry, there's no vikings jerseys in this one....this exhibit is 100 percent dedicateto his me in een and gold.....the packers have the locker he used until lambeau's 2003 renovation along with informati nning ives he led and every packer who ca t- number four.. 3 3 m "urphy:e really proud to be able to honor his ma acshmentfos tir hie with the packers. it's t only a tribute to brt performance, but le ll s hirelationship withlls and w he relid the anchise." 3the baers are e nextteam to actuallplay in green bay, but don't expectny lambeau s from their opnents....l-s-u head coach les m sayat iany of his playerdo the ap, thl hitch-'t lame im's a 15 yar penalty in college... there's only ten home games left for the brewers.....milwaukee hosts
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will be on the mound for the 7:10 art....we'll ha highlighn e news at ye it felt goot to geinto the win lumn aga. ming up tonight--hear from lwativau nony s saturdayhis futur win the featherweht divion. earlrms hthat sry featherweight division. ea visi
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tonight: partly oudyth a chanor a shower lakeside. up50s. wind: ne 5-15 mph. thursdayn and ouds, mfortable and a le breezy this af cooler with in 0-20 mph.labor sun sticks arouor friday with temps sunny start the holiday weekd clouds returning warming up slighy starng rain c in theiddle 70s saturday and right around 800or sun monday will featurhighs back into the lower0s. 3
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>> o'donne: trumcross the border. mending fences-- trusendoeelingn to have a >> o'donnell: and building wall >> as for who payor the wall, we dt discusst. >> o'donnell: also tight, stormermine batters t state.ical a u.s. navyanding goes terribly wrong. we'll show you what happed next. and the college football play of the week, making a young's day. >> reporter: you looked up and therhe w? >>eah. e "what's up, dude in? captiong sponsored by cb


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