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sobelman's near the marquette campus is closed... for now nowthe popular restaurant was ordered to shut down today after it's license was suspended.but the owner tells us he plans to fight city hall- hall-an alderman says the owner failed to show up for a hearing after a customer's gun accidentally went off at the entrance injuring four students from flying debris. cbs 58's kristen barbaresi i the latest on the dispute. as you can see-sobelman's, which would normall be open at this time-- is closed possbily until september 20the owner dave sobelman admits he made a mistake, missing the hearing-but called out his alderman for targeting him because of past disputes. at 8 pm-- sobelman's shut it's doorsnat- doors closing (hopefully)after the city
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nat-dave sobelman says he didn't know he was supposed to attend the july hearing hearing01;45;11 i should start by taking personal responsibility in saying we screwed up in that we didn't read the first letter thoroughly but we had been told by the officer during the phone interview, that we would not have to go before the common council the hearing was the result of a june 22 incident, when a customer's gun accidentally went off in the restaurant's entrance but sobelman thinks the real reason he was ordered to close for two weeks--is his past clashes with alderman rob arguments on the phone where we screamed at one another, i guess this was his way of getting back at me. sobelman says if he's forced to stay closed until the next council meeting, he's not worried about business but rather his 39 employees. 01;49;47 (pointing off cam to employees) she likes to pay her rent, she likes to pay her rent, got two kids to feed, bauman should come and tell them he's got beef with me so he's gonna put them out of work for two weeks. marquette students are also hoping the doors reopen soon kaleigh bateman 02;00;20 when i chose to come to marquette, the
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me about milwaukee was sobleman's. aadynn holtt, 01;59;08 it's like our one main restaurant. ald. bauman declined an interview, but a representative for his office says this is a direct result of failing to show up for the hearing. dave sobelman told me he's going to see what happens tomorrow morning-- if they have to stay closed until september 20, they will move as many employees to other locations as they can and they're going to have half priced burgers for marquette students over at the st. paul ave. location. you heard it harsh words from the milwaukee county executive about the common council's new public safety proposal. proposal.the implication of all the recommendations in the public safety committee report would result in more african americans being incarcerated. and that's not something i support at all i think it's asi" asinine." the plan is the result of weeks of hearings before the council's public safety, after hearing abele's comment here on cbs 58, committee chairman,
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back.saying in part -- "it's asinine for the county executive to trash a plan when in all of his years in office he's never offered one of his own, other than to continue with policies that have actually contributed to the very mess that we are trying to clean up."we reached out to donovan for an on-air comment today but he has not responded. 3 tomorrow, we could learn if sherman park will contine to stay open until 10 p-m... or go back to closing at 6. milwaukee county sheriff david clarke and county executive chris forth this weekend about whether or not the bright orange fence surrounding the park should stay up, keeping people out.the fence went up after unrest near the park last month.clarke and abele both say they have power over park hours.on sunday, a judge sided with the county executive and ordered the fence to come down.tomorrow, a judge will make the final decision. 3 a local production company is hoping to end gun violence in milwaukee... through story- telling.they plan to tell 100
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for each one... present a 58s evan kruegel shows us how "precious lives" is looking to make a difference. another week - and another homicide on the streets of milwaukee - a headline that's becoming far too common for brad lichtenstein. 3 "we start to just accept as normal, that over a hundred people are murdered by homicide in our city every year." lichtenstein is the company behind a series called "precious lives".44:38 "i knew i wanted to name the series something that did not reference violence, it referenced what's at stake. and what's at stake, is precious lives."each week - his team holds meetings like this one - discussing the latest homicide - or the latest issue with gun violence. for the staff of about a dozen - it all starts with finding an impacted
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to the issue. 3 :04:35 "i think it becomes important to really humanize people, and i'd say that's especially important in a city like milwaukee that does feel so segregated, and that numbers show us is so segregated." 3 00:32 "what we're trying to do is get people who don't have the lived experience of gun violence to care about the issue."instead of just presenting facts and figures - they also look to present solutions. sometimes it's a current program - sometimes a gap that needs to be filled. :39:05 "in every single story we hope we take you into a story about how not just there's a tragedy, but there's also ways to solve the problems that we face in terms of violence." a chance to honor victims - by offering a platform for change. change. :48:00 "i want people to remember these victims as more than just numbers on a spread sheet or the end of the year tally, or the number of people who were victimized by gun
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evan kruegel far the group has produced 86 storieswe have a link to all of them on our website cbs58-dot-com 3 earlier tonight, cbs 58 aired 'milwaukee at a crossroads'... a special discussing how the citys' violence has affected families... and what local leaders are doing to stop the violence.if you missed it, you can watch it on our website, cbs 58 dot com.just click on the 'milwaukee at a crossroads' logo on our home page. the state solicitor general says wisconsin's open records law does not apply to training videos..and that releasing them might actually give pedophiles ways to evade capture.this stems from a case brought by the democratic party to release the videos that feature attorney brad schimel when he was waukesha county d-a.the case is now before the state supreme court. two lower courts ruled the videos should be made public. 3 it was a hot day across southeast wisconsin.... and
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to pop up.cheif meteorologist drew burgoyne is looking at ready-radar to see if any of
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3 a rash of suspected overdose deaths from over the weekend and we have new information tonight. the victims range from 26 to 55 years old.mostly in milwaukee but some in cudahy, greenfield, and west allis.blood tests will confirm. as of july 31, there were over 160 drug overdose deaths in milwaukee county. 13 jurors were selectfo killing two young children in a house fire. fire.police say michael morgan intentionally set the fire that killed his stepson and the little boys 2-year old members told us morgan and his wife were going through a divorce at the time. he is charged with arson and two counts of first degree reckless homicide. the trial is begin tomorrow afternoon. 3 the man suspected in the cold case murder of berit beck may be re-tried by the fond du lac
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hung jury was declared after 62-year-old dennis branter's first trial in late june.he was charged with beck's 1990 murder after authorities re- examined fingerprints found near the body as well as d-n-a evidence. no decision was made when the two sides met in cour this morning.another hearing is scheduled for next week. the man charged with killing a milwaukee nun and her fellow sister "wrestled with demons" according to his wife. wife.wisconsin native sister margaret held and sister paula merrill were found murdered in their miis they worked as nurses at a low income clinic.46-year-old rodney sanders faces capital murder charges.his wife told a mississippi newspaper they got into an arguement then he left their home. she also said sanders saw his mother murdered when he was 5.sister held was a member of the "school sisters of st. francis" international congregation based in milwaukee. 3 a minnesota man admits to kidnapping, sexually assaulting, and murdering jacob wetterling nearly 30
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guilty to child porn charges. danny heinrich explained how he spotted jacob and some friends back in october 1989 playing with a flashlight. he scared two away and then hancuffed wetterling.he took him to a remote area, sexually assualted him and when he saw a police car shot the boy. 1:09-1:23 i wanna say jacob i'm so sorry ... incredibly painful to know his last days, hours, minutes...// we love you jacob...we will continue to fight...our hearts police decided to re-investigate heinrich after he was recently tied to another boy's kidnapping and sexual assault from the same year. 20-16 has been the deadliest year in chicago in 20 years. the city has had more than 500 homicides so fact, more people have been killed in chicago than in los angeles and new york city combinedthe police superintendent says repeat offenders are partially to blame for the violence. 1:24-140 every conversation
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illegal guns willing to use them without fear or consequence and offenders who shouldn't be out on the streets streets but chicago is not the homicide capital of the u-s. new orleans... saint louis... detroit... and baltimore all have higher rates per capita. last week, milwaukee police chief ed flynn said milwaukee's homicide rate in the month of august ?surpassed? chicago's per was the deadliest month in milwaukee in 25 years. 3 a cbs 58 news exclusive... a woman on milwaukee's south side wakes up to a pounding on her was a stranger warning her that her house was on fire. fire.the woman was so preoccupied with getting her kids out of harm's way that she never got the chance to thank the man.her only clue to his identity--he was carrying a to go bag from the george webb near 21st and mitchell. 49-1:08he didn't just save four adult's lives. he saved three children. three children. i want to thank this
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honor because if it wasn't for him at that time in the morning we could have all lost our lives. lives. the woman says police and firefighters are investigating the fire as arson. a local machining business is hit with a huge fine after a worker was killed. killed.the u-s department of labor says back in march, a man was killed at "carlson tool & manufacturing corporation" in investigation from osha found a critical safety wasn't on.the company now faces more than 120-thousand dollars in fines. 3 santa came early for dozens and dozens of local teachers--and he used be a u-s senator from wisconsin. 3 plus, in the right place at the right an l-s-u fan helped save the life of a
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nearly 700 classrooms across the state are getting their wishes granted. granted.former senator herb kohl's philanthropic group
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a crowdfunding 58's april dovorany spoke with a milwaukee public school teacher who says she was "blessed in a big way." 4203 i was in amazement. i was amazed. morgandale elementary school teacher rachel shleeter has been using donors choose for years--but was blown away by what happened early tuesday morning. 4221 currently i had 5 projects on there and sen kohl pfunded all 5. shleeter was just one of many lucky teachers who posted on the crowdfunding site-hoping for a little help. 684 projects across wisconsin funded....including 224 in milwaukee public schools. some being as extensive as standing desks to enhance learning... learning...4947 we belive children need movemenet throughout the day. others as simple as art supplies...and rest mats for shleeter's k4 class. 4658 thats money going back into the family and they're able to afford the things they need hard not only for families to afford, but
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spends nearly 500 dollars a year on classroom supplies. 4454 its money that i sometimes would go out and spend dfor my vlassrooma nd the chilre that i cant always afford to go out and do myself with materials from the projects expected to be shipped in the next week--shleeter tells us the children are just as excited as the staff--and looking forward to how much this donation will help in the long run. 4605 i believe as long as we have the right materails and things children desreve that they will get everything and more out of their educations. 3 educations. some students have their classes cancelled this year --'s because i-t-t technical institute campuses shut down across the country the indianapolis-based for-profit trade school made the announcement this morning. a few weeks ago, the federal government banned the school from enrolling students receiving financial, students don't know what to do next. "my first thought was what would happen with my financial aid since there's like some kind of scandal going on with that.""i was going crazy i
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happening until one of my buddies called me and told me hey they're shutting down the s" school." students tell us the college's campus in greenfield will be open tomorrow morning so they can talk to administrators. i-t-t tech has about 130 campuses nationwide. 3 3 on the campaign trail -- the latest cbs news battleground tracker shows hillary clinton is winning nearly every battleground state in play. only iowa is now classified as a tossup. but the presidential race is far from settled. settled.06-33"the state of the home stretch. in battleground state after battleground state --where this election is decided -- we've seen hillary clinton build up leads. enough that if the election were held today, she'd be in position to win. but, issues for hillary clinton remain. she has a number of voters only with her because they oppose donald trump, she has an enthusiasm gap, and some of the highest unfavorables we've seen. she's going to need to turn that around if she's going to turn polling leads into real votes." 3 3 both candidates were
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battleground states.donald trump was in virgina and north carolina... where he listed nearly 90 retired military officers who are endorsing him. hillary clinton was in florida for a rally... and said more military officers trust her. president obama and the first lady will campaign for clinton next week. the first presidential debate is less than three weeks away... on september 26. a man is saved after he eneded up in the river in downtown of the rescuers tonight, telling us it was in from baton rouge.. he went to the l-s-u wisconsin game saturday.. then saw the cubs brewers game yesterday.he and some friends were having a beer at rock bottom brewery when they saw a man trying to pull a boat to the dock.. but he ended up in the river. dunlap and three others tried to get him out.. but the current was too they fashioned a loop out of a rope and were able to finally get him out.dunlap says he spent the last two weeks helping rescue thousands of people after historic floods in louisiana.
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what state you're in its neighbors helping neighbors and we just looked at this as a couple of guys who were in a boat, needed a little help, going down and helping someone who needed help with his boat. boat. the man had a cut on his arm but was re-united with his friends and left.dunlap told us, he and his friends then
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milwaukee mayor tom barrett is working on ways to make sure residents are staying healy healthyhe took questions about city initiatives and plans aimed improving health and well-being.there was some concern in the crowd about the health disparities between black and white residents. "it's easy to turn on talk radio, it's easy to turn on tv and say there's another milwaukee problem, but is it really a milwaukee problem? or is it our problem as a society in se wisconsin." wisconsin." the mayor also noted the progress the city has made in areas like reducing teen pregnancy and reducing childrens' exposure to lead paint....while recognizing many areas where improvement
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for the third time, senate democrats block a republican measure to battle the zika virus virusthe vote could prompt g-o-p leaders to try to attach money to fight the virus to a 'must-do' temporary spending billdemocrats objected to language in the bill that would block zika prevention and treatment from going to planned parenthood clinics in puerto rico. new york's attorney general is investigating whether the maker of epipens violated antitrust laws. laws.mylan is suspected of limiting competition with in order to drive up costs . the company made national headlines when it came to public attention that it hiked the price of the drug 400 percent over seven years.mylan says its contracts with local schools do not include purchase requirements. a wisconsin couple hopes to find the owner of the dog they saw floating down the mississippi river. river.about a week ago, the couple was camping in platteville for their wedding anniversary.they plucked the dog out of the water as it tried to stay,
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dog they've now nicknamed annie, with her family. 34-39"i wish we knew more about her. she's a house dog and somebody has taken good care of her."20-28the river was right up to our road, so we think maybe she fell out of a boat, maybe...or got swept aw" away." turns out the dog is deaf. a vet couldn't figure out if that was a long term condition or perhaps because of her being in the water so long.the couple says she is active and loving, they just wish they could return her. 3 it was a big labor day weekend for bublr bikes.the bike sharing system recorded its 50-thousandth trip.the number of trips so far this year is twice as many as all of 2015. 2015.riders have traveled nearly 380 thousand miles in 20. 2016.there's 40 bublr bike statoins in milwaukee and there's plans to expand to wauatosa this fall. 3 you may be bummed that summer is unofficially over... but these northwoods residents couldn't be happierfind out why, coming up....
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it's game week - finally, after months of anticipation, the packers and their fans have a game that counts this su. sunday.the path to the opener hasn't been the easiest, even for aaron rodgers. the 12th n-f-l season for number 12 begins with a tectonic shift on the offensive line - josh sitton is out, lane taylor is in, and rodgers is among those dealing with the closing of a best players. 3 3 rodgers: josh and i played a lot of football together. he began his career starting my first year as a starter in 2008, so we played a lot of football together. had a lot of fun off the field together. but that's the business. you can't say you're ever really surprised. i can't imagine how ready jordy nelson is to get back on the field in a game that counts. he'll finally get that chance sunday in jacksonville,
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worry about cold causing any issues on his body. the heat won't be a shocker, either... the florida sun that awaits the packers sunday is the same sun they've been facing all summer in wisconsin. 3 3 nelson: you don't do anything different. i mean, i think we kind of got forunate today, being inside in the heat of the day today, but we talked about it a little bit, just knowing that you need to hydrate. but it's not any different than any early game, any game in the south. we played down in miami a couple of years ago and it was the same fortunate with a camp that was somewhat warm, especially for wisconsin weather. i think we'll be fine. the brewers didn't get off to a good start in their series with the cubs yesterday. well, they unloaded on jason hammel t. tonight...jonathan villar took the second pitch of the game over the wall in the deepest part of the park - he's up to 13 home runs to go with all that speed. and that was just the opening bang of some first inning fireworks... domingo
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this base hit, and by the time the cubs got out of the first, five runs had scored. and then ryan braun kept the fun going with another home run... he's up to 26 on the year. year.the ball's flying out in the hot wisconsin air. 12-5 brew crew! the badgers all the way up to tenth in the latest a-p poll. they were unranked last week. coming up tomorrow morning--- firewalking--- a live demonstration during the news! see who's walking barefoot and the reason behind it. plus--- the milwaukee bucks get ready to bounce back with their "own the future" tour. we'll look ahead to some of the team's travel stops.that's tomorrow on the cbs 58 morning news.we're on from 4:30 to
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summer is unofficially over... and residents in the northwoods are celebrating. many of them sat in lawn chairs outside of bars and restaurants this weekend... tourists as they drove out of town... and many of the tourists honked back.while residents may be happy to see the tourists leave.... many said they'll definitely wave "hello" when tourists return next summer.
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>> hey, you're on in about 10 minute. hey, did you see that new study about dog s. >> stephen: oh, yeah. >> they can actually understand human language. >> stephen: i don't buy it. i've got a dog and i like my dog but my dog does not understand anything other than the sound of foolit other people's butts smell like. >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes harry connick jr. ava duvernay and musical guest grouplove. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's


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