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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  September 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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breaking news tonight....three high school students are in the hospital tonight, being treated for heat exhaustion after a cross country meet at arrowhead high school in hartland cbs 58 april dovorany live at the high school with more. 3 heartlands fire chief tell us -in addition to those three hospitalized...about students were treated here at the school. it ws the first major cross country meet of the season-with over a thousand students from 25 different high schools here today. at the start of the race-temps we're right at 84 degrees. and that hot temperature coupled with humidity and lack of air flow is what made these kids overheat. the majority of the students effected were treated at the school. 18:47:20-27we've just had a few kids that we treated with some water and getting them cooled down again after their re
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expected to be in hartland, ad cbs 58 news 3 sad news tonight -- eric von, a radio host at w-n-o-v raido passed away this evening from an apparent heart attack.he's also part of the production company 'precious lives', which hopes to end gun violence in milwaukee through story 58 just featured the company -- and von -- on this newscast n years in the radio industry. she was shot three times...and left for dead.tonight...that woman is hoping for justice. justice.the woman said her ex-boyfriend used ?her? gun! cbs 58s eric levy is outside mpd headquarters right now with the woman's plea.eric? bill/marshanna...the plea is that if someone knows where her ex-boyfriend say
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son was also shot.both survived the july 20th ordeal...but she says it's not fair that he's out there somewhere. this is where one of three bullets hit is her son while he was in the hospital..."he got shot like right under his ear and it went out of his face."it all happened july 20th...mckee said things were fine that night until her son got home... "he started just, like, picking with us and just, you knqu basically nothing."when billy bays kept at it..."i just asked him to just leave, go ahead on, just leave."bays went in to a bedroom instead... "he had called my son in to the room, and he just pulled out the gun and shot him the shoulder...then shot him again in the face when he was laying on the ground. and then he turned and shot me three times."twice in the chest, where one bullet still is...and in the leg.
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"they had no choice because it caused a bad infection...and it could have cost me my leg." police out this notice...hoping to get any kind of help finding billy bays.mckee wants the same thing..."you don't have no right to shoot anyone, especially not a kid!" mckee's son is back to school now...but getting back to what life was like before the shooting isn't easy.billy bays has charges following around...including two of attempted police if you know where he, el, cbs 58...bill...back to you. milwaukee police are asking for help in finding two suspects who they believe robbed three northside restaurants yesterday. yesterday.from these surveillance photos, you can see the suspects covered their faces during the crimes.the denny's near 27th and howard was hit early wednesday morning.40 minutes later --- ?another? denny's was robbed near 76-th and brown deer.then shortly after that --- a
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locust was hit.anyone with information is asked to call milwaukee police at 414-935-7360. 3 milwaukee police are also asking for help in identifying another armed robbery suspect. they say this man robbed at 14 year old boy over the weekend near 34th and sheridan.he took the kid's phone, money and other belongings. if you recognize him call milwaukee police. a former choir director is accused of stealing more than 47-thousand dollars from a "student activities account" school.investigators say he used most of that money on cash advances at 58's jacob kittilstad has been going through court documents and has more on the former teacher... who's now behind bars. > the choir director's name is philip j. olson...> and he was employed by the elmbrook school district...until his ?quote? 'termination' last year.> that was during the investigation into the alleged theft...> happening over a
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mr. olson from his first year as choir director at brookfield central high school. > it was 1992.> he's listed as having fundraising responsibilities for different music programs...> including choir.> but in march of 2015 the questions started.> according to a criminal complaint filed wednesday...> a bookkeeper told authorities "...she paid the entertainment book company the money for the books in 2014, but never received profits...from the defendant."> > she also stated "...she never received deposits for any of the st. mary winter concerts the past "...the defendant did not make any deposits through her for the new orleans trip in 2015." > > in all...> authorities found 47,236 dollars worth of unauthorized transactions on a bank card meant for the brookfield central choir association.> olson's accused using that money on things like cash advances at casinos across multiple states...> groceries...> electronics...>
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business setting...> and up to 10 years in prison if convicted. school district would not go into details on where the stolen money ?would? have been applied to student activities...> but released this statement:> "after an internal investigation, the school district of elmbrook's board of education, on the recommendation of the administrative team, terminated mr. olson's employment."> (jake)> the district also says they used a forensic accountant to track down the money they say was stolen.> according to their si new choir director.> mr. olson is expected to have his next court date on ???? in studio > reporting...> jacob kittilstad...> cbs 58 news. milwaukee mayor tom barrett is reassuring residents that the city's water is no worse now than it has been in the past. that statement comes after what barrett said yesterday... when he urged residents who live in homes build before 1951 to get a faucet filter.he says yesterday's comments were sparked by an expert talking about how effective those filters are are removing lead. lead. mayor tom barrett/milwaukee:
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this is essentially what we've said in february and what we've said repeatedly since then. i think there is a value in repeating it over and over again. because we want people to know that our concern is about the safety of the people who live in this community and there is a particular concern for infants and children under the age of 6 they are the most vulnerable." 3 the type of filter mayor barrett talks about to remove lead is about 30 bucks... and you can buy it at a hardware takes about five remove about 98 percent of all lead pieces... but that's only if they're installd properly and "if there is a concern certainly get the filter. it didn't look like it was that expensive, they could put that on themselves and have fairly clean leadfree water." water." 3we have a listwork on our webs dot com.
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sobelman's... but they won't be able to have a beer with that burger. the city suspended the restaurant's license earlier this week when the owner didn't show up to a hearing about an accidential shooting back in alderm bob bauman approved a temporary food permit.dave sobltold us he's 7-21sot dave sobleman/owner"i think everybody is happy. i'm happy to move forward, put this behind me. in truth, i think my wife, staff, we just want to be restaurant owners and run our restaurants. i got sidetracked for a couple of days, i'm glad to be back open." open." one dollar for every burger sold will be donated to a different charity each day until sobelman's next hearing with the common council.. which is september 20. school resumes tomorrow for students at st john's lutheran school in mayville.teachers there spent the day cleaning up from yesterday's flooding that forced students to evacuate the school.
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disinfecting floors, putting back books and other items that were moved in ancipation of the floods.some water did get inside, but teachers and students used a squeegee to get it all out.but, there's still some work that needs to be done outside the school. we've got a little bit of playground. there's a few gullys there from where the water went through cause it went right down our playground area. we'll have a little bit of landscaping otherside too. but otherwise we'er doing pretty good compared to where we were at yesterday at this time. time. another school in mayville, park view elementary, was also evacuated students were able to return to class today. 3 it was raining so hard yesterday-- the milwaukee metropolitan sewer district says it was forced to begin the overflow process around six last night. they say it was mostly rain water...but about five percent was waste water. that will eventually
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m-m-s-d says its the best solution to keep people's homes and basements dry. "we captured and cleaned as much water as we could yesterday unfortunatly there was just too much rain to capture it all we had to have a combined sewer flow to reduce the risk of basement backups. the first thing we do our highest priority is to keep water out of people's base. basements. this was the second overflow dump of the year...m-m-s-d is allowed six annually. 3 it's exactly two months before election day... and third party-candidates are getting more attention this week... but probably not the kind they want. want. libertarian candidate gary johnson had an embarrassing moment when talking about the crisis in syria on a morning talk show. he asked what 'aleppo' is... the city in syria that's at the epicenter of the refugee crisis.meanwhile, green party candiate jill stein is charged with criminal trespassing and
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was photographed there spray- painting a bulldozer during a protest against a pipeline project. 3 donald trump and hillary clinton are ramping up their verbal attacks on each other. during a speech about education, trump's speech quickly turned to accusing clinton of flip-flopping on her email scandal.and clinton took aim at trump's foreign policy proposals... and blasted the republican nominee for praising russian president vladimir putin. 3 clinton and trump's verbal assaults come as there's an in launch a cyberattack on u-s election news has learned elections officials will receive a list of protocols to safeguard databases from the department of homeland security. a government official acknowledged hackers have already successfully broken into election systems in arizona and illinois. state democrats say republicans haven't done enough to address funding cuts and teacher shortages in wisconsin's rural schools. schools.democratic assembly
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years to tackle the issue. republicans do have funding solutions for students in rural districts on their list of priorities for the next legislative session.a memo from the legislative fiscal bureau shows state aid to rural schools has dropped 13 and a half percent in the past five years. declining enrollment is one of the factors contributing to that drop. 3 a simple text gave these parents extra hours with their daugther before she died.... coming up, hear the advice 3 and you might be seeing aaron rodgers and clay matthews on your t-v more often.find out why coming up... 3
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girll, killed while riding her bike, are encouraging other parents to look into technology that keeps an extra eye on their children. . .they signed up for verizon's "family base" to monitor their kids data usage..but as cbs 58's april dovorany explains, they had no idea it would also tell them their daughter had been in a serious accident 1654 when i got the notification on the phone i really wasn 100% sure what it was. it just said ashleyn had dialed 911shannon flegel says-she had just gotten to work the morning of july 19th-when she got that text. she was puzzled-but when her 12 year old daughter ashlyn didn't answer-she called 911. 1738 i called 911 and said im not sure this is really an emergeny but i got this strange textand then they took my info and her info and then theyput me on hold and told me theyd have an officer come pick me up bc she was invovled in an accident. flegel quickly pieced together the facts: ashlyn was hit by a car just a block from their homeon the way to summer school. (tony
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on teh go, she was always comign and going. always with her friends. just very busyin less than an hour-shannon and tony were by their daughters side. 340 when i arrived at childrens she had a band on her arm and it said jane doe. and shes my little girl. both parents-thankful for this 5 dollar a month program-that they say bought them precious hours with their daughter that would have been lost as authorities tried to identify her. dad 3005 we still got to say goodbye to her. it was good for us. even if she couldnt hear us.2855 we got a whole week to love her. and tell her how much we love her and how produ i thats a gift that i catn believe i got. if you're interested in learning more about the app, we have a link on our website, homecoming is a tradition for many colleges... and marquette university is looking to re- ignite that tradition. marquette university is holding a week-long homecoming celebration next month.the university plans to have events like a block party, a blue and gold run at miller
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bring back homecoming was brought up by a student. 55:02-11so we'll have a number of different events for our students, we'll invite our 30,000 alums from milwaukee and certainly beyond on that to come back to campus to celebrate their alma mater. mater. homecoming week is october 2nd through the 9th. an appleton teenager's decision to stop using machines to stay alive is not stting well with activist groups. we first introduced you to jerika bolen earlier this su 'spinal muscular atrophy'. because she lives in constant pain, she decided to stop using the machines that keep her alive.four activist groups wrote letters to the head of the wisconsin department of children and families... calling for an investigation into jerika's case. 55-1:07" we would like to see this young women get appropriate health care and medical care and it's clear under wisconsin law that teenagers can not end their
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i'm done and she was okay with that. for a while probably up until i decided i was going to do hospice i did not like myself:" 3 jerika's mother says her daughter's decision to die had been discussed for several years... since most people don't survive the incurable disease as long as jerika has. ford motor company is expanding a recall connected to problems with door latches. latches.nearly 2-point-4 million vehicles are on the recall list.they include some ford focuses, mustangs, and escapes.a spring in the side door latch of the vehicles can break, which could cause the door to open while driving.the latches will be replaced at no cost to customers 3
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above-average with lows in the lower 60s. 50s are possible inland with patchy fog. wind: nw 2-5 mph.friday: a little sun to start the day with clouds returning in the afternoon with storm chances. scattered storms possible through saturday morning. still a little warm and muggy with highs around 830. and cooler saturday with sunshine returning after morning showers. lots of sun on sunday with highs around average in the lower to middle 70s. 3 tonight: just a few clouds.
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above-average with lows in the lower 60s. 50s are possible inland with patchy fog. wind: nw 2-5 mph.friday: a little sun to start the day with clouds returning in the afternoon with storm chances. scattered storms possible through saturday morning. still a little warm and muggy with highs around 830. wind: se 5-15 mph.weekend: breezy and cooler saturday with sunshine returning after morning showers. lots of sun on sunday with highs around average in the lower to middle
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governor scott walker declared september as childhood cancer awareness in wisconsin.and it happened because of a teenager's hard work. work.15-year old annie bartosz lost her twon brother to cancer four years ago.and since then, she's created an organization called "gold in september."it supports kids fighting cancer. "i wasn't expecting it to be this big, i wasn't expecting scott walker to come, i wasn't expecting any of this, i just wanted to help get the word
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more than enough." enough." you can find out much more about annie's "gold in september" organization on our website, cbs 58 dotcom. investing in and rebulding neigborhood parks is the goal of one milwaukee initiative. 'mke plays' is a group that's fixing up 14 parks throughout the city through community input.a park at north buffum and west center street was the focus was burnt down by vandals last year. it rise from the ashes, to be a great asset to the neighbhorhood and community, families, and children to begin to come out and play more, and again again mke plays has raised more than one million dollars to fix up parks across the city.the organization plans on having six parks rebuilt by the end of this year. in a small wisconsin town... there's something unusual about some of their fifth grade classthere's four sets of twins! twins!the four sets of twins live in bloomer, a town north
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each other since preschool... and their moms say having twins is pretty special. "i think that twins tend to have a connection that maybe other siblings don't quite have."when they were younger i swear they had their own language, communicating to each other and they'd make weird noises and stuff and they'd go do the same this it would be really weird." 3 a study from the national center for health statistics puts the rate of having twins at close to 3 percent for all successful births. the pack is back!aaron rodgers and clay matthews are returning to your tv.... in series of commercials. commercials.0-19 nobody comes into this house without paying the price, not here not ever state farm knows for everyone one of those moments.. theres one of thesenobody comes into this house without paying the price, not here not ever. crash
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the two star in a number of state farm insurance commercials..there's also few more featuring rodgers and randall'll see them all throughout the football season. 3 a piece of history is coming to the packers hall of fame -- a section of the goal post from the ice bowl.the five-foot long section was donated by the mills family... who got it from the smith family.they were at that historic7 ended up on the field after the game.. and took down the goal post with a group of strangersthe goal post will now be on display in the ice bowl theater at the packers hall of fame. a documentary described as a 'love letter to wisconsin' is coming to the big screen....
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dan krebbiel: i'm dan krehbiel -- a vietnam combat veteran. we don't need politicians playing games with attack ads. i've read russ feingold's plan. he goes after the terrorists' oil money and arms supplies. he combines targeted military force with better human intelligence. and, he'll work to get middle eastern states to take on the terrorists in their own backyard. russ feingold offers a tough, realistic plan to protect america. russ vo: i'm russ feingold and i
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the brewers started down 1-0... but domingo santana and orlando arcia's home runs would be the start of an onslaught of runs. runs.junior guerra no problem picking up the win because of the brewers sixth inning. six runs being scored, started by martin madonado's two-run shot. his seventh of the year... then hernan perez and his double scoring jonahtan villar and keon broxton. four hits on the night, tying a career high for total of 28 hits... and 17 runs.brewers on the wining end of this one. 12-5.. they win the opener in st. louis. the nfl season underway today--not for the packers though. they're off today and they've still got a few more days before their week one matchup with jacksonville. jacksonville.speaking of the jaguars... the packers describing them as an up and coming young team. a talented young defense and an offense
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and allen hurns. third year quarterback blake bortles led the league in interceptions last year but he also threw 35 touchdowns. defense a big key for coach mike mccarthy this week. pursuit and finish and cover and finish. it's been evident in our preseason play and our workload at practice. i think we've had a couple good practices, especially for week one. i feel good about how it's going. nat: "i'm a cheesehead baby" cheeseheads will take over wisconsin this weekend with the packers kicking off their season sunday....but they'll get a head start in milwaukee with cheeseheads the documentary airing saturday at 7:30 at discovery's a documentary that is a self described love letter to wisconsin that hopes to showcase all of the quirky details in the state.....rice lake native john mitchell came up with the idea five years ago when he watched badgers fans tailgate for the rose bowl and packers fans at the super bowl... mitchell: "i realized, hey there's a movie here. i'm
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after all of these years and discover the deeper meaning of being a cheesehead." paulsen: "i don't know if tailgating was invented here, but it was perfected here. and that's a big unique trait that milwaukee had that really all of the other cities in the country have just started to catch up with.? brennan: "it celebrates the state of wisconsin, it's all of the things that discovery world wants to be and what we want to promote around the state so we're thrilled to be able to
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there's a new way to get beer in europe... a "beer fountain" the fountain was installed in slovenia.for 6-75, beer drinkers get a special glass with a microchip. 3 spotted cow.... foam cheeseheads.... kringle... what's the coolest thing made in wisconsin?a contest is trying sponsored by wisconsin manufacturers and commerce and the state chamber of commerce. more than 200 items have been ends monday. the winner will be presented with the 'wisconsin's coolest thing' award next month..we have a link to the contest on our website,
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tonight: just a few clouds. cooling down but still above-average with lows in the lower 60s. 50s are possible inland with patchy fog. wind: nw 2-5 mph.friday: a little sun to start the day with clouds returning in the afternoon with storm chances. scattered storms possible through saturday morning. still a little warm and muggy with highs around 830. wind: se 5-15 mph.weekend: breezy and cooler saturday with sunshine returning after morning showers. lots of sun on sunday h 70s. we'll have a lot more on the
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