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tv   CBS 58 Morning News 5am  CBS  September 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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but first-- meteorologist justin thompson-gee is tracking storms.let's find out where they are right now... and where they're headed. 3 3 (((30 second tz))) tz))) today: storms likely in the morning with a few scattered showers and isolated storms possible throughout the day. highs in the upper 70s before cold front arrives. wind: sw -> nw 5-15 mph.tonight: shower and storm chance continues. lows around 600. wind: n 5-10 mph.week ahead: a few rain showers wednesday morning before clouds gradual clear cooler wednesday through friday with highs on either side of 700. chance for storms returns most of friday into saturday morning. 3 3
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this morningplan ahead as you head out the door. 3 3 milwaukee police are actively looking for a suspect after a shooting around 1:30 this morning. it happened in the area of "fond du lac" and "custer."police say... a man in his early 20's was shot in the right arm.he was taken to a hospital.police say... the
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ch the first of nearly a dozen ?mobile job centers?... to help with milwaukee's inner city housing and umemployment problems.... opens today. today.the decision to open these job centers came nearly 2 weeks after the unrest in the sherman park neighborhood. 58's kyle aevermann joins us live from a job center near 27th and north aveune on milwaukee's northside with a preview. kyle? the mobile job centers are being placed in buildings throughout the 9 o'clock this morning, the doors of the employ milwaukee will open. last month governor scott walker announced 4 point 5 million dollar would be awarded to the city for this effort.govenor walker and milwaukee mayor tom barrett say this was a rapid response after meeting with ministers in the sherman park nieghborhood after the unrest. the centers will allow residents to search for jobs, and offer a number of programs, which include building resumes, and job assements.this is video from
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the mobile job centers in the coming weeks.the mobile job centers are being placed in areas that are underserved, and will give everyone a chance to access information about where to look for jobs and how to ?get? those jobs..... something that isn't always easy. :"to help people gain a better way of life, there's a number of things that you can do. but there's nothing more important than helping them prepare for and find a good, family supporting job."gov. scott walker/(r) wisconsin22:00 we want to have a renewed postive pa leadership but with the people here in milwaukee county. county. as far as the other mobile job centers are concerned. they are scheduled to tentativly to open in the coming weeks. again this center will open at 9 this morning. live in milwaukee.kyle aevermann. cbs58news. a two-month-old baby is recovering at home now... after being grazed by a bullet during a ?road rage incident.? incident.?it happened just
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set up for the "schowalter family" says... they were driving back from the zoo... when someone ?shot into their vehicle.?take a look at these pictures released by investigators.the bullet went through the passenger door.... a through the carseat. witnesses say... this scary incident should be a lesson to everyone. :55 "us as a scoeity we need to take 10 and just try to calm down before we go through any reactions of our own or take matters into our ownhands shooting at someone. someone. 3 the shooter is still on the loose if you'd like to donate to the family-we have a link to their go-fund-me page... at cbs 58 dot com. cbs 58 spoke with a local driving instructor.we asked him how he tells people to avoid road rage. rage. "i want people to know that there are times when you just have to just take a deep breath and say ok, i'm not going to make it to that meeting that i thought i was going to make on time. so,
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breath, relax and turn on the radio. try to get your mind on something else." else." authorities say if you ever find yourself in that situation... safely pull over and call police. a milwaukee woman takes the stand.. against the man accused of killing her child in an arson fire. fire. and only cbs 58 was there. critical testimony from "ariel rice"... as she talked about her 10 year old son, kevin little. the child used his own body to shield his two year old cousin. the fire police say was set by her ex husband michael morgan.. who also threatened to kill her. 17-26 did he tell you if you're not going to be with me you're not going to come out alive?yes he did. 3 3 the fire happened 8 days before rice appeared in court for domestic violence charges against morgan.the prosecution has other witnesses including one who claims to have seen the accused walk away from the milwaukee home while it was on
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at a nearby gas station that night.the trial picks back up this morning .... at 8:30. a racine couple- who ran a dog rescue facility- is facing a combined ?52? counts of animal . abuse.the criminal complaint says 33-year-old heather jensen and her 63-year old boyfriend- terry bogard- had more than two-dozen dogs in their home.several were in cages that were too small. dog fur and mud or feces covered the walls.the dogs were taken to the humane society.police say the couple was cooperative. the city of glendale votes to stay out of the estabrook dam debate. milwaukee county controls the dam and is currently debating whether to pay roughly 4-million dollars in repairs- or remove the dam altogether.last night ...glendale mayor bryan kennedy asked the common council to vote on a motion to recommend removal.instead-- the 6 person council unanimously voted to remain neutral- with members saying they don't have authority over the dam... so their position doesn't matter. 3 3 in campaign 2016... we are
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election day... but you can cast your ballot ?before? november eigth... if you want. the zeilder building in milwaukee will be open for about 300 hours for early voting in the election.there are also two satellite locations-- one at the midtown center on capitol drive... and the other at the forest home library. the additional hours and locations follow a federal judge's recent ruling that current election laws in wisconsin are too restrictive. 1:21-1:35"it's definitely a significant investment on the part of the city to really ensure that people have access after all, this election for many people, voting is their only voice in democracy. 3 3 you can register to vote at any of those locations.early voting begins september 26th at the ziedler building ...and october 10 at the satellite can find more information about early voting on our website- cbs 58 dot com. 3 hillary clinton will ?not? be on the campaign trail for a second day.this after she nearly collapsed during a 9/11 ceremony on sunday. her doctor
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pneumonia.clinton told c-n-n's anderson cooper she's feeling better... and didn't think her diagnosis was a big deal.she also said... she'll release more medical information in the next few days. 3 meanwhile--- donald trump says... he'll release the results of his recent physical soon.he wished clinton a speedy recovery with the recent news, but last week .... clinton called half of his supporters a "basket of deplorables"trump says it proves clinton is elitist and out of touch. packers cornerback sam after whacking helmets with t-j yeldon on sunday. by now.. we all know concussions are serious... and this is shields' second in nine months. the first one caused him to miss several games - including one during the playoffs. that's why mike mccarthy says he's taking extra precaution. 3 3 mccarthy: we'll evaluate sam each and every day and most importantly make sure he's healthy and goes through the challenges of what he's
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will factor in how we move forward. -a hard hit in the fourth quarter-shields' helmet cracked the helmet of jacksonville running back t.j. yeldon-shields left the field under his 3 did not re-enter the game-team will evaluate shields every day leading up to this sunday's battle against the minnesota vikings. wisconsin badgers guard bronson koenig is joining the dakota pipeline protest. that's according to yahoo sports. he began speaking out against the oil pipeline that could threaten sacred tribal land in north dakota ... on social media.but now the native american wants to go there to show support.koenig and his older brother miles intend to leave madison on friday afternoon ...and drive
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camps. they'll set up camp there for the weekend. 3 3 looking ahead this morning... technicians from locally-owned "mr. handyman" of waukesha and north milwaukee county will be donating their a local veteran today. they will provide construction and maintenance services.this is part of a national effort by mr. handyman franchise owners and employees to promote volunteerism and observe the national day of service. 3 a community event called "a seat at the table" recieved an overwhelming took place yesterday. the event was a diae in the city of milwaukee ... and listening to others on the issue.alderwoman milele a. coggs lead the event. still ahead ...a pilot makes an emergency landing on a busy highway in georgia. 3 plus ... a mosque in florida is set on police are looking for the person responsible.
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time check.. it's 5:... on this................. morning. welcome back to the cbs 58
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making national news this morning...ohio is in crisis mode in the midst of a heroin e. epidemic."what we're seeing in ohio and in many states, i know, is that this is penetrating every single group, you know, there is no economic group that is free of this problem race, sex, age. um, it's unlike any epidemic that i've ever seen because its everywhere." everywhere." ohio health department... more than 14-hundred people died of heroin overdoses last a last ditch attempt to get people to quit using... one police department is releasing pictures of overdose victims. 3 in florida -- authorities are looking for the person who ?set a mosque on fire.? fire.?it's the same mosque where the "pulse nightclub shooter" worshipped.the surveillance video shows... a
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huge flash.members of the mosque were celebrating what's called "the feast of sacrifice" -- a day where neighbors exchange gifts. "minutes before he set this fire, it was occupied by an mo people of this community. this is how close this was to this making not only a physical tragedy, but also a human tragedy beyond what we can describe to you. 3 investigators are also considering whether to charge the suspect with a hate crime. 3 this isn't something you see ev. everyday.the pilot of a small plane had to make an emergency landing along a busy interstate near atlanta, georgia. investigators say the pilot had to carefully maneuver the plane down after it ran out of gas.the pilot was able to land the aircraft without hitting any cars or buildings. no one was hurt.
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- the framework of a ceasefire in syria was in place last night--- but john kerry isn't sure russia or syria will hold up their end of the bargain. the secretary of state called it.... "far from perfect." perfect."russia has said assad has agreed to the ceasefire and he has agreed to the terms of this agreement. so we need to see that thatthough it is far too early to draw any definitive conclusions, and i'm not drawing any definitive conclusi" conclusions." the u-s and russia have shared interests in making sure terrorism dies in syria and the middle east.meanwhile -- syrian president "bashar al-assad... had plenty to say about what this means for ?his? government. "we have come here to give the message that the syrian nation is determined to retake every piece of land from the terrorists and to re-establish safety and security." security." 3 it's not clear if that means the government will target ?u-s backed rebels? along with isis.millions of syrians have either ?died or left? since
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coming up... a terrifying moment for u-s olympic swimmer- ryan lochte.details next! 3 plus--- from homeless to hero. this rescue dog is starting a new job ... to ?help
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this mes. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
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u-s olympic swimmer ryan lochte is trending this morning on social media... not because of his dance moves... it's what happened after the first dance that everyone is talking about. two protesters rushed the stage of "dancing with the stars" last night. it happened while the judges were giving their critiques of his this. this."excuse me ... off off ... excuse me""take a break we've got the rest of the judges comments"
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lochte says... he feels "a little hurt" after what happened. ( ryan lochte / olympic swimmer ) "at that moment, i was really heartbroken. my heart just sunk, and it felt like someone just ripped it apart. i had to brush it off. i had to realize i came out here in front of millions and did something i don't know how to do. i don't know how to dance, and i gave it my all, and i'm glad that i did it, and i'm glad that i'm here." here." 3 two men rushed the dance floor ... chanted ?against? lochte.the show was live--- but a-b-c ?didn't? show the actual incident.instead, the camera stayed focused on the judge. security guards detained the two men.this comes after lochte and some of his teammates were involved in an early-morning ?drunken encounter? at a gas station in rio.many people felt the incident made the u.s. look bad during the olympics.
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the fiance of one of beyonce's dancers literally put a ring on it during her concert in st. louis saturday night. beyonce handed over her microphone so the could happen. naturally.. it took place during a performance of "single ladies." the dancer said yes ... then performed the rest of the show. the bride-to-be tweeted about the epic proposal with the hashtags:"he liked it so he put a ring on it," followed up by "i said yes."
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3 3 3 roads will be wet this
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a four-legged friend is heading to an ohio fire department to help lift some sp. spirits. smokey is a rescue dog from a kill shelter in utah.he's part of the "homeless to hero program"...which works with agencies to place dogs where they're needed most.when two toledo firefighters died while battling an apartment fire... their chief knew the
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to help with morale and healing.smokey flew to ohio yesterday. he'll live at the fire department full-time. coming up ...something sure to brighten your tuesday..we have a puppy in the studio!stay tuned for our pet of the week! 3 plus ... a high speed chase
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we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage with our strong signal. you posted from the seashore. you shared from your hike. you showed us this sunset. and you adventured way out there... a lot of amazing places. ? u.s. cellular put towers where the other guys don't. so join our network, and start sharing your moments
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3 3 roads will be wet this morning...taking a liive look at the dot cameras...details on overnight constructin closures plus an update on your tuesday morning drive is coming up next in ready traffic. 3 good morning.. it's tuesday, september 13-th.i'm jessica tig. tighe.and i'm kate chappell.we have rain in the forecast again. in fact some of our nothern counties see rain right let's check in with meteorologist justin thompson gee to find out when everyone will be impacted.justin?
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3 new this morning---one person is dead after a shooting in ?brown deer.? deer.?the shooting happened around 10 last night... near 50-th and bradley at "algonquin manor senior
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police got to the scene... they found a man who had been shot.he was rushed to "froedtert hospital"--- but ?died? upon arrival.officers arrested the suspect.they say... the suspect and victim ?knew? each other. now to a developing story.. a high speed chase through waukesha county goes through a popular country club... with a suspect who police say was running with a gun in his hand. nats of chase/sirens chase/sirens 3 this morning... that driver is under arrest. but not before elm grove police say he crashed into two c also chased him through the westmoor country club.. and say he hid out at the mall. this all happened on sunday morning. 19-year-old marquis king was in his ex-girlfriend's car-- which police say he stole while she was sleeping.investigators say king admitted to smoking marijuana in the car -- right before an elm grove police officer tried to pull him over for a number of traffic violations.king is facing five charges.a 15-hundred dollar cash bond was set at waukesha county court... where he'll be back for a preliminary hearing next week. 3
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for a 17-year-old car thief who escaped custody.police arrested the teen for driving a stolen car sunday afternoon on north 42nd street near silver spring road.yesterday- while taking him to distirct four headquarters... he somehow got out of the transport wagon. milwaukee police need your help this morning... finding a man who ?sexually assaulted? a 19-year-old woman at gunpoint. gunpoint.the assault happened august 31-st on 62-nd street near "fie-brantz." authorities describe the suspect as a black ?musr? between 35 and 40 years old with ?gold? front teeth. here's a look at the sketch released by police.the man was driving a dark-colored full-size utility van. we went back to that neighborhood... and talked with people who say... they'll be keeping ?better watch? over their fact, one man... who's part of the ?area watch group?... has a ?message? for the suspect. 3 ((sot joe loesl, resident 53 years 00:07:05 we are watching out, you're going ot get caught sooner or later, we've caught a few burglars in the neighborhood already we are quite watchful around here. 00:)
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"neighborhood watch" group says... she hadn't heard about the incident until yesterday. she plans to hold a meeting about it ?very soon.? a special prosecutor will represent the state of wisconsin in the latest case of steven avery.avery says manitowoc county officials framed him for the death of photographer teresa halbach in . 2005.last month.. his attorney filed a motion requesting extensive forensic testing on the evidence.a judge appointed former milwaukee county district assistant attorney norman gahn to the case.he helped prosecute avery in the man suspected in the 19-90 murder of "berit beck"... may be heading ?back to trial? in fond du lac county. the court will address ?two? motions toda. today.the prosecution wants the judge to declare a mistrial ?without? jeopardy attached.basically--- so they can ?re-try? 62-year-old dennis brantner.the defense wants a "declarative judgement"... of ?not? guilty. brantner's first trial resulted in a ?hung jury? in late june.he was charged with beck's murder... after authorities ?re-examined? d-n-a's hearing is at 1:30 at the "fond du lac
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the future of a milwaukee tobacco shop- with a troubled past- is now in the hands of the court. a hearing starts this morning... to decide the fate of "27-th street tobacco." cbs 58's "julie parise" is live at the courthouse with a look ahead.julie. the city wants to take over the property at 27th and kilbourne and perhaps sell it to a new business owner. in a few hours here at the court house, local leaders and milwaukee law enforcment will testify at the nusiance hearing. the storefnt a one-stop-shop for crime. the city says it has evidence that pounds of marijuana have been kept in the bathroom there and that crack cocaine has been sold in and around that business. and that illegal guns were sold at the shop. more than 400 911 calls were made from the location in 2 1/2 years.back in february, the city had the locks changed at the store. if 27th street tobacco were a liquor store, or a bar it would've lost its license and effectively been shut down by the city years ago. however, since the store is a
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allow for's hearing starts at 10 a-mlive in milwaukee im jp cbs 58 in case you missed it--- cbs 58 is re- airing our special report on violence in the city of milwaukee. in "milwaukee at a crossroads"--- you'll hear from local leaders trying to stop the violence... and families who ?lost children? because of it. it.the special airs tonight at 7 on "bounce t-v." wisconsin senator delieved a tribute to army staff sargeant matthew thompson on the senate floor. the 28-year-old wisconsin native was killed by a roadside bomb in afghanistan last month. month.senator johnon went to the senate floor late yesterday to pay tribute to the young american soldier. saying quote "staff sergeant thompson was truly one of the finest among us."johnson also talked about his attendance at thompson's memorial service last week.the green beret was a 2006 graduate of brookfield central high school and was on
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overseas. he previously served in iraq.
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waukesha mayor shawn reilly is back home after a trip to washington d-c.he met with wisconsin lawmakers about funding for the city's 200-million dollar project to take water from lake michigan... asking the army corps of engineers for help. have to pay contractors to do the construction work. so obviously if we are paying contractors then the rates for water utility customers would be decreased." decreased." 3 waukesha is also working on another project -- a proposed municipal building.the city's current one needs more than one-million dollars worth of work to keep it up and running. mayor reilly is encouraging all residents to give input at
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"it's an important decision for the city of waukesha. this building has been here for more than 50 years, whatever the city does next for its facility will be at least 50 years also." also." 3 the city has three options... to rebuild the municipal center where it is right now.. build a new one on top of a parking garage.. or put it along the fox river downtown. can weigh in on the plans at two public meetings planned about the is on thursday... and another is on the following there's an open house today... about a ?possible expanison? of the oak leaf trail. trail.milwaukee county wants to connect the trail to the ?rock sports complex?... the franklin commercial center... and the planned bike trail systems in franklin and muskego.the open house is at 4-30 this afternoon at the "root river parkway picnic shelter." there's another meeting today about the future of pokemon go in milwaukee county.the parks committee is asking for input about regulating the popular game. the parks department says pokemon players are disrupting lake park... and want the
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have permits for "pokestops." the meeting starts at 9 this morning in the milwaukee county courthouse. when we come back on the cbs 58 morning news--- i'll sit down with out pet of the week--- a puppy in need of a good home. find out why target is already talking about the holiday shopping season. 3 and...there's a new electric car hitting the scene.the best part... might be the price tag. 3 here's a live look outside for
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c-b-s 58 news time is 5:... on
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welcome back to the c-b-s 58 morning news. now that it's feeling more like fall... your family might want a little something to cuddle about a new puppy!if you're ready for the responsibility... we have a great one today.sharon roe-dar-mel with the wisconsin humane soc pebbles.- ears up, tail wagging... that's what i noticed right away.- pebbles is such a fun name... does she have a personality to match?- how old is she... and how big will -
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- the wisconsin humane socity
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about it in a nutshell.- can people donate to it?
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in your moneywatch this morning - a co-founder of linked-in really, really wants donald trump to release his tax returns.linked-in co- founder and hillary clinton supporter reid hoffman has joined a crowd-funding campaign. campaign.the campaign- started by a marine corps veteran- is trying to raise one million dollars...and it would donate the cash to veterans groups if trump releases his tax returns by next monday.however much money the campaign raises.. the linked-in co-founder says he will match it five-fold. th as much as five-million dollars.the marine veteran says donors will only get charged if trump actually does release his taxes. 3 target is already talking about the holiday shopping season!the retailer says it will hire more than 70 thousand seasonal employees this holiday shopping season. that's about the same as last year. target also plans to hire 75 hundred employees for its distribution centers.---- i'm okay talking about that stuff... as long as they don't start playing christmas
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there's another player in the electric car market.this is the "solo".the single passenger car is made by "electra meccanica" out of canada.the solo will cost about 15-thousand dollars... and tops out at 81 miles an's expected to be available in the u-s next year. reax when we come back on the cbs 58 morning news,,,,,a man known for selling ice cream in one popular city is getting a well deserved break. 3 and its all thanks to some generous donations.the heartwarming 3
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the weather is starting to feel a little like fall....and that means many of you might want to plan a weekend getaway to see the fall colors. wisconsin's fall color report is now on its website.the interactive map shows color updates for all 72 counties in the a not much color now, but that'll change in a few weeks. there's also information on hotels, dining, and fall activities. 3
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3 in trending topics this morning--- an 89-year-old longtime popsicle vendor in chicago- who's struggling to pay his bills- is getting help from strangers. strangers. a man who happened to see ?fidencio sanchez? pushing his cart...every day... was so moved by how hard sanchez works... he bought 20 popcicles for $50 and then created a gofundme
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in just days.. more than 115 thousand dollars came in. sanchez lost his only daughter this summer... and his wife can no longer work... so he has to. now.. he can pay his bills and take some well-deserved time off. ( jose loera / started the gofundme account ) "on the optimistic side, i was thinking he might get $2,000. i mean, like, 'well, maybe we get him a week off,' and we got him retired. it's pretty awesome."( gustavo pedraza / paleteria poncho ) "everybody in littlll respect for him, because he's a hard worker. now that everything became so big and everybody's actually giving the respect, it's just amazing." amazing." sanchez also says he'll buy his wife a present... but he says he won't take her dancing... because he doesn't like dancing. 3 3 3 3
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i'm kyle aevermann 3 good is tuesday september 13th. i'm kate chappe. coming up in just a few minutes... we're talking about the packers-- but this time it's not good news. 3 a second concussion for packers cornerback "sam shields."this morning hear from coach mccarthy about the situation. 3 plus ... an update on hillary clintons health.. after nearly collapsing during a 9-11 ceremony over the weekend. 3 before we get to your top stories... it's raining in some of our northern counties. so let's get straight to the forecast with meteorologist justin thompson gee.when will everyone see rain, justin? 3


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