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right now at ten...a warning from police after a string of home at least one instance...families were home at the time!where it's happening and how to protect 3 number 4. brett favre. (claps) (claps)it's a night for celebration!while the packers are minnesota... fans in milwaukee honor a very and....a bomb goes off just before the start of a marine charity run...on the route!now the fbi is helping new jersey police figure out who did it... and why. 3 developing tonight....a separate -- but similar explosion rips through new york news reports this one happened in a
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are hurt....but they will be york police responded to west 23rd street and 6th avenue... in the chelsea neighborhood.right now -- who did this and why is unknown... information is limited at this time... but we will keep you updated.after our show -- be sure to check our website -- good evening to you.closer to's a happy ending to what could have been the worst was stolen...with her two infants inside! mpd tells us it happened around three this afternoon near 49th and west concordia. the mother parked her dodge suv on the street -- with her 10-month old son and daughter inside.the 33 year old left the suv running and went inside a house on that block for a short while.police say that's when a suspect got in and took off.about an hour later -- a witness saw the suv ?abandoned? in an alley near 40th and north avenue ----
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away...thankfully, the twins were found safe inside, but they were still taken to the hospital as a precaution.mpd is ?still? looking for the car thief.... if you know anything, call their sensitive crimes division at 414-935-7405. at miller park tonight... they're saying thanks for the memories.brett favre may be immortalized in canton, ohio...but he's back in milwaukee know fans were excited to seem. cbs 58s evan kruegel is at miller park right now with more.evan? 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 live at miller park, evan
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packers fans...they're a spirited bunch, and they're not afraid to take their show on the road...the packers- vikings football rivalry brings waves of fans... crashing over the state line... and pouring into the bars of the twin 58's scott grodsky saw the party firsthand. 3 3 thousands of packers fans in minnesota have to live through daily nightmare of living in the land of purple while cheering for the green and gold. but for this weekend their team is home and the packers fans in minnesota look forward to renewing their bragging rights against their friends and family who root for the vikings.this is the vince lombardi trophy i know you're not familiar with these things over in this part of
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lot of fun and harass the vikings fans. we're here to vikings fans. we're here to torture them my wife would say. my wife to be in a couple of weeks, we're getting married at lambeau field. field.if she was a vikings fan, well that's a change now. she's a packers fan now. one day in the parking lot she goes i've had enough and i thought she had had enough of me, she went to the back of the truck took off for vikings jersey and put on her packers jersey and that's what being a packers fan is all aboutgo pack go nat natwith the vikings coming years ago to break in our new renovated stadium and us losing to the vikings, it's the least we could do is come over here and return the favor. there's nothing better than getting the pack to break in their new stadium the right way which is to have the vikings lose again. go pack go chants filled the packers pep rally, but they may have gone to their loudest when two former packers took the stage to talk to the crowd. earl arms caught up with both of them, we will hear from them coming up a little bit later and sports. reporting in minneapolis scott grodsky cbs 58 sports
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tonight...a warning from south milwaukee you. burglars are looking for open windows...and using that opportunity to get inside!cbs 58s amanda devoe talks about how the burglars are getting in and a simple thing you can do so it doesn't happen to you. brandon kowlaski just found out a few of his neighbors homes and garages were recently broken in to... "it's pretty surprising."it's not the kind of thing he expected... expected..."w our windows, but i leave my windows open all the time. if somebody pops my screen, that's crazy"south milwaukee police it's happened ?three? times in this area. police say the criminals cut the screen out of windows that are left open. in one of the burglaries...the bad guys were scared off by a family that was home at the time. the crimes are convincing some neighbors to make changes... "lock my doors, cause i usually don't." "gotta think about the kid and stuff. gotta make sure all the
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windows are closed."sure, the break-ins are scary, but neighbors they still feel safe. "you can't live in fear, nobody should live in fear. it's still a good neighborhood, it's still s good place to live." and amanda tells us that police suggest looking in to safety locks.they're small pieces of plastic that only allow the windows to open up about's another way to help keep this from happening to you. two days ago...we told you oak creek police detectives are investigating burglaries.more than 40 homes and garages were hit over the one very recent oak creek woman said her family was inside their home as someone got in after popping out the screen.her car keys...and car were stolen.oak creek and south milwaukee are close...but it's not known if the burglaries are connected. it's 14-years in prison for the man accused of shooting and killing a man...following
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homicide.police say dodson shot deshaun freeman back in march after, dodson said, he rear ended him.freeman was the brother of tamecca perry, the soon-to-be mother who was murdered less than a month before.after he gets out of prison, dodson will have extended supervision for six years. today was a great day for a barbecue in the park...u-s senate candidate russ feingold did exactly that. that.he met with a few dozen folks at sherman hear community issues and earn votes.this barbecue is part of feingold's "listening tour" where the democrat is visiting 72 counties across wisconsin... feingold said he plans to return milwaukee county to build and strengthen relationships, if elected in november. 3 "i know it's hard sometimes to believe in politics, that they work right but it works best when you stay really close to people and listen to them. i sat down with some of you today to smile and take a picture, and that's all good
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your mind." wisconsin jobs now, citizen action of milwaukee, and urban underground also participated in feingold's barbecue...the democrat is up against current us senator -- republican ron johnson met voters in appleton at a walk for a-l-s. 3 3 "so everyone start coming over for the presentation of the colors." cbs 58's jacob kittilstad emceed a very important event in waukesha this morning. the "nami" walk fundraiser. almost 350 people took part...raising almost 50- thousand dollars for mental health awareness and research. event organizers say this walk is the largest and most successful fundraiser for the national "nami" organization.
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tonight: a few clouds and seasonably cool with lows in the 50s. wind: w 5-15 mph. sunday: more sunshine than clouds with warm highs in the upper 70s. wind: sw 5-15 mph. week ahead: on monday with highs in the lower 80s. clouds increase throughout the day on monday with storms possible at evening. a stronger storm also possible. drying out tuesday with sunshine before more storm chances return wednesday and don't let up until the
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end summer and start fall with highs in the middle and upper 70s.highs in the middle and upper 70s. thanks justin....the fbi is investigating after an explosion along the route of a marine charity race. this plastic trash can just as runners in the semper five charity race were due to pass around 9:30 this morningbut heavy turnout for the event slowed registration and delayed the start. no runners were on the course and no one was hurtauthorities say three small pipes were tethered together...?all? had explosives but only one went jersey congressman
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(sot tom macarthur, new jersey congressman)it was clearly meant to go off at a certain hour so there was definitely intent to hurt peoplebrook: and we know that because it was on a timer?congressman: yeah... i don't want to get into the details only because i don't want to get ahead of the fbi and compromise what they're doing. doing.residents were escorted back to their homes just after 6 in the evening. two people are dead...four others including a couple of police officers are recovering te all started as sergeant sylvia young was sitting in her patrol car.a man, who police are identifying as 25-year-old nicholas glenn, approached and fired 18 shots through her window.listen as police describe what happened next. 3 "that male did not say anything to her, uh he fired multiple shots, she was actually struck multiple times in the left arm... this same male actually fires in the
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left leg." leg."police say that man then grabbed a woman...who may have been leaving the bar...and used her as a shield from officers.glenn also fired more than a dozen shots in to another car...killing a 25- year-old woman and hurting another man.glenn shot ?another officer? during a shootout in an alley, before police killed him.police say a note expressing hatred toward law enforcement was found. 3 it's a bizarre case... with many questions to answer..a father and son in the hospital af more details next... 3 plus...sorry drivers...the price at the pump might be going up soon...but there's some good news too...we'll have that next.justin -- 3 3 ???break??????break??? 3 3 3
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he way home. no pudding. ah, that's done. time warner cable. it's the obvious choice, people. in florida...a father and son
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kind of argument. argument.officers responded to their jacksonville home just after seven last night. one of the men was found in the yard...the other was inside the home.both with life- threatening injures. officers are trying to figure out what the father and son were arguing about... 3 3 "we are tired i shouldn't have to wake up to see another black boy dead." claps clapsa passionate voice among many at a community meeting after an eighth grader was shot and killed by police in columbus ohio.13 year old tyre king was shot several times wednesday night.police say king was carrying a bb gun that looked, as they put it, practically identical to the type of gun officers carry. folks at the meeting brought up questions and concerns about safety, police and local officials... 3 "i want to know what do we have to lose for an independent investigation and.a special prosecutor." prosecutor." 3
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information yet to provide to a special prosecutor but i am here to tell you were are here to do the right thing." thing."city leaders say they can request help from the justice department.for now...they say the conversation is sparking better understanding of community concerns. in the presidential race... republican donald trump is stirring up more controversy. during a campaign rally in florida last night...he joked th security detail should disarm. kenneth craig reports...clinton's campaign didn't sit quietly. donald trump addressed the remembrance project in houston saturday.the group advocates for tougher immigration laws. (sot donald trump)politicians ignore your cries, but i will never. trump pledged to the families of americans killed by illegal immigrants that he would shine a national
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life should be given up in the name of open borders. (nats miami) on friday, the republican presidential nominee appeared to threaten hillary clinton while criticizing her position on gun control. he said clinton's secret service team should disarm. (sot)take their guns away, she doesn't want guns, take their, let's see what happens to her. clinton's campaign said in a statement today "inciting people to violence it is an unacceptable quality in anyone seeking the job of commander in news-washington post poll shows 67-percent of voters believe trump is a risky choice..(nats) bernie sanders held several campaign events for clinton on college campuses in ohio today. (sot sanders)you have to do everything you can to make sure that clinton wins this state. the cbs news poll also shows clinton and trump are locked in a statistical tie when third party candidates are included.kenneth craig,
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drivers nationwide could see gas prices jump soon...that's because a leak shut down part of an important pipeline providing gas to the eastern u-s.the colonial pipeline connects houston to new york... part of it has been shut down for a week due to a leak in alabama.experts say prices could jump by 15 to gallon.but they also say the spike could be short-lived -- once the pipeline gets fixed.
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seasonably cool with lows in the 50s. wind: w 5-15 mph. sunday: more sunshine than clouds with warm highs in the upper 70s. wind: sw 5-15 mph. week ahead: another warm day on monday with highs in the lower increase throughout the day on monday with storms possible at evening. a stronger storm also possible. drying out tuesday with sunshine before more storm chances return wednesday and don't let up until the following week. stays warm to end summer and start fall with
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seasonably cool with lows in the 50s. wind: w 5-15 mph. sunday: more sunshine than clouds with warm highs in the upper 70s. wind: sw 5-15 mph. week ahead: another warm day on monday with highs in the lower 80s. clouds increase throughout the with storms possible at evening. a stronger storm also possible. drying out tuesday with sunshine before more storm chances return wednesday and don't let up until the following week. stays warm to end summer and start fall with highs in the middle and upper
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they are local artists making magnift county...i have always thought that kind of what we do is a historical thing becuas eit is a hand crafted item - pretty unusual in this day and age - our methods are the same methods from many many years ago ago tomorrow on cbs 58 sunday
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to showcase a husband and wife team of artists who've been producing stained glass and sand-carved creations for bob and mary krauski have stayed in business- and busy- for more than 40 years ... nats - it's the most amazing thing toi me if you're doing what you should be doing in life. it works. 3 you can watch the plus much more on cbs 58 sunday morning with mike strehlow... that's at 7-am just ahead of cbs sunday morning from new york...we hope you'll join us. are you ready for sunday night? night?it's tough to wait a whole day for this matchup,
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the packers won't have sam shields, but they do have plenty of supporters in minnesota. earl arms checks in next. ???break??????break??? 3 russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program,
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turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
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the wisconsin-minnesota connection - and rivalry - don't stop with the fans. some players crossed state lines to earn their football living. here's c-b-s 58 earl arms with more on the two-state tussle. 3 3 kevin it would not be a pep rally in downtown minneapolis without a couple of former packers to help cheer on the team. lindsey knapp and jim carter both think the vikings don't stand a chance even in their brand-new us bank stadium.jim carter - former
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south st. paul so i've been putting up with this crap for all these years. how important is it? let's face it it's going to happen. that brand-new billion-dollar stadium will be very quiet by the end of the game.lindsay knapp - former packers offensive linemanon one hand you have shaun hill who's kind of an unproven guy who's been with the organization for a while. on the other hand you have bradford who's a step up from that but it's the second week here and it takes a while to learn these things so with either quarterback we can i think we're in pretty good shape.mark murphy - packers presidentdivision games are always important. i think particularly for us we have two division games in a row we want to get off to a good start and i think our team is ready.tagkick off tomorrow at 7:30 in that brand-new billion dollar facility and like these fancy or carter and nap think the packers will be just fine as long as number 12 is their quarterback. here in minneapolis ea cbs 58 sports thanks earl. it's a weekend of football rivalries - the one in minnesota renewed, a longtime high school pairing
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the end of an era. 3 3 world war 2 nat griffin cg in :25barron cg in :33joe sr cg in :38jordan cg in 1:38joe jr cg in 1:41 1:41 sots on best rivalry
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student sections were packed friday night......the rest of the stands turned into giant high school reunions with legends of the rivalry watching it one more time.... sots on what it means to watch your son play in it the record book comes to a close with a 27 - 14 central
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to start a new chapter trying to convince the w-i-a-a to reconsider and renew this rivalry.....reporting in west allis, scott grodsky, cbs 58 sports... way too close of a call for bucky badger today... it took this touchdown from alex hornibrook to kyle penniston to help wisconsin escape georgia state. state.corey clement was out for the 23-17 win. and in chicago, the brewers pounded jake arrieta and the cubs - ryan braun hit two two- run homers, and topped that with a grand slam. slam.brewers win 11-3. they're won four of their last five against the cubs. 3


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