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tv   CBS 58 News at 4pm  CBS  September 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm CDT

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thanks for watching. [applause] a million dollars a year... over the next five years. that's what a federal grant is offering for cities that have seen civil unrest. like milwaukee...the city announced today it will be a recipient of the violence prevention grant. but ?not? directly because of what we saw in sherman 58's david ade is live to explain...david. the city applied for this grant before last month's unrest in sherman park. today... city officials say it was community response to the officer-involved shooting of dontre hamilton which qualified milwaukee for the grant. mayor tom barrett made the grant announcement at a press conference with common council members... and people invovled in tackling the city's violence issue from a health perspective.people in the
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groups could make best use of the money.. then divide it up. the point of the grant... is to connect people who are surrounded by violence with trauma services 3 3 "the trauma of living in a situation where there is constant poverty... as to whether there is constant tension if you can remain in that home. if there are public safety tensions. that's a trauma that doesn't go away and for some individuals that could have a debilitating effect... and it woulha being." the city's office of violence prevention says it will use the grant to help people in the community heal... while also working to address issues that lead to violence in in downtown milwaukee...david ade... cbs 58 news. 3 police in charlotte, north carolina are preparing for what could be a third night of violent protests. several people, including two officers were hurt during last night's peaceful protest...that turned into looting and violence.
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fatal shooting of a black man by a police officer. cbs's kenneth craig has the latest from charlotte. after watching a peaceful protest spiral out of control in downtown charlotte... authorities are hoping the national guard and highway patrol will maintain order tonight. "we have a full complement of civil emergency unit ready to continue working to prevent violence crime." wednesday's violent protests left businesses damaged and looted...2 officers civilians were injured. a civilian was shot in the head and is now fighting for his life, but it's not clear who shot him."we are reviewing video and are assessing our people who were there as well because an allegation was made that one of our officers might have been involved."the violence followed tuesday's fatal police shooting of keith scott - a 43-year old black man who officers say refused to put down his gun. scott's family and witnesses say he was holding a book.
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incident to scott's family, but even after several nights of violence and property damage..they have ruled out a public release. "we all stand together, declaring there must be transparency and the videos must be released"quentrell burrell is in charlotte for a church revival. he's worried about more violence tonight. tonight."people want answers. and because there have been no answers, i don't think there will be an end."the city says, news, charlotte, north carolina. 3 attorney general loretta lynch is also calling for calm. she's sending four department of justice officials to charlotte to support local law enforcement. north carolina's goveror, pat mccrory says governor scott walker has offered any kind of help he might need from wisconsin. 3 and we just learned moments officer who shot and killed a black man in tulsa has been charged with with first degree manslaughter.
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feared for her life when she opened fire on 40-year-old terrence crutcher. helicopter video shows him walking to his vehicle with his hands raised in the air. no gun was found on crutcher or in his car. a 9-year old boy remains in serious condition at children's hospital today...after he was accidentally shot by his little brother. happened around four yesterday at 20-th and hadley. family says the younger brother, who's six, found a gun inside the home and accidentally shot his brother in the back. police now say a 30-year-old woman scene for leaving a firearm near the child...and that charges are expected in the coming days. family says the boy lives with his mother and stepfather. waukesha police are investigating a possible child enticement. it happened outside waukesha south high school yesterday a 16-year-old boy waited for his mother to pick him up.'s a look at the car police say stopped outside the school. the white male driver in his 50's asked the teen boy if he needed a ride. he told him he knew his mother and
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refused and the driver left. the boy's mom says she never gave anyone permission to pick him up. if you recognize the car or know anything that can police at 262-970- 3735. a sad update to bring you: 14-year-old jerika bolen has died. the appleton teen gained national attention this summer when she announced that she wanted to end treatment that she had been receiving her entire life for spinal muscular atrophy, a rare july, more than on prom held in appleton in jerika's honor. chief meterologist drew burgoyne joins us now to get you ready for your evening...drew 3 tonight: scattered showers possible late this evening and overnight. lows in the 60s.
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possible. highs near 69. wind: ne 5-15 mph.week ahead: drying out saturday with highs around 70. chance for a shower or storm on sunday, especially later in the day, with highs in the 70s. next week will start off unsettled with rain and storm monday. a shot of cooler air arrives toward the middle of the week with highs in the low
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a d-p-w truck was involved in a crash this morning. the city worker wasn't hurt but a young woman in the car was killed and a man seriously hurt. it happened at 76th and sheridan. 58's jacob kittilstad joins us live from there with what witnesses saw...jacob. ...watching the emergency response to all this today... told me they had seen this specific vehicle...a gold buick...earlier in the day one woman told me the vehicle had previously run a red light and was speeding before this crash. it happened just before 10 a-m as the d-p-w vehicle crossed on sheridan was
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the gold buick was coming down the hill when it slammed into the truck...lodging itself underneath. milwaukee police tell us a 20-year-old woman died as a result of that crash. a result of that old woman died as tell us a 20-year- milwaukee police itself underneath. truck...lodging slammed into the hill when it about ten minutes after that crash...there was another...also involving a car and a truck. it happened at teutonia and good hope road. the driver hit this box truck...though it's not clear right now what led up to the crash. the driver of the car was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. new details today about a credit card skimming scheme. elm grove police say two suspects arrested for putting the devices on gas pumps in
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states.investigators say there's surveillance video that shows the two at gas stations in oklahoma, indiana, illinois, and texas. josue garcia moret and richard rivera garicia, both of florida were arrested in brookfield last week.police say they retuned to jilly's gas station in elm grove to retrieve a skimmer --- but a silent alarm went off alerting police. they're now both charged with fraud. "the ne patriots are hosting the houston texans tonight and with om are big questions about what the patriots will do at qb i'm bsv in fox borrow ma with a preview of thursday night football coming up." up." 3 plus --- a huge honor for a local woman....she's been awarded the mccarther foundation genius grant...we'll tell you what work earned her the prize...after the break. 3 plus --- chief meterologist drew burgyone will return with your full readycast...stay
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a uw-milwaukee professor has been named the winner of the macarthur foundation "genius gr" grant."receiving this award means the world to me... ive chose a really unconventional
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adults and committing my career to this this professor anne basting works in the theater department at u-w-m. she works closely with elderly people living with dementia and cognitive impairments. she's been awarded a 650-thousand dollar prize for her work. there are only 23 people who receive this award nationally. tonight on cbs 58 --- the houston texans visit the new england patriots on thursday night foot. about tonight's who will fill the quarterback role for the patriots. while tom brady serves his four game suspension for his involvement in deflategate. cbs' brook silva-braga has a look ahead to tonight's game. nats firing musket it might be the best job in sports. even now after 11 years i pinch myself, every time i step down here janie ritchie and the end zone militia stand closer to the field than any fan. and when the new england
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celebration with the team-fire real revolutionary muskets. (janie:) i'm going to fire this gun (brook:) okay, should i close my ears, what do you think?(janie:) take it like a man. (brook:) okay, we'll see ////(shot)brook: wow! the question tonight, is will the militia have much to celebrate. patriots quarterback tom brady is serving a four game suspension for his role in illegally deflating footballs so in stepped jimmy garoppolo, leading the patriots to a we injured in his second game... rookie jacoby brissett filled in and pulled out a week two win. so will garopollo be healthy enough to take the field here just four days after the injury? like many questions directed at head coach bill belichick, that one got an icy answer i'm a football coach, i'm not a doctor. // they don't call plays, i don't do surgery. you afraid you might not be shooting much this game?janie: well you never know, do you? there's always magic on this
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boys, they'll be great! brook silva-braga, for cbs news, foxborough, ma 3 and coming up after the game...a special report on pewaukee native jj watt and his foundation. he does a lot of work ?on? the field for the houston texans. but he's also having a big the field. donating millions of dollars to a middle school athletic programs... including in cudahy. "the kids were excited to just get the new jerseys, get the new helmets, the new that we went with. but once they heard it was jj watt i think it just went above and beyond what anyone could have expected." 3 tonight cbs 58's jacob kittilstand sits down with jj's mom to find out why he started his foundation. can watch that special report..."just a kid from pewaukee" tonight on the cbs 58 news after the game. what a week for the milwaukee bucks.sign the greek freak to a huge contract extension... lose offensive threat khris middleton for six months... then pull a trade with houston
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they send point guard tyler ennis to houston in exchange for michael beasley. beasley... the second overall pick in 2008... known as a supreme offensive talent but also a head case in his younger years.he's bounced around the league quite a bit... three stints with the miami heat... he played twice in china as well.tyler ennis was not likely to see much playing time behind matthew dellavadova... and m-c-w... and giannis handling the ball. m-c-w... and giannis nd 3 your full readycast with chief meterologist drew burgyone is next...stay tuned.
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recently shut down for a day because of flooding says its playground black top to collapse.even before this week' storms, a spokesman with saint john lutheran school in mayville says all the blacktop hasn't completed dried out from when it was covered in several feet of are not allowed to park in the area as a precaution. 3 tonight: scattered showers possible late this evening and overnight. lows in the 60s. friday: isolated shower still possible. highs near 69. wind: ne 5-15 mph.week ahead: drying out saturday with highs around 70. chance for a shower or storm on sunday, especially later in the day, with highs
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start off unsettled with rain and storm chances mainly on monday. a shot of cooler air arrives toward the middle of the week with to 3 tonight: scattered showers possible late this evening and overnight. lows in the 60s. friday: isolated shower still possible. highs near 69. wind:
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out saturday with highs around 70. chance for a shower or storm on sunday, especially later in the day, with highs in the 70s. next week will start off unsettled with rain and st monday. a shot of cooler air arrives toward the middle of the week with highs in the low to middle 60s.
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3 the susan g komen race for the cure is coming up this weekend. after the break --- we'll hear from one family who's walking for a loved one...lost too soon to breast cancer... 3 3 cancer...too soon to breast
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sunday for the "race for the cure." the event raises money and awareness for breast cancer research. survivors will celebrate while otherss will fulfill a legacy of a loved one gone too 58 morning news anchor, jessica tighe brings us one such story from menomonee falls 3 racing for julie julie karpinski was full of life. she was a wonderful wife.... a loving mother to her two young boys.... a dedicated educator at concordia... and a pharmacist at froedtert. stage two breast cancer in 2009. she was just 33.9:33:46 "she never one day complained. never said, why me?"four years later, and after numerous treatments, the family learned her breast cancer had advanced. in 20-12, they got the devastating news... it was now stage 4. 4. todd karpinski/lost wife to breast cancer9:36:29 "we weren't sure if it was 6 months or a year. she made it a couple years which is great. but yeah, you just try to take all the life you can get out.
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lifestyle. she loved playing games with the boys. she also volunteered for the susan g. komen foundation. she understood the importance of giving back... ?and? working to find a cure. cure. julie karpinski/passed away from breast cancer (2013 -corner note) 1:46 "i need it to happen very soon in my battle against breast cancer. they give me hope that i will be there for a long time for my children. (doon.... doon sounds)" 1:55holding on to that hope helped during her fight, but there's no cure battle with breast cancer one year ago this month.38:47 "losing a spouse at 39 is tough and no one should ever lose a mom. but it happens to a lot of people so we just try to do our best to give a little bit back and enjoy the days we had with mom, right?" 39:03one of the ways they give back is through "race for the cure." 7:26 "it says julie karpinski." ///7:26 "team: fight like a girl."julie
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she died-- walking and raising money. so did dad and the boys. in fact, the three walked last year too, just weeks after she died. and they'll be walking again ?this? year... with julie on their minds every step of the way.45:25 "there's not a day that passes that we don't think about mom, but this year, will be more of a celebration of her life and all the greatness that she brought."(picture and simple music... fade out) the susan g. komen "race for the cure" is sunday morning. it starts at nine o'clock outside the milwaukee art museum. you can register online now or in person on race day. we have a link to register at cbs-58-dot-com under the newslinks section. 3 i'll be out there bright and early with other members of the cbs 58 and telemundo wisconsin news teams..much of the action happening right under the bridge at the art museum.. opening ceremonies
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inspiration and get you pumped and then after the race visit the cbs 58 -telemundo wisconsin tent..we'll be handing out these pink sunglasses as long as supplies fact the race is known for creative attire from wild wigs and tutus although some opt for elite athletic wear...and.. 3 kohls is helping some of the women who will be in the race this weekend look their best. they invited thirty breast cancer survivors to a shopping spree ?on them?. each survivor was greeted at the door with a hug...and a op "i know the survivorship journey, i'm a breast cancer survivor myself and i lost my mom to breast cancer, and she loved to shop at kohls so when i hug the survivors i can't help think of the journey they've been thru and how significant something like this means. "today is super special they were really generous i got to bring my mom and she's also a survivor and it's her birthday today so she's off the shoe departme"
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kohls is a sponsor of the race for the cure. they've committed more than six point five million dollars to susan g. komen of southeast wisconsin.we've got a lot more including a link to the race website on our website at cbs 58 dot com. see you there!!! 3 cirque du soleil tumbles into milwaukee tonight... with a show at the bradley center centertoruk... the first flight is inspired by the james cameron movie avatar. they are calling this a prequel to avatar... and say this show is not only approved by james cameron... but an official part of the canon expect acrobatics at a cirque du soleil show... but promoters say fans will also see the unexpected at this show. 3 the technology being used in this show is really spectacular. similar to how avatar usd new technonogies in the film industry, we'd like to think that we are doing the same for live entertainment. we are using 40 projectors to really bring pandora to life. so for sure, people have never seen anything like this before
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toruk... the first flight happens tonight through sunday at the bradley center. tickets are available at the bradley center box office. 3 stay tuned...we've got much more news and weather
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it's opiod and heroin epidemic awarenwe state officials are praising a new drug takeback program at walgreen's...that's trying to fight the problem. cbs 58's lindsey branwall has more. 3 you may have seen a drop box like this before. a place to dispose unused medications, this is one of hundreds installed in walgreens across the country. the goal to make it easy to drop off medications that could get someone you know and love addic.
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sometimes people don't want to go into the olice department nobody is asking questions... questions...many were in attendance to support the schimel says leaving rx drugs in your cabinet is as dangerous as leaving a loaded gun on your kitchen table to put a number on the problem. 70 people have died in milwaukee of probable overdoses in the last six weeks.simultaneously governor walker signed an executive order to create a task force to combat heroin use in the stae st five...started with rx, 70 percent got them from family or friends. friends. there are five disposals just like this. in milwaukee county and 18 in the state. reporting in mke lb cbs 58 news. 3
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examiner tweets a scary projection about drug deaths. the office tweeted that the county expects to see 320 drug deaths in 2016. that's a 25-percent increase from last year. and a ?114-percent? increase from 10 years ago. an environmental group recently found a dangerous chemical in the drinking water for many americans...including in southeastern wisconsin. wisconsin.chromium six can cause cancer...and there still isn't a lot of information about how much -- is too much. cbs 58's eric levy has been looking into the report. report. new information...eric. bill/michele...chromium is a metal that is used in industrial construction... number six is the form of it...and it has ways of getting in to the environment... environment......and ultimately in the water supply. almost every county in our area has it.
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this interactive map...color coded based on the amount of chromium six found in a community's water supply.ewg says the darker the blue shading, the more the chromium six in the water supply.they gathered water tests as reported by the epa from local water utilities.between 2013 and 2015...the cancer causing medal was found in the water in waukesha county, milwaukee county, and many others.the highest levels in this area appear to be in beaver dodge people we talked to didn't even know. 3 "i don't drink too much tap water, i drink a lot of bottled water just cuz it's more convenient in the vehicle...and then i boil or cook pretty much with regular tap water." water." chromium six can cause we went to a professor at uwm's freshwater sciences department to find out how much of a danger this really is to you and your family.we'll have that part of the story for the cbs 58 news at five.eric 58
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chief meterologist drew bugyone joins us now to get you ready for your evening...drew 3 tonight: scattered showers possible late this evening and overnight. lows in the 60s. friday: isolated shower still possible. highs near 69. wind: ne 5-15 mph. week ahead: drying out saturday with highs around 70. chance for a shower or storm on sunday, especially later in the day, with highs in the 70s. next week will start off unsettled with rain and storm chances mainly on monday. a
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toward the middle of the week with highs in the low to middle 60s. brides and grooms are busy making plans for their fall weddings. if you've done it -- you know it takes a lot of time, effort and ?money?. so image if one piece of your big day suddenly fell apart. that's what happened to some local couples, when a well-known d-j suddenly went out of business. 58 morning news anchor kate chappell investigates in this savy consumer report. dancing and music a wedding
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couples like jay and elaina spencer-- it was almost anything but. "i got the email and i immediately started freaking out. "the email was from dj's couture cancelling services 3 days before their wedding. "he said.... unforseen tragedies."// tragedies."// "she was upset, i was furious. we felt completely taken advantage of."dj's couture informed the better business business on june 29th.they accepted payment from the spencers august 23rd. "he was speaking as though he was so excited, though he was so excited, everything was good. never made mention at all about anything changing." multiple emails show communication between the spencers and djs couture confirming services?after? june 29th. and the spencers aren't the only onestwo couples have filed complaints with the bbb.
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july and another complaint in august." but rich henry, owner of vital image in muskego, says he's heard from multiple brides-to-be. "i would say between calls and emails, i've received probably 12-20."// "immediately my staff and i got together and said, ok we need to do something to make this right."vital image says they were able to offer discounted rates to all of the couples who contacted them about djs couture. but others- like the spencers- say they're still out a lot of money. "he owes us $1,500. we're $2,600 in debt we wanted to find the owner owneranchor on cam: "this is the address listed for djs couture in milwaukee. it took us to a mailbox at a pack and ship store in waukesha." dj's couture also has a listing in texas turns out it's another mailbox at a strip we tried to reach him by phone instead."hello, you've reached djs couture texas. at the tone"we did not receive a call back.neither did the bbb "we're still waiting to hear what's going on from him." vital image..."i haven't heard
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"we blew up his phone, all weekend, his email, facebook messages, everything, and we got nothing back." anchor on cam in studiohe did however reach out to the couple on facebook. about two hours after he saw me trying to contact them through a post on djs couture's page.he urged them ?not? to post negative feedback online or to let anyone speak on their behalf in order to execute payment 3 coming up --- a consumer report finds smart t-v's arean't acly much as they advertise on your energy bill. 3 and an entire wireless network went down overnight...why some people were left without cell phone 3 but first --- developing diabetes whlie pregnant is becoming more and more common in milwaukee. we'll talk with a health expert after the
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3 in today's health watch...gestational diabetes is on the rise...occuring in up to 20-precent of pregnant women in milwaukee. i'm joined in studio this afternoon by dr. ricardo mastrolia, from
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for more information and health tips you can information and health tips you can visit our website cbs 58 dot com. dr. mastrolia, thank you for joining us. 3 3 outage last night into early this morning. the problem is fixed now. now.the nation's third largest wireless carrier acknolowed in a tweet around 2:30 in the morning they were working to resolve the outage after a flurry of complaints. t-mobile users couldn't get on the network's wireless service. this mostly affected customers in larger cities like new york and l-a. the carrier tweeted this morning that everything was back up and working. 3 500 million yahoo accounts may
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email addresses, phone numbers and birthdays may all have been stolen by hackers. the company says it happened in 20-14. in some cases...encrypted security questions and answers were also stolen. 3 you may want to read the fine print when purchasing an "energy efficient" t-v. a new study found tv's may be getting the government stamp of approval...but they're not actually saving you that much on your energy bills. cbs' mireya villarreal explains. look around any store trying to sell you the latest high-definition tv... and you'll see this... an official- looking "energy guide"... showing how little this model will cost you in electricity. but that's only if you keep your tv in its "energy saving" . mode."if the consumer chose to change the picture setting, for example to "calibrated," now this energy saving feature is off, and this tv maybe using 50-plus-percent more energy." the natural resources defense council contends some
4:47 pm
simple setting-change, like increasing the brightness level, can significantly increase the amount of energy their tvs are using."what they did might not be illegal, but it's clearly bad faith. we think what's at play here, some manufacturers are trying to get a competitive advantage and have their tv's look more efficient than their competitors." the nrdc says the department of energy's "tv tests" are out of date... because it uses a procedure that doesn't reflect real-world, higher-energy usage. and while the extra energy costs per household might be small... the nrdc says they add up over time."we all pay the price. consumers are gonna pay an extra billion dollars in electricty costs over the life of their tvs. and the environment is suffering as well, because we have five million more tons of global warming pollution."but industry advocates contend the study is misleading. "the fact is, that americans don't generally change the
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manufacturers put on tv sets. but some want to, and they should have that right. // six cents a day, that's what we're talking about." about."part of the study focused on three manufacturers in particular: l-g electronics, samsung, and vizio.l-g electronics told cbs news it disputes the findings, saying it follows both the letter and the spirit of the department of energy's testing procedures.mireya villarreal, cbs news, los angeles. 3 nike's self-lacing shoes will hit store shelves for the holiday season. the back to the future two "hyperadapt 1-point-oh" sneakers will be available november 28th. they come with a button on the shoe's tongue that adjusts the laces. no word yet exactly ?how much? the shoes will cost...but the price tag is expected to be high.
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3 3 3 tonight: scattered showers possible late this evening and overnight. lows in the 60s.
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ne 5-15 mph.week ahead: drying out saturday with highs around 70. chance for a shower or storm on sunday, especially later in the day, with highs in the 70s. next week will start u and storm chances mainly on monday. a shot of cooler air arrives toward the middle of the week with highs in the low to middle 60s. 3 3 tonight: scattered showers possible late this evening and
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friday: isolated shower still possible. highs near 69. wind: ne 5-15 mph.week ahead: drying out saturday with highs around 70. chance for a shower or storm on sunday, especially later in the day, with highs in the 70s. next week will start off unsettled with rain and storm chances mainly on monday. a shot of cooler air arrives toward the middle of the week with highs in the low to middle 60s.
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one final note on the news at four..if you're lookikng for some place to eat about turner hall in downtown milwaukee? it's the annual "taste of ireland" fundraiser for catholic education. since its half way to st patrick's day you'll be able to sample a
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local chefs with an irish flare.. and then vote for the best..ticket includes live music and entertainment i'll be sharing a few words in between bites--fun starts at 5:30 and tell the ancient order of hibernians michele
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3 "we proactively understood there were forces at play prior to sherman park... prior to the incidents that took place at sherman park." park."milwaukee is awarded millions time when its trying to move forward from civil unrest. 3 "i haven't seen any evidence...none of you have seen any evidence that a gun was there." there."a north carolina family will watch police video today of a deadly officer involved incident that has touched off street violence in another american city. 3 3 we've got much more on those stories just ahead. but topping our news update on a story that was breaking news at five yesterday.
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have arrested a 30-year old woman in connection with a little boy shooting and wounding his brother. 3 it happened late yesterday afternoon near 20th and hadley...according to the family, the victim, a 9-year old was wounded in the appears to be accidental --- the family says a 6-year old brother found a gun in the home., and it went off. our cameras were rolling when police led a woman out of the house in handcuffs. today they're saying a woman is being held for leaving a loaded firearm near a child. watch for more on this developing story tonight on "m" and on cbs 58 after thursday night football. 3 waukesha police want you to take a good look at this car. it was seen outside waukesha south high school and where the driver tried to talk a 16 year old boy into his car.the driver asked if needed a ride and claimed to know the teen's mother.the boy said he didn't recognize the guy and refused the ride. the boy's mother says she didn't give anyone permission to pick up her son.
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car, please call waukesha police. milwaukee police are investigating two violent crashes on the city's northwest of them deadly.and in each case, witnesses have talked about speed as a possible factor. 3 the crashes were not too far from one another. a car and a truck involved near the intersection of teutonia and good hope.more on that in a moment.but the crash at 76th and sheridan has claimed the life of a 20-year old woman. cbs 58's jacob kittilstad is live at the scene....jacob. let me lay it out for you how authorities think this happened. a public works truck pulling a wood-chipper was crossing here - on sheridan... when a gold buick came over that hill... and slammed into the truck broadside. nat. 11;11;33 as a tow truck dislodges this buick from beneath the city truck... witnesses talk about what they saw... leading to the fatal crash. (cobins) 10;57;30 "he


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