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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  September 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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down..after two people are killed in a high-speed crash.. the message from their families.the cbs 58 news at 10 starts right now. 3 a local woman facing felony charges after police say she overdosed on heroin - with her toddler in the car carpolice found them two weeks ago tonight.. tonight.. in a germantown fast-food parking lo evan kruegel spoke with police - and joins us in the newsroom with this developing story, evan? according to a criminal complaint - officers found that woman slumped over and unconscious - with a hypodermic needle on the center the back seat - her two year old son - as officers sprang to action to help. it was just before 1:00 a.m. - when a manager at this germantown mcdonald's spotted a woman "passed out" in the driver's seat of a car. :00:41 "our officers responded, found
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unresponsive, we weren't able to wake her up."but police say 23-year-old sierra schwoegler wasn't alone. in the backseat - her two-year-old son. standup: according to the criminal complaint - that officer was able to reach through a cracked window (nat) and unlock the car - giving him access to the toddler and unconscious woman.:01:04 "we ended up administering narcan because we knew it was an opiate overdose." the child was handed over to social services - as schwoegler was "it absolutely adds concern, we didn't know how long the person was unconscious, how long that child was left unattended in that car, the condition of the child." according to the complaint - schwoegler told police she had been clean since last november - but inside the car - police found a "syringle needle" / "two cut pieces of an unknown pill." / and a phone charger police believe she used as a tourniquet. :06:59 "as a father, i mean to have someone arrested with a child, small
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was only two years old, i mean that's hard stuff to see." schwoegler is facing charges for felony possession as well as child neglect.police say the boy was uninjured - and returned to his fathermichele? 3 criminal charges after this video surfaced..showing a mother lying unconscious on a store floor while her little girl tried to revive her.the new hampshire woman collapsed in what appears to be a drug with child endangerment. police say they do not have enough evidence to charge her with any drug-related violations. 3 right now -- protesters are on the streets of charlotte again, for the fourth straight's in response to tuesday's deadly police shooting of keith scott.this is a live look showing the crowds.. who have been peaceful.a citywide curfew takes effect at midnight.. except last night there were still hundreds in the streets after that deadline.
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shooting. it comes after scott's family released cell phone video his wife took that . day."don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon." weapon." rakeyia scott can be heard pleading with police ?not? to shoot her husand.she yells that scott had a traumatic brain injury and posed no threat.police can be heard shouting eleven times for scott to drop a weapon.. then they fire.he show the shooting.. only scott lying on the ground after. police say they recovered a gun at the scene.. but witnesses say there wasn't one. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton was supposed to make a campaign stop in charlotte on sunday.. but she postponed it after the mayor said the city's security resources are stretched too thin.while donald trump campaign officials said they were no longer planning a post- debate trip next week to the city.
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students tonight after two would be robbers pulled a gun on a guy near campus. campus.the school sent out an alert.the man was walking near oakland newport just before two wednesday morning.the victim was able to knock the gun away and run off..the two suspects got into a silver car and drove off northbound on oakland avenue. 3 monday starts stafety week at u-w-m.there will be events each day.. including bike safety and self-defense classes.this year the focus is everybody who uses the campus to work together to stay safe. that means opening lines communication with campus police..who in turn..will be visiting residence halls and other campus locations to show how to respond to emergency situations, for exmaple an intruder with a gun wandering campus. 3 new tonight we know the names of the two people killed in a high speed crash at 76th and was one of two crashes yesterday where speed was a factor and now, where loved ones and police have a simple 58's kriten barberisi is live
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family and friends are grieving tonight-for the driver of the car 21-year-old jonathan tucker-and his girlfriend 20-year-old keemari canady.and they're also begging people to slow down- something that might have saved these two lives. nat- singing keemari canady was just 2 weeks shy of her 21st birthday-- when she was killed in a car crash thursday morningnat nat it's terrible. i mean that's my granddaughter. the only granddaughter that i have canady's boyfriend of 4-years jonathan tucker was driving the car they're like two peas in a pod. where one is, theo hter ones there. they can't be without each other.police esimate tucker was going between 70 and 80 miles per hour--nearly double the speed limit-- when the car smashed in to a dpw truck at 76th and sn sheridan 00;52;12 there's no
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accident prompted police to speak out about the increase in serious crashes-caused by sp. speed.we want to encourage all citizens to slow down, especially our young people because we've seen an uptick in young people driving very fast, very erraticallyas family and friends mourn canady and tucker-- they're asking others to be cautious on the roads roads please slow down you only go tone life to live. i can't hear her call me granny. i just wish she was still here. family says keemari canady's 16-year-old brother also died in a crash invovling speed 2 years ago.police say officers will be strictly enforcing traffic laws-- especially in district 4 where this accident happened. 3 an 11-year-old boy was hit by a car early this morning in
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avenue around six.. and started to cross the street near meachem road when he was hit.the driver says he didn't see the boy because he was wearing all dark clothes and didn't have a light.he's expected to be okay. okay.this is the second bike crash in racine county this week.on sunday, a seven- year-old was hit when he rode into traffic.the 41-year-old driver told officers there wasn't enough time to stop and avoid hitting him.the body was flown to children's hospital s republican presidential nominee donald trump is coming back to wisconsin..trump will be in waukesha wednesday. wednesday.the visit comes after the latest marquette poll has him neck and neck with hillary clinton and just two days after their first debate.political observers say it's the clearest indication yet that wisconsin "really is" a battleground state...and yet the approach to voters here is seen as peculiar by some. 35:35-51 trump appears to not be dedicating a lot of effort to wisconsin so mrs clinton
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days before the election trump starts bombing wisconsin like he's running for governor in other words, that'll be too late for her to react. react. trump was just in wisconsin just over a month ago.. clinton's last campaign stop was back in april. april.trump will be at the waukesha county expo center on wednesday..doors open at three. our david ade will be there.. look for his live reports all day. 3 3 milwaukee have the chance to cast their ballot.early voting starts on monday at the zeidler building downtown, next to city hall.then in october, two other locations will open for anyone who wants to vote early. early.we have more information about the times and dates on our website, cbs 58 dotcom. an oak creek woman charged with embezzling almost 100- thousand of dollars from a local church..a church that she worked at. at.according to the criminal complaint, kelly fischer was the administrative assistant at day care for grace luthern
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the church found out when they realized fischer was not depositing the day care money. money.the pastor then looked into the records and found she was regularly taking out thousands of dollars at the a-t-m going back to 2013... along with purchases at gas stations, restaurants and even garth brook concert tickets. the complaint shows fischer admitted to some of the purchases.. a little nip in the air.. fall is here and that means oktoberfest is waukesha is much more than just beer and good actually plays a role in helping keep you and your family safe. 58 eric levy is live in waukesha tonight to explain, eric? a number of local organizations benefit from the money you paid today or will tomorrow for beer and food of those groups the waukesha citizens police academy association.what they
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line...if you your protection. (story cg)nats of keg tapping the tapping of the keg definitely a fitting way to start an oktoberfest...nats of crowdbut this right here is what organizers wanted to see. a long line of people spending money on food and beer tickets for the first oktoberfest in the city.out of everyone here the citizens police academy association may be some of the happiest to see this. this."what that money is us don't picture funding the police department with."your tax dollars by bullets, police cars and things like thatbut there's no denying the fact that technology plays a huge role in fighting crimes these days.gone are the days of protractors and a pencil... "these technology devices that they have purchased have really allowed us to maximize on the human resources that we have at the police department." department." "we live in some difficult times right now with
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miss conceptions going on, and that's why it's so important for my organization to show that we do support our local law enforcement."and on the topic of support"if we ever need them, who are we going to call? we're calling the police to have our backs and they have our backs." again there are a number of organizations to get a piece of the proceeds.all of the fun here at frame park resumes at 10 o'clock tomorrow and goes until nine in the evening. in waukesha right now, eric levy, cbs 58 news...b/m back to you. 3 they're watching you from on the cbs 58 news at 10 -- we go up in the air to see catch up with speeders down below. 3 plus, from racing for the cure.. to celebrating your pets... a look at what's on tap this first weekend of fall. drew?
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an eye from the sky: all across wisconsin the d-o-t is monitoring your speed.. speed..and you might not even be aware... until you get a ticket. cbs 58's april dovorany hopped on a plane with a state patrol pilot to find out how this program works. officials say-this isn't about tricking drivers or writing speeding tickets-they actually said part of the reason they'd do an interview with us is so people are more aware they're being watched-and make an effort to drive better so they ?don't get stopped. (natsplane)on a bright sunny dayout on the open road theres a chance theres a plane watching your speed. 3:46 on the high end we'll stop 60 cars, that was my highest ever. but average is liek 35-40 cars. so weres toping quite a efw cars.wisconsin state trooper bill lindeman says barring bad weather-one
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air-at least oncea week. :39 were looking for speed of course, another thing is following too cllsoely and aggressive driivng. we tend to work the aircraft stuff in areas where its hard to work on the our area, the ops are usually held in kenoshafond du lac.sheboyganwalkworth and waukesha counties. youll know- because they post a sign-and you'll also see these white marks. 660 feet apart. each time a driver passes onethe computer. 203 we know the distance and just a simple calculation on the computer, time and distance and we get a speed.the pilot then radios down to one of about 4 troopers on standbyand tells them who to stop. 1:30 you can pick out a car thats really moving-esp 118 thats really easy to see. a trooper on the groud if hes not focused on the groudn he might miss that car.its all paid for by a federal grantand even with the cost of gas...leasing the planes from the state and paying for law enforcement to work the ground--the dot says its worth it saying," unofficial data from the pilots and troopers shows the revenue generated more than
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im working on the ground ill stop 8-10 cars on an 8 hour shift, so in 4 hours, we're stopping 40 cars in 4 hours. how often is this happening? in 2015-there were 71 traffic enforcement ops held statewide- with 1867 citations written.the majority for speeding. but -even though they do test the computer twice each mission for accuracy-sometimes-dangerous drivers get away. on this min- more than 50 people-some going nearly 100 miles an hour. for lindeman, whos based in eau claire-it's a long way to travel-for a day of workbut its worth it, if it means getting dangerous drivers off the road. 346 it is very efficient. we stop a lot more c. cars.and for those who are wondering if this is a new program-wisconsin's dot has been conducting aerial traffic enforcment since 1958. and they're not alone-this is a program going on in about 20 other states. a silver lining after an unfortunate fraud in washington county..after getting scammed out of nearly 90-thousand dollars earlier this summer.. they've gotten
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county treasurer resulted in the county transfering 87- thousand dollars to a criminal. since then, the sheriff's office has been working with a bank on a fraud recall.. and 32-thousand dollars was returned.the sheriff's office is still trying to find out who is behind the scam. mitchell international is growing..and hopes to make traveling outside the u-s even easier and more accessible. accessible.the airports director said they're looking into replacing the international arrivals building.right now, you can only fly into that area of the airport.. not depart.the biggest hurtle right now, is the cost. we're doing everything we can to lower our cost, be more efficient, be more creative. but really if we don't utilize the airport, the airlines are not gonna be taking anymore risks or taking it any more flights or another airline will not take the risk to come into mitchell." 3 the airport is also looking at
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miami.already this year, mitchell international added several non-stop flights on frontier to several cities across the u-s. 3 flooding continues to be a big concern across wisconsin..two people have now died because of rising waters.. waters..governor walker will tour flood damage in "gays mills" tomorrow..the village of about 500 people in southwestern wisconsin sits on the kickapoo river..two highways have been closed because water over the roadway. while neighbors in other towns have been sandbagging to try and keep the water out.
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tonight: isolated shower still possible during the evening; otherwise, cloudy and mild overnight. lows near 60. saturday: mostly cloudy during the morning. peeks of sunshien during the afternoon. highs near 70. wind: e 5-15 mph. weekend/week ahead: chance for showers or storms on sunday, especially during the afternoon and evening with highs in the 70s. next week will feature cooler temps in the mid to upper 60s with quiet conditions.
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tonight: isolated shower still possible during the evening; otherwise, cloudy and mild overnight. lows near 60. saturday: mostly cloudy during the morning. peeks of sunshien during the afternoon. highs near 70. wind: e 5-15 mph. weekend/week ahead: chance for especially during the afternoon and evening with highs in the 70s. next week will feature cooler temps in the mid to upper 60s with quiet conditions.60s with quiet conditions. 3 conditions.60s with quiet the mid to upper 60s with quiet
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all summer people flock to the summerfest grounds to enjoy the festivals festivalsbut this weekend... turn.animal lovers can bring down their dogs ?or? cats to enjoy the outdoors at petfest. if you don't have a pet.. there will be an adoption avenue.. where you can meet animals from local shelters looking for their forever home. and new this year... the beer garden dog park. dogs can go off the leash... while their owners enjoy an oktoberfest. petfest opens tomorrow at ten a-m. 3 and if you like to make things -- head out to state fair park
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describe it as part science fair... part county fair... along with something completely'll find anything from drones to homemade jewelry to children's toys.the faire is free.. but you'll have to pay to park at the fairgrounds. 3 tomorrow is gary wetzel appreciation day in south milwaukee.the vietnam veteran nd medal of honor recipient is recovering from a recent motorcycle mishap."tracker's pub and grub" on rawson is having a fundraiser for this local hero from 2 until 10. live music and a silent io autograph packers football and tickets to the seattle game. free parking at the school across the street. hope to see you there. 3 then on sunday, join the cbs 58 and telemundo news teams.. and thousands of others for the susan g. komen "race for the cure."the walk raises money for breast cancer research, awareness and can register online or at the event sunday morning starting at 7.we've got some wonderful opening ceremonies planned before the
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make sure you stop by our tent during the expo after the race for some free pink sunglasses. we'll be right back. the last time these teams
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin -
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me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. the last time these teams played, we know what happened. rodgers to rodgers--hail mary... that ring a bell? bell?but besides that miracle play, since 2013, this series has been even. three wins, three losses for each team
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bad the lions have been, it's always a game when they play the packers and that's where we begin chalk talk with gary ellerson. 3 what is it about the lions that the packers can't figure out?at first it was ndamukong suh, then it was nick fairley. you add ziggy ansah then deandre levy, a kid from wisconsin. they had a nice defense but right now, ansah won't play, now, play, levy probably won't play. suh is in miami, i have no idea if fairley is still in the league. i expect the packers to exploit this lions defense. rodgers has to be on. i know a lot of people are lookig at the se stats and rodgers isn't playing well. at the end of the day, i got my money on rodgers.if the packers end up 1-2 to star the
10:27 pm there's not! you're being media guy!i'm just wondering if it's time to panic if it happens because there's a strong possibility. you're looking at week three, you've got a lot ogf games left/ no time to panic, we're not even talking about a possibility to lose, they're going to win this game 24-7. the badgers on their way to east lansing where they haven't won since 2002.and if eleventh-ranked wisconsin wants to beat eighth-ranked michigan state, they'll have to do it with a backup kicker in senior andrew endicott, and a redshirt freshman qb in alex hornibrook who's making his first start on the road.
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kids--you should be confident otherwise you woudn't play them. i like what they've done and this is the next game on the schedule. it's only happened seven times before tonight.... but chris carter the man to make it eight. eight.carter making the catch against cinicnnati.... makes the tag at first and the the throw to second. that's a triple play... the the year--both with zach davies pitching. he'd have the brewers in a 3-1 hole but they'd climb out of it behind ryan braun. his 89th and 90th rbi of the year.... that goes along with 30 home runs... brewers hold on and win 5-4. 3
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we're followin from the state of washington.. state patrol confirms four people are dead after a mall shooting in burlington tonight..that's about an hour north of seattle.authorities are still looking for the gunman... they believe there is only one.police are clearing the mall right now.. there's no word on if anyone else was shot.. e-m-s is going into the mall now.state patrol
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stay up to date on this breaking news story on our website, cbs 3 tonight: isolated shower still possible during the evening; otherwise, cloudy and mild overnight. lows near 60. saturday: mostly cloudy during the morning. peeks of sunshien during the afternoon. highs near 70. wind: e 5-15 mph. weekend/week ahead: chance for showers or storms on sunday, especially during the afternoon and evening with highs in the 70s. next week will feature cooler temps in the mid to upper 60s with quiet conditions. jordy's farm fresh flakes are selling like hotcakes..the packers wide receiver just started selling the cereal four days ago.. and more than 68-thousand boxes have already been can buy a two- pack online for 10 dollars--- or --- at several local grocery stores like pick 'n save and woodmans. we'll have a lot more on the cbs 58 morning news from 4:30
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