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the pride of pewaukee... injured again... in the game you saw right here on c-b-s 58 last long he could be out this season.. a deadly crash prompts police to issue warnings about reckless driving... a nearby school is worred about it's students. cbs 58's kristen barbaresi joins us live near 76th and sheridan with the new push for safety measures. greater holy temple christian academy is on 76th street, between sheridan and silver spring-and right now there are no school zone signs-and no crossing guards in the area. 08;07;46 you can't unsee it, edward deshazer, the executive director of greater holy temple christian academy-- was one of the first people on scene after this deadly crash crash08;13;30 after seeing what i saw last thursday, it's definitely something that has to be done.deshazer says
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76th, right past his school. 08;9;40i'm surprised that something like this hasn't happened a lot sooner over fact deshazer says in the last 3 years, 2 students have been hit by cars, but thankfully not seriously injure. have carmen high school up the street and they have probably 50 kids that cross that same intersection where the accident happened, to get on the bus right there. nat- teacher crossing guard right now- a teacher helps kids cross the street at the end of the daybut deshazer and permanent. paul tackes, parent 08;30;24 just something to say slow down because we have a lot of kids in this area area08;10;42 every school that's on a remotely busy road should have school signs and should have crossing guards. ald. caviler johnso represents the area and says he is ready to help deschazer make it happe. happen. we can look at those things and work to make sure we get some signs up there and identify that area as a school crossing areabut both johnson and deshazer say signs will only do so much-- and drivers need to take responsibility responsibilitysome people are
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they're going that they're willing to risk not getting there at all. deshazer plans to talk to alderman johnson tomorrow.and actually alderman johnson already planned to bring up another crossing guard issue at thrusday's public safety committee meetingso he might just bring this up too. 3 a frightening sight near 15th and marshall tonight in south milwaukee.a neighbor took cell phone video as fire devoured a garage but not hurt.firefighters think some flammable materials may be to ruling on a cause just yet. breaking tonight -- disaster strikes the houston texans and one of the milwaukee area's all-time great athletesj-j watt has re-injured his back... scott grodsky joins us with the latest...
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bill it does not look good in houston....the three time defensive player of the year could be out for the rest of the season with a back injury... injury....both n-f-l dot com's ian rapoport and e-s-p-n's adam schefter are reporting that watt will be placed on injured reserve tomorrow....that means the former badger would have to sit out at least the next eight games and that his entire season is in serious jeopardy....he had surgery to repair a herniated disk just two months ago and came back to the field extremely quickly....watt has actually been relatively healthy throughout his n-f-l re never missed a very interesting note....if watt does come back from the i-r he could be back in time to play against the packers at lambeau field december fourth.... 3 on thursday, we talked with watt's mom about all the work he does off the field with local can see that story on our website, just look in the don't miss section. here's your chance to tell milwaukee what it needs to do
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five hearings for public comment have now been scheduled for next month.among the topics, higher taxes for more cops and finding better placesfor teenaged offenders..with the continued trouble at the lincoln hills juvenile facility. facility. the first meeting is monday, october 3... at city hall where community organizations will give input. e across milwaukee.we have this list on our website, cbs 3 3 last night's debate was the most watched in u-s history... more than 81-million americans tuned in... one of them was u-s senator tammy baldwin... and no surprise that she thought her fellow democrat hillary clinton was victorious. she is prepared to lead this nation, she expressed her vision. and specifics on how to get the job done. donald trump's presentation was trump's done. donald trump's
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incoherent at times incoherent senator baldwin says that while trump and clinton are polling at a dead heat in wisconsin... the badger state hasn't voted for a republican since reagan... and that since trump is a weaker candidate than george w bush... john mccain... and mitt romney... wisconsin will go for fellow democrat hillary clinton come november 3 republicans are keeping a close eye on the so-called "wow counties"... w ozaukee and waukesha.local republicans who oppose trump say winning the state comes down to convincing the last republican holdouts in those co. counties.and really the only place we have under performance is in the wow counties among republicans. and if you bring those home then i think he's going to win the state.""what does he need to do? he needs to quit talking about himself he needs to quit focusing on himself and put the needs of the country above his own ego." ego." 3 donald trump is making a
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he'll be at the waukesha county expo center at 6 tomorrow night.doors open at three.our david ade is covering the rally.. look for his live reports starting at the cbs 58 news at four tomorrow. 3 tim kaine's wife is coming to wisconsin for two events.ann holton hold a meet and greet in milwaukee starting at 10 thursday morning.the, she'll meet with voters in kenosha at noon. and chelsea clinton will be in green bay on friday. a man testified today that carl bat car in the neighborhood the night laylah peterson was shot . dead.divonte forbes took the stand against carl barrett today.forbes is not charged in the case.. even though his gun was used in the 2014 shooting. but on cross examination, he defense got him to admit he was high at the time.. and might be fuzzy on the some of the facts. 00-11defense: you don't know where you picked him up. is that your testimony?forbes: don't knowdefense: you're not
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defense: because you're so high?fobes: yep yep the state could rest its case as soon as tomorrow..and is expected to call another man in the car who is charged in the case --arlis gordon. another expected witness is paul farr who pleaded guilty to harboring and aiding a felon. new details tonight about the milwaukee police officer who's gun discharged inside a school... hitting a 13-year-old girl. girl.police say the officer has 16-years of experience. they were at thoreau elementary school reporting a possible crime... officers say the teen became combative when they questioned her.. and the gun went off.she was treated and released from the hospital that day.the officer is on regular patrol during the internal investigation. 3 milwaukee police say they know the man they're looking for in the shooting of a 12-year-old boy in riverwest.they believe it was an arguement that led up to the shooting on holton and hadley yesterday.the boy was shot when a passing car
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from the hospital this morning. 3 3 waukesha police think they've identified a truck belonging to an armed robbery suspect. from these pictures, you can see it's a red pickup truck with a white stripe, similiar to a 1990 ford f-150.police say the suspect robbed a p-d-q gas station a week ago on south west avenue and les paul parkway.if you have information about this truck... call waukesha police at 262-524-3831. police won't say it, but victims certainly are oi there...they think the same guy is on a robbery spree.. spree..striking gas stations in mequon, new berlin and norway, racine county. surveillance photos from monday show a man in a hooded sweatshirt pointing a large rifle. the suspect looks similiar to another set of photos taken september 20 in mequon.police are being careful with what they say but acknowledge that they are working with other jurisdictions. 3 new tonight -- a popular community center in racine could close this friday if it doesn't receive the funds it needs to stay 58s
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with bray center leaders to find a solution.. but it didn't go as planned.he joins us live with the story. when we arrived here tonight racine police officers were breaking up the meeting - just minutes after it started now - the future of this center remains very much in doubt after decades of use helping children in downtown racine - the george bray community center is on the verge of closue closure:10:00i know the kids in this neighborhood need the center, debt and we've got to do something to counter that debt jameel ghuari was the centers executive director until he suffered a stroke last september. he says since then - board members have mismanaged finances - putting the center at risk:10:12by friday we need to raise $3,000 bethany zimpel says she tried to make a donation last week - but was told by a board member she needed to give cash - not checks 18:30very confused and
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what was going on, and then yesterday when i learned the center was in trouble and the doors could close on the 30th i was even more confused as to why a donation would be turned away she says tonights meeting produced only arguments and yelling - and no solutions - a troubling sign with that deadline just 3 days away. :12:36whatever happened tonight and what was said or people didn't say, the bottom line is we've got to get the money by friday a gofundme account has raised just $30 so far - they need $3,000 by friday. live in racine 3 tonight, wisconsin representative paul ryan relaying his condolendese over the passing of former israeli president shimon peres.the polish born israeli diginitary suffered a stroke two weeks ago.ryan saying "the world has lost a true legend and statesman. he was a gift to
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voice for the cause of peace." peres was 93. 02:45:20 tuesday bull raw once the trial starts, the courtroom is your show. 3 he's the real life version of the character on the new cbs hit..hear from a milwaukee jury consultant to find out if reading people to get the verdict you want is all bull... 3 some of the young defensive players were key in the packers' victory this weekend... and now the green and gold need to keep up that momentum heading into a bye
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3 if you study long enough.. can you really "read" potential jurors? that's certainly the premise of the new cbs show "bu" "bull"but many say - the judicial process is changing. and fewer cases are going to trial. cbs 58's amanda porterfield is here in our
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more and more cases these days are settled out of court. or lawyers have more programs in place to avoid conviction. it almost makes jury duty something of a relic. but a new show is keeping america's obsession with the process of law and order alive and well. cbs' new show bull. its putting the spotlight back on the courtroom ((nats)) with a spin. there are some elements of reality and some of entertainment. dr. jason bull helps attorney's get into the mind of a jury tn paul scoptur does the job in real life. i can honestly say i hve never ridden with the police or arrested a murderer we dont have banks of tv's we dont have staffs of 8 people people at the end of the day its a crystal ball, we cant read minds but we can help our clients try to select jurors that might be more favorable 00:01:40((nat from show))jury
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to kate maternowski who's been a civil litigation attorney for 5 years 02:24:55 its a question of strategy she says they do focus groups and mock juries - because being prepared is key. . if you have a juror that has a bias thats going to make them view a witness or a lawyer in a different way that's going to change the way you tell the story. how much of your job is bull? none of it? laughs. 02:25:47((nats of clip we showed this clip to laura crivello.. a criminal prosecutor with the da's office.03:02: 58 is that kind of like real life you think? i think it is, you have to look the part. crivello says you the part. is, you have to look you think? i think it of like real life 03:02: 58 is that kind the da's office. prosecutor with criminal crivello.. a criminal prosecutor with the da's office.03:02: 58 is that kind of like real life you think? i think it is, you have to look the part. crivello says you have to act the part too. but time and technology only make it harder to keep a jurors attention. 02:51:11 at times you raise your voice, to attract attention. and at times you
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be deceptive but to make sure they are paying attention to all the crucial details they need to absorb to use in their deliberations. now the da's office doesnt use jury consultants..but says other ways to keep jurors interested is to move around.. and use charts, graphs or video clips. bull - the brand new show comes on every tuesday night at 8. and if you missed the first episode - we are re-airing it this thursday don't miss it. a warning for those who use certain types of dehumidifiers... they may catch on fire. fire.the washington county sheriff's office has investigated several house fires believed to be started by dehumidifiers.deputies are urding residents to check the kidn they usea fter they learned several "gree" brand dehumidifiers are being recalled.they also suggest plugging dehumidifiers directly into an outlet... and
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a familiar face is now waukesha's new fire chief. interim steve howard officially now has the job and he says it's an honor. honor.17:08:30-42 i work with a lot of great people within the fire department... there's been a lot of people who've mentored me throughout the years... i work closely with a lot of other city departments... so it's a great honor, it's a great responsibily responsibilty howard has been with the department three decades. starting out as a volunteer and following his dad's footsteps.first line of ne 3 there was a special ceremony today for those who for protect milwaukee county citizens.the milwaukee county sheriff's office honored deputies, correction officers, and others for their heroic acts and community service. 12:04:34-46we honor virtues that are the backbones of our great society and we honor citizens who faced a moment of decisions between personal safety or risk and chose the path of the shepherd 3 among the honorees were
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chased and captured carjacking suspects, and who talked suicidal people out of ending their eagle scout also honored today..who landscaped a memorial to fallen deputies. 3 wisconsin's cranberry harvest is in full swing. an estimated 5 point 8 million barrels of cranberries will be harvested in wisconsin this fall. fall.the harvest started a week ago in wood county.after the berries are harvested, they're sorted and put in thousand-pound totes, then they're taken to the freezer. cranberry farm owners say it bit of love to get the fruit to their customers.wisconsin is the largest producer of cranberries in the u-s.
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tonight: on/off showers. lows in the upper 40s to around 50. wednesday: mostly cloudy and staying breezy. cool with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. rain showers will be on and off throghout the day. winds: ne 10-20 mph.week ahead: clouds and sun for thursday with highs in the low to middle 60s thursday and mid 60s with a chance for showers fridayok isolated showers and times of clouds saturday but mainly dry sunday. highs both weekend
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cbs 58's special report about phony packers merchandise is leading to action. action.after seeing our story last night, a woman contacted the better business bureau to call out a website she used. she managed to cancel the order and had her credit card company decline the charge. for more advice on how to spot the fakes.. head to our website, cbs 58 dot com. the milwuakee county public library is forgiving anyone
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there's been a steady crowd of people returning to the library 09-15 rachel arndt/ reference and circulation"we have patrons that we haven't seen since they were children, now they are adults and they're able to come back and utilize the library again." again." you can get your account re- activated at any of the 13 branches... no questions asked. you have until october 9 to to take advantage of the forgiveness campaign. it's been a see- saw for organizers of an all inclusive playground.. but word tonight is that the dream playground in kenosha will be of the year.shut down because of faulty flooring, we're told bluemel's maintenance service is just about ready to put in the new and safer floor.the end is in sight. 3 and the legendary velodrome is about to get a makeover and re-open.kenosha has reached a 25-thousand dollar agreement with a company to fill up the cracks and replace some of the concrete on the track.the common council will need to approve the deal..which would allow work to begin in november. some say you can't teach an old dog new tricks... but an
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seniors doing just that and getting the word out about alzheimer's disease at the same time. synergy homecare is teaching seniors how to take selifes! september is alzheimer's awareness month, and for every senior selfie posted to their facebook page...five dollars will be donated to the alzheimer's association. 23:29:35-46every dollar is welcome because we know that we're moving forward to helping all families impacted by this terrible disease disease their goal is to reach five hundred selfies by the end of the month. so grab your a grandparent or parent and teach them how to take a selife...for a good cause. 3 the butterfly garden is transforming the historic mitchell street neighborhood in milwaukee..along with a new green space near 13th and forest home.this is thanks to the christian center's "building neighborhood capacity program" which helps organize improvements through various programs from community dinners to block watch. "southside neighbors
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the bucks start their season in badger country.....milwauk ee opens their training camp in madison today.......the bucks national expectations took a nose-dive this week with khris middleton's injury... last year's leading scorer is expected to miss six months, but you wouldn't know it from
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underdog jason kidd calls their first practice "sharp and focused" in madison... 3 3 kidd: "it's about being a state team, being a wisconsin team. i thought last year the guys enjoyed getting away. we have sortof a college team. we have young players so they get to spend a week thinking they're on a college campus. fortunately no class. the classroom is on the court." court."that young team added experience in the off- season.....matthew dellavedova is fresh off winning championship in cleveland ....... michael beasley is coming off of his most efficient season as a pro scoring 13 points a night while shooting 52 percent.... 3 3 beasley: "i've had experience playing the 2, 3, 4, 5 so whatever the team needs. i'm going to give my knowledge and experience to these young guys." dellavedova: "they want to learn and they way to get better. they're asking about the intensity of the games in the playoffs and the finals.
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they can see for themselves." the youngest players on the packers defense was tested sunday against detroit with five key players injured..... injured.....whether or not they passed the test depends on if you watched the first half or the bay shut down detroit in the first 30 minutes but let the lions comeback late....most importantly they got the win.....and a lot of experience... 3 3 ryan: "i think it's huge, that's huge for our depth and defense. with those guys stepping up i think that's great. we had a good overall performance, bye week we have to stay focused and come back even stronger." it's the brewers against the brewers alumni in texas..... the current crew grab a three nothing lead early, but here's carlos gomez to erase it with one swing of the bat.....the three run shot ties things up....domingo santana briefly puts milwaukee back in front until jonathan lucroy remembers exactly how to hit jimmy nelson.....the two run
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and in case you joined us late, recapping our top story......the pride of pewaukee, j-j watt could be out for the rest of the season after re-aggrevating his back injury..... n-f-l dot com's ian rapoport and e-s-p-n's adam schefter say he will be placed on injured reserve tomorrow..... that would mean he is out at least 8 weeks......we'll be
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3 when the greenfield fire department was called out to a
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were met by an unhappy homeowner -- an opossum!it turns out the fire was caused by the possum's nest, which was built in the car's engine compartment.according to the department's facebook page... the nest was a total loss... but the possum was okay.the possum was turned over to greenfield police department for further questioning and released. 3 in the upper 40s to around 50. wednesday: mostly cloudy and staying breezy. cool with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. rain showers will be on and off throghout the day. winds: ne 10-20 mph.week ahead: clouds and sun for thursday with highs in the low to middle 60s thursday and mid 60s with a chance for showers friday. look for a few isolated showers and times of clouds saturday but mainly dry sunday. highs both weekend days are in the mid range 60s.
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more on the cbs 58 morning
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>> and now on voter registration day, an important message from "late show"." listen. >> you need on vote. >> you need to vote. >> you really need on vote. >> you need to >> voting i voting is fup, and t cause nose bleeds. >> it doesn't cause nose bleeds. >> it almost never causes nose bleeds. >> all those people in 2004 already had nose bleeds when they went in there. >> voting makes you strong. >> strong. >> strong. >> strong. >> i was strong enough to move my house. it's by the beach now. >> voting made my kids proud. >> proud. >> my kids were really proud. >> joseph gordon levitt's kids


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