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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  September 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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"they worked really hard in this case. they didn't give up. and that's why laylah has justice now." now." 3 closure.. nearly two years after the five-year-old girl was shot dead.. by men shooting into the wrong home but first new at 10 -- two local teens taken to the hospital.. when two dogs attacked them this afternoon. afternoon. an officer was forced to open fire to stop one when it came after it came after happened in a front yard near north 48th street and west dean road in brown deer. deer.police say when they got on scene.. the adult pitbulls were going after the girls... so the officer shot one of the dogs.that's when we're told the second animal went after the officer.. so it was also shot.the dogs lived with one of the victims and a woman who lives nearby believes one of them came after her dogs
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15:08:08-20 i hear a noise and i turned around and see this dog after us so... the three of them kind of look at eachother and do a little gnarly stuff, then the young man called his dog back back one of the dogs died at the scene.the other was turned over to 'madacc' at the request of the owner, to be euthanized. police say the girls, both 14, suffered serious but not life threatening injuries. guilty.that's the verdict a jury decided for carl barrett junior, after less than 3 hours of deliberation. deliberation.barrett charged th 5-year-old laylah petersen. 15:18-23 we the jury find the defendant, carl barrett, guilty of first degree reckless homicide, party to a ce crime he was also found guilty on three counts of recklessy endangering safety. investigations found barrett was the second gunman in shooting... when nearly one dozen bullets were fired into the wrong home, killing layah while she was sitting on her grandfathers lap. laylah's family... friends.. neighbors... and the community have waited almost two years for this 58's evan kruegel is live downtown
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story, evan? laylah's family cried - and then applauded - before leaving the courtroom without speaking to reporters. prosecutors tell us the family was elated - to finally get the justice they were seeking. in a milwaukee county courtroom - laylah petersen's family sat anxiously - waiting for a verdict nearly two years after their 5-year-old girl was shot and killed on her grandfather's lap. :"what it was, it was senseless" neighbors like jennifer hopkins... who looks out over this neighborhood every day."i was glad! cause they got caught, and other people should learn from their mistake." she still remembers returning home to hear the news - and says the neighborhood hasn't been the same since. "yeah that did hurt that it was so close to home, and somebody got in a shootout like it's o.k-corral." relief too - for peterson's
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has been working closely with since the initial charges. charges. "it sounds like they're pretty happy, and elated, that they got the justice they were seeking." much-needed closure for a 3 family still grieving the other two men charged in laylah petersens death plead guilty and will be sentenced in the coming months.barrett will be sentenced on december in milwaukee - ekcbs58news. milwaukee police chief ed flynn kept a picture of laylah in his pocket until they made arrests in the case. who can forget his emotion when breaking the news to the media the night he left a meeting to head to the murder scene.some were upset that he was looking at his phone during the meeting until he explained the tragic text he had just received...the chief as he did then reacting today not only as a police chief but as a father and grandfather. 6:36-42 and we have laylah
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that time and time again, where children are killed in crossfirescutt to---6:48-7:01 overwhelming of homicides still involve people with access to quality firearms, some of them carryging them legally given the state of our current law, and having no hestitation of using them them two others were charged in the death of lalyah petersen..both paul farr and arlis gordon reached plea deals.farr will be sentenced in october and gordon in december. 3 a 2-year-old boy has died, more than a week after he was last wednesday, we reported the child became stuck between a bunk bed and a wall in a house on 104th and jonen street on milwaukee's northwest side.the child stopped breathing and was taken to the hospital.tonight, the medical examiner reports the toddler has died. the m-e believes it was an accident. talk about sticker shock --the cost to register your car in milwaukee county could go from zero to 60 if the county executive gets his way..chris abele says it's the only way
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dovornay tonight on the real impact for drivers and riders...april.. 3 some milwaukee county drivers would have to pay up to 155-dollars every time they register or renew plates on their car. abele says its just 5 bucks a month-but will provide millions in resources. ( driving by)new buses.....fare assistance....repairs to parkways and bridges. they're all things county executive chris abele says the county needs--but cant afford. 5530 no ones expecting more from thete transit and we need an answer. this is an answerright now in milwaukee county-you don't pay a vehicle registation fee. abele's "save" transit plan would charge drivers 60- dollars.its something only four other counties do-but they all charge 25 dollars...or less. adding in the state's 75 registration fee...and in the city of milwaukee there's another 20 fee totalling 155 dollars a year. (608 its a little too high esp for wisonsinitse based on what were paying
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for state tagsabele says-there would be assitance for low-income drivers. and with the 27 million dollars generated-he could keep the elderly and disabled-who ride buses free with a go pass--still riding...5323 going forward, will pay $5 for gopass issuance and $.25 per ride--this with the registration will keep transit afford able. and while some drivers are upset about the possible increase--those who depend on mcts say--its worth every penny. 441 im visually handied peopel who'wouldntbe able to take the bus with the freqeuncy we'd like to . so anything that supports the gopass i guess i am in favor of. in response to this -county supervisor michael mayo said this would hit low-income residents in the city of milwaukee the hardest saying ""abele campaigned hard in his last election on the principal of not raising taxes. now he's raising taxes. you can call it a "vehicle registration fee," whatever you want to call it,
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3 this is generating a lot of online chatter.... both for and against the proposal.join the conversation on our facebook page.. a former teacher and school volunteer is accused of posessing child porn.thomas defazio retired from the racine school district in 2003.... but then volunteered at "all saints catholic school" in kenosha ... until the prinicipal called police. kristen barbaresi joins us with the details kristen? this all came to light r teacher and parent at all saints reported to the principal defazio was 'liking' inappropriate picutres of young girls on facebook-and asking those girls to friend him. in september of 2015-the principal of all saints catholic school confronted then-volunteer thomas defazio about his facebook activity. according to court documents- defazio, who volunteered in 4th and 5th grade classrooms, said he thought the girls were 18. he also told the principal he believed what he did was wrong and had gone to
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immediately banned from the school, and police were called. according to the criminal complaint, when officers questioned the 63-year-old he denied viewing child porn but did explained "his preference and curiosity is with children approximately thirteen years and older"a search of his computers turned up numerous images of child pornography and internet searches for "preteen and child models" defazio posted a cash bond thursday-we stopped by his home today where he declined to comment09;28;55 we're i'm he. 09;28;57 do you have any comment you'd like to make to us? a statement to cbs 58 news, the principal at all saints said they take safety measures seriously and that during the time he volunteered at the school, defazio "he completed all the necessary safeguarding our family training and the background check as required by the archdiocese."defazio will be back in court october 7 the principal at all saints says parents were informed of the charges-and any told to
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the dodge county sheriff's department is the newest law enforcement agency that will soon have body cameras. cameras. the department is one of three in the state and nearly 100 in the coutnry to get a grant for the cameras. sheriff dale schmidt says he hopes the new cameras will create more transparency. 20-31"we're often able to disprove the complaints that are made against us, just by showing the video. many times they'l well i guess i was wrong and dismiss their complaint against us." us." the nearly 80 thousand dollar grant will also fund the department's squad cars with cameras.the sheriff's department hopes to have the cameras in two years. 3 one person was killed and more than 100 others injured when a train slammed into a terminal in hoboken, new jersey. witnesses say the train was moving at a high rate of speed when it failed to stop... sending four cars crashing through a main concourse barrier.federal investigators
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of the accident to determine what happened. 1:02-1:07(sot: mark rosenker / former ntsb chairman) positive train control if all the mechanical systems were working properly should have stopped this train train the train's engineer was released from the hospital and is cooperating with investigators. what's the best way to get the roads fixed in waukesha? county and local officials and the public talked about ways to find a solution for sustainable road funding. waukesha mayor shawn reilly admits while there's no specific want lawmakers to think about the transporation budget in the long term. 20:07:06-15fixing a road may be 3 or 4 years, and if we don't know the funding 3 or 4 years from now, then we end up with a major problem if it goes way down down governor scott walker has proposed delaying projects and borrowing money rather than raising the gas tax and registration fees for road funding in the next transportation budget. state democrats are asking for an investigation into governor
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committee, and corporate comes after a report links the governor to "pay to play" politics. earlier this month, "the guardian" published 15-hundred pages from the now-halted investigation into walker's recall campaign.democrats say an investigation might bring criminal violations that weren't found before. 3 put your cellphone down or pay up... a message about driving in construction zones... 3 and later... colorful chinese culture... find out where you can see this magic
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shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports. find the nearest kiosk at are you one of those drivers who just can't put the phone down.not even in construction z? zones?you better put it down
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this weekend.. making it illegal to use your phone in construction zones.. highway maintainence areas... and utility work areascbs 58's david ade tells us.. those are some of the most dangerous places to drive. -nat- starting saturday this will be illegal so will this this tooso this story might be your last warning see orange cones put down the phones phones"if we can educate motorists to do that, fantastic. if we have to take enforcement, we'll do that also." as being pulled over and hit with a ticket.40 dollars the first time you're caught 100 dollars each time after that. wisconsin state trooper nathan clarke says it's not about making money for the state -nat- it's about keeping people alive."we have had several hundred crashes and
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wisconsin d-o-t says over the last four years distracted drivers were in almost 10- thousand work zone crashes hurting about 36-hundred people and killing 47. "i'm hoping for a safer construction zone. i'm hoping that i don't have to send my guys in to write as many crashes."--blue-tooth and milwaukee county plow drivers hit the road today... already getting ready for winter weather. they participated in a training and education program at mictchell called a "road-eo".the drivers were tested in maneuvers they might have to perform during and after a winter storm.the road-eo continues tomorrow. 3 3 the presidential campaign has returned to wisconsin this week... after donald trump's rally in waukesha lasst night, the democrats are taking their turn talking with voters. anne holton, the wife of democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine, met with hillary clinton supporters
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about time a woman tops of major party ticket. 13:34:08-1096 years after women gained the right to vote 13:34:15-24breaking that glass ceiling was never going to be easy... and we're down to the how many? we're down to the last 40 days" days" holton also had an event scheduled in kenosha. tomorrow... chelsea clinton will campaign for her mom in green bay..look for full coverage from cbs 58's david ade. 3 meanwhile... wisconsin as doesn't think republican donald trump will win wasn't a shot at the billionaire as much as looking at the past dismal performances by republicans in the past.vos says a republican presidential candidate hasn't won in the state since 1984... and says the billionaire probably won't break that streak. if you're still looking to get a photo i-d for the upcoming presidential election... the d-m-v is reminding people certain locations are open satu. saturdays.the milwaukee northwest and southwest
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mornings from 8-30 to get an official photo i-d, you'll need some a birth certificate. northwestern mutual announces its cutting hundreds of local jobs over the next two years. the company will cut 100 jobs this year... and hundreds more next specifics on which positions will be cut. but the news is dismaying for the area's largest employer nearly 6 thousand employees and construction underway on a new downtown tower. a sudden shut do greenfield.aspiring hair dresses learned today that th school shut down all of its 79 campuses.its website says--it doesn't have the money to stay open.they blames declining enrollment brought on by a negative reputation for these kinds of for profit schools. regency claims other cosmetology schools have offered to accept its students. the 20-16 atlantic hurricane season has its fifth hurricane. tropical storm matthew,
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generated by matthew are expected to affect portions of the coasts of puerto rico and other carribean islands... as well as venezuela and columbia.
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downtown milwaukee is transforming into a bavarian beer garden. garden. 15:00:20-24keep hitting it, keep going.. there you go
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the original milwaukee oktoberfest.the festival runs through sunday at both pere marquette park and the marcus center grounds. if you go, you'll find traditional food, polka music, and of course... lots of beer! for more information we've got a link our website, cbs 58 dot com. people succeeding with disabilities have certainly changed the image of what it means to live with a physical or emotional easter seals figured it needs to unveil a new face.. face..the 100 year old non profit is rebranding itself. the big reveal ..including sunburst logo..was at the manpower gorup headquarters in milwaukee.patricipants and their families got to show off just how vital and active they are..something the public may need to be reminded of. bob glowacki, president and ceo,easterseals southeast wisconsin: we want to change the conversation so that a disabilit is disabling and look upon it as poepole need extra support to be everything they want to be." be." we even found an aspiring reporter in the crowd...good luck..rachel..i have a feeling
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carpet soon and we can say easter seals paved the way. 3 a new berlin healthclub has closed its pools after two people became ill with "cryptosporidium".it's spread through water and causes extreme stomach and intenstinal upset.the original source has not been identified and the waukesha county health department are working with the princeton club to prevent the parasite from spreading. a wisconsin mother is asking the community to help make her son's upcoming birthday special. special. 2-year-old finley volkman of neenah gets chemotherapy every two weeks is encouraging anyone and everyone to send finley birthday cards... so he can look at them when days get tough. 1:17-1:26"i can show him these cards and show him how much people are fighting for him" 3 finely's birthday is this sunday... and a handful of cards have already been delivered to finley's door step. 3 a truly magical sight at the boerner botannical gardens
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time.. we saw the china lights . astounding collection of color and lights this is the first stop in the midwest running the month of october tuesday through sunday from 5-30 at night until 10. organizers loved bringing something new to milwaukee. chinese artisans have traveled across the world to help set up the display and give milwaukeeans a taste of
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on j.j. watt having j.j. watt having surgery today on his back and sounds like it officially means the end of his season. season.adam schefter form reporting the news... watt placed on injured reserve yesterday by the houston texans... but watt dealing with a bad back through this offseason and into this seaosn where it's gotten worse. this would mean watt wouldn't get to make his homecoming to lambeau field decemebr 4th against the packers. badgers biegel out at least 2-4 weeks after having surgery to put a screw in his cracked foot. biegel has started 32 of his 45 games at wisconsin... this year, with nine tackles with a sack. of course, this news comes as kicke rrafael gaglianone was ruled out for the year after having surgery on his back. does this sound like barry alvarez is complaining? the ad at wisconsin says he hopes that his fellow big ten athetic directors rethink sched. scheduling.alvarez saying that
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badgers scheduling... going against michiggan state, michigan and ohio state all in consecutive weeks. wisocnsin, in the west division, plays those three teams from the east--but who would have known they would all be top ten teams--including the wolverines, who the badgers play at the big house saturday. i'm excited for the kids. every time you get to play in the big house--these kids know football so it's cool for them to have these experiences and to experience them together. nick perry a part of a packers defense that's in their bye week... but he's also healthy and producing! his play helping the packers lead the league in rushing defense so far this year... but perry also has 3.5 sacks... that's second in the nfl only to von miller. perry in the middle of a one year deal after dealing with
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the rest of the packers outside linebackers showing they're just fine--even without clay matthews. we've got phytsical guys. nick perry, julius peppers, those are bigger guys that can attack that we feel are good matchups against tight ends
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the packers unveiled more plans for the titletown district near lambeau field. the team showed off the final components of what it calls "phase one" -- a park located in the titletown district.the park will include a sleeding hill with tubing lanes... and spaces for football and any other games you want to play. 41-55 "one of the things that came throught with the cu activities and they want to have elements of a public park to bring people out in the winter. and they want to be active and they want to be outs" outside." also include in the development--a four-diamond hotel, a restaurant and a sports medicine clinic. completion is expected next summer. 3 more changes in titletown.. packers officials showed off some newly renovated suites at lambeau field.the suites have
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refridgeratorsbut if you want to watch a game in one of the suites... it'll cost between 60 and 185 thousand dollars. and, there's already a waiting list. 3 mainly late. stays breezy with wind out of the ne 10-20 mph. lows in the middle and upper 50s.friday: scattered showers everywhere especially in the afternoon and evening. stays breezy. cooler with highs in the lower 60s. wind: ne 10-20 mph.weekend: scattered shower chances remain for saturday staying slightly cool in the low to mid 60s. shower chance ends on sunday as temperatures climb back to average but staying cloudy most of the day. we'll have a lot more on the cbs 58 morning news from 4:30
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>> stephen: who are you? >> stephen: i'm you, stephen, from the future. i've come back to warn you, a unless you do something about it. >> stephen: oh, my god, has trump become president? >> stephen: i don't know, i've only come from next tuesday. >> stephen: then why do you have a beard? >> stephen: this? it's fake. i didn't want to freak you out. >> stephen: so what did you come back to tell me? >> stephen: oh, yeah, don't buy a sailboat. it's much more expensive than you think. upkeep is ridiculous, and you're


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