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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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captioning funded by cbs it's friday, october 7th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." breaking news. hurricane matthew slams florida, bringing life-threatening conditions to the sunshine state. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning, hurricane matthew is pounding the florida coast with a potentially deadly mix of wind and rain that is expected to last most of the day.
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matthew weakened slightly as it moved closer to the u.s. it is now a category three storm with sustained winds 120 miles per hour. hurricane force winds extend 60 miles from its center. matthew is expected to remain a dangerous storm as it heads north and will be near or over the georgia and south carolina coast tomorrow. at least 330 people are reported dead in three caribbean nations, most in haiti. more than 200,000 florida residents have ady states of emergency have been declared in florida, georgia, and south carolina. the wind and rain picked up near port st. lucie overnight but the potential storm surge is the main concern. dangerous storm surge could raise water levels by 11 feet in some coastal areas and producing devastating flooding. greg angel, of our west palm beach station, wpec is in vero beach where flooding is a major
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morning, greg? >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. as you see just from our shot, a little bit of moving around. we are, right now, in the midst of hurricane force wind. we are now here in vero beach. in indian river county along the east coast. i want to show you behind me here. you see boats tied up here. this is part of the intracoastal. the boats are doing a little bit of bobbing. this is actually good because looking at the position of the storm out in the atlantic, we more targeted hit from this storm and the damage could have been far worse. however, the concern is far from over. let me walk over here and kind of show you. this is the intracoastal and low lying area and the water is already creeping up to the edge. we will have tropical storm force winds through this morning and heavy wind will continue and push the water inward and creating a very potential for the surge and the flooding.
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are going to deal with for several more hours and the devastation doesn't look as catastrophic as it potentially could be, we have more time of experience in this winds, 95 to 115 miles per hour, much stronger than that in some gusts. but it is a nighttime storm that adds to part of the danger. so it is going to be a very busy morning once the storm moves out of the way for assessment to start beginning. reporting live in vero beach, greg angel, cbs news. >> thank you for your report, greg. stay safe. marlie hall is in central florida where conditions are much better inland. marlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. matthew is expected to come ashore or very close to it, later today. the florida coast is bracing for a long day of punishing wind, rain, and storm surge.
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hurricane matthew pummeling the florida coast with unrelenting rain and roaring winds. the storm surge from the category three storm sent boats in this harbor rocking side-to-side. >> it's really quite a sight. >> reporter: storm shutters were ripped off the front of businesses in west palm beach. in daytona beach, police were left patrolling streets as most residents listened to evacuation warnings. >> we can rebuild homes and businesses but we can't restore businesses a life. the storm is a monster. >> reporter: some people living on the coast who couldn't get red cross shelters. this one inside a school cafeteria. >> there were either mobile homes or vulnerable places and heeding the call from authorities. >> reporter: conditions here in orlando will intensify the next few hours. matthew is expected to slam florida all day with hurricane force winds and then turn towards georgia. the state joined florida in ordering mandatory evacuations, reversing a lane of traffic on this highway yesterday to accommodate the exodus. south carolina did the same as
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>> we are closed after tonight. we should be good after that. >> reporter: matthew is expected to move out to sea this weekend. the last category three storm to hit the u.s. was wilma back in 2005 and it killed five people. >> marlie hall in orlando, thank you so much, marlie. even veteran forecasters don't recall a hurricane like matthew that took aim at so many heavily populated areas. scott pelley talked about the power and the perils of this storm with director of the national hurricane center rick knaab. >> i can't remember a hurricane on a track like this. >> i cannot either, one that has already impacted haiti and eastern cuba and is impacting the bahamas. so many different land areas. >> reporter: it seems, though, with this track right up the coastline, that if the eye of the storm moves a little bit west, you could take in millions of more people very easily.
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make a huge difference in terms of the magnitude of the impacts for particular locations. even if the center of circulation stays just offshore, it's easy for the hurricane to bring hurricane force winds on to the coast, even bring strong winds well inland. every hurricane has its own dna, its own characteristics. matthew will write its own story and i think folks in florida, georgia, and south carolina could end up experiencing wind, water, or both. >> reporter: what kills most people in a hurricane? >> we know that historically, last several decades with landfall in u.s. tropical systems, 9 out of 10 people who have died have died as a result of water. the wind can be damaging and deadly too. all of the hazards are in play in an extremely dangerous situations. >> reporter: you have enormous experience and history at this but i wonder, is there anything about this storm that has surprised you? >> what has surprised me is how the scenario has set up such that so many people are in harm's way and it's amazing how
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the worst possible paths in many ways and affect so many people, but that is the reality we are faced with. there is no denying it now. this is a serious threat to several states. florida up through georgia and south carolina. the time is now to act. you don't want to just hope the problem away. >> as it moves up the coast, matthew is expected to be near or over the coast of georgia and south carolina by tomorrow. along with florida and south carolina, president obama declared a state of emergency in georgia. there is a mandatory evacuation order for georgia's six coastal counties, affecting more than 1.5 million people. highways have been turned into one way roadways to speed up the evacuation and along the coast, businesses and homes are being boarded up. georgia has not had a direct hit from a hurricane in more than a century. in south carolina, utility
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widespread power outages, but with 8 to 14 inches of rain expected there, storm surge is the main concern. governor nikki haley is pleading with residents to get out while they can. >> i am begging you at this point to understand the seriousness of the storm, to understand that storm surges at those levels above ground, imagine the floor to the ceiling and you're talking about those types of storm surges. that is not something you want to get caught up in. >> reporter: officials are telling residents in coastal to be sure to notify next of kin. while the u.s. is bracing for matthew, the caribbean is in recovery mode. haiti's remote southwest peninsula bore the brunt of the storm. reports say hundreds were killed as matthew's winds flattened buildings and floodwaters made roads impassible. the death toll is expected to rise. the haitian government estimates at least 350,000 people need some kind of assistance. recovery efforts are also under way in the bahamas.
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their homes had to be rescued but there are no reports of deaths or injuries. the storm destroyed dozens of homes and damaged hundreds in eastern cuba. the government evacuated nearly 400,000 residents. so far, though, no deaths have been reported. "cbs this morning" will bring you expanded coverage of hurricane matthew throughout the morning and for coverage around the clock, of course, head to our streaming network cbsn. coming up, the latest on the hurricane as it tracks northward along the florida coast. this is the "cbs morning news." . sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! (to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer. (vo) stank face. an expression of disgust caused by inadequate litter tidy cats is the cure. with new guaranteed tidylock protection,
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my advice for looking younger, longer? get your beauty sleep. and use aveeno? absolutely ageless? night cream with active naturals? blackberry complex. absolutely ageless? from aveeno?. here is the latest on hurricane matthew. matthew, now a category three storm, with 120-mile-per-hour sustained winds is hitting the florida coast. more than 200,000 residents are already without power. matthew is blamed for at least
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hurricane hunter aircraft flew into the storm. matthew is expected to linger near or over the florida coast most of the day. extensive damage is feared from wind and storm surge. florida governor rick scott says the storm is a monster. there are no reports of deaths, though, or injuries in the bahamas, but there was extensive flooding. dozens of people trapped in their homes had to be rescued. matthew has created a travel nightmare for millions. some trying to flee the storm and others forced to change their planes because of cancelled flights. brian webb is here in new york with that part of the story. brian, good morning. >> reporter: this may be an east coast storm, but it's affecting travel plans across the country. for some, rebooking vacation plans. for others, a mad dash to get out of the way. >> we were the last flight out.
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>> reporter: airports from miami to orlando on shut down as the storm moved north. more than 3,700 flights through tomorrow have already been cancelled. desperate travelers tried to book a flight. terry and curtis knapp were among the lucky. they made it home to texas. >> yo could just hear the people around you and behind you saying i barely made this flight and those that haven't, they gotten the flight to miami but were still trying to find ways to get to their homes. it was pretty scary. >> i'm so glad. we got on ground. we were like, thank you, lord! >> reporter: highways are packed with coastal residents told to evacuate. interstate highways in florida, georgia, and south carolina were turned into one way routes to speed the exodus and amtrak suspended service from miami to new york and cruise ships rerouted ships to avoid the hurricane. for some, that will mean more days at sea. orlando's theme parks, walt disney world and universal studios and seaworld, are all
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for disney, just the fourth shutdown in the park's history. some airlines say they may resume service to south florida as early as tomorrow, but you'll want to check your airline ahead of time. >> brian webb, thanks a lot. despite the storm, florida's governor refused to extend the state's voter registration deadline past next tuesday. hillary clinton had called for rick scott to allow later sign-ups. south carolina extended its deadline by 48 hours. the presidential candidates reached out to those in the storm's path on twitter. donald trump said, thoughts and prayers with the millions of people in the path of hurricane matthew. look out for neighbors and listen to your local officials. and clinton tweeted, hurricane matthew is a major storm. i urge everyone to follow emergency instructions and evacuate if you're told to. stay safe, florida. clinton picked up an endorsement as she prepares for the upcoming debate. an organization representing more than 6,000 evangelical latino churches nationwide announced its support.
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last night in new hampshire. a format similar to sunday's upcoming debate in st. louis. still ahead, the latest on hurricane matthew. we will show you the storm's impact as it makes its way up florida's coast. ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? ? go paperless, don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? i can't lip-synch in these conditions. ? savings ?
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when i was a little kid, i made a deal with myself that i would never grow up. we met when we were very young... i was 17, he was 18. we made the movie the book of life. we started doing animation. with the surface book, you can do all this stuff. you can actually draw on the screen. so crisp. i love it. t baby. it's a typewriter for writing scripts... it's a sketchbook for sketches...'s a canvas for painting... you can't do that on a mac. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around
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hurricane matthew is making its way up florida. heavy rain and strong winds are pounding daytona beach. now before the life-threatening storm hit, evacuations were ordered, but a few people decided to hunker down and take their chances at home. mark strassmann reports from daytona beach. >> reporter: local officials worry the predicted nine-foot storm surge could collapse the main street pier. most of the 20,000 residents but not all. >> you guys going to hang out? or are you guys going to evacuate? >> reporter: michael chitwood, the daytona beach police chief, worries about the holdouts. >> what would you call those people? >> you're a fool. this hurricane is unlike any other hurricane we have seen. >> reporter: by chitwood's definition, steve and judy lampee are fools. they will ride out matthew at home and hope sandbags and aluminum storm shutters will protect them.
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>> once the bridge closes, it's scary, you know? >> reporter: because then you're -- >> stuck. >> reporter: three blocks away, les thompson decided that staying was foolish. he and his wife chris will head inland to orlando to stay with their son. >> the reality is i don't think we have ever gone through anything like this. certainly once in a lifetime. >> reporter: mark strassmann, cbs news, daytona beach, florida. all four bridges are closed. people can drive off the barrier island but no one can drive on. and all of the holdouts have been told that if they call 911 and storm conditions are too dangerous, emergency crews will not respond. still ahead, we will bring you the latest on powerful hurricane matthew as it pounds florida. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx,
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here's a look at today's
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this morning, hurricane matthew is pounding the florida coast with a potentially deadly mix of wind and rain that is expected to last most of the day. matthew weakened slightly as it moved closer to the u.s. it's now a category three storm with sustained wind of 120 miles per hour. hurricane force winds extend 60 miles from its center. heavy surf has already arrived in the jacksonville area. evacuations were conducted in five counties. officials said early this morning, flights in and out of jacksonville international airport are cancelled and authorities are closing bridges to coastal beaches. with heavy rain, high winds and huge waves on the way, georgia ordered coastal residents to head inland. our errol barnett spoke with some as they packed up and light. >> reporter: the hunters have called this coastal georgia community home for 40 years. but they are leaving it all
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the waters family is doing the same. >> i grabbed the boys baby books and a wedding album that a girlfriend of mine made us and a couple of important papers and we are out of here. >> reporter: fearing the storm surge of 10 to 12 feet, 15 inches of rain and hurricane force winds, georgia joins south carolina in ordering mandatory evacuations for people on the coast. it also reversed 125 miles of eastbound lanes on interstate 16 to accommodate those leaving and south carolina did the same as businesses in charleston boarded up. shelters were opened with those with nowhere to run. we caught up with the mayor of tybee island just before he evacuated. >> you can replace your home and you can replace community buildings but you cannot replace a human life.
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tybee island, georgia. i'm anne-marie green. and this is the "cbs morning news." tybee island. i'm anne-marie green. and this is the "cbs morning news." after brushing, listerine? total care strengthens teeth, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. to the total family. listerine? total care. one bottle, six benefits.
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here is another look at this morning's top story. powerful hurricane matthew is hitting the florida coast. it weakened a bit and is now a category three storm with 120-mile-per-hour sustained besides the torrential producing flood producing wind and storm surge is the main concern. about 1.5 floridians have been told to evacuate. >> we can rebuild homes. we can rebuild businesses. i just think of my own family. we can't rebuild a life, but matthew is likely to produce devastating impacts from storm surge and extreme winds and heavy rains along portions of the east coast tonight. this storm is a monster. >> matthew is expected to linger
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through the day as it heads north. at least 200,000 florida residents are already without paur. matthew is blamed for 330 reported deaths in the caribbean, most in hard-hit haiti. hurricane matthew has forced thousands of floridians into shelters. our scott pelley visited one in west palm beach and found it's spartan, but safe. >> reporter: this is the cafeteria of forest hill high school, one of nearly 50 shelters set up by the red cross to accept about 3,000 people who have answered the governor's call to evacuate. who are these people? >> these are people who have been displaced, essentially. they were either at mobile homes or at vulnerable places and they are heeding the call from the authorities. >> reporter: roberto baltadano has volunteered for the red cross since 1992. >> the most important thing we can do is the peace of mind they
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>> reporter: espino came with her daughter jesria who said she brought the things she needed the most. top of her list? her homework. omar came with his brother, sister, mom, and dad. >> we live close to the evacuation zones so to be sure, we wanted to come to a little bit more of a safer spot. >> reporter: we couldn't help but notice angelina veloskuz with her little boy george. he is 6 days old. how did you start. >> the red cross asked me. august 24th, 1992, hurricane andrew. i was there for 17 days. i came to know what the red cross does. >> reporter: you've been volunteering ever since? >> ever since. >> that was scott pelley reporting. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," continuing coverage of hurricane matthew. we will talk to florida governor rick scott about the storm's impact. plus, we will find out who won the nobel peace prize and jane pauley, tv legend, the new host
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that is the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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:25-:28 "nats of heavy rain and wind" wind" now at 4:30-- it's the worst storm since "sandy" in 20-12. hurricane "matthew" is barreling down on parts of florida--- not let ?anything? get in the way of its path. president obama has already signed an ?emergency declaration? for the state. 3 plus-- why there will be more ?pink?... than green or gold in the stand during sunday's packers game! details coming up! 3 good morning's friday, october 7-th. i'm jessica tighe. tighe.and i'm kate chappell we're following a number of stories for you this morning... including, an appearance here in wisconsin by legendary quarterback brett favre! we'll tell you where he'll be... and why he's coming. 3 but first-- we got some rain


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