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"that's just part of watertown, it is, it's just sad" sad." the shocking charges that shut down a hometown ice cream parlor but first a devastated family praying for justice. justice.the owner of a milwaukee jazz club was 58's amanda porterfield joins us live from a vigil for 65 year old don lewis...amanda the front of this ((nats))dozens of people stood outside of the jazz cafe. don lewis owned this building for more than 30 years. its the place where he made his dream come true. i supported him in his dream. his passion was his music and i was always there to support him. 01:05:08))((nats))but people are mourning the 65 year old veteran, former music teacher and trumpet player who they say was trying to give people a place to go. and give
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((nats)and friend to many. - i feel it's a great loss to the community because what he was trying to do here was positive. 33:45:00 don was a great person he had a lot of concern for young people and this music called jazz. lewis and his employee went missing - hours later his employee was found alive at a house. lewis - dead at the cafe. 01:07:46 ronnell lewis he was just a beautiful person always wanted good for the community. ((nats))and many here pe gone - his dream will keep going. 00:52:04 all the stuff that's going on around here it's scary and we don't know what we want to do milwaukee is starting to crumble. 00:52:10 all the things going on and this is a senseless crime. he's trying to do something good in the neighborhood and this is what he gets a slap in his face. 00:52:17 00:52:28 why do we continue to do this and get slapped in the face. 00:42:33:10 mpd does have a 30 year old person of interest in custody.
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not its the employee reported missing initially. 3 last year's spike in deadly violence has carried over to 2016...according to milwaukee police -- to date -- 106 people have been killed in the city this year.august was the deadliest milwaukee had seen since 2015 -- mpd had responded to 114 homicides through october 10th.the year ended with 145 people killed. 3 milwaukee police are asking fo possibly involved in a death outside "comments" nightclub on 52nd and hampton over the weekend.investigators would like to find and interview these three men after the killing of 32 year old timothy olinger. if you know anything call police at 414-935-7360. a man will spend 37-years in prison for murdering his girlfr. girlfriend.police say back in january, jerry hubbard, suffocated lauren johnson, and
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officer trying to escape. hubbard maintains he acted in defense... but the judge didn't buy it.the judge made the courtroom sit in silence for three minutes... the time it took lauren johnson to suffocate. 03;15;20 call it what you want but i can tell you what it's not. it's not amistake, i don't know where someone would come up to the court and advocate for yourself that somehow this was a mistake 03;15;42 several of the victim's family members told cbs 58 they are happy with the decision even though it can't bring their lauren back. sentencing today for cordel smith--the man who pleaded guilty to a shooting at a kenosha fast food drive-thru. cbs 58's april dvornay was in court when a judge sealed his fate.
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shot in the face multiple times, jaimie vasquez was in court today as cordell smith himself admitted.that thiswas a heinous act.(pkg) 4832 on dec 26 of last year i performed a wicked act that i know god frowned upon greatly. monday afternoon...34 year old kenosha man cordel smith...asking a judge for merc. mercy.4718 i do apologize for what i've stolen from caitlyn and jaime and erin and their family, and my kids....we first spoke exclusively with jaimie vasquez last january- recovering from 3 gunshot wounds to the face- after smith blocked him into a mcdonalds drive through-- shooting him 6 tial vasquez's blocked his daughter from the shots. 5724 you are by the grace of god, in my estimation and luck in others, not facing intentional homicide ith life in prison . smith said he did it because he believed vasquez vandalized his home.-monday a judge sentenced him to 36 years in prison--and while the family wishes he'd been given more time-vasquez says its time to move on. 1326 .....s o i just eed to forgive and move forward and let god be the punisher. he's nearly blind, needs more surgeries...and is unable to work...but fiance erin says-the family will not let smith....stop their momentum. ??1013 i plan to et married, i want to marry him, move forward, i in may and i plan
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our family. and take care of our family. the vaquez family our family. and take care of be our provider in may and i plan to graduate college forward, i marry him, move married, i want to ??1013 i plan to et momentum. ??1013 i plan to et married, i want to marry him, move forward, i graduate college in may and i plan to be our provider and take care of our family. the vaquez family says-the sentencing is just step in the heg their lives . in kenosha, april dovorany, cbs 58 news. another legal move in the case of the two waukesha girls accused of stabbing their class. classmate. cbs 58 has confirmed the two girls, morgan geyser and anissa weier, want separate trials. the girls are accused of the 2014 stabbing to please a fictional online character called 'slender man'.geyser and weier were 12-years old when the crime happened. they'll be tried as adults... and are both pleading not guilty by reason of mental
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3 3 the state's big republican contenders continue to criticize presidential nominee donald trump after video was leaked out friday..showing him making crude comments about wom. women.governor scott walker, house speaker paul ryan, g-o-p chair reince priebus, and senator ron johnson haven't officially pulled their support from trump.but senator johnson ?is? condemming trump's comments. it's indefensible. need i say more? i'm not going to defend it. in a country of 320 million people, when you take a look at the two candidates, i wish we had better role models. 3 speaker paul ryan said he would not campaign with trump and urged other republicans to focus on the congressional elections.the next presidential poll from marquette law school will be released on wednesday. wisconsin democrats also weighing in on donald trump and his past comments about women. at an early voting event with senator tammy baldwin, senate candidate russ feingold was asked about opponent ron
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"if he can't see the difference between whatever mistakes hillary clinton has made and the total lack of qualification of donald trump, he should not be a united states senator, that is the easiest distinction in the worl" world." feingold says a donald trump presidency would divide the country and de-stabilize the world. chelsea clinton returned to the badger state today..telling an audience in racine that words do matter and that her mother is running a campaign that's about building up our country. country.08-30it is what is ultimately behind her campaign. but for us to achieve that, we do need our rhetoric and our actions to be matched to what our values are. and i think the contrast could not be clearer." clearer." clinton said she was speaking as a daughter and a mother concerned about the world in which her children will grow up.
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campaign coverage. two racine county women are in jail tonight accused of running a prostution operation with children inside the home. cbs 58's marshanna hester is here with how investigators got tipped off..marshanna.. 3 3 michele -- authorities tell us they got a number of calls from neighbors who thought something fishy was going on-- after seeing an unusual amount of traffic in their union grove neighborhood. and investigators soon discovered the risky behavior by posing as potential custo. "21.40 upon our arrival they engaged in a conversation that was sexual in nature in exchange for money."that was enough for undercover investigators to arrest adena sparks and eugenia nance at this union grove home sunday. racine county sheriff christopher schmaling says the women lived here running what he calls a brothel. "23:23 these are madams if you will who are in charge of a home used for the purpose of the sale of sex."a service
10:09 pm a provactive stance-- investigators say 27 year old nance -- posed as a 25-year-old named amy... writing she was "bored" and "here to satisfy your needs."a nearly nude 28-year-old sparks advertised herself as three years younger and named katie... offering 150 dollars a hour for an "unrushed pleasurable experience."27.57 it's beyond sad. at any age. sheriff schmaling says illegal drugs were also found in the home... adng destructive....but concerned neighbors who spoke up, stopped that from happening... "24.57 we cannot solve crimes if the community doesn't get invovled and this is a shining example." 3 the children were immediately taken from the home and are with family tonight.their relationship to the suspects is under investigation...the two women face multiple charges and are expected to be in court tomorrow. 3 surveillance video of a robbery at "halal guys"'
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it happened around 12-30 this morning.a worker forced inside at gunpoint to retrieve the times, he was struck by the suspect.police say the robbery got away with about three thousand dollars. the search for a milwaukee man who didn't return from fishing will resume again tomorrow. tomorrow.dane county sheriff's deputies say an empty boat was found friday morning on lake monona.they believe the boat belongs to 68-year-old larnal friend.deputies say the boat was launched thursday night... aney appear to have any damage. 3 an ice cream shop suddenly shuts down after more than 80 years in business.... and one of its owners is now facing charges. 3 so how is packer eddie lacy doing? we get an injury update after that win over the giants
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the owner of a favorite ice cream shop in watertown is facing nearly 100 years in pris. 58's lindsey branwall digs into what he's charged with-- and what the whole town lost. ?cover first part of sot with vo and butt together?39:56 "i've gone to mullens when i was... knee high to a grasshopper"mullens dairy was shelley saxby's childhood favorite. 40 when we were good. really really really good we'd get to go for a treat"it closed on september 11th, after 84 years in business. shelley who works right next door, has seen the impact on the town. ?vo of people peering in at 3:02?we watched passerby's peer in the window. and ask where the store had gone.41:50 "it's upsetting a lot of people"and now new developments just over the last few days owner troy millbrath charged with stealing from a business partner... who noticed this
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at work he found credit cards in his name and loans with his signature, but he didn't sign anything. some of these accounts were even in the victim's wife's name.after bringing information to police, millbrath was charged with 19 counts ... 16 of them felonies. the charges include identity theft, forgery, and fraudulent credit card use. from 300 dollar cable bill charges ... to almost 30,000 dollars racked up on a chase credit card. it is important to no ?before? these charges were filed and while this could have been a factor, we have no confirmation that this is the main reason the business shut down.we reached out to the victim in this situation.who asks for privacy and says he is letting law enforcement handle it. a plan to remove the estabrook dam for a quarter of the cost that it would take to fix it. it.first the property would have to be rezoned as non park land by the city plan commission and sold to m-m-s-d
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structure.the cost to buy it-- just one dollar.county executive chris abele praised m-m-s-d for buying into this idea --as a way to proect tax payers and the environment and perhaps end years of controversy with those who believe it should be saved. 3 forgiving overdue book fines has been so successful that the milwaukee public library is extenging the campaign until sunday.since fine forgiveness began on september 26th, some 78 hundred people have reactivated thier library cards and more than 900 items thousand dollars has been forgiven in library you have a chance. again fine forgiveness at any milwuake epublic library branch.. ends this sunday. two major beer companies are merging... but it won't have much of an affect on milwaukee. milwaukee.'anheiuser busch in- bev' is merging with 's-a-b miller'.miller coors officials say operations in milwaukee
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and molson coors will be spun off to a separate company. 'anheusier busch in-bev' and 's-a-b miller' will now control about one-third of the global beer market.the merger is expected to be made official tomorrow. 3 samsung is ending production of it's galaxy note seven phone... and no more replacement phones will be recalled the phones after reports the batteries could overheat and cause fires... and some replacement phones have now ?also? had overheating verizon... say they'll stop exchanging the original phones and are urging customers to return them. a new study shows that several major health organizations receive funding from the country's top soda com. companies.the study reports the coca-cola company and pepsico sponsored nearly 100 health groups between 2011 and 2015.the study's co-author says that could have skewed the groups' support for public health measures aimed at
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have been blamed in the growing obesity epidemic in the u.s., and are associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 3 the number of kids around the world with health problems linked to obesity will skyrocket in the coming decade. scientists estimate as many as 12 million children will have pre-diabetes and 4 million will have type two diabetes in 2025. parts of the carolinas are still under water... two days after the rain from hurricane matthew ended. ended. at least 2-thousand people to safety, but there's still more people who need help.officials in north carolina say at least 7 dams have failed.some rivers aren't exepcted to crest until tomorrow... with some fearing the flooding will get worse before it gets better. 51-5813:35:26 "trees down in a way like we've never seen before and flooded roads to these areas that may not have dealt with it." it." president barack obama has promised federal resources to all the states affected by the
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it was an educational, and potentially life-saving field trip for some milwaukee
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'survive alive" house for national fire prevention week. the milwaukee fire department has used the 'survive alive' house to teach kids what to do during a house fire.the mock home fills with smoke... and its up to the kids to figure out how to get out safely. 35-47"like anything in life, sports figures they practice, or ballet or dance or whatever, whatever you do, you always have to practice. so when it comes to a time of an emergency, having that frame of reference to go back to and say we practices i know what to do that's a valuable for the children." ch the city of milwaukee is also offering free smoke detectors to anyone who doesn't have one. we've got more information on how you can get one on our website, cbs 58 dot com nationally, today is known as columbus day.but some in the u-s don't beleive christopher columbus should be honored. honored.a potluck was held in milwaukee tonight, honoring native american ancestors for "indigenous peoples day" with rituals, ceremonies, and music. those who organized the potluck say columbus caused so
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that he shouldn't be honored with a national holiday. 32:58-11i say that i survived christopher columbus because i'm still here and i'm stil honoring my culture, i'm still honoring different ancestrial ws ways in some states, columbus day has been officially changed to "indigenous peoples day", but not in wisconsin. after nearly 30 years, hockey is coming back to u-w milwaukee's panther arena. crews spent down the sheet of ice for the milwaukee admirals, who will start playing games at the arena this season.more than 6-million dollars was spent to get the place ready... and one of the highlights is the center ice logo. 2:34-44that's a giant stencil... just like when you were a kid, you do a little paint by numbers, fill in the colors where they belong and the next thing you know the logo is there and it looks specr spectacular a new locker room was also built for the admirals.they play their first game at panther arena saturday,
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these pumpkins would be hard to turn into a jack 'o
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family...
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eddie lacy and randall cobb had sensational games in the packers win last night but both ended on sour notes....lacy left the game gamewith an ankle injury and didn't catch on third down, but took a nasty hit and had to go into the concussion protocol......24 hours later it sounds like the packers avoided disaster on both fronts... 3 3 mccarthy: "eddie's had some tests done, we won't really know until he hits the field tomorrow. i would say it's not serious. i don't know what his status is for this week. randall is sore. i think he'll be fine." 3
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talk with gary ellerson of 105.7 fm the fan after the packers win. as much as people always want to talk about aaron rodgers and the offense the defense stepped up in the win against the giants and eli manning who you call the packer killer."gary: "i think once again you look at this defense and they played well. no sam shields, no damarious what do you have? young guys, ladarius gunter quentin rollins, first year, second year players, undrafted players. you look at this defense right now and they're playing well, their front seven is and the front seven is creating havoc up there. what they did is they hit eli manning a lot, down, confused him. really i think the defense led this team to a great win along with mason crosby."scott: "we talked to a couple of the offensive lineman after the game. they all seemed to want to talk about that 13 yard aaron ripkowski run that everyone sort of dog piled forward. you've been part of those, what does that do for the team."gary: "you just keep your legs moving right. and then the offensive line they get in behind and it's almost
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everyone just pushing the pile."scott: "so we hit the quarter mark of the season now for the packers at 3-1. what are your impressions of the team as a whole as we reach that quarter mark."gary: "that's a good question, i still don't know. i think when you walk away from that game the packers kicked a lot of field goals. so right now if we are saying, if you believe that the defense has to win a championship, right now that's what it looks like because this offense can't get on track, but if you believe that aaron rodgers and the offense will come around i think you're looking at a super bowl team." gary ellerson isn't just a former packer, he's a former badger he has plenty to be excited about this week.... week....wisconsin is back in the top ten joining ohio state, michigan and nebraska....that's the first time the big ten has had four in the top ten since eisenhower was president.....the 8th ranked badgers will battle the 2nd ranked buckeyes on college gameday saturday night... 3 3 3 watt: "they're probably up there with the most athletic teams that can do the most things. they have a lot of weapons that can do a lot of things but at the same time so
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defensively." well that wasn't exactly the season the brewers had in mind finishing 30 games behind the least the crew had some solid individual efforts.....ryan braun was named the team m-v-p today for the fourth time in his about junior guerra coming in as a 31 year old rookie to lead milwaukee's pitching staff....with a 2.81 e-r-a he's the team's top pitcher.....jonathan villar is named the best newcomer after bases.... the american league championship series is set....the indians finished their sweep of the red sox....cleveland and toronto will square off for a spot in the world for the national league, the nationals take a 2-1 lead over the dodgers while the cubs are a few innings away from closing out the innings away from cubs are a few innings
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3 a waukesha county man is now a millionaire!ronald alvarez won 1 million dollars off a scratch off ticket.he bought the ticket at a woodman's in
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alvarez will take home about 670- thousand dollars. 3 they were out of the gourds for the annual world championship pumpkin weigh-off in california.the winning pumpkin weighed 19-hundred 10 pounds...that means six dollars per pounds or about 12 grand in prize money.still this was about 150 pounds of the contest say the secret to growing big pumpkins is all in the seeds you decide to plant. another fall staple that goes with pumpkins... corn mazes!a giant corn maze in new york is 8-acres and has about a quarter-million stalks of corn. it takes some people up to two hours to get through the maze. but, to make sure no one gets lost, everyone is given a clue sheet... and hints are scattered throughout the maze to tell you which way to go.
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>> stephen: hi there everybody, it's stephen colbert. the day after the second presidentially debate but i'm not doing the show today because it's columbus day. damn you columbus for your terrible timing and for all the even though i'm at home i still want to talk to you about the debate. here we go. spectacular home edition. welcome to not the show with me not at work. we're broadcasting from my study and because we're coming to you from the internet, my cohost today will be this adorable undecided kitty. say hello mr. whisker pet. come on.


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