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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  October 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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first vandalized then ticketed. it's a double whammy that has one woman fighting milwaukee city hall. 58's marshanna hester is here with her story.. marshanna.. 3 3 the city gave "brianna kilgore" a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the street.she says she had no choice but to leave her car there-- a fact that is clear to see... "4.00 you can see there's two different points of contact. busted kilgore believes its the work of a baseball bat.. "4.11 there's like a little scratch here so they tried to bust this window.that busted and smashed windows on her 2001 jetta... leaving glass on the inside and out...she says karma will get whoever did this...if not that-- she hopes her neighbor's security camera will.. standup: 20.14 "kilgore says nothing was stolen from inside her car, but is thankful her carseat wasn't in the back-- considering she's eight month's pregnant."
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have a car seat 54.11" it's alternate side parking rules in kilgore's neighborhood... too dangerous to clean out her car or drive it-- kilgore called milwaukee's parking enforcement in hopes of avoiding a ticket." 57.25 whoever i spoke to said they couldn't."the next morning -- a ticket in the ?hood? of her car... even officer tally didn't want to touch the banged up windshield... 2.12 like i pre-empted this ticket. i let them know i shouldn't be getting a parking ticket because i can't move my car but they don't care. all they care about is getting their money" fix her car-- which is the only unexpected surprise she plans to pay for.. "2.25 obviously the city's hurting for $20 from me, so, uh you're not gonna get it though (laughs)." 3 kilgore is fighting the ticket... the city's parking services department is investigating and could make an exception in her case... we'll let you know what happens.bill? 3 around 40 people woke up this morning.. only to discover
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overnight on wentworth avenue in milwaukee's bay view neighbhorhoodpolice tell us, they're working to figure out if the same suspects are responsible for all of the far, no one has been caught. an elderly man attacked with sticks by a mob of robbers. one suspect just 13 years old. 85 year old lee brown was surrounded after getting out of his car in his driveway near 52nd and auer yesterday afternoon.first they took his keys, then the 20 bucks he had in his po them not to hurt him. 00-14 "but they still surrounded me with those clubs and i was telling them don't hit me because i have a bad heart and they didn't do that and then they left walking down the street." street." police arrested four men and one woman about two blocks away.the accused range from 28 down to 13 years old. 3 a west allis man pleads not guilty by reason of mental
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hays is accused of fatally shooting his neighbor gabriel sanchez.the incident sparked a tactical response by west allis police back in may.hays is also accused in the drive-by, free way shooting of illinois mother tracy czackowski in sauk county later on that same day. the death toll continues to rise in haiti after hurricane matthew tore over the island. one wisconsin woman was there when it happened. cbs 58's amanda porterfield joins us in the studio with her story. amanda? 3 many parts of haiti - don't have any hospitals. and if they do - treatment is expensive. so this woman is part of a group that goes there each year to give medical treatment. they've seen devastation there before. but this time - was different. hurricane matthew leveled entire villages on haiti's coast. nearly 1000 people - dead. devastation that's not just another distant tragedy to kathy spiegelhoff. a nurse
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burlington wisconsin.. wisconsin..17:26:18 its heartbreaking to 17:26:18 its w. wisconsin..17:26:18 its heartbreaking to see that these people keep getting knocked down 17:26:28when matthew hit - spiegelhoff was in the haitian mountains in a village called la croix. the group is called friends of the children. about 10 doctors and nurses who fly there twice a year and treat people with illnesses, pregnant women and give medical trainingthis time - they couldn't finish the job - and had to take cover. 17:20:02 i was laying in bed and could hear tin flying. hear things hitting the house. the house was like vibrating. 17:20:15 i was laying on my bed and all i could think of is if i am this nervous and i am at this cement house, wh the village. 17:2:27 they have little huts with tin roofs, some of them have dirt floors. how in the world are they ever going to survive this. 17:20:37 la croix had little damage and no deaths. but the group had no supplies and couldn't get to the coast to help. 17:28:13 with heavy hearts we packed up and left hoping other organizations could come. 17:25:30 to see the power of mother nature and to see how resiliant the haitian people
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this is just a windstorm, its not an earthquake. 17:25:46 and it kind of put it in perspective, they'll get by. they'll get through this. 17:25:51?? the group plans to go back to haiti in february..each trip costs about 25 thousand dollars. if you want to help - a link to their go fund me is on cbs 58 dot com. 3 31 counties in north carolina are now considered federal disaster areas after flooding from hurricane mew woman was trapped in her home since saturday.her son, drove down from michigan.. to rescue her. 25-33 "i had signs on my house i had sheets and towels screaming at them and they would never stop"42-51 ""got halfway there and heard her voice and that gave me a burst of energy to get to her" "it's mom what would you do- you only get one" 3 crews have rescued some 2-
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expected to reach record levels later this week. the dane county medical examiner now confirming the body found this morning is that of a missing boater from m. milwaukee.the body washed ashore on lake monona.. the same place where 68 year old larnal friend had been boating and gone missing just days word on the cause of death.when friend's boat was recovered, it had no damage and did not appear to have been involved in any kind of collision. 3 one month until election day.. and donald trump is returning to the badger s. a stop on monday... but hasn't said where that stop will be. be. meanhile, trump continues to lash out at the g-o-p for not standing by him after video showed him making crude comments about womenhe tweeted that disloyal republicans are more difficult than "crooked" hillary clinton.the republican also pounced on the clinton campaign's hacked emails. 11-15 wikileaks is amazing. the stuff that is coming out. it shows that she is a real lia. liar. wikileaks released more than
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campaign chairman john podesta's account... but clinton didn't address the issue today.instead, she talked with supporters in florida about global warming. 1:02-1:10 i'm running against a guy who denies science, denies climate change, says it's a hoax created by the chinese! 3 a new wall street journal- n-b-c news national poll has clinton with a 9 point lead over trump.this was one of the first polls taken since sunday's debate.we'll get a better idea of how ?wisconsin? voters feel on both when the new marquette university law school poll is released tomorrow. wisconsin's voter i-d law facing yet another court challenge after it was discovered that the dmv was giving out incorrect informatio. information.the group "vote riders" has recordings from ten different dmv offices where workers tell voters they might not be able to get a photo i-d before the november election.this is a direct violation laid out by a judge in july.governor walker has acknowleged the recordings and
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this most recent legal challenge say the damage is done. "people were given inproper information about getting the ids themselves and whether or not they would get their id in time. all those things were supposed to be solved. the judge made his decision in the end of july and for whatever reason governor walker is unwilling or unable to follow the laws prescribed by the judg" judge." the hearing is tomorrow in madison. there was an independent investigation by state police which turned up no wrongdoing by the d-m-v. 3 the u-s senate debate between wisconsin senator ron johnson and challenger russ feingold is this ?friday? night at 7. it will be broadcast live on our sister station, 'w-m-l-w the m' and telemundo wisconsin. 3 stay with cbs 58 all month leading up to election day.. we'll have live team coverage of both the national and local races all night long here on cbs 58. cast your ballot then watch it count on november eighth. there was something to celebrate on sunday at the packers game besides the big
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while serving our country were given a big 'thank you' from their favorite team. cbs 58's april dovorany spoke with a purple heart recipient from mukwanago...who shares his experience. 3 corporal jeremy stingl served in the marine corps for 7 years-and during his service he was gravely injured-given a slim chance of survival. which is why the simple things-like attending a packer game--means that much more. more.its a dream...for ?any lifelong packer fan.... to be out on the field ...on game day. 5729 i remember my dak milwaukee county stadium when i was 4-5 years old. but it's extra special for corporal jeremy stengel...a marine corps veteran who was wounded while serving in iraq. 5456 ... we were doing routine ied sweeping missions in our area of operations when our humvee hit a pressure plate iedhe lost a leg-suffered nerve damage-and broke bones. but nearly 10 years later-its obvious his spirit cant be broken as he's on a mission to help other veterans. 1:24 going to school to become a occupational therapy assistant with the hopes of working at
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this was an amazing opportunity for him and other veterans.5827 we were within arms distance of qite a few of them. haha clinton dix and guyon came up to us and started shaking our hands adn then the other players followed in suit. that aws pretty awesome to experience. and he praises the packers and wps for giving them the chance 5920 whether we serve together ro different branches, events like this help us get linked up with other vet organizations that helped disabled vetsand says- he hopes it also has an even greater impat...on the community. 5703 that was televisied so that could have gottens to millions of peope. maybe they'renow jumping on the internet like what organization can i donatae to ? can i volunter for something? how can i help? 3 tag 92 veterans and their families have participated in "operation fan mail"--which is the program that makes this all possible. for more information on that..and how to become involved--visit our website, cbs 58.comin the newsroom ad cbs 58 3
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mother and son charged with abusing the system.. and stealing millions of dollars. 3 plus.... some football fans try to beat eddie lacy... with
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millions of dollars meant to help those in need get food.. g. gone.tonight, an oak creek mother and son face federal charges for the scheme spanning six years..kristen barbaresi joins us in studio with details. the scam-run out of family super saver, a store in milwaukee-started in 2009 and federal investigators say the mother and son who own the storekept it up until january
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no quest-- this sign on the door of family super saver, at north 23rd and hopkins in milwaukee--it means the store no longer accepts the debit-like cards meant to help low income people buy food.the store owners-elham abdul rahim and her son, ahmad, face federal charges for letting people use those quest cards for cash.according to the indictment-- the two would swipe a person's quest card for a certain dollar amount, but instead of food, they'd give them half the amount in cash-- and pocket the other half.00;01;50 when people trafficked or that people are using these benefits to get things other than food, it just feeds in tot hat notion that this program isn't really needed, when in fact there are thousands of folks in wisconsin and around the country who need assistance with their food every month. the wisconsin inspector general didn't handle this investigation, but says in cases like this the federal government goes after the store owners and then gives the state a list of people who used their food share benefits in that store.
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look at those recipients to see if they can identify patterns that might indicate people were trading their benefits for cash or other non-food items at that store. 29 people in the ig's office are dedicated to investigating food share fraud-- and receive thousands of tips each year year we monitor social media to make sure that folks aren't trying to sell their food share benefits last year they disqualified about 1000 people from the food share program, preventing about 12-million dollars in fraud but also identifi million paid out ot people getting food share benefits in wisconsin and another state. federal investigators meanwhile say elham and ahmed-- ran their scheme for about six years-- pocketing around 3-million dollars. the next court date for the mother and son is november 29 meanwhile there are places you can report suspected fraud like this-- we put links up on cbs 58 police in northern wisconsin
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possible connection to a missing teenager. teenager.this is a still picture of the man who posted the video showing a woman held captive. he call her.. his girlfriend. it's so graphic, cbs 58 has chosen not to show any of it.police are investigating the resemblance to 15-year-old kayla berg who went missing from antigo seven years ago. 35-44"we do have to look at every single one so it is time consuming but you know we're going to be thorough and make sure that every tip we will follow up on on turns out the video had been up for seven years--just two months after kayla disappeared. youtube took it down today. people applying for a job with the city of milwaukee will no longer have to answer a question about their prior criminal history. history.the common council approved the "ban the box" law today.we told you last week how alderwoman chantia lewis pushed for the change.she said the resolution shows other local employers the city's
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offenders find jobs.the city already had a policy not to ask about it. 9:30:14-18 you go out, you serve the community to the best of your abilities 3 3 doctor lester carter sharing values he learned when in college.the pharmacist was honored by the milwaukee common council this morning. he's served the community for nearly 50 years... know for his "patient and gentle nature" with the customers and patients he served.dr carter opened 'c 24th and burleigh in 1968. 3 some materials you put in the recycling bin... could potentially be dangerous.that was the message at a milwaukee recycling center.officials say some items people try to recycle, like propane, are hazardous to the plant's equipment and staff. "sometimes we get containers that contain gasoline or lacquer or like i say batteries that can spark a fire or these propane
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these cause hazards, not only to our expensive equipment, but to the people who work here as well." well." if you're unsure of what materials to recycle... a website called "call to recycle" tells you what's ok to put in the trash and where you can take hazardous matertia. matertials.we've got a link on our website cbs 58 dot com. 3 people in montana woke up to a fresh coat of snow today. the storm brought 4 to ?10? inches of snow in the southwestern part of the state. while the snow's stopped for now... cold temperatures are moving in and areas could see lows well below freezing.
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picking a field of study can be challenging for students... and some young people had the chace to see what types of manufacturing careers are out t. there.high schoolers took a tour of weldall manufacturing of two stops on what the state calls a "schools 2 skills tour".
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manufacturing jobs are in high demand. 2:55:59-07we're trying to fill the talent pipeline and make sure those high schoolers know that there's a future... a very lucrative future in manufacturing in the state of wn wisconsin the state offers two different programs for students, where they can get aprenticeships in different manufacturing areas. governor scott walker has declared october "manufacturing awareness month" in wisconsin. a greenfield woman driving home came upon what she thought were a pack of stray turns out, t these photos of the animals near 42nd and grange at about 12-30 monday says she didn't feel threatened... but is concerned that they're so close to homes. 05:05-11figure out what they are, what they can do, and in the meantime everyone shoudl watch their kids, dogs, and cats4:32-35i just hope if they find the pack, they find them a new home home the milwaukee county parks department had two meetings this month educating people
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employees say coyotes are losing their fear of humans, bringing them closer to urban areas. waukesha police officers were putting in some extra work tonight... raising money for a good cause. tonight texas roadhouse hosted a 'tip a cop' fundraiser for special olympics.officers were the waitstaff at the restaurant.. busy taking orders, passing out dishes, and clearing tables... saying its all worth it so these kids can enjoy the sports they love. 14:11-20just to see how rewarding special olympics is to them... and to see how much satisfaction or excitement they have when they participate... that's what makes it worth it7:30-41it's just the athletes... it's just having fun, it's just being a good sportsman like person and whether you win or lose, no matter what you always have a good time time 10-percent of the procceeds from tonight benefitted the special olympics to help buy
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3 paisley park, the home and recording studo of musician prince, is back to operating tours... but only on a temporary basis.the local city council voted to let it operate as a museum... for 12 days.this while they study traffic and parking if the museum becomes permanent.on october 24, the council will decide if paisley park can continue to offer tours. it was a day of competition and fun...the wellness trialthlon at nicolet high school in glendale . students in are paired with a nicolet student to compete in bicycling, running and swimming.teachers say the special education students are an intregal part of the school. 10:30:20-10they're kind of like the meat... and everyone else is all the condiments added in, but it's great because i think the kids really embrace them and they look up to them them the triathlon started a few years ago with minimal equipment... but now it's grown into a huge community building event and motivating students to stay healthy.
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eddie lacy has the same meal before every game...find out what he eats coming up...
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they're the best defense against the run to this point in a season in twenty years... and the packers defensive front might get even better this week. they've allowed 43 yards per game on the ground with plenty of help from nick perry, but without the services of mike pennel is back, determined to make this solid group even better with the cowboys potent attack coming to town. 3 3 pennel: they've been playing really well. all the guys have stepped up and done what they've needed to. it's the hardest thing watching the guys out there on sunday and watching the game from home. and now i have the opportunity to be back at lambeau and pick up where i left off. nigel hayes has that spotlight, and college basketball's preseason hasn't
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conference's preseason player of the year. hayes says thanks for the accolades, but he wants to be like frank kaminsky and get his badgers back to the final four. joining hayes on the preseason all big-ten team. ethan happ, freshman sensation last season, and bronson koenig, the big shot maker from the n-c-double-a tournament back in march. staying in madison, but switching sports, it's another week in the national spotlight for bucky badger on the gridiro. gridiron.eighth-ranked wisconsin hosts second-ranke ohio state in prime time. it's reminiscent of the night the buckeyes were bitten by the badgers back in 20-10 when ohio state was ?the? number one team in the country! it's shaping up to be another memorable saturday in madison. 3 3 chryst: certainly the night games have been really electric, so i anticipate that, and i think it's up to us to give the fans some energy. i think they'll have it, but you still have to go out and play.pat elflein: wisconsin always usually show
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they're a good team, and they've won some big games this year and they've looked pretty good. and now, a story about what colin kaepernick will be doing ?after? the national anthem this sunday...the milwaukee- born kaepernick will start for the 49ers against the buffalo bills...the niners are one- and-four and need a jump start
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some football fans used their skills against eddie lacy today.... but they weren't competing on the gridiron.. lacy was at the wauwatosa meijer ready to face off against some gamers in the latest edition of 'madden'.it was in parternship with campbells.lacy's been working with them for two years and says he eats the same kind of campbells soup before ?every? packers game. 01:18:50-53before every game definitely eat chicken noodle soup01:19:02-05i eat two bowls of it, then i get ready to play 1:19:11-13i'm off to a good start... hopefully touchdowns start coming soon soon lacy says he plays 'madden' two to three times a week... and is usually the packers when he plays.but, he does admit every once in a while he
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