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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  October 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: women propel hillary clinton into a battleground lead. >> a new cbs poll shows a big swing in the women's vote in 13 key states. a large majority of republican voters are standing by donald trump. >> also toptd, a storm uproots trees and knocks out power in the pacific northwest, as haiti from a hurricane. >> and ancient artifacts from icist destruction uprise. >> was a popular upright walking bear killed in a controversial hunted. >> this is remarkable. >> and at maizing technology that is lawed a paralyzed man to
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this is the "cbs weekend news." >> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. with 23 days to go until the election, cbs news checked in with voters in 13 key states that will lakely decide the race. our new battleground tracker poll shows hillary clinton has widened her lead among women in those states. while donald trump has lost a vote of some republican women. party leaders to stand behind trump despite his recent problems. errol barnett takes us through the numbers with our elections director anthony salvanto in washington. >> so anthony, what's changed in the 13 battleground states in just the last few weeks. >> across these states which will decide the election, hill rae clinton has jumped out to a six point lead. she was tied last month. but what is driving this, errol, is a big shift among women
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now she's out to a 15 point lead. that's a significant change and we could be headed for what might be the largest gender gap we've ever seen. >> and why? i mean this is following what was said by donald trump in the tapes that were released. >> yeah, donald trump has lost support among women, among republican women as well. so it goes beyond partisanship a little bit. and the poll finds that 70% of voters feel that now donald trump does not respect women. what could be trouble for him gofo republican women are precisely the kind of voters that he needs now to start winning. >> because of this some republican leaders have distanced themselves from trump. how do the voters see that. >> well, the republican rank and file would like the party to get behind donald trump, seven out of ten say they should get behind him and very few want them to pushback against donald trump. this is a narrative we've seen actually throughout the year where republican voters are-- don't care very much what
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say. >> now secretary clinton still faces challenges of her own with the lingering email controversy. how is that resonating? >> voters say the contents of those emails have made them feel like hillary clinton says different things in private than she says in public. and part of that is wrapped up in her low numbers on telling the truth, that those continue to be very low numbers for her. >> mow we are approaching the homestretch of this election. let's li t mates had to say today. governor mike pence and senator tim kaine. >> donald trump has a message that is enlivening and it's-- it's-- it is resonating with people all across this which and we're going to fietd the next 23 days to carry it through election day. >> i've been saying from the beginning that i thought this would be a close election. we are seeing some data about voting, whether it's registrations, early voting and requests for absentee ballots.
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we like. >> the final presidential debate is wednesday. how likely is it to change anyone's mind. >> most people watch the debate, rooting for their favorite candidate. it's like a sporting event where people have a favorite team. but there are about a quarter of voters who say yes, something in the debate might change their minds. but they say, it has to be big. >> and 73% say it will not change their minds. anthony sal danlt-- salvanto, thanks for breaking it all down for us, elaine? >> quijano: thanks to our elections team in washington. ou than hillary clinton and done all trump on the ballots. voters in washington state, california, nevada and maine will decide on stricter gun measures including write in background checks for gun purchases. julianna goldman has more on this. >> after mass shootings in newtown. >> the amendment is not agreed to. >> san bernardino. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> and orlando. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: universal background checks have failed in
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different story in maine where voters will see a very similar proposal on their ballots in november. david trahan runs the main gun rights organizations and opposes the measure. >> i could easily within be charged with a felony and lose my right to own fire arms simply for letting a friend borrow a fire arm for one thing. >> yet he is already admitting defeat, in part, he says because he can't compete against the millions spent on a gun control group spent by former mayor bloomberg. >> if he gets a win here, he can go to other states. >> bloomberg's group has raised $3.7 million this year compared to just over $420,000 by the national rifle association. while bloomberg declined an interview he said this to "face the nation" in 2014. >> the vast prepond rance of the public does not want criminals, minors or people with psychiatric problems to be able to buy guns. >> reporter: polls show
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background checks. so in some states a ballot initiative allows voters to decide instead of lawmakers who fear the nra. david farmer is a gun owner without runs the bloomberg supported group in maine. >> do you think other states can see this and say here are ways to get around the gun lobby, does it shake the ar moar. >> the power remains with the voters. if she want change, you can make it happen. >> in 2014, that's exactly what where the background check initiative easily won. bloomberg's group and others spent over $10 million compared to the nra's $489,000. sources from gun rights groups tell us the reason the nra didn't spends more was they knew they were going to lose. and that's trahan's fear for november. >> we're going to be a truly david versus goliath fight. >> julianna goldman, washington. >> over the weekend, the death toll from hurricane matthew
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more than half were killed in north carolina, where most drowned in cars that were sub merged by floods. >> remnants of a typhoon hit the pacific northwest this weakened. tornadoes touched down in oregon friday. and there is another round of storms blew in saturday night, forecasters were expecting hurricane force winds topping 80 miles an hour. turns out the storms didn't have that much punch but they still did plenty of damage. ben tracee is in >> holy moleeau. -- moley. >> the winds were strong enough to topple trees and power lines. leaving tens of thousands without power. and a big mess to clean up. >>. >> when this fast moving storm hit seattle it churned up pudge ent-- puget sound with wind gusts 40 to 50 miles an hour. this is the pacific northwest
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look. heidi vanbrost daughter kayia was riding out the storm in sing you lar style. >> what are you doing out here. why are you not at home. >> well, he with wanted to come out and do some storm watching. >> it is hitting new the face. >> yes t is. very salty. >> this massive storm system fueled by the remnant of a powerful pacific typhoon could have been much worse it weakened unexpectedly and tracked sparing seattle the worst winds. >> the national weather service and some local meteorologists are taking some heat on social media for overhyping the storm. but if it's your house that the tree ends up on, you probably think this storm was powerful enough. elaine? >> quijano: ben bracey, thank you. -- tracy, thank you. the suburbs of northern new jersey mile frses new york city are black bear country. this past week theres with a controversial bow and arrow bear hunt which appears to have taken
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nicknamed pedals for its upright pedestrian walk. jamie yuccas reports. >> reporter: pedals the black bear first became an internet sensation two years ago. seen here wandering almost human-like through northern new jersey neighborhoods. he had injuries to his paws, so wildlife experts believe he spent very little time on all fours. >> that is a bipedal bear. >> he was often captured on camera. but animal rights activists say a moreio ended his life. one with a bow and arrow. during last week's black bear hunt. >> horrible. any time i think about it plaiks me sick to my stopance. >> chris often saw him in the neighborhood. >> an innocent bear mindk his own business, searching for food, never got into trouble, never harmed anybody. and you have this idiot who tracked him, to hunt him to kill him. >> reporter: people also expressed their outrage on a facebook page dedicated to
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someone hunting a handi capped bear that people enjoyed seeing. what is wrong with em poo. somewhere are making death threats against whoever may have killed the bear. a hunter has not been named. new jersey fish and wildlife officials say they may never be able to make a positive identification on the bear believed to be pedals because he had never been tagged by the agency. a petition to stop the new jersey black bear hunt had more than 24,000 signatures. >> this is the first le and arrow bear hunt in new jersey in nearly four decades. by the end of the hunt on saturday more than 430 bears were killed. elaine, there will be another hunt here in early december. >> quijano: jaimentie yuccask thank you. coming up next, the hurricane in haiti. haiti. a reporter's notebook from the
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secretary general ban ki-moon visited victims of hurricane matthew in haiti. there were clash as heads of his arrival. haitians are frustrated that aid has been slow to arrive since the storm hit more than a week ago. thousands of homes were destroyed. nearly 550 people are dead. vladimir duthiers shows us the misery the hurricane left behind. >> reporter: we spent the last week in haiti covering the aftermath of hurricane matthew. almost seven years ago i was here, less than 24 this nation was rocked by an earthquake in 2010. have i been back several times since, always because of a tragedy. this time was no different. the capitol port au prince was spared by towns on the island's southern coast like jeremie were leveled. when we arrived it wasn't hard to see why so many homes were wiped out and so many were killed. >> all the roofs of the folks in the countryside are made of tin. and there is no way that tin is going to sustain in the face of
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they have been sleeping outdoor. >> astaniece saint erand told me they have nothing left. >> they don't have anything. they don't have water. they don't have food. >> jeffrese showed us what was left of his home. >> sell east he least shows us her home them survived and wonders if they will survivor the aftermart. >> that saul they have to eat right now. >> everybody isive going me their name and i think that they feel by giving me their name, we won't forget them. >> reporter: the next day we took a helicopter to port au primo, from the air it looked like it was hit from with a bomb. the people here are absolutely vulnerable. they don't have water. they don't have a house. they don't have clothes. they can't find food to eat. >> they have problems with everything. a lot of people were killed in
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necks. >> now the big fear is cholera. the last outbreak killed 10,000. jeffrese dan jel laguerre is with doctor was borders. >> almost seven year ago i was here. this is where tens of thousands of quake victims were unser mondayiously buried in mass graves. >> and on this sacred and hallowed ground there is some overturned porta poties, it are seeing here. everybody should be ashamed. as we were leaving, we met some kids sitting on the sun baked rocky soil. >> he wants to be a journalist. doctor, he wants to be a doctor. >> they're full of hope. i would like to share in their hope. but i've been back here too many
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>> explosions thundered across aleppo this morning as the scub rose in syria's largest city. today u.s. secretary of state john kerry met with european allies in london for a new diplomatic push to show stop the war at least temporarily. across the border in iraq coalition troops backed by the u.s. military are gathering outside the city of mosul, preparing for an all-out assault. isis has held the city for more than two years. the battle to retake mosul could be a turning point in a fight against isis. >> in italy ancient monuments and artifacts that were destroyed by isis and iraq and syria are rising from the ashes of destruction, with the help of modern technology.
5:21 pm
>> a human-headed bull destroyed in iraq, along with this temple ceiling lost in syria, are among the monuments that have been reimagined, reconstructed and put on display in rome. >> this is exactly as we would have seen it before isis destroyed it. >> absolutely. it doesn't exist any more. >> reporter: fran seso rutelli rome former mayor was the driving force to research and rebuild monuments destroyed by isis. three italian firms took on the project. to make life-size replicas in plastic stone and plaster using pictures and documents collected from iraq and syria. >> we want to demonstrate that reconstruction and scientific terms of reference is necessary and possible. >> reporter: you can reconstruct but you can't bring back the original. >> absolutely not.
5:22 pm
words is the word of terrorists. >> they're on display in rome's coliseum, a fitting place rutelli says. >> because it is also a place much triumph and tragedies. >> what did you think when they came to you with this idea? >> it's a wonderful thing. i vano ferrario told us. he owns arte idea which generally caters to movie sets, not he showed us the high-tech 3d printer they used to build the base of the recreation of the 4,000 year old archives of ebla destroyed in syria. and how they recreated tablets in plaster working from copies. >> is there greater responsibility to make sure you get this right? people are looking at this as a piece of history. >> that's true. this is not cinema and we pay
5:23 pm
>> there are art historians, purists who would say you shouldn't be doing this. >> we don't want to repeat what happened in bamiyan afghanistan. >> that is where in 2001 the taliban destroyed buddhist statues from the 6th century. >> and 15 years later, it's still a big hole in the mountain. >> reporter: rutelli says his work is as much history as it is fighting back against those who try to destroy it. seth doane, cbs news, rome. >> quijano: up next, the amazing technology that allowed a paralyzed man to feel the a paralyzed man to feel the president's touch.ok o -including one that's brand new for 2017:
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5:27 pm
picking cups up, regaining the ability to do things can really change someone's life. >> reporter: things changed at the university of pittsburgh. last year four tiny arrays of electrodes were implanted in copeland's brain. two in the motor cortex and two where feeling in the hand is processed. >> this is the first time these sorts of devices have been implanted in the brain to try and generate these sensations. >> m gaunt is part of the research team. >> when when we deliver these tiny pulses of electricity, he can we can stimulate these neurons and from their perspective, they don't really care whether they are being active because your hand is actually being touched or if we make them become active using these little devices. >> okay, here we go again. >> in this experiment, reported in the journal science translational medicine this week, gaunt preseses on a finger, sending signals to specific electrodes in the
5:28 pm
pressure and can even distinguish between individual fingers. >> copeland says he can feel four or five distinct sensations. >> pressure, one that is kind of tingly. >> the first couple of times, it's really cool. >> he has also been working with researchers researchers to hone his ability to move the robotic arm just by thinking. he says that's kind of cool too. impressed. >> and in exchanging a fist bump, both men could feel a sense of history. >> dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. >> just extraordinary. >> that's the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on cbs, "60 minutes." the news continues now on our 24 hour digital network cbsn at cbs i'm elaine key hando in new york for all of us at cbs news, thank
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