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tv   CBS 58 News at 530pm  CBS  October 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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good evening...a mystery is unraveling in the city of milwaukee.police are trying to figure out how a baby died. died.they were first called out this morning... to a home near 28th and wells. wells.police say it's still de lindsey branwall joins us on scene ... lindsey 3 commotion surrounded this building this morning... when a mother realized her infant wasn't breathing.we spoke with those close to the parents, who are trying to piece together what happened. desheyla toombs was almost 4 months old. a minister at
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shon milt has been praying for for the little girl "they allowed me to go in the room. innocent baby laying there. 3 months old. the baby appeared to be clean. and she looked like her dad. she didn't deserve to die." seeing the infant was even hard on police. milt says one officer broke down. shon miltminister "he hugged me we hugged each other and i prayed" desheyla's grandmother tells us she doesn't believe anyone hurt her grandchild, and that it may have been a cosleeping death. mi s her the infant's death was suspicious shon miltminister "he pulled me to the side he said this is now becoming investigation of a homicide." milt doesn't know what happened, so shes turning to faith. shon miltminister"dad is still standing there. i hugged him. i prayed with dad. i prayed with mom. i prayed with everybody in the apartment." mpd hasn't said anything about the girls autopsy will be done tomorrow live in milwaukee, lb, cbs 58
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3 lindsey...thank you.also tonight...milwaukee police are investigating after a couple was attacked inside a home around 11 last night. night.according to relatives...two men with guns got inside the home near 10th and plainfield...stole some things...and in the process shot the woman and pistol whipped the man.a family member told us the couple is a boyfriend and girlfriend.this happened on a street that, neighbors say, is normally very quiet. "my husband went and talked to the cops and they said that there was a shooting, and i was like what? so, yeah, that stuff don't happen here." relatives told us the man is out of the hospital, but the woman has more substantial injuries requiring surgery. police are still sorting out the details of what happened. 3 there were a couple of other shootings around the city last night...a 26-year-old man was found dead near 66th and lisbon just before ten last night.a 21-year-old was also hurt... but is expected to be
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morning...a 22-year-old woman was shot near 31st and lancaster.detectives are looking at the possibility that a fight at a club earlier on might be what started this. no word on anyone being arrested. 3 west bend police called out to the scene of shots fired early this morning... wind up being the target themselves.they're not hurt... and tonight, the man they say shot at them is in 58's amanda devoe spoke with the chief and has the details... amanda? the whole thing went down. police say it was the restraint of officers as the reason no one here ended up dead. police say it all started around 3:30 this morning when a neighbor called after hearing at least six gunshots on edgewood lane. when officers got there a man was standing in the yard.. pointing a gun at them. police tell us he tried to shoot, but the gun misfired as officers took cover, they say he ran back inside his home with three other people inside. over the course of the next
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were able to get out safely before he ultimately gave himself up. "police officers face this every day in one community or another. thankfully this one ended up peacefully. i think more and more end up peacefully than people realize and we're just very fortunate today that no one was injured or killed." authorities have not identified the man in custody. he is being held at the washington county jail on two intoxicated use of firearms. officers recovered a 45 caliber handgun and two 12-gauge shotguns at the scene. live in west bend. ad cbs 58 news. weather time...and it does feel great outside. outside.but i'm afraid to get used to it. because it feels like colder weather could be around the corner.
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more fall like forecast. tonight: showers possible especially after midnight with an isolated storm. mild with lows in the lower 60s. wind: se 5-15 mph.monday: mix of sun and clouds with showers and an isolated storm possible especially in the morning and again in the evening. very warm with highs in the middle 70s. breezy. wind: sw 10-20 mph.week ahead: sunshine returns for tuesday and still warm with highs around 700 before a cold front moves through and drops tuesday night into the upper 40s to near 50. slightly warm on wednesday in the lower 60s before more typically upper 50s return to end the week
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3 hillary clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail this weekend.instead, she's been preparing for the third and final debate on wednesday. wednesday. stepped away from his rallies... though he still fired off a series of tweets. cbs news's brook silva-braga with the latest. (nat 12:44:48)i'm tim, nice to meet you.tim kaine went table to table sunday, rallying support for hillary clinton at a miami diner. florida is close and there are so many other close states, i think we have to assume that will be the case right up until the end the latest cbs battleground tracker shows clinton with a slim but
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up 46 to 40 thanks to much stronger support among women than a month ago-now up with that group by 15 points. trump has been fighting a growing list of allegations of unwanted sexual advances-nine women have come forward. trump denies the accusations. you've got phony people coming up with phony allegations with no witnesses whatsoever on twitter sunday, trump wrote: election is being rigged by the media, in a coordinated effort with the clinton campaign, by putting stories on meet the press, trump's running mate was asked if the campaign would accept the outcome of the vote. we will absolutely accept the results of the election // 00:40 but the american people are tired of the obvious bias in the national media, that's where the sense of a rigged election goes here. clinton's motorcade left her home sunday afternoon headed for a round of debate prep. brook silva-braga, for cbs news, new york 3 while the head-to-head is
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11 points over trump -- 48 to 37 -- when libertarian gary johnson and green party nominee jill stein are included.that's according to the latest national poll by wall street journal. 3 after a weekend out east, donald trump will be back in wisconsin tomorrow. tomorrow.he's making a campaign stop in green bay... he'l be at the k-i convention center tomorrow at 6 in the evening. he was supposed to follow up with a stop at the state fairgrounds.that was canceled yesterday.trump's spokesperson tells us there was a scheduling li none of the state's top republicans will be campaigning with trump on monday. 3 remember, early voting is underway in milwaukee county. there are three places you can cast your the downtown ziegler building... the midtown center on the north side and the forest home library on the south side. side.stay with cbs 58 leading up to election day.we'll have live team coverage of both the national and local races all night long here on cbs 58. cast your ballot then watch it
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a windsurfer learned the hard way about why it's important to heed the warnings to stay out of the rough water. 3 almost two dozen schoolgirls, captured in nigeria two and a half years ago, are reunited with their parents. 3 and a north carolina couple has an extra special wedding...after dealing with a crime and a hurricane!
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3 3 3 3 3 a windsurfer is alive tonight... after he ignored orders to stay out of the choppy ocean in see two men rush to his side.they had to pull him out of the water because he couldn't do it himself.just before this... firefighters warned him ?not? to go in because of the conditions. 3 down the coast -- people in oregon have started cleaning up after an e-f-two tornado touched down late can see some of the damage here... trees snapped in two... others ripped from the's not the kind of weather first responders there
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"it's like really? this is what we're responding to? so this was a surprise to us. but the training is consistent so we were able to respond even though it was an unusual event for this part of the country." while there's a lot of damage in spome areas... there are no reports anyone was seriously hurt in the storm. 3 iraqi forces are heading to mosul...which is the last isis stronghold in the preparation to recapture it. it.isis is reportedly telling its wounded fighters the city they can flee to syria...where the terrorist organization's power base is still strong.mosul has been under isis control since 2014. 3 leaders are giving syria talks another try today...that's because there was no breakthrough yesterday.the goal is to find a way to bring peace to the war-torn country. major powers in the region are working on a ceasefire.the discussion now shifts to london. 3 this is a moment a group of nigerian parents spent the last two and a half years
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school girls kidnapped by boko haram were freed in the first negotiated release formulated by the government and the islamic extremist group.the parents came from the remote town of chibok, where nearly 300 girls were kidnapped in april of 2014.197 are still being held. a navy service member got a proper funeral today 75-years after his death. death.fireman third-class edwin hopkins was buried with full military honors in hi hometown, keene, new hampshire. he was killed in the attack on pearl harbor on december 7-th, 19-41.hopkins was later buried in an anonymous grave in honolulu.but his family had no idea what happened to him until d-n-a science confirmed his identity many years later. his cousin said it was a day to celebrate... because hopkins finally made his way back home.he was killed serving on the u-s-s oklahoma when he was nineteen. 3 "you may kiss the bride. (clap"
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spend months planning for... were almost washed away for these two -- tyler and shafira. you see, their dream wedding was supposed to happen in raleigh, north carolina... until hurricane matthew rolled through town.the storm damaged their new home...then, someone ransacked it, even taking shafira's wedding heels.but their story spread... and they wound up getting donations to make sure the wedding went on as planned. "vendors, old friends, people we know, people we don't know, strangers just have really opened themselves up and really just given from the heart, and really helped us." us."the newlyweds will still have to rebuild their home like so many others.but this
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3 3 tonight: showers possible especially after midnight with an isolated storm. mild with lows in the lower 60s. wind: se 5-15 mph.monday: mix of sun and clouds with showers and an especially in the morning and again in the evening. very warm with highs in the middle 70s. breezy. wind: sw 10-20 mph.week ahead: sunshine returns for tuesday and still warm with highs around 700 before a cold front moves
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3 the weekend work on i-41 at the watertown plank road exit is all wrapped's a live look at the ramp right
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friday night to do some quick repairs.watertown plank road ?will? be available again as an alternative route for folks using i-41 to get to milwaukee from up north. a big weekend of football, kevi. kevin.the packers in progress, an overtime thriller last night in madison. and michael carter williams. what's he doing in sunday's sports headlines? it's next.
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custom fit knee or ankle support to keep you comfortable. new dr. scholl's custom fit knee and ankle supports. find the nearest kiosk at the biggest question surrounding the packers lately? their offense, suddenly mortal and in need of a breakout game. game.the hope of having that game against the cowboys was dashed pretty quickly. the pack didn't reach the end zone in the first half, while dak prescott threw two scores before halftime against a struggling green bay
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in the windy city - and cloudy city today - the bears host the jacksonville jaguars and go up quickly 10-nothing, with jordan howard punching in the one yard score. but it would be the bears only touchdown of the game, and blake bortles and the jags are not the pushovers they used to be. bortles hits arrelious benn for 51 yards, and brian hoyer's last ditch effort to get in field goal range? didn't happen. the bears fall to 1-and-5 with the loss. barry sanders on hand in detroit, surprising l-a rams. and to keep up, it took four touchdown passes from matthew stafford, one of them here to golden tate, who outruns three rams to the end zone. that tied it at 28. a field goal gave the lions a lead, and detroit's defense shut the door. rafael bush's pick of case keenum finishes it off. the lions even up their record at 3-3. the undefeated vikings have the week off. n-b-a season tipoff is just a week and a half away, and the bucks continue molding their roster - not through cuts, but .
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is headed to the bulls for swingman tony snell. expectations for m-c-w were high when the bucks got him in a trade last february, but his potential was unfulfilled and once giannis antetokounmpo started playing the point, m-c-w's days were numbered. snell gives the bucks accuracy from long range as they keep looking for ways to replace khris middleton's scoring. the national playoff is probably out of reach for the badgers after last night's loss to ohio state. but nation's best teams all they could handle in an overtime thriller. scott grodsky on atmosphere and lessons learned. 3 3 scott: hey kevin, camp randall lived up to the hype. one of the best games camp randall has seen in years. but ohio state was ultimately able to come away with the win thanks to heisman candidate j.t. barrett making huge plays in the second half and overtime. watt: obviously, we're extremely proud of how everyone played today. it just sucks when you've got a lot of plays out there that you could have made, and who knows who
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made those plays, so just gotta move forward. cichy: it's a bit of a hiccup, but we're going to take this adversity and we're going to better from it by the end of the year. i think that's one thing that makes this team so great is we care a lot, so it's going to matter to us. and we're not going to let that happen again.chryst: this one is tough. on them, on us. because we didn't come in to this one hoping to keep it close, hoping to just be out there. and i asked the kids on friday night to put it all out there, and they did. hornibrook: we're not going to let it affect us to the point where we're thinking about it next week, and obviously we're turning the page, we've got a new game that we've got to win. but myself, corey included, we're going to watch
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best game atmospheres i've ever seen, and even though wisconsin takes the loss, they still have plenty to play for as they take on iowa and then another top ten nebraska in the next two weeks, trying to make their way into the big ten championship game. at camp
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3 3(cha native cultures are on full display this weekend's "hunting moon pow wow" at u-w-m panther arena. the pow wow, put on by the forest county potowatomi, brings people together in friendship and competition.more than two dozen drum groups and hundreds of dancers work all year to earn top honors at this event. 3 and hey...what's good for a jedi is good for a south bend
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paul stabavy is using lightsabers to direct traffic. his star wars-inspired lightsabers not only guide traffic...stabavy says he likes using the lightsabers because kids and adults like seeing them. 3 3 "really has a great positive policing with everybody that just loves coming though and talking about them, and the kids smile and it kinda makes traffic flow really nicely." nicely."officer stabavy also performs light shows for folks waiting to cross the street or cars that are lets get a final check of the forecast.
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. you know, seven hundred thousand dollars in the scheme of things... is a pretty reasonable compensation level. ron johnson paid himself seven hundred thousand dollars a year. all told, he took a ten million dollar corporate payout then moved to washington. where he fights against even the existence of any federal minimum wage. millions for him.
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terests, not wisconsin. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> we have to stop the tremendous flow of syrian refugees into the united states. we don't know who they are... >> whitaker: donald trump has made it one of his biggest campaign issues: claiming syrians are coming into this country with no system to vet them. and with the rage of war, fearing isis will strike here in homeland, he's not alone. a majority of u.s. governors has called for a halt to the president's refugee program. we went to see for ourselves who these syrian refugees are and what kind of vetting they go through to get here. >> cooper: people would ask you? >> michael meeropol: oh, yeah, "are you related to those two


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