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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  October 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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indicated she did not mean to hit [the patient] so hard."> > the other worker also took authorities the punch was done hard - with a closed fist.> she heard the noise of impact, acrding to court documents.> > ?quote? "[the other worker] indicated that approximately thirty minuties later when she was in the nurses station the defendant came up what had happened because she could get in big trouble."> > gabriel would tell authorities it never happened.> relatives say their relative later id complained of back pain...> but he couldn't remember why. it's unclear long gabriel had been working at the facility. she now awaits scheduling for her initial appearance. live in waukesha... jacob kittilstad... cbs 58
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new at five..a violent week in milwaukee continues.a man was shot and killed this afternoon...the sixth person killed since monday and 11h homicide this year in the city. 58's david ade joins us live on milwaukee's north side with the details....david. a family telling us it was a boyfriend and girlfriend shot inside their home deptmsays a 24-year-old man was shotd 27-year-old woman was shot and we saw people overcome with emotion outside the home family friend we talked to says somebody knocked on the door and then forced their way into the house, but didn't steal anything.she also says there was a kid inside the house during that shooting.... who saw the whole thing.she says the shooter was obviously out to kill the victim... and
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unbelievable, it's unbelievable. even though the murder and crime rate is really high, and still just like somebody so cool and so loving, and you are like really, why did they have to do it to him? why? what was the motive? he didn't hate on nobody... he was cool with everybody." right now the milwaukee police department is looking for the suspect and also trying to figure out that motive.another thing i want to point out this shooting happened across the street from a school. the assistant principal tells me th lockdown today, they let parents know what was going on, and all events for tonight have been canceled. live in milwaukee... david 58 news also new tonight, milwaukee police have released a photo of a man wanted for another one of this week's murders. murders. this is 19-year old devontae turner. police say he's charged with second degree homicide for the fatal shooting of derrick ball near 24th and auer. police say
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here. the shooting followed a fight monday afternoon. if you know anything about this about deontae turner, please call milwaukee police. 3 toss to drew drew we of the week/weekend: chance of low 600s returns for friday. more 60s for saturday. beside some showers saturday evening and night, the time period looks dry. cooler on sunday with highs in the upper 50s.
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we want to check the freeways on this rainy evening....a live picture from the
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cameras... 3 this morning three cars collided near teutonia and cornell on milwaukee's north side. one of the cars rolled over.emergency responders had to this morning three cars collided near teutonia and cornell on milwaukee's north side. one of the cars rolled over.emergency responders had wreckage.a total of nine people were taken to hospitals....police believe they will you can see, the cars were heavily damaged. the cause of this crash is under investigation. the family of jay anderson met with reporters today. he was the man who was shot and killed by a police officer in a wauwatosa park earlier this y. 58's lindsey branwall
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us live with the story...lindsey. jay andersons family stood with a list of demands for law enforcement. the family has an clear statement from the family, yes we want the footage released. the family is asking law wauwatosa police or the da to release the all the footage revolving jay andersons death. that's dash cam footage from the officers car and new footage the family recently saw of a second squad car they say these videos show inconsistencies. what is said on camera, what happens on the video and the written statement are different. 21 secondsmichael kemetfamily friend"he then said that they were going back fohe's a gun he said jay anderson junior reached for the gun three or four times that doesn't fit that's not what he says in his
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that's not what he says" the family is also asking for the officers name to be released. they say more questions will arise about the officers conduct, including the fact the officer may have applied for disability. reporting live... 3 brown deer police officer devon kraemer made her first court earae today. battery for shooting and wounding a man while trying to arrest him back in march. kraemer and her partner were called in to remove an unruly passenger from a county bus.a defense tactics expert said kraemer's fear for their safety was not supported by the evidence.she's out on a 5- thousand dollar signature bond court on november 3rd. 3rd. only on cbs 58 news...surveillance video shows a break-in at a car dealership in burlington. burlington. it happened early monday morning at the lynch
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window at the service garage, crawling through that window, taking the keys and stealing a 20-16 yukon denali....that's a 72-thousand dollar luxury s-u-v. he also stashed 10 tires in the vehicle and took them as well. hee off in the stolen suv with someone in another vehicle following behind. "he knew what he was doing when he came in. he obviously pre-scoped the building, knew where to go and look for keys a know if it was an inside job, we don't know any of that but i do know that the police have several individuals that they want me to take a look at." at." the general manager says he just installed a new and upgraded surveillance video system a couple months ago. cbs 58 spoke with burlington police who say they want to talk to a "person of interest". the future looks bright for basketball fans in milwaukee....and tonight the young and rising milwaukee bucks open a new season full
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center for tonight's first game. 3 3 if you're going to tonight's game, you may want to get their earlier than usual. construction on the new bucks arena has closed down some of the streets you may have used in past years....4th street for one....juneau avenue for another.the old parking structure at 4th is no longer an option....we want you to be prepared, so we've linked information about what's closed and what's available on our website, cbs
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3 3 next at five, a new tool shows promise for making firefighters' jobs much safer. 3 3 and we now have a date for the reopening of the last of the mitchell park domes that was still closed for
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. te voworking... that's senator ron johnson's plan for seniors he supports privatizing social security and wants to raise the retirement age so seniors have to keep working until they're seventy. he also has a plan for medicare... turn it into a voucher program and add means testing -- so seniors pay more out of pocket but wisconsin seniors know that in washington, ron johnson isn't working... for them. it's a fairly small device, but it does a ?big? job when fire breaks out. they call it
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already been used to fight house fires in southeastern wisconsin. cbs 58 was given a video that shows how it works. -nats-"all right, 700, we're gonna deploy!" - pulls pin- "all right, let it go." go." 3 the deputy in this demonstration pulled the pin and tossed the device into the burning room...and after a few seconds, it filled that room with an aerosol that quickly suppressed the flames....making the area safer for firefighters who'd have to go inside.we spoke with the owner of the shop where the 'x sold, and he says earlier this month, a police officer in boltonville in washington county actually tossed one into house fire. "once he deployed the unit, it took four more minutes for the engine to get on scene. once they made entry into the house, there was very little heat and there was no fire. to 40 gallons of water to put the fire out in the area where it s" started." and in firefighters terms, 30 to 40 gallons of water is a
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says other departments, including hartland, menomonee falls and chenequa are already equipped with the x-tinguish. 3 campaign 2016 brings another southeastern wiscoin. donald appearing right about now at his dad's field office in bayside.....tonight at 6-he'll visit the field office in waukesha 3 the trump campaign got a small dose of good news today....a new poll shows the republican nominee ?leading? hillary clinton in the battleground state of florida. percentage points...and it falls within the survey's margin of error.clinton today was still campaigning in the sunshine state, while trump appeared at the opening of his new luxury hotel in washington d-c. 3 stay with cbs 58 for coverage as we hit the home stretch of this campaign.....and then on election day, november 8th, we'll bring you live team coverage of the important local elections as well as the presdential election results. 3 this just in: milwaukee county executive chris abele has announced that the "desert
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domes, will reopen to the public on saturday.t an siveexclook at the work being ome.. you'll remember all eeclosed do due to concerns over falling tropical dome opened just ril, about a month ago. 3 3 3 tonight: showers, especiall this evening. lows in the 40s. thursday: mostly cloudy and not as windy. highs only near chance f low 0s returns for
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beside some showers saturday evening and night, the time period looks dry. cooler on sunday with highs in the upper 50s. halloween looks warm with 3
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with a slight chance for a
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3 a big sports night coming up in milwaukee. milwaukee. we just saw earl arms...scott grodsky is also live at the bmo to tell us about it. 3...'s not justa big night, it's opening night! the bucks are ready to tipoff their season against the
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the stands are starting to fill up as the bucks and their fans are ready to tip off the new season against the hornets....while charlotte has the hornet on their jersey the buzz is surrounding the bucks and their young team......are giannis antetokoumpo and jabari parker ready to take the next step.....we'll soon find out.... ?????? joins me now to talk
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3 thanks for joining us ?????,
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the bucks start the season as the packers hit the midway could be a playoff preview in atlanta sunday as they take on the falcons and one of the most dangerous weapons in the n-f-l, julio jones.....kevin holden is in green bay with the game plan...
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3 kevin: " 3 receiver davante adams' record breaking performance against the bears is bringing home the hardware....adams was named the n-f-c offensive player of the week today for his 13 catch, 132 yard monster game against the bears...adams had a pair of t-d's setting a new career high in all three
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>> pelley: monopoly: campaign 2016 edition. trump puts a hotel on pennsylvania avenue. >> this building is an historical landmark, a true american original. >> pelley: while clinton eyes a house three blocks away. >> we cannot stop for a minute. >> pelley: also tonight, on the trail of russian hackers, he was a target. >> do you believe they were state sponsored? >> absolutely sure. >> pelley: flying high. a commercial airline pilot is busted in the cockpit. >> that's very unnerving. >> pelley: a tiny bug is raising the price of breakfast and threatening to put citrus growers out of business. and an unusual 12-step program.


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