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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  October 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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a suspect accused of robbing three banks... visits the scene of the crime days before... 3 taxpayers telling it like it is..about.. a controversial wheel tax in milwaukee county. county.the county executive and board supervisors are going back and forth between 60 and 30 dollars extra each year. cbs 58's april dvornay is live with the latest. april. 3 county exec abele says-this is the only legal way the county can gete for road projects and transit-and while some community members agree that its needed-others say-its just too expensive. "the county just doesn't know how to budget"no shortage of opinions monday night-after earlier in the daycounty board chairmain theodore lipscomb introduced his amended wheel taxdropping the fee from 60 down to 30 dollars. while a wheel tax might seem like a good idea keep in mind that there are folksk who have an option and there are other counties they can go to. you probably wont hear too many
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am more than hapapy to pay 60 dollars in registration fees in order to support mass transit. the biggest issue for most: the impact on the gopass,which currently provides free rides on mcts. im here to represent the seniors who still drive. were on social security and we havent gottena raise for 2 years. 3 the propposed budget would raie the m card..what i have $8 a month or $96 a year! repairs.. new buses and new sheriff vehicles were to be paid for by the 27 million dollars originally anticipated from the $60 fee.would get new funding. some would be paid for by bonds and tax levies.somewouldn't happen at all. money some said should have come from the sale of the new bucks arena arenabut to give it to them for a dollar when its worth millions. that's part of the roblem in this country. the wealthy don't pay their fair
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county eexc chris abele did ?not attend the meeting though he was invited. this wheel tax will be taken up .??? in mke ad cbs 58cov a milwaukee police officer.. fired..about a week after being charged with sexually assaulting two men. men.dominique heaggan-brown is the same officer who shot and killed armed suspect sylville smith in sherman park in august.there has been no decision yet in that case.the dismissal stems from the internal police investigation that lead to the assault charges. milwaukee police are looking for a man who shot and killed someone in broad daylight on the city's south side. side.the shooting happened near 7th and greenfield at a money transfer business. neighbors say the victim was the owner of the business... but police have not confirmed that.police released this surveillance video of the man believed to be connected..they have not said why the man was killed.if you have any information... contact milwaukee police. a milwaukee landlord says he believes his house was set on fire as retaliation. it's a
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first brought the story on the news at four. cbs 58's jacob kittlstad is live at m-p-d district 3 headquaters....jacob. 3 this landlord tells me he was at the eviction hearing for these tenants when he got the text telling him about the fire.the investigation continue official cause for the fire has been released...but the landlord is calling on police to make an arrest. milwaukee firefighters hack away at the attic...gutted by fire spreading through the homes three one was hurt...but responders pulled at least two ash-covered dogs from building.they belong to daniel crowley...nat. - distance18;26;25"did you see what the guy looked like?" ...he's the homeowner calling this arson. arson.18;35;06"a lot to do with a landlord tenant issue. they're two months behind in the rent and i see this as retaliation in my eyes. he's burning me out of my house - if i can't stay there, he can't stay there."this
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this afternoon crowley ??was supposed?? to have an eviction hearing in milwaukee county court.he says the tenants didn't show up at the scheduled time: 3:30... milwaukee firefighters got the call.(nat. scene) scene)18;30;50"as for a cause i have absolutely no idea just yet but we are investigating. police are going to assist us with that."(crowley)18;39;30"i don't know. i would go to the police station today because if they let this individual who i'm accusing hands down of doing what he did and there are physical witnesses, he i did meet one of the tenants his accusing this afternoon.he was watching the firefighters. that tenant declined to comment.also...reaching out to milwaukee police...they say their investigation is still in its very early stages. live in milwaukee...jacob 58 news. 3 eight days from the election.. the f-b-i's renewed investigation into hillary
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trail today. today.clinton told supporters in ohio the f-b-i has no case when it comes to her emails. she stopped just short of going after f-b-i director james comey. 1:02-1;12why the fbi would decide to jump into an election without any evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go...that's a really good question.1:20-1;25the president is completely confident comey has not taken any steps to influence the outcome of the election election meanwhile, donald trump brought up the issue during a campaign stop in michigan. 42-55if hillary is elected she would be under protracted criminal investigation likely followed by a trial of a sitting president -this is just-hey-this is just what we n. need. a former f-b-i official told cbs news its highly unlikely the investigation will be complete before election day. republican senator ron johnson hoping to edge out russ
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is a very tight race. race.9:14:14-26 listen we both travel tirelessly around the state... we both listen... but here's the difference... i act and i've gotten real results.... keep asking senator feingold "what do yoou have to show for 34 years as a career politican? he has very little to show for it it johnson told cbs 58's kristen barberisi for whiever candidate is elected president. the final marquette poll is out this wednesday. state and local if you don't have a photo i-d you can still cast a ballot.... but the vote ?won't? count until you show an i-d. d.2:34:54-13that vote will be counted if you come back to the municipal clerk by 4 pm on the following friday, november 11 with an acceptable form of i-d. you could also go home and return to the polling place and produce it to the poll worker on election day
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from the d-m-v - -starting this week they'll overnight one to you.and if you're voting by an absentee ballot... you're encouraged to mail it in now. if it's late... it won't be counted. 3 stay with cbs 58 in this final week leading up to the election and then please join us on election night for live team coverage of important local races and the results of the presidential race. a racine supermarket could lose it's license.. or be shut down.but the store's owner says he's being treated unfairl. unfairly.the sunshine supermarket has been cited by police more than 2 dozen times for selling alchol and cigarettes to minors.the woman who rented an apartment upstairs was murdered... and the suspect is a former market employee.the owner though defends his store. 1:07-1;21 11:05:35 how they set me up they sent 29 people in an hour the cashier she's () with that. she don't know what to do. 11:05:49 --- people in the line and she don't have even time to card. 19 11:05:59
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to have a hearing.that hearing would determine if the store's license is revoked. a 41-year-old man is charged with stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics from the store where he worked. the criminal complaint says theodore harris worked at a sprint store in waukesha county and used stolen birth dates, social security numbers and drivers license numbers to set up phony lease accounts... then charged phones, i-pads and other electronics to those accounts.he'll be back in court next month. picked up nine sex offenders for probation and parole violat. violations.this is an annual operation by the milwaukee sheriff's office and corrections officials to make sure released offenders comply with guidelines that keeps them away from kids.222 check were conducted.the nine arrested were for various violations from having child porn. to drugs to decorations that would draw children to their doorstep. new details at 10...we've learned a man charged with sexually assaulting a mentally ill woman is a retired kenosha
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marshanna hester is live in the studio with the story. the kenosha county sheriff's department tells me that clarence mielke retired as a captain in july 2000-- after 29 years of service.neighbors are shocked by the allegations. court records list this as clarence mielke's pleasant praririe home.signs outside indicate it's also the place of an assisted living facility called carey manor, operated by his wife brenda since a profile on the wisconsin assisted living association website describes it has having 8 beds, "providing a friendly-family oriented environment with a holistic approach to living."54.21 she has always been nice.but investigators say what her husband has been accused of.. is anything but...the 73-year-old is charged with two two counts of sex assault of a mentally ill victim.. and two counts of sex assault by an employee of a care
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from a neighbor. "52.43 he said to me and shocked me. did you hear the news? (tie bites) "53.39 i was surprised to find out he'd indulge in something like that so bad."mielke has not been booked into the kenosha county we went to his house for comment-- but a woman inside wouldn't answer the door..wisconsin d-h-s records show a complaint was filed against carey manor just two weeks ago. 3 the felony mielke carry up to 40 years in prison and a hefty fine.his first appearance in court is on thursday. 3 the man found dead inside an overturned car in a kenosha county pond has been identified.officials say it was burlington resident, 49-year-old leonard jagielski. he was reported missing saturday in racine county..the same day his body was found in a marsh in the town of paris. 3 the search is on for a fan who represents the spirit of
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nominate themselves, a friend or family members.just put together a 500 workd essay for a chance to get inducted into the packers ?fan? hall of fame. 10 finalists will be chosen.. the nomations will be accepted through november 30.the winner gets four club seats to a 20-17 packers home game, two tickets to a packers away game -- plus travel accomodations, and a gift card to the packers pro shop.started pack in 1998 the fan hall of fame will chose the winners in late february. cbs 58 is the place for packers this week. you can watch the green and gold take on the indianapolis colts this sunday right here on cbs 58... kickoff is at 3-25. look for coverage leading up to that game all week on cbs 58. 3 a man on a crime spree... accused of robbing three banks... now the f-b-i is asking for help finding him... 3 scary costumes... sweet treats.... we follow some trick-or-treaters to see how
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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they say he robbed three banks in less than 30 minutes - and tonight - the f-b-i needs ?your? help - to track him down. 58's evan kruegel with our latested installment of the fbi's unsolved robberies. quickly - spending less than 5 minutes at three kenosha banks ... but as he quickly made his demands for cash... he forgot to take the time - to cover his trail....(music).... september 13th - at a chase bank off washington road...: 07:37 "the actor entered the bank" 26-year-old jubilee braithwaite walks up to the counter - trying to disguise his identity :07:40 "he's described as a black male with a dark black beard, and wearing a blonde wig."
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demanding cash before fleeing the bank :08:18 "that scenario is repeated 3 separate times." by 2:30 - two chase banks - and a johnson bank - would experience similar fates... fates...10:08 "the fact that this individual moved from one bank, to the next, to the next, in roughly 28 minutes, is very unusual."but it didn't take long for police to identity their crook 08:49 "members of the kenosha police department and kenosha sheriff's department actually recognized this individua :14:24 "it made it very difficult to hide, even with his wig."and that's not all... 14:00 "when the bank reviewed their surveillance video, they were able to determine that the subject had entered the bank days before the robbery and actually used his true identity."now they know who he is - they just need to found out - where he's hiding...if you know where jubilee is - call the f-b-i. in kenosha - evan kruegel - cbs58news. it's a way to give people a
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track.milwaukee's three municipal court judges are throwing out outstanding warrants for minor offenses. that means anyone with a muncipal court warrant, driver's license suspension, or registration suspension can have those lawyer thinks this is a good idea. i see this as basically a win win. the taxpayer and the city should be able to recoup some money, that they never would've gotten, and the people get the opportunity to actually come in and take responsibility and move their :14people will still be responsible for any fines or building and zoning code violations.the program is happening the next three wednesdays.. we have more information on our website, nearly 20 people were taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning this morning. manitowoc police first got a call from a resident who was feeling dizzy. first responders cleared out everyone out the resaturant and the apartment above. no
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monoxide which is odorless and colorless and sometimes masks itself as flu symptoms. everyone's been stabilized. 3 court records show the man suspected in the deadly shooting of a rusk county sheriff's deputy has an extensive criminal record. 42-year-old douglas nitek is accused of killing deputy dan glaze saturday night.the deputy was investigating a report of a suspicous vehicle several miles from the suspect's home just outside of ladysmith. for health insurance starts tomorrow... and the city of milwaukee wants to make sure you're ready. city and county officials will discuss new information about enrolling for health insurance... including resources and outreach efforts.the open enrollment period starts tomorrow... and runs through january 31. 3 3 good news for people who travel between the hale and zoo interchange.starting tomorrow... the highway 100 on- ramp to i-43 and the national avenue on-ramp to i-894 will
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merge between national and greenfield avenues. we've got full details and more information about changing traffic patterns on our website cbs 58 dot com. 3 a wisconsin town has set a world record with pumpkins. richland center residents carved nearly ?four-thousand pumpkins?.the local wal-mart donated three-thousand of them to help make it happen. in the end...the pumpkins formed the longest line of carved pumpkins ever.all that carving took about a week for the community to finish. tonight: mostly cloudy with a few showers possible very late. slowly rising
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tuesday: mix of sun and clouds with more sunshine possible in the afternoon. warmer with highs in the upper 60s to near 70. wind: sw 5-15 of the week: rain showers are likely for most of wednesday with an isolated storm possible. half to full inch of rain possible with highs the week with highs right around 600. heading into the weekend, expect plenty of 60s! 3 tonight: mostly cloudy with a few showers possible very late. slowly rising temperatures. lows in the
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tuesday: mix of sun and clouds with more sunshine possible in the afternoon. warmer with highs in the upper 60s to near 70. wind: sw 5-15 of the week: rain showers are likely for most of wednesday with an isolated storm possible. half to full inch of rain possible with highs in the 50s. stays mild most of around 600. heading into the
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3 an un-boo-lievable amount of halloween spirit that we stumbled upon in waukesha county tonight. cbs 58's kristen barbaresi said it was hard to pick the best when everywhere you turned there were contenders. nat- doorbellnat-screamfor some-- halloween is "the" holidy holiday if you come past our house at christmas time, you get a charlie brown tree in
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ron furmack uses that day off-- to get in to character character make up was about half an hour. and the costume took about an hour and a half to design and build build 01;03;45 i'm a storm trooper. 01;03;09 i'm super girl 3 hundreds of kids out tonight, lots of different costumes. we even saw some creepy clowns- um why did you make such a controversial choice? we did run to some clowns that were a little more chatty. i'm a killer clown and i did it because it was going viral and i thought it'd be coolmom was a little skeptical i was a little nervous, i must say.and while the adults go all out with the s decorationskids- well they have some lofty goals of their n own more candy than anyone else in the whole entire world supergirl says she is willing to make trades with the storm trooper-- starbust for sour patch kids-- you trade with your sister, tell me about that how does it go, do you fight? fight?sometimesand no one gets anything for free free do you guys share with mom? does she get any candy?
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the trick trick we save on candy from all the kids that run offreporting in waukesha kristen barbaresi cbs 58 news now if you don't think you can eat all of your leftover halloween candy... there's a way you can save your teeth ?and? make sure america's service men and women can get a taste of home. professionals of germantown are holding a "candy buy back" tomorrow'll get a dollar per pound of candy you donate... and the candy will be sent to troops overseas.if you've like to donate your candy... you can tomorrow at the office on mequon road. too much halloween candy can make you sick, but a costume contest is just what the docotrs at children's hospital . think they'd just use their work clothese, but no way.doctors, nurses, and staff broke up into groups..and struck a pose for a costume contest. their young patients joining in the fun in between their treatment. 1:06-1:20 payson vahovick, patient:i thought i never could see peter pan. but i saw peter pan and i never could in my life. it is really cool and
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children's hospital: it's great to see their smiles. who wouldn't want to see that. who wouldn't want to see this? laug" laughter" the laughter and smiles were infectious. we caught up with one mom whose toddler has to have dialysis three times a week. she says he loved watching the parade of fairytale characters and she felt better too...seeing halloween through a child's eyes..again. 3 the pars this weekend after a tough loss in atlanta... find out what the 'pack' needs to do to get back on track...
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shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports. find the nearest kiosk at packers receiver ty montgomery said that the illness with his kidney that kept him out sunday was related to him having the sickle-cell trait. it wasn't a football-related injury and he says it was precautionary. he says he hopes to play versus indianapol.
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throwing for four touchdowns in the loss. but gary ellerson tells us why packers fans should not worry. gary, no randall cobb, no ty montgomery, no clay matthews--a grocery list of players out for the packers yet they only lose by one point. are you impressed by what this team did or was this loss a tough one to swallow? swallow? it's still a loss that's tough to swallow but when you look at the standings, the packers are one of the teams in the playoffs. once they get everyone back, they're gonna be a team. they may be a wild card team ut they're gonna make the playoffs. impressive with mccarthy and what he did with thelimited players availability. matt ryan is probably the mvp of the league right now. he has phenomenal numbers, he was on. they let him sit tall in the pocket. when he's able to do that, he'll hurt you.the packers now playing the indianapolis colts. they're actually gonna play this time--remeber the
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cancelled, so what are initial thoughts going into sunday?if you look at andrew luck. he's a lot like matt ryan. the packers had a couple chances to make interceptions. ladarius gunter had one, haha clinton-dix had another. but guess what--if matt ryan is gonna give you three, andrew luck is gonna give you four, so the packers are gonna be in position and they gotta make 'em. badgers ryan connelly your big ten co-defensive player of the week. week.he had 11 tackles, 2.5 for loss in the overtime win versus nebraska. he's in for jack cichy, who's out for the rest of the year with a torn pectoral muscle. first time he's won the big ten player of the week as they now prepare for northwestern--a team senior vince biegel knows they haven't beaten on the road since 1999. more importantly than that, wiscosnin has to go and get a win this week. northwestern,
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momentum the rest of the season. they've found an identity and it shows on found an identity and it shows on film. the badgers basketball team ranked ninth in the first top 25 poll for basketball. they're the highest ranked team in the big ten, with indiana ranked 11th. wisconsin coming off their exhibition win against uw-platteville yesterday. duke ranked number one going into the season.
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russ feingold voiceover: as i travel to all 72 counties - knocking on doors, talking to folks - what i hear the most is how hard it is to get ahead.
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let's protect social security, make college affordable for families and fix a tax system that rewards companies for exporting our jobs. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we need an economy
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the later you eat the candy the better. because i think that you being up all night with a sugar rush is exactly what your parents are looking for49-56 49-56 3 president obama encouarging kids to eat some candy tonight. the president also joked with parents and kids how this is one day they don't have pay and the first lady then went outside and passed out candy to the trick-or-treaters. 3 a wisconsin high school principal got more than he bargained for when his staff made good on a halloween bet. he said if 90 percent of the teachers showed up dressed as minions..he'd shave his head. everyone teacher dressed he shaved his head in front of the whole school and dressed
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tonight: mostly cloudy with a few showers possible very late. slowly rising temperatures. lows in the upper 50s. wind: se 10-20 mph. tuesday: mix of sun and clouds with more sunshine possible in the afternoon. warmer with highs in the upper 60s to near 70. wind: sw 5-15 of the week: rain showers are likely for most of wednesday with an isolated storm possible. half to full inch of rain possible with highs in the 50s. stays mild most of the week with highs right around 600. heading into the weekend, expect plenty of 60s! we'll have a lot more on the
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? >> i think it's probably going to be her or donald trump. >> i wish they could just get along. >> donald trump. hillary clinton is a liar. a big liar. >> the inside of my eye patch smells like hot dogs. >> history, first woman president. >> when will this be over. donald trump is always shouting. >> what's going to happen? i don't know.


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