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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CST

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from the broadcast center in new
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she was also recognized for enforcing civil rights and her efforts to regulate violence on tv. her can dad manner brought her many fans who also appreciated her off-beat image.
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>> reporter: at 6'2" she made a cameo appearance with will ferrell. she had been at the justice department two years when she noticed her hand shaking and she was diagnosed with parkinson's disease. with medication to control the trembling she continued her work and became an inspiration for other people managing the disease and she returned home to florida in 2001 and launched a campaign for governor, driving around the state in her signature red pickup. >> i love this state. i care so much about it. >> she lost race the next year and decided to retreat to a quieter life. never married, she retired to her modest family home near the ever glades and declared herself a private citizen. she described her year of politics as an activity of joy. jamie yuccas, cbs news. >> our coverage of reno's death will continue after your local news on "cbs this morning." and throughout the day on cbsn.
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donald trump is crying foul after the fbi cleared hillary clinton following a review of newly discovered e-mails. director james comey told congress that clinton does not deserve to be prosecuted and triggering outrage on both sides of the political aisle. three paragraphs to members of congress clearing hillary clinton once again. donald trump capped a five-state campaign push in virginia overnight, railing against the meanwhile, candidates are making fbi's decision to exonerate hillary clinton over her e-mail controversy. >> this is a rigged system. hillary clinton is guilty.
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>> reporter: after reviewing thousands of newly discovered clinton e-mails, fbi director james comey penned another letter to congress on sunday revealing that investigators are standing by their july decision not to bring charges against the democratic nominee. >> we are glad this matter is resolved. >> reporter: clinton did not address reporters as she rallied in ohio with the help of lebron james and james taylor. >> i really bel t america's best years are still ahead of us. >> reporter: clinton's e-mail saga has haunted her throughout the entire campaign. despite the fbi's final decision it is a debate on capitol hill. paul ryan urging people to vote for trump saying clinton believes she is always above the law and always plays by her own
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accused comey writing dr. comey created a political firestorm 11 days before a presidential election merely to confirm what we already knew, that secretary clinton's e-mail practices were legal. in a full day of rallies going from florida to new hampshire, both donald trump and hillary clinton made their final pitch to voters in dueling op-eds in >> craig boswell in washington, thank you, craig. this morning, the race is too close to call in two key battleground states, florida and ohio. 29 electoral votes in florida and hispanic mvote may be the keep. anthony salvanto, cbs news director, has the details. >> donald trump has gotten more of the previously unsure, the
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these dates. now, there weren't that many to begin with but what we have seen from these voters, as with many voters overall, they have been looking to change to the political system. they don't think it works for them. what they tell us now is that they increasing see hillary clinton as part of or connected to what they don't like about politics. but they see donald trump as entirely separate from it so that could be one reason why they are moving over. the other is that partisans, have not been as -- with donald trump through the campaign as democrats have been with hillary clinton, well, some of those republicans have started to come back home and started to say that they now will vote for donald trump. that's behind some of his movement. as we head into tuesday night, the key thing to watch is both of these states are critical to donald trump's path. he needs ohio, he need florida. hillary clinton can win without them. the map would still favor her in that regard, but watch on
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places like virginia, like pennsylvania. if she can hold both of those, she doesn't need a lot more to still get the electoral votes she will need to get elected. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will discuss the final election push with donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway and clinton's campaign manager robby mook. a reminder now. cbs news election night coverage begins tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern/6:00 central and you can network cbsn. well, this morning, officials are assessing the damage after a powerful earthquake rocked north central oklahoma near one of the world's largest oil storage facilities. the 5.0 magnitude quake struck last night and no immediate damage reports at the cushing oil storage terminal but the town of cushing suffered quite a bit of damage. shut living center was evacuated
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off. >> i happened to look up and i swear it looked like the ceiling was s aboutt to c collapspse on. the e wallss weree shakingng a ceceiling g momoving a and s sc still l shookk u up aboutut it >> r reporter:r: accorording to u.s. geologigical surveyey, the isis-held mosul. the military is putting up stiff resistance. another front in the war against isis has been opened in nearby syria. u.s. air strikes began an operation to retake the city of raqqa ted. it is the de facto capital of isis and under isis control
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in this country, jury selection resumes today in the murder trial of dylann who is the white mack accused of murdering nine black parishioners at a south carolina church last year. opening statements are not expected until after thanksgiving. coming up on the "morning news." broadway goes dark. performers are getting a rare tuesday night off to exercise
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this whole election has been to mean. >> i feel gross all the time. don't you guys feel gross all the time about this? >> "snl" pressed pause on the hostility of the election on saturday night. in an alternate universe, alec balancdwin and kate sides came together to urge viewers to vote. the real presidential candidates make their closing arguments and some broadway shows are going dark on election day. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "usa today" is publishing first-person appeals to voters from donald trump and hillary clinton. clinton writes, everything i've done as first lady, senator, or secretary of state, i've done by listening to people and looking for common ground, even with
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and if you elect me on tuesday, that's the kind of president i'll be. trump said, america has too many problems, too many things to fix, to mire our government in years of sorted corruption and criminal investigation. it is time to cut our ties with the failed politicians of the past, and embrace a bright, new future for all of our people. playbill reports that broadway is stepping side to let the election take center stage. 18 shows, closed tomorrow night to encourage cast to vote. some are offering shows tonight on what is usually a day off for theaters. "the new york times" reports a clash between police and demonstrators in hong kong. thousands took to the streets sunday. the protest started when china blocked two democratic elected lawmakers from taking office in hong kong. they favor independence and made anti-china statements last month
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forecast in some cities around the country. we will have more of that on "cbs this morning" and cbsn. so keep watching. volkswagen's emission cheating scandal was widened and mcdonald's is letting you order from your smartphone. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange. we could be in for a
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word that the fbi is standing by its decision not to charge hillary clinton following review of new e-mails sent stock futures soaring overnight. uncertainty about the election has sent stocks in their longest losing streak since 1980. the dow lost 270 points for the week. chairman. samsung says its new smartphone, the galaxy s-8 will have an artificial intelligence service system. it is expected to make its debut next spring.
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order food or on other tasks by asking the phone's assistant. dr. strange dominated the box office in its debut weekend. a neurosurgeon turned sorcerer. it pulled in $85 million. the animated trolls and world war ii drama rounded out the top three. soon, you'll be able to order and pay for your mcdonald's meal on your device. business insider reports that the updated mcdonald's app will roll out in the u.s. next year. customers can place their order before arriving to the store and it's charged to a linked debit or credit card. that technology is already available in some places in europe. it's getting easier to order food, isn't it? >> i don't know if i like that. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill.
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here. you're watching the cbs morning news. cret is how much they hurt. up here. you're watching the cbs morning news. eyus coming up here. you're watching the cbs morning news. wyus coming up here. you're watching the cbs morning news. syus
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. we are turning to a story we have been following that is breaking right now. former u.s. rn janet reno has reportedly died at the age of 78. now reno's god daughter said she died of complications from parkinson's disease early today. reno served in the clinton administration and she was the first woman to hold that post. in 2000 she faced criticism by authorizing the armed seizure of 5-year-old elian gonzalez so he could be returned to cuba. you probably remember that story.
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yesterday for on mary keitany. she was more than 3 and a half minutes ahead in the new york city race. ghirmay ghebreslassie was the overall winner. more than 52,000 people entered the race. the dramatic rescue of a man who plunged into a freezing alaska water was minutes but he is expected to survive. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a countdown to the election, as we hit the battleground states. i'm anne-marie green.
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congratulations, mrs. president. >> thank you, all. >> hillary clinton is the winner of nickelodeon's kids pick the president mock election. it has correctly predict outcome of every election except one since 1988. nearly 1,000 kids voted. a teacher in los angeles is using the presidential election as a learning tool and no topic is off limits. mireya villarreal reports. >> reporter: in this history classroom, daniel joes blends pop culture. >> do you remember that salt and pepper were talking about immigration? >> reporter: and politics. >> i want make them fall in love with the content of the study of history. if you do those things, students are going to be very quick to want to learn and do amazing
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>> reporter: joes says the day-to-day drama of this election has captured the kids attention, but it also has been an opportunity to teach both the strengths and weaknesses of democracy. >> we are going to build the wall 100%. >> we will not build a wall. >> i think it would do a huge disservice if you don't embrace it. these are teachable moments. this is real concerns about what this rhetoric means for their family. you know? we are constantly engaging in these conversations and not shying away from them. >> just because you have some people who do that, does not justify for labeling and alienating an entire group of people. >> reporter: roughly 80% of this school is high poverty from urban neighborhoods and most students' parents are immigrants. >> trump doesn't know and doesn't support any of these are actual stats or actual researches. he just says it.
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commit crimes and there's also some white people commit crimes and joined by that logic you could say all white people are horrible people. >> reporter: in a report, more than 40% of teachers surveyed said they were hesitant to teach about the election, and more than half have seen an increase in uncivil discourse. there is no topic that is off limits? >> none. >> reporter: joes' goal is for his goal to analyze what the candidates are saying in the context of american history. how much of a gift has this been for your lesson plan over this past year? >> it's almost been a gift because it's relevant to students but also a curse because there are all of these distractions. you can't help but talk about the things that the students are hearing about or seeing in the news. >> reporter: still, he says election day can't come soon enough. mireya villarreal, cbs news, los angeles. we will hear more from young people on the election coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning." in a special note to self, students share how this
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them for when they can cast a ballot. plus, we will take you to the battleground states from north carolina, to ohio, to florida on the eve of this election. we will have continued coverage of the passing of former u.s. attorney janet reno who passed away earlier today and all of that will be coming up on "cbs this morning." that is the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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now at 4:30-- another tough game to swallow for the packers.losing again at lambeau.we'll find out what's next for green bay coming up! 3 and - it's crunch time for the presidential nominees... as election day nears!we're counting down to tomorrow night.. next! good morning! today is monday chappell.and i'm jessica tighe ... along with mike curkov. he's the newest member of the morning show.we're happy to have him on board! (ad-lib)we'll get to your top stories in just a minute. minute. but first... tracking your


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