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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  November 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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the hit and run driver is on.the cbs 58 news at 10 starts right now. 3 3 3 hillary clinton and donald trump... making their final push for votes today.within hours... americans will vote for the 45th president of the united states. the presidential candidates spent their final day on the campaign trail in key battleground states. states.trump is trailing clinton by 4 points in the latest cbs news poll. po campaigned in five state..just today..--including the hotly contested flordia which most say is a must win for trump plus, north carolina and michigan. 8-13 if we go out and vote tomorrow hillary clinton will wincheers cheers 3 the first lady and president obama rallying thousands in philadelphia tonight on behalf of clinton.singers bruce springsteen and bon jovi...adding to the star
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off for a late night rally in north carolina. the race for u-s senate in wisconsin should be close.... close....last week's marquette law poll had just one point separating incumbent senator ron johnson and challenger russ feingold who wants the seat back that he lost six years ago. cbs 58's david ade is live in waukesha has more on each candidate's final appeal to voters... david? 3 just hours before the polls open... senator ron putting his hopes of re- election on three of the most republican ti state: washington, ozaukee and right here in waukesha. -nat-a five day ron johnson bus tour came to an end monday night in waukesha the place where johnson says he needs a huge turnout to win re-eliowe n really good turnout here in waukesha... we neere state maki since thursday.traveling at
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scott walker and u-s house speaker paul ryan. ryan."republicans... we need to callenger former senator russ feingold stopped in racine. racine."well we've been ahead in every poll... and that's the way it's going to be tomorrow night.... i'm confident. i want everybody to think we're maybe a point two behind though... so they work really hard."feingold was with ryan's long-shot challenger democrat ryan solen. solen."i actually am feeling really optimistic... i am." johnson has pulled in some big names to help him campaign in the last week and so has feingold.along with a number of elected democrats from wisconsin feingold has had democratic vice esidential candidate tim kaine and current vice president joe biden in his corner. corner. "go out at vote. vote vote
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back in 2010 ron johnson beat then-incumbant russ feingold by four points.polls show this election will be much closer. live in waukeshadavid ade cbs 58 news. speaker of the house paul ryan has distanced himself from g-o-p presidential nominee donald trump... but today... he encouraged supporters to vote republican. republican.02-20(paul ryan) "i voted trump, pence, johnson, some guy other republican on the ticket and that is actually what each and every one of us need to do. this is what we need to do. republicans we need to come home, we need to unify and we need to go vote." vote." ryan also told supporters he's ready to repeal and replace obamacare if donald trump gets elected. polls open at 7 tomorrow's what you need to know knowremember to bring an acceptable photo i-d.
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you're going to register to vot. vote. you should have your i-d ready when entering your polling place. place. poll workers will ask you to sign a poll list, give you a voting number, then hand you a long as you're in line at eight... you'll be able to vote. vote.if you don't have a photo i-d, you can vote by provisional must present an i-d by four p-m on friday to have your vote counted. 3 nearly 70-percent wisconsites are expected to vote..the milwaukee election commission tells us the busiest times at voting sites are before work.. seven to lunch time.. noon until 1:30..and after work from five until 7. 3 as people head to the polls tomorrow.. officials from the local and federal level will be watching to ensure a fair 58's kristen barbaresi has more how
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freely cast a ballot tuesday-- several groups will be monitioring polls.poll observers, who represent candidates or parties, are allowed inside to oversee the process but they cannot approach voters or wear clothing or buttons supporting their candidate or issue.the american civil liberties union of wisconsin, in conjunction with the election protection coalition, will also be out and about making sure things run smoothly on election day. day. 00;00;57 the kind of thing we usually see the most on election day is you know long lines, inefficiencies, that kind of thingdepuis says intimidation00;01;31 i don't' really expect to see a lot of voter intimidation or at least certainly not the kind of voter intimidation that people seem to be the most concerned about.milwaukee police say officers will "periodically checking around voting venues for disruptions, excessive demonstrations, and those interfering with citizens voting."and the department of justice will have more than 500 people monitoring voting in 28 states-- including wisconsin.something that is
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does happen a little bit in every election cycle. the closer things look, the more likely it is to get attention, i think. but doj observers have been here in the past pastalso important to remember this is no electionneering within 100 feet of the entrance to a polling place.if you do see problems -- we have ways to report it on our webstie cbs a big question forn plenty of ?free? ways to get you there theres ofring its 20 milwaukee cars for free... and bublr bikes will give people an unlimited number of 30-minute rides if you enter the code "1776" during checkout.volunteers from citizen action of wisconsin are also offering free rides.. they say they'll give a free ride to anybody. 1:06-1:19 "a lot of people think 'oh, that's them people calling from voting again'. no, we care about the
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us 'well, you know, my car just broke or i've been on the bus the last few weeks. they're talking to us because we're talking to them." them." we've got a list of ways you can get to the polls for free -- plus other election information -- on our website cbs 58 dot com. 3 and please joins cbs 58 tomorrow night for our election coverage.we will have live team coverage on important local races.we'll bring you the results of those as they come in -- and reaction to the presidential election. that's tomrrow night right here on cbs 58. 3 developing tonight -- police are on scene right now at washington road near 55th avenue..we don't have a lot of details right now.. but we did hear that flight for life was called then canceled.we have a crew headed to the scene.. we'll pass along any new information we get. 3 a 50-year-old woman is dead after she was hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk this afternoon in happened at 60th and norwich in milwaukee.the windshield was smashed on the gray audi. police say the driver did stay
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on sunday.. a five-year-old girl w ll on the loose. the community held a tovemember the. cbs 58's amanda porterfield was at the vigil and has more bout new evidence that iver surveillance video captures a silver porsche cayenne.. moments just before the driver ey t:5n themselves in.. in the name of jesus. tot front of the family's house right where she was hit. 19:49:50 i miss my baby a lot. family says the little girl and her mother were on 19:50:16 yarbroughtviims thhe had my hand. when that car hit le er in the air. 19:50:25 paramedics tried to save her. but little rickyia died on scene. 19:55:20 can we get a moment of silent for little rickiya (mom sobs) (use sob
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rickyias family says she'd just started kindergarten this year and loved it. she also liked to dance and roller skate. and tonight they ask the person in this video to do one thing. 19:50:25 lechelle yarbrought, victims mother whoever did it i beg you please turn yourself in. 19:50:39 she didn't deserve it. the family has a memorial fund set up for 5 year old rick-ky-ya langham at the educators credit union. you n 58 dot com. lice say a man..out of jail..for just two days..was behind that bomb threat a kenosha bank. bank.37-year-olptedd ia robbery of a bank and bomb scar. scare.according to the elen tol someone told him to rob the johnson bank on friday. malliwa doars and rth
10:10 pm, patrick paasch is facing 40 years in prison. prison.paasch is charged with robbing the north shore bank near 58th and forest home on tuesday.according to the criminal complaint.... the teller gave him about 13-hundred dollars in bait money... and put a g-p-s tracker in his bag.police pursued him through three counties in a a van investigators he stole from his boss.officers caught up to him when he s cigarettes at a hartford gas station. more than a dozen actually ran ?more? than the 26.2 miles during the milwaukee running festival yesterday..which could have cost some elite runners their spot in the boston 58's april dovorany tells us.. it wasn't the festival's fault. race officials tell me-extra miles had to be added on to the route after the course was recently measured. but even so -runners are required to know the route-even if its not marked.
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the lakefront....sprinting down sherman park boulevard....circling around in hank aaron park... a route specifically to qualify runners for the boston marathon. 333 you have to have a course measure by organization. more than 1- thousand people competed in the marathon at the pnc running festival-but about 10-20 of them--ran more than the 26.2 miles-without knowing it. this is where the runners were cones were gone--so they kept going. some for more than a mile. race director chris ponteri says-sometime after the 5th runner-someone-threw those cones into the ravine. 103 i tihnk it was more an act of vandalizm,. i think it was someone who s decided to make people purposely go the wrong way.race officials caught on within minutes-but not before at least a dozen denise manthy..passed the turn around. cg in insotamazingly-even with running more than 28 miles--and battling a cold- manthy was the top finishing
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side if she was able to win the race after running over 28 miles. thats impressive. more than 300 people were working this race, and ponteri says- you can be sure this wont happen again next year. 728 definitely a flukey thing. theres hundreds of marathons that happen every year, year after year and ive never heard of anything like this happening. ponteri says-all the runners effected had their entry fees returned and will be able to run the race for free next year. the packers drop to ?third? place in the n-f-c north... coach talks about getting back on track when we come back.. 3 a suspect in a series of milwaukee-area bank robberies... and she's getting bank robberies... and she's getting help pulling off the crimes. 3
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it's a real life bonnie and cly. clyde..a woman robbing banks here in milwaukee.. with a getaway driver waiting.'s the latest in our series of fbi unsolved's cbs 58's evan kruegel. 3 less than 10 percent of bank robberies nationwide are done by women.... but in the last month - a female has struck two milwaukee banks - threatening to shoot - if she doesn't get her way...(music) it's october 24th - at a bmo harris bank in west allis... :08:52 "she enters the bank, approaches the teller, and provides a demand note"right away, one thing stands out. 09:47 "females involved in bank robberies are somewhat says the milwaukee fbi has investigated 88 bank robberies this year.... year....:10:04 "of those 88 bank robberies, only 3 of them involved females." this one - may have been the most
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shows her laying the gun on the counter - telling tellers they have 45 seconds - or else she'll shoot.:13:22 "generally people will go in, they'll make threats, they'll make demands. but a countdown is a little but unusual."leaving the bank - she hops in a getaway car .... and she isn't done. a week later - she appears again - at a ba al in menominee falls. :14:18 "while she was engaging with the teller, there was witness statements that said she made references to the effect of she wasn't kidding, this wasn't a joke, and wasn't playing around." the fbi believes she's still in the area - and hopes you can help put an end to her spree. she's described as a white female - 5 foot two - with dark hair . if you know where she is - you could receive a reward. in milwaukee - ekcbs58news. 3 the man accused of crashing into an uber killing three passengers is headed to trial. jasen randhawa pleaded not guilty to 12 charges today..
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and hit-and-run causing death. the crash happened last month at second and clybourn.the uber driver is still recovering from injuries. randhawa's trial date will be set later this month. .m-p-s says its aware some students are underperforming... and hopes new initiatives will change tha. that.superintendent darienne drivers wants the school year to start in august and end no later than may.she also wants to implement a district-wide th proposals to put more staff in low-performing for younger students so they don't fall behind. 14-24 "many of the ideas that the superientendent brought forward, are in fact ideas that have been floating around for some time. 3 some of the proposals will need the 'okay' from the department of public instruction.the district is hosting public meetings about the changes... we have that information on our website, cbs 58 dot com. looks like milwaukeey cnt residents will be paying more
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approved a ty executive was proposing. supervisors getting behind a 30 dollar per vehicle charge instead of 60.the money will help in part..keep bus service going.he r budget also approved today and now headed to chris abele's desk. milwaukee residents will soon have a way to protect themselves from lead in their w. water.two types of "aquasana" filters will be available to businesses and homes as soon as november 29th. the filters last about a ?free? to those who have lead in their water.the city is recommends children who live in a home with lead pipes to be tested for lead poisoning. the filters can be picked up at the 16th street 3 tonighormid to upper 40s.
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day: lots of clouds to start the day with light rain showers possible in the morning. clearing as we go through the afternoon. highs in the low to mid 50s. winds: nw 10-20.week ahead: middle 50s for wednesday and then we top out in the lower 60s for thursday. a cold front moves through for in the upper 40s. 50s return for the weekend. 3 tonight: more clouds overnight! mid to upper 40s. wind: sw 5-10 mph.election day: lots of clouds to start the day with light rain
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morning. clearing as we go through the afternoon. highs in the low to 50s for wednesday 3 below two dollars. the free ride is g out use of supercharger netrk new more bad news for samsung... the company is re-calling nearly 3-million top-load washma mainestaindue eir lygaxy note-7 phones... after reports of overheating and fires. valley....7 dogs have been
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it was a beautiful day for contruction workers....especial ly those building the milwaukee bucks new arena . 15:50-15:59 crain noise taking down a concrete pillar pillar construction began in june, but the project is starting to come out of the ground.the first steel beams were
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"yeah, it is really exciting there is a lot of work that went into getting here and there's still a lot of work to keep moving." 3mo installed about one thousand steel piles.the new arena is still expected to be completed by the start of the 2018-19 season.
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clay matthews didn't play
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randall cobb and ty montgomery were limited, and the but maybe there's some solace with james starks. mike mccarthy has not yet ruled out did work st ek in his recovery from a knee injury, and mccarthy wants to see how tharks responds after revig n to detail and the sharpness, particular in e adverse moments of the game, we were not quite where we needed to be. 3 3 kevin: well, we start week 10 of the nfl season. we've got four packers wins, four packers losses. gary ellerson, 105.7 fm the fan, former packer, i know a lot of fans had a tough time enduring what they saw at lambeau field. in your mind, yesterday, what were the biggest weak points
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gary: everything. i think, you know, for the most part this year, special teams were ok outside of the punting. i know we had some issues with that. but really if you look at the kickoff unit, it was strong, the return unit was ok. you want a little more out of your punt return, you got that out of trevor davis last week. but offense, defense and special teams, they failed all the way around. so i think when you look at mccarthy and this team, they need to get back to the drawing board and try to much would a healthy true running back, whether it's james starks or whether it's somebody they bring in, how much would that mean to this team the next few weeks offensively.gary: well, see, people want to go back to that. i would say this: that's not the same offense we saw two weeks ago against atlanta. they played a different offense. just let aaron rodgers throw the ball 50 times. richard rodgers healmean rodgers, ti don't care
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aaron rodgers was horrible. i mean, he want back to the old aaron rodgers at the beginning of the year. he's got toplay better. you had trevor davis, you had davante adams, there were a couple of guys wide open, and he's trying to throw it into double coverage and i don't know if that can , p happen on a consistent basis. kevin: gary ellerson, 105.7 fm the fan. gary, good luck, will, and i'm ok with yotem, you c stand for something that matters. i stand with wisconsin working families. going to all 72 counties, i know how hard you work and how wages aren't keeping up. senator johnson stands with ceo's
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i'll take on the rigged system. and work to build an economy that works for everyone. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message
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we'll following breaking news in milwaukee..this is a live picturere we're hearing a
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through for friday with highs in the upper 40s. 50s return for the weekend. 3 this programming note..because of election coverage tomorrow..jeopardy and whell of fone instead you can watch the shows on our sister station... w-m-l-w "the m" at 7 and 7-30. both shows will return to their regular time wednesday
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ss feingold: in the senate there's a choice- you can go along with the rigged system, g to a2 untiesnd for something that matters.
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>> yesterday "the new york times" reported that donald trump's staff took away s twitter account. the following is a cartoon


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