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panhandling? and could we learn a thing or two from other cities who have taken a new approach?the cbs 58 news at 10 starts right now. 3 3 3 breaking news..several people trapped by fire in whitewater. the scene is just blocks from the uw-whitewater campus. campus. cbs 58's eric levy is live with what happened..eric. bill/michele...a number of fire department ru help put this fire out.they are still here making sure all of the hot spots are out and there aren't any flames hiding in the walls. several people who live here say they heard an explosion. one man said he heard the smoke alarms start blaring, so he ran outside and saw flames shooting out of the building. he said he and one of his neighbors both ran inside and got the fire extinguishers and
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white hot flames were too much for them, but there were people trapped inside. lyle downs, neighbor "we pulled one person out from the back from the back window. we realized two more people were still trapped up on top up front. and when we came back to the front one of the officers asked me to grab the ladder, so i ran to grab the ladder and when i came back he pulled up jumped out of the second story window...on to the roof of the " suv." an incredible rescue attempt for sure.a number of people are not able to get back in to their homes tonight...either because they have fire damage or for safety reasons. they're either staying with family and friends or receiving word on what sparked the fire...though some tenants did hear an
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58...b/m back to you. 3 3 happening now -- people taking to the streets to protest the election of donald trump.this is a live picture from traffic along lake shore drive. drive.the group started the group started outside the trump tower.. then marched along some of the city's most famous thoroughfares including michigan avenue.sometimes they
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back. 3 in new york city a similar scene.several major cities from coast to coast saw the same thing..including just outside the white house..which the billionaire business man is scheduled to move into january 20th. the protests formed..despite the president elect's call for unity during his victory speech in the wee hours this mo. morning.donald trump also thanked his supporters... and said the county needs to come t. together.32-44 "to all republicans independents i say it is time for us to come together as one united people." people." president obama will host trump at the white house tomorrow to discuss the peaceful transfer of power. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lea. lead. 3 during her concession speech.. hillary clinton told supporters to accept the
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said it wasn't the outcome the democratic party wanted.... and apologized for losing the election. 3 3 turnout for yesterday's election was at a 20-year low in wisconsin. wisconsin. about 66-percent of the voting-age population cast ballots... or about 2 point 9 million people.compared to near 70-percent turnout in the last two presidential elections. elections. about 3-thousand people didn't even vote for any of the presidential candidates. with a campaign this ugly, parents are now mulling over ho kids. cbs 58's amanda porterfield explores that side of the election..and joins us now live..amanda i've spoken to both trump and clinton supporters..who say - they weren't sure how to talk to their kids..about what they've heard about or seen from the two candidates. so we talked to a community mental health advocate for some insight. clinton, trump and their
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vian says this is how you deal with it. 21:01:08 i believe the first thing that parents need to do is pay attention to their own feeling and take care of their own feelings. so if i have concerns or fears, i need to talk about that with my fears not with my children first. 21:01:43she's been a child psycologist for more than 10 years. and says parents should pay attention to their kids language. 21:04:45 i think you have to talk to children at the age that they are. with young kids - start with a toy or craft. 21:02:10 thech inside out, they are extremely helpful for kids. 21:02:28 you could draw a picture for your child and say give him a face, how is that person feeling watch how they play. then talk. 21:02:00 help children identify what they are feeling don't project on them. help them name what they're feeling. use democracy as comfort. 21:10:10 learning how the government works and how people will check on eachother. :15these high schoolers in california who walked out after donald trump became president elect. she says for older kids - ask simple questions and listen. 21:09:20 did anyone say
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today at school, what happened. 21:10:30 were there any problems, and what can we do about them again with the feelings and how do we manage the feelings in a healthy way. when it comes to young women and girls - she recommends assertiveness training which is a form of behavior therapy. but she says overall empowerment is always a good method. house speaker he's been talking with trump about the new administration.. as well as working together in washngton.... including trump's plan to repeal the affordable care act. act.12-24 this house majority this senate majority has already demonstrated we're able to pass that legislation and put it on the president's desk the problem is president obama vetoed it. now we have president trump coming who is asking us to do this." this." assisant professor of political science paul nolette believes addressing the
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one of the top priorities in trump's first 100 days in offce. a person close to president elect trump says he's considering milwaukee county sheriff david clarke for homeland security. something the sheriff hinted at on cbs 58.. back in may. i'd be honored to serve in a donald trump cabinet in a policy making position. let's say secretary of homeland secur" security." back then the sheriff acknowleged talks with the trump people but wouldn't give specifics. the person quoted in a is anonymous.the sheriff issued a statement tonight saying in part.. part.. "i will continue to be the sheriff of milwaukee county until i am no longer the sheriff of milwaukee county...anything other than that is pure speculation." 3 cbs 58 news will keep up with this developing story and others related to the transition of power.and to review all the election results..go to our 58 dot com 3 breaking news on the west coast -- five people shot.. two with life-threatening
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of them to the hospital tonight..right now, police say they do not believe the shooting is related to the anti-trump protests in that city. here in milwaukee -- police are looking for a man suspected in two sexual assaults on the city's northwest sidecbs 58's kristen barbaresi is live tonight with why some parents are on edge. police say both these assaults happened yesterday-the first just after 6 amthe second just after 7 pm. neighbors near 79th and acacia-- stunned to learn police a search for a man they believe committed two sexual assaults 05;55;09 i'm blindsided by that.the first assault happened about 6:15 tuesday morning, near the milwaukee sign language school- which serves elementary age kid. kids.cassandra harrington 05;55;37 i'm pregnant and my daughter goes to that school so it's just like, that's messed up.police say the victim was simply walking in the area when it happened.
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i think that's just ridiculous. sometimes at 6 in the morning i take my trash out and this is a very nice area.and just half a mile away--- on north 76th street-a second assault tuesday night, around man who lives in the neighborhood and did not want to be identified says he can't believe it happened here.neighbor 06;10;22 i've been here 10 years and it's never been nothing but maybe a couple of fights police released a sketch of the suspect-- a black man about 25 years old, between 5'5" and 6 feet tall.husky, with short hair and a diamond studded earring in his left year.he s blue and gray hooded sweatshirt, jeans and dark shoes.neighbor 06;10;36 keep an eye out, watch out, keep an eye on the kids a spokeswoman for the school district says parents were notified about what happened new tonight -- a milwaukee police officer charged.. with shooting off his gun while into. intoxicated.michael w. anderson has some 20 years in
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attorney..jonathan carver smith..telling me the charges from an incident at the offer's home are "unfortunate".. "unfortunate"..and that -- "with so many of these things, there is context that will be given to the court. he's served his community well and enjoys a good reputation." anderson is out on a 500-dollars bond.he's due back in court next week. in waukesha -- police say there's been as many as ?30? car break-ins in recent weeks. now they're asking the ?victims? to come forward..'s because they've recovered so much evidence.. and want to return it.the vehicles in neighborhoods between the fox river and waukesha city hall. 5-17 it's part of our job as law enforcement to advocate for the victims, to get the return of their property, and also push forward charges to the district attorney's office for those who have committed these crimes against people." people." waukesha police have identified two people of interest related to the crimes. new tonight -- costume controversy leading to new policies at uw madison.
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as president obama with a noose around the neck created an uproar when an image was posted on social no ropes will be allowed in and those doing something offensive or abusive or threatening will be kicked out. security staff has apparently told the person to remove the rope when they showed up back in october..but then the person put the noose back on and the photo was taken. 3 she delayed chemo so she could compete--special brookfield native olivia quigley has passed away from breast cancer.special olympics saying tonight that she epitomized the event's spirit. she was an inspiration to many after being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and going on to win three medals including two gold medals..last summer in los angeles.she also changed the way folks view those with autism.she accomplished much in a short time..a sprinter.. a role model..olivia quigley was just 25 years old..
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struggling the past two weeks... we'll have more on what they'll need to do to stop the titans... 3 more from titletown... packers quarterback aaron rodgers gives his take on the presidential election... 3 from beggar to bread winner-- coming they did it and what it means for "our" panhandling problem.drew?
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3 you see it across the city of milwaukee -- someone on the corner.. asking for officials don't want you to hand over cash.. instead give to charity. charity.the initiative has been in place about a year but is it working?cbs 58's lindsey branwall takes a deeper look into milwaukee's panhandling
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gina wozniak works at central bark, right off one of milwaukee's most popular panhandling spots. gina wozniak central bark dog daycare"i see people hanging out on our corners. off the freeway ramps. sometimes in our parking lot. last year, milwaukee came up with a solution -- to keep the change. these signs have been up since spring springalder terry witkowski district 13"it doesn't help to give someone a dollar or two at a time.""keep the change" encourages people to give money to charities, not individual panhandlers.and milwaukee also just passed a new ordiance in october, banning loitering on som medians across the citybut we found many panhandlers on the medians, right next to these signs, and it begs the this the right approach?a handful of cities have tried something different. this unique program started in albequerque. ?nat of video? mayor richard berry albuquerque, new mexico"we're doing it by offering them employment for the day. 9 dollars cash work with city employees and non profits to pull weeds."and when the day is done, they're paid cash, and connected to mental health and substance abuse treatment. 180 people have gotten permanent employment, and 136 have received help.
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budgeting 50,000 dollars from the city's budget. i brought the question to alderman witkowski, could this work in milwaukee? he blames politics in the state capitol for cutting the city budget and says milwaukee simply can't fund something like the program in albequerque. but mayor berry says it's worth looking into - as a long term s. solution.mayor richard berry albuquerque, new mexicolet's give people people a day job, the dignity of work and let them know that we believe in them and see them as members of our community"lb,bs lindsey tells us that the city's still asking neighbors and businesses if they noticed a difference on street corners..and milwaukee police don't have citation numbers for the new median ordiance because it went into effect less than two weeks ago. for the second week in a row.. long lines snaked around the milwaukee county municipal building.. as people took advantage of "warrant forgiveness wednesday." wednesday."the program lets those with minor offenses, like parking tickets, get their record wiped clean.the
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program say it was time to give people a fresh start. 37:07-22 we wanted to take away some of the barriers that are there for employment, some of the reasons tha tpeople make bad decisions when it comes to police interaction, so we tried to do our part so we tried to do our best in lifting the barriers for people people there is only one more day to get your warrant wiped out.. it's next wednesday the 16th. people are demanding change after a girl was killed by a hit-and-run driver on milwaukee's north side. want more speed bumps installed near 65 and hampton, where rickiya langham was killed walking to church sunday morning.alderman cavalier johnson says residents can sign a petition to add one... but the cost of 240 dollars to get one installed sometimes deters people from signing the petition.the city would pay for part of that price tag... but the rest would come from residents' property taxes. police are still looking for the driver in that deadly crash. 3 3 more changes for the zoo
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are re-positioning the off ramp to highway 100 from east bound'll get moved to near elm grove road... meaning there will be a mile-long ramp to get to highway 100. 3:47:08-25 so that decisoin point is going to be considerably further west that it is today... that's a step we're taking as we continue to opening all three lanes of traffic on eastbound i-94... so by the time we reach thanksgiving, we should be online to get rid of that zipper merge and later this week... the off ramp to greenfield and lincoln on southbound 41/894 will shut down overnight friday.that's a long term closure that will last until the summer of 20-18. 3 tonight: mostly fair. lows near 40.thursday: mostly sunny and windy. highs in the mid 60s. the record is 65 degrees. winds: sw of the week/weekend: a cold front
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highs in the upper 40s. 50s return for the weekend. dry weather is expected. most of next week with feature highs
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veterans will now have a permanent memorial at luther manor in wauwatosa. at veteran and luther manor resident started the planning process for the memorial a few years ago.he said he counted 120 world war 2 and korean war vets living in the retirement community... and thought they needed recognition. 1:08:06-18once i had them and their voice, all of a sudden this one lonely voice in the desert became 121 voices... things started rolling and happg
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a full color honor guard was on hand for today's dedication'll see the memorial in luther manor's welcome center. 24 men and women took their final exams today.but the exams weren't your typical classroom tests. milwaukee fire department recruits were put in the middle of a real fire.they were sent into a vacant building, set on fire by their's to test their knowledge after 15 weeks of intense training. 9:52:-10:02this is the culmination of all of our hard work... our instructors' hard work... and some good fortune to be here... it's really an hor honor assuming these recruits pass this "exam".... they'll graduate and officially become firefighters in a few days. packers quarterback aaron rodgers saying he just had to vote yesterday given the historic impact of either electing a non politician or the first woman. woman.5:01-15 i thought it was an imporant night for our country so i think really a message to the establishment if you're looking at it from an objective point of view, i hope as a country we can come
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better with each other. 3 he also thanks those who wrote his name in...but refused to share how hs voted just that he stayed up late watching the t-v coverage. 3 more than 8-thousand students from milwaukee-area schools took a break today... and took in a hockey game.the milwaukee admirals hosted their rivals -- the chicago wolves, for the team's second annual education game. the students got booklets that they filled out as they watched the skating. 11:05:28-43i think teachers look at this as a chance to do something fun and educational... maybe let the kids blow off a little steam, we're getting into the dog days of the first semester so it's a fun way to get out, learn something, and have a little fun fun the admirals are planning another education game in march.
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we gotta find a way to get points on the first drive of the second half. some of our issues involve not scoring coming out of halftime the packers kicked a field goal in sunday's game against indianapolis. but guess what? those were the first and only points the packers have scored in the third quarter in their four losses. so aaron rodgers may have a point. scott grodsky in green bay to make a point about the packers
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scott "the packers top ranked run defense has been dominant in almost every game this season. except against the cowboys number one ranked rushing offense. they took the packers to school racking up almost 200 yards in a 30 to 16 win for the cowboys right here at lambeau field. the packers defense has a chance to redeem themselves a bit this weekend in tennessee taking on the third ranked rushing offense in the nfl."nick perry "this is a different game, we're not playing the cowboys. we flipped the page on that, we le those kind of games help us even better into these later games."jake ryan "it's going to be a great challenge for us just because you have a dual threat quarterback who can do both. they're great running it, great with the zone read, great downhill runners so we'll see what happens but i think our defense stacks up great against their offense." morgan burnett "our main goal as a defense is to stop the run, eliminate big plays so that's going to be our focus going into this game."scott "at 4-4 is this a must win game for the packers? don't ask aaron rodgers, he says i
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must win, football is football. the next challenge for rodgers is going up against the titans in tennessee. and of course we'll be there in nashville providing coverage all throughout the weekend. reporting in green bay, scott grodsky cbs 58 sports badgers safety leo musso has made a couple plays down the stretch for this badgers defense.... none his scoop and score against michigan state. that--a part of the reason the badgers now seventh in the college football playoff rankings. if wisconsin wins their remaining games, including illinois... they'll be in a good position to be in the playoff. no important time to win than right now for wisconsin. that's where a lot of teams prove themselves because bodies start to hurt and metally school weighs on
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on this week and getting through november before
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music..jack: oh my god i can't believe it..unreal!" it..unreal!" 3 the teen jeopardy tournament has begun and tomorrow a local student gets his chance.
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jack bekos can't tell us how it turned out but he did share recently what it meant to him to make the cut in a rigorous testing and audition process. jack bekos, teen jeopard contestant: i've always loved jeopardy especially in the past two years. me and my dad would always sit and compete. see who did better." better." we'll have more on jack's journey tomorrow on the cbs 58 news at four. you can then watch him on jeopardy on cbs 58 tomorrow at six..and check out party in his hometown of elm grove. local kid makes good
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