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tv   CBS 58 Morning News at 430am  CBS  November 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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now at 4:30 - donald trump's white house will have an influential ?wisconsin? connection.details ahead. 3 and - another tough sunday for packers fans. the green and gold lost ?big? to the tennessee titans.hear from jordy nelson... plus- we're looking ahead to next week's game. good morning to you! thanks so much for joining us. today is monday november 14th it's an exciting day.we're about 30 minutes away from summerfest revealing a ?big? announcement.find out what it is... right here on cbs 58! 58! but first... tracking your temperatures at this hour is meteorologist michael schlesginger. 3 ((???quick 30 second wx tease 5) 5???))today...partly sunny. highs in the upper 50s. southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. tonight...partly cloudy. lows around 40. northwest winds up
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sunny. highs in the mid 50s. southwest winds up to 10 mph. tuesday night...mostly clear. lows in the lower 40s. northwest winds 5 to 10 mph. wednesday...sunny. highs in the mid 50s. northwest winds 5 to 10 mph shifting to the southwest in the afternoon. 3 our top story at 4:30.... president-elect "donald trump"... makes his first ?key? appointments... as he starts his transition to the white house. trump officially named republican party chairman reince priebus as his chief of staff...while the former head of breitbart news, steve bannon, was named chief strategist and senior counselor. the selections came as the president-elect gave his first post-election broadcast interview to "60 minutes." hena daniels has the latest from new york. president elect donald trump's first o appointments to his administration...are drawing
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the aisle.late yesterday...republicans lindsay graham and house majority whip steve scalise both applauded reince priebus' elevation to chief of staff. democrats were less enthusiastic about right-wing media mogul, steve bannon...being chosen as chief strategist and senior counselor. a spokesman for senate minority leader harry reid said the choice signals that "white supremacists will be represented at the highest levels in trump's white house." speaker paul ryan spoke abo the appointment: appointment:(sot paul ryan) "i don't know steve bannon. i have no concerns. i trust donald's judgment and i think he's going to pick who he thinks will best serve him." -nats-trump's appointments came amid his first post- election interview to lesley stahl of "60 minutes." minutes."he stood firm on his vow to choose conservative supreme court justices who could overturn roe versus wade...(sot trump) if it ever were overturned. it would go back to the states. (sot stahl) well, then some women
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perhaps they'll have to go to another state....but appeared to soften on his campaign pledge to build a wall...(sot stahl) they're talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence:(sot trump) for certain areas i would but for certain areas a wall is more appropriate....and appoint a special prosecutor to vestigate hillary clinton's email practices:(sot trump) "i'm gonna think about it// they're good people, i don't want to hurt them." inauguration day is just 66 days away.hena daniels cbs news. trump also said... he would only take ?one dollar a year? as his salary during his presid. presidency.both the anti- defamation league and cair ... the nation's largest muslim advocacy group, have denounced bannon's appointment. 3 3 new this morning...a 22-year-old man is hurt after a shooting over the weekend in milwaukee. it happened at 3-45 yesterday afternoon... near north 16th street and west north avenue. he told police he was standing outside when he starting fighting with someone.that's
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to the hospital.. and is expected to survive. police are still searching for the suspect. 3 now to a "developing" story--- a d-j ?shot? outside his milwaukee his friends are ?rallying the community? in his memory memory"colin (dem-jay) " was found shot... just ?feet from his front door? on weil and meinecke in riverwest. it happened just before one a-m saturday.while police continue to search for a suspect--- one of his friends hopes... to ?help the healing? with one of (dem-jay's) ?favorite pastimes?--- music. "he had a night deeper where he'd kind of encourage the djs he'd book to kind of go outside the box, we're going to have something along those lines and do it in his honor. honor. 3 you can help (dem-jay's) family.we have a link to their go-fund-me page at cbs-58-dot- com. 3 family and friends are remembering rickyia langham. they gathered this weekend for a balloon release.. in honor of the little girl. the 5-year-old was hit and killed by a car last weekend
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family also held a carwash this weekend to help pay for her funeral. if you'd like to help there's an account set up at the educator's credit union. 3 3 ((???1:45 seconds??)) ((???tease ahead??10???)) ahead??10???)) today...partly sunny. highs in the upper 50s. southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. tonight...partly cloudy. lows around 40. northwest winds up to 5 mph. tuesda..partly sunny. highs in the mid 50s. southwest
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night...mostly clear. lows in the lower 40s. northwest winds 5 to 10 mph. wednesday...sunny. highs in the mid 50s. northwest winds 5 to 10 mph shifting to the southwest in the afternoon.
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the big gig has a ?big? announcement this morning.can you guess what it is??we have less than 30 minutes now until the big reveal. if you were on social media over the weekend... you might have seen some clues.'s one of summerfest's says... "the excitement is building. raise your glass to summerfest 50!"the festival will make the big announcement at five this m. morning.summerfest is the world's largest music festival...and it's celebrating 50 years next year... so you know it's going to be good.y big reveal.we'll have a ?live report? from the summerfest grounds... coming up in our next half hour. 3 3 packers nation ... hang in was yet another loss for the packers last night. night.this time they were in tennessee against the titans... losing 25 to 47. that's where we find kevin holden and scott gordsky with highlights of the game. kevin: "that funk remains f this green bay packers team, scott grodsky their third street loss yesterday here in nashville. the defense of
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the first half here."scott: "we've been waiting for bottom. the defense has gotten progressively worse with all of these players injured but they haven't had a complete meltdown game, we saw yesterday in the first half. it started right away with that 75 yard demarco murray touchdown run. marcus mariota has four touchdowns, murray actually threw for a touchdown. pretty much everything that could go wrong for the packers on defense did go wrong and offensively it wasn't a whole lot better, at least not until the second half. one player who did play well is jordy nelson. let' the loss."jordy nelson: "just work, there's nothing else. we're not gonna go to the stadium tomorrow and all of the sudden turn the switch on. it's all about working there's not a secret recipe."scott: "big games for jordy nelson and davante adams but of course it was too little too late for this offense. as they get ready for next weeks primetime match up against washington kevin how does this team fix the slow start?" kevin: "you have got to hold somebody under 30 points first of all. and then if the
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in tennessee you could see a chance for some wins. tough matchups thgh, washington then philly, houston, then seattle the next four weeks, tough tough next four weeks no doubt about it. we'll be following the packers the route. scott grodsky, kevin holden back to you 3 coming up ... a little boy is given another chance at life. thanks to doctors in wisconsin who help him breathe on his own. 3 plus ... new data shows smoking rates continue to fall. details in your healthwatch coming up. 3 e mo thn is putting on a ?big show? in the sky.this is a live look.... at the "supermoon." the moon looks
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usual.this happens when the moon becomes ?full?... on the same day when its orbit is ?closest to earth.?if you have an awesome "supermoon" shot... send it to us... at
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making "news around the world" this morning... damage estimates are ?mounting?... after a ?massive earthquake? shook new zealand. the magnitude "seven-point-eight" quake... ?killed at least two people.?aftershocks are still expected.tsunami warnings were issued at one point... and
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the shaking made it feel like ?they were on a train.? 3 "doors...having to hold on to things...were opening and closing. the whole house was moving. yeah, it was moving, creaking, creaking, moving. it was a scary thing." thing." the quake ?knocked out? new zealand's emergency call number for about 10 minutes. 3 it's been one year since terrorists attacked downtown paris... that country since world war two.yesterday ...hundreds gathered to pay their respects to those killed.including the families of some of the victims... and those lucky enough to survive.their emotions are still very raw. "there was no way to not look at death and it's ugly and bloody side. the only way to recover was to find in myself the inner strength and that's one of the reasons i wrote
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150 people diedthat night... 89 people in the bataclan theatre alone.the concert hall reopened for the first time saturday night with a special performance by sting. 3 making news around the nation... dashcam video of an officer-involved shooting in new jersey has been released. released.the video shows ednd brown pulled over by a police officer.the officer can be heard saying "do me a favor, shut the car off."but brown didn't. he attempted to drive away... only to smash into a couple of cars on the street.brown can be seen trying to run away af b struggle ensues and a gunshot is heard. brown is eventually subdued. he's being held on 100-thousand dollars bail.the officer is on administrative leave while an investition is underway. 3 a fire ?destroyed a historic church? in kansas city over the weekend. crews had to fight the flames from ?outside?... because part of the the building had ?collapsed.?one wall fell onto a fire truck--- thankfully no one was hurt.a cause remains ?unknown.? 3 a mystery is unfolding on the campus of oklahoma state
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died.police say there's no sign that anyone had any bad intentions.this is not the first time there's been a death in this fraternity. another member was found dead in the same house in october 2012. that person had alcohol and heroin poisoning. 3 a daring rescue off the coast of north carolina....rescuers save five people -- after their boat capsized in the city of carolina can see two men -- who went overboard -- swimming in the water...the u-s coast guard pulled them to safety.... while three others braced thlv vessel... a north carolina teacher... is ?suspended? for ?cursing at her students.? students.?:11-:23 (majonica haithcox,teacher) "ya'll don't know what could've happened in my life, and then ya'll want to come in here acting real disrespectful when ya'll don't know what the f?k i go through or what the f?k i've been through last week. but ya'll want to come in here and still be on that same ole bulls?t." bulls?t."a student in the woman's class... ?recorded? the rant last week. a parent says... she ?couldn't believe? what she heard. parent) "for me to be a ,
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chills." durham public schools did ?not? say how long the teacher's suspension is--- or--- if she's ?coming back? to the classroom at all. 3 about 20 mongooses... invaded the green during a europeon tour event in sun city, south africa.the golfing tournament was put on hold as the animals moved through.organizers have no idea where they ended up... but luckily they managed to avoid interfering with the ball. 3 3 in your health watch ... an important recall to tell you about...this morning ..kidde nighthawk is yanking millions of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.consumer safety regulators say the alarm can fail to continue to chirp when it reaches the end of its seven-year life ... leaving people to believe it's still working. officials say about 3.6 million alarms have been affected. 3 fewer people are lighting up. up. the cdc reports... cigarette smoking rates have hit an ?all-time low.? researchers say... the number
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15-percent?... from 45 (m) million to nearly 37 (m) million between 2005 and 20-15. although the c-d-c is ?happy? with the drop... reps say ?more anti-tobacco action? is still needed.the c-d-c says... smoking rates are ?highest? among men--- pecially black men. 3 players and doctors are calling for the n-f-l to re-consider its ban on marijuana use. use. tennessee titans linebacker derrick morgan says he's concerned about how his near 7-year tenure in the league is affecting his body. 2011 study in the journal of drug and alcohol dependency found that 71-percent of players who used narcotic painkillers during their issues.morgan is the only ency n-f-l player who has spoken out against the n-f-l's marijuana policy. but he and eight former players co-signed a letter with "doctors for cannabis regulation".... calling on the n-f-l to change its position.a players' union is looking into forming a committee to consider alternative therapies for pain management. 3
4:48 am least up until this year... year......when a team of doctors at children's hospital of wisconsin saved thomas richards.thomas was born in april...he couldn't breath and doctors realized he had no windpipe.after months of surgeries, doctors moved thomas's esophagus from his stomach and connected it to his ?act as a trachea.synthetic material helps expand and strengthen the tube to be a working windpipe. 3 "i'm constantly amazed when i see him in the outpatient arena and how uickly he's developmentally...essentially normal." thomas is home with his parents...and we're told he recently went to his first hockey game to watch the minnesota wild.children's hospital of wisconsin is the first hospital in the nation to do a procedure like this. 3 a new study looks at the safety of "celebrex" -- a drug commonly used to treat ?arthrit? ?arthritis.? the medicine has a similar makeup to vioxx -- a drug that was actually pulled off the market back in 2004 ... because it caused heart
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studying celebrex for ten years -- researches now say it is in fact safe to use... even at the stronger, prescription level. so this was a higher dose than people take, say, for headache. headache.nissen: this was quite a bit higher, 2-3 times as much//it really does take a drug that was under a cloud of suspicion after vioxx was withdrawn and it lifts that cloud and it lets us now think about this in different ways. 3 the study also revealed celebrex doesn't ca stomach ulcers or bleeding as other common drugs like "i-b profen" or naproxen. 3 coming up--- jordy nelson belts out some tunes ... for a version of "carpool karaoke" in green bay.we'll show you! 3 3 3 a live look over.....on the
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today...partly sunny. highs in the upper 50s. southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. tonight...partly cloudy. lows around 40. northwest winds up to 5 mph. tuesday...partly sunny. highs in the mid 50s. southwest
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night...mostly clear. lows in the lor 40s. northwest winds 5 to 10 mph. wednesday...sunny. highs in the mid 50s. northwest winds 5 to 10 mph shifting to the southwest in the afternoon.
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you haven't bought nintendo's "n-e-s classic" yet--- you could be out of luck already. they're in ?short supply!? nintendo released the throwback version thursday for 60-dollars... and it's already ?sold out? on buy... gamestop... and target are only selling the n-e-s classic ?in stores.?good news--- if you really want the gaming system... sellers on ebay are offering them... for one-thousand dollars. 3 making his view of donald trump known company-wide.matt maloney sent an email to his 1- thousand plus employees in the food delivery service after the election.he suggested employees who agreed with what he called-- trump's "nationalist... anti-immigrant and hateful" rhetoric-- should quit.maloney supported hillary clinton.maloney in a statement said that he did not ask for anyone to resign if they voted for trump... but did say the company would not "tolerate discriminatory activity or hateful commentary in the workplace." 3 ey say diamonds are a girl's
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this one. the so-called "sky blue diamond" could fetch up to 25-million dollars when it goes under the hammer on diamonds are hard to find.and this more than eight-carat stone is one of the largest of its kind. the diamond will be auctioned by sotheby's in geneva, switzerland. green bay packers wide receiver "jordy nelson"... is stepping out of his comfort zone--- just a little bit. watch this! 3:27-3:37 "snap yo fingers the step can do it all by yourself see you do it ...hey ...let me see you do it hey" hey"jordy and his wife "emily" teamed up with "young life green bay"... for a version of "carpool karaoke."they busted out some tunes as they drove to the group's annual fundraising event at lambeau field.the group starts off... by singings jordy's favorite song "thank god i'm a country boy"... than completely
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lil wayne's song.jordy and his wife are ?mentors? for "young life green bay." bay."to see the ?full? video-- go to cbs 58 dot com. 3 3 3 3 next at 5 --wisconsin's reince priebus is headed for the white house. we'll tell you his new role with donnald trump's cabinet.... ahead 3 and--- "justice for jay"see how the family of a man shot by a wauwatosa police
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good morning!nk joinging us. today is monday, november 14-th. 14-th.some big news just announced about the big gig!it might be more than six months away...but we'll show you how summerfest is getting ready to celebrate its 50th year! year! it's basically mid-november and we have been so spoiled with our weather.let's see what's on tap... as we start off the new work week. meteorologist michael schlesinger has your forecast.


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