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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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born alive and was breastfed. "shade' was taken to columbia saint mary's where a fetal montior was hooked up, baby's heartbeat was monitored by the doctors. the doctors said she was good to go. they discharged, her, and she was taken to the jail."swayzer and her attorney are seeking eight and a half million dollars in damages...however they say no amount of money.. will bring her child back. "what is the value of an unborn child's life? that's what it really comes down to." three t baby have died at the milwaukee county jail since april. the sheriff's office, which oversees the jail, has not commented about any of those deaths. the sheriff's office has six months to respond to the notice of claim.. back to you. 3 3 the legal battle over brendan dassey's release from prison took a new turn today. and now, the man convicted of helping steven avery kill teresa halbach...apparently
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ruling today. let's go live to lindsey branwall at dassey's prison in portage. the teen suspect depicted in the "making a murderer" staying behind bars. today, the 7th circuit court of appeals granted the wisconsin attorney general's appeal to keep dassey locked up.a lower court had ruled needed to be released by friday evening. cbs58's lindsey branwall is live brenden dassey...the man convicted of helping his uncle steven avery kill teresa halbach in 2005.he will stay behind bars here after today's latest court ruling.his family tells me, they will continue to fight. this all may seem a bit confusing 3 the decision in dassey's this all may seem a bit confusing because there are two sets of appeals going on at once. what you need to 3 on."say. the fight goes than words can disappointed more than words can say. the fight
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3 on." the decision in dassey's overturned conviction is expected to happen in january portage lindsey branwall cbs58 news new tonight, a mukwonago man accused of pushing his girlfriend onto train tracks before she was hit by a train is now charged. 3 22-year old brandon calkins is charged with 3 misdemeanors including battery, resisting an officer and disorderly conduct...a conviction on all 3 carries a maxium 21 months behind bars. the criminal complaint says he pushed the
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lost her arm when the train hit her. it also says he was combative when confronted by police.a police source says investigators are waiting to look at video of the train incident before wrapping up their investigation. 3 milwaukee police have announced the release of a convicted sex offender...43-year old chad senter. they usually only notify the neighborhood where the offender will live...but police say senter has not told them where he'll be staying. police ?do? say he will be on 24-hour will have to follow lifetime sex offender registration rules. a new political fight has broken out in milwaukee over where to deploy police officers. officers.south side aldermen sent a letter to chief ed flynn today asking that he assign additional police officers to south side districts. they say they want a "fair share" of police for their residents. but common council president ashanti hamilton, calls that letter "divisive and irresponsible". irresponsible".hamilton says quote, "a strategy that pits
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resources is simply irresponsible, and it is not the direction the council should take."cbs 58 has reached out to chief flynn....when we hear back we will let you know. a followup tonight to our story earlier this week about a computer hacker atta in menomonee falls. falls."are you locking your cyber doors or windows?" windows?" cbs 58 talked with fbi special agent byron franz about ransomware, which, as we reported is used to lock up computers. then the hacker demands money in exchange for restoring access.thousands of ransomware attacks are reported every day, but franz says there are ways to protect yourself. he says make sure your operating systems are up to date and be?very? careful about clicking on pop up ads online. "take the information an adiser gives you. if you like it, type it into your browser, hopefully typing https, which is encrypted and going to the website. but
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that's offered you in cyber spa" space." if you are victimized by ransomware, special agent franz says you can call the fbi office or go to an internet crime complaint website...and we've linked us by a 'micrcopic mite' ki do include a fact sheet and tells parents not to send their kids to school if they have symptoms. 3 toss to drew drew tonight: very mild. lows in the lower 50s. stays breezy. wind: s 10-20 mph.friday: slight chance for a few rain
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with highs in the middle to upper 60s before a cold front moves through. the record high is 69! windy with wind gusts to 40 mph out of the southwest. evening temperatures will drop into the 30s.weekend: much colder for saturday and sunday. some snow flurries saturday especially in the morning, but no accumulation. highs in the upper 30s saturday, but feeling like the 20s with wind chill with a northwest wind gusting as high as 50 mph. wind eases on sunday but still cold with highs in the upper 30s. more seasonable 40s return next week.
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milwaukee officially lights up for the christmas season tonight. this is a live picture from city hall, where at 5-29, they're scheduled to light the official christmas tree.....the ceremony is holiday lights festival also begins, with brightly colored displays in cathedral square, pere marquette park and zeidler union square. during basketball season, they call it "march madness"....but at some local schools, it's getting a little crazy here in . november. -nats drumming- drumming-brookfield east students got up before dawn to join our cbs 58 morning news
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the brookfield east spartans will play for a state football championship tomorrow in's the first title game appearance for the spartans and the excitement has spread well beyond the players and their classmates. "we've got an administrative team that has been super supportive, selling t-shirts at lunch hour, making announcements to make sure that people know how to get to places, whether it was our level 4 game last week or certainly the state championship game this week. just the total culture of the school has emraced th success and it's really special." 3 and this is a live picture from outside brookfield east high school, where in less than an hhe tfootball team will get an enthusiastic sendoff to madon. the players and coaches will spend the night in madison....before tomorrow's game against monona grove. people are already gathering to wish the spartans well. 3 and brookfield east isn't the only local school where the excitement is building. tomorrow, catholic memorial
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notre dame in the division 3 title game at 10am....the brookfield east division 2 game against monona grove is at 1...and then franklin faces defending division one champ kimberly at 4pm. 3 next aveworld's largest passenger plane arrived in milwaukee today....we'll tell you why it's here and we'll hear from some of the skywatchers who showed up to see it.
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"oh it was excing. "thats thbiggest plane i've ever seen." seen." "awful big plane...amazing plane." 3 the massive airbus a380 that landed at mitchell international airport a few hours ago. this is the world's largest passenger can seat up 853 people and it has a maximum flying range of more than 95-hundred miles.the super jumbo jet is here to test a new engine in cold weather over the next ten days. andairplane fans were waiting to see the plane arrive. "i found it really amazing how slow it seemed to be going. seemed just to hang in the air
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"some of the people here were trngen it was over lake michgan and when it was coming in. so just the new engine that's being tested ismounted on the a380.....eventually that engine will power a ?new? airbus. opened today after ?eight re- months? of being edfically designed to include children cob kittile asas the first kiet3 "the one year niversary of kenosha's dream playground was on october 10.there was supposed to be a celebration - but the playground hadn't re-opened yetas work continued replacing the floor. now, that work is done...and visitors are returning."city crews spray down the sidewalks surrounding the entrace to the
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life are returning.nat. - walking22;24;47"we also have musical instruments, quite a few musical instruments, scattered throughout."nat. noisetammy is the project founder...she says the flooring - which previously did not pass safety testing - has been completely replaced and retested.she calls the entire process emotionally to the installation of the floor, was closed for 240 days."22;21;38 22;21;38"(because) it's going to bring those children back to play and it's an opportunity for children to play together and they don't necessarily others diffences. they just want to play."(nat. pictures) it's an effort community members continue to support. this morning even - the midwest street machines car club of kenosha made a donation.(pontillo);15;51"well, good opportunity for th have somewhere to go rather than go out of town. so we try our best the last couple of years to help sponsor them." and moving forward - tammy says even little bit helps... 22;22;39"the little
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santa to open the dream playground. and e told me yesterday 'i gotta cross that off'."(jake)"the core support group for the kenosha dream playground is holding a welcome back event this saturday for anyone who is kenosha...jacob 58 news." another one of those zipper merges on the milwaukee freeway system is about to go a. away.the department of transportation tells us that next we of eastbound i-94 near sunnyslope road will reopen. for months, that construction lane closure has forced traffic to squeeze from three lanes into two....causing big delays at busy times of day. again, mark it wednesday, that zipper merge ends. 3 3
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tonight: very mild. lows in the lower 50s. stays breezy. wind: s 10-20 mph.friday: slight chance for a few afternoon/evening. still warm with highs in the middle to upper 60s before a cold front moves through. the record high is 69! windy with wind gusts to 40 mph out of the southwest. evening temperatures will drop into the 30s.weekend: much colder for saturday and sunday. some snow flurries saturday especially in the morning, but no accumulation. highs in the upper 30s saturday, but feeling like the 20s with wind chill with a northwest wind gusting as high as 50 mph. wind eases on sunday but still cold with highs in the upper 30s. more seasonable 40s return next week.
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tonight on the cbs 58 news at ten...some significant changes could be coming to the milwaukee lakefront... "i think it's going to change the way the whole park looks and functions." functions." tonight at ten...hear from the local group looking to make
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center". hear why the group thinkgs the building is needed and how they're planning to get the ?five million? dollars they need to build it. thats coming up tonight in a special report on the cbs 58 news at ten. kevin, packers fans are ready to start kevin, packers fans are ready to start celebrating . wins.and getting players back healthy goes a long way toward getting wins. we're talking packers, and we're talking about talking -
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three straight raised some questions... losses have raised three straight three straight losses have raised some questions... about relationships and about c. communication...mike mccarthy and some packers players say don't read too much into the recent struggles... and the communication is evident with davante adams, one of the few packers flourishing during this recent team slump. he cracked the 1-hundred-50 yard mark sunday, and adams says staying on the same page with his q-b is paying off. 3 3
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it's in the film room or outside of the building, just talking to him and letting him know how i feel about things and getting his feedback on how he feels about certain routes or concepts. i think the more we can communicate and the more good i can put on film the better connection we will have." clay matthews might be the most notable absence in recent weeks. he's missed the last three games, and they've all been packers losses. so it's great news that matthews has practiced the last two days, even on a limited basis. matthews hopes to get that hamstring well and get back to e this sunday night in washington. and the ty montgomery scare was just a one-day thing this week. montgomery was back at practice in full today after missing yesterday. his sickle-cell issue wasn't the reason montgomery missed yesterday's practice, but he appears to be on track to play sunday. micah hyde was also back to a full practice today after being limited with a shoulder issue yesterday.
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wisconsin's knocking at the door of the college football playoff, but so many teams have found a trap door on the path to the playoff. playoff.wisconsin watched three of the top four teams in laerhe weekend, and is stark reminder that it can happen to bucky badger too. it isn't likely - purdue is 3-and-7 and has just one in the big ten thanks to some of the worst stats in the conference - but wisconsin knows their season and goals could be shattered if they sleepwalk to west lafayette this weekend. 3 3 shelton: you know, coach chryst has done a great job as far as keeping us on track as far as focusing on the goal that's ahead of us, which we've set after the bowl game last year. at this point, you can't dig into all that. you've got to worry about yourself and stay in your lane, and i think that's what we're doing as a team. it's crazy to see what just happened this past weekend, and i don't think we want to put ourselves in that want to
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ourselves in that position. 3 we're just a couple minutes away from the official
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we're just a couple minutes away from the official lighting of the milwaukee city christmas tree. that's the scene, live at city hall...a new spot for the tree this year. they tell us the'll throw the switch at 5-29....and then you'll be able to enjoy the tree all through the christmas season. 3
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: a warning from the surgeon general. substance abuse will strike one in seven americans. he wants a revolution in how we treat it. also tonight, the trump ansition. big names floated for big jobs, but is the president-elect saving one of the biggest for real estate person, but i actually think he likes politics more than he likes real estate. >> dickerson: and tales of two species. climate change could wipeut africa's "gorillas in themist " >> they're no in control of events, but they're the potential victims of them. >> dickerson: while america's buffalo make a tremendous comeback. >> it's an adrenaline-kicking son of a gun, i'll tell y


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