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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 24, 2016 7:00am-8:00am CST

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? it is thursday, november 24th, 2016. happy thanksgiving and welcome to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including terrorism concerns around new york's thanksgiving d security is the tight ever. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> all cross streets will be shut down along the parade routes. one of many precautions to prevent a terrorist attack. >> mr. trump previously said he would dissolve the department education but yesterday he named its secretary. >> the sixth child on board the school bus that crashed in tennessee has tied. five more still in the hospital. >> dramatic dash cam video showed officer tom woods
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idaho. 22-year-old jessie jumped out of the trunk and wood had to wrestle him down. consumer confidence is way up after the election. are companies feeling good right now? >> i think they are very hopeful this year. all signs point to a better retail environment. you know who has a lot to be thankful for? donald trump. not only is he going to be the president, he has the most amazing yesterday, he told staffers at the "the new york times" that his son-in-law jared kushner could help broker peace in the middle east and after that, maybe he could broker peace between america and the other half of america! ?
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happy thanksgiving. new york says it has unprecedented security in place this morning to protect more than 3.5 million people who will catch the city's thanksgiving day parade. workers finished inflating almost four dozen giant balloons overnight. >> thousands of police are on duty. earlier this month, the propaganda magazine for isis called the parade an excellent target. nypd counterterrorism chief john miller talked about the security concerns here on monday. >> this isn'so for the last several years, we have had blocker cars at every intersection on that route. very much the way we do when the president of the united states moves through town. >> mayor bill de blasio says he doesn't know of any specific credible threat, but police have been preparing since the end of last year's parade. jamie yuccas is at the start of today's parade route near central park. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as excitement starts to build
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happening. some of the balloons have already started to make their way onto that parade route and this is the first time in the parade's 90-year history that every cross street along its two and a half mile route will be closed to traffic. as well, the nypd will have 3,000 police officers on the streets along with bomb sniffing dogs, metal and concrete barricades and radiation detectors. 82 sanitation department trucks filled with sand and 114 blocker off the parade to outside vehicles. the hope is those would stop potential attacks like the one in nice, france, where a truckdriver barreled through a celebration and killed more than 80 people in that attack. the more than 8,000 parade volunteers have all been screened as well. we talked to one balloon handler who says it took nearly a year to get through all of the security checks. >> jamie, thank you.
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thanksgiving parade coverage from hosts kevin frazier and keltie knight. most of you will be able to watch the parade immediately after "cbs this morning" at the top of the hour but on the west coast, coverage begins at 1:00 p.m. pacific, after football. president-elect donald trump is spending thanksgiving with his family at his mar-a-lago resort in florida. in a video released yesterday, mr. trump said he is praying that, quote, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose. >> emotions are raw and tensions just don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly. unfortunately. but we have before us the chance now to make history together, to bring real change to washington, real safety to our cities, and real prosperity to our communities, including our inner cities. so important to me and so important to our country. but to succeed, we must enlist
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>> two women were nominated for the president-elect's new administration yesterday. betsy devos, a long time republican donor, philanthropist and education advocaadvocate. devos says she poos commopposes core that trump wants to get rid of. >> nikki haley, south carolina's goor to the united nations. she does not have the foreign policy experience of previous ambassadors. she criticized mr. trump as candidate and neither woman endorsed him for president. a 7-year-old girl living in the horrors of syria's civil war is now proud to own a complete set of "harry potter's" books straight from the author j.k. rowling. the girl lives in the center of the fighting. her mother contacted rowling on social med saying her daughter
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forget the war. cbs news spoke with vanna last month about life under the bombs and she told us without electricity, they get power for their laptops and phones from solar power. she said she would use that phone to read her new ebooks and that "harry potter" is the best. >> nice little note there. >> beautiful. in this country, millions of americans are thinking about thanksgiving and turkey right now. in england a much mor bird was auctioned this week. the first complete skeleton of a do do bird and mark phillips was there and found a bird that died off centuries ago might have lessons for today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. of course, concern over the environment and the u.s. approach to it is one of the main mysteries of what the trump administration will do. and there has been a bit of a lesson here on how influential people can be. that lesson came at an auction for, as you say, a rare bird.
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250,000 pounds. with me, 250,000 pound. >> reporter: more than a collection of old bones was on the block at this auction. those bones, once assembled, formed the world's most famous dead bird, the do-do. >> dodo rolls off the top. >> reporter: the phrase stuck, says dodo expert mr. fuller not because it was catchy but because the dodo's extinction is the sailors found the bird in the eyelids of mauritius in the late 1800s and within 80 years the hapless and significantly flightless bird was gone. dead as. the dodo has been extinct for more than 400th years but the important symbol of what mankind can do to nature if it isn't careful or if it doesn't care. if the dodo and its lessons live again.
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>> reporter: it's hard to put a price on a lesson, but auction house owner rupert van der werff said he was selling an idea. is this an example of man's falling? >> it really brings it home. we could have a big impact on the environment. >> reporter: make no bones about it. >> the bird species are being made extinct to the faster rate than ever and that is our fault or mankind's fault so are actually learning the lesson, i don't think i'd like to say. >> reporter: or whether we will become the next dodo? >> that is a possibility too. >> reporter: the bird went for? >> 280,000 pounds! and sold! >> reporter: about $416,000 with commissions. a big price for a big lesson. there are only about 20 complete do do skeletons around and almost all of them like the one sold at the auction, made up of
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if you're going to eat a dodo, apparently you chuck the bones anywhere. >> mark, thank you very much. am i the only one surprised how big it is? it looks pretty big. >> chuck the bones were anywherh a turkey too. >> dodo expert you are! >> i don't know how you grow up to become a dodo expert. >> a rigorous process. >> smart technology could help prevent a disaster at home while you're away for the holidays.
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arlo guthrie's ballad at alice's restaurant is called a comedy there. ahead, why his anti-stupidity song is a thanksgiving favorite the past 50 years. >> another thanksgiving favorite is nfl football! you're looking at ford field in detroit where my lions will be playing the minnesota vikings for first in the nfc north.
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>> very quickly, it became clear, as you watch, mcnutt was skiing for his life in the middle of an avalanche! holy moses! wow! this was -- yeah, he got clear of that part of it but there is more. this was intermediate last year during the making of a documentary but the video was just released. mcnutt is a very good skier. you can tell but he needs not just skill a little bit of luck there. look at the fall there as the avalanche came down behind him. m is fine. >> you should listen to yourself when your gut says don't do it! he lived to his name, we shall say. tens of millions of americans are leaving their homes behind this thanksgiving. more than 48 million are estimated to be traveling. it's the largest number since 2007. smart home technology can ensure your home is safe while you're was he.
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o the new yorker magazine's website. he joins us with more. we all have a nightmare the pipes burst in your home because of cold weather. smart technology can help in a lot of ways. >> it can. you have thermostats you control when you're away and tell you if you're in danger of a pipe burst or the house getting too cold. a new set of smart devices people are enjoying right now. they measure water. that you can put a little thing on the floor and it tell you if there is a le under your sink and you get an alert on your smartphone if there is a leak and you can call the plumber. d.o.k. makes one and about $50, $60. that tells you if something is going wrong. up one level, a product is made fa is there a sense of a leak it can shut off the water. you might need a plumber to set that up and run about $300.
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your house is not drowning. >> everything is called smart right now, right? smart doorbells and smart lights and smart he homes. the smoke detectors have changed too. are they significantly better. >> what has hanged is the quality of the sensors and their ability to test themselves and those are useful. smoke detectors are kind of a conundrum when you're away f your home and you can't do a ton of good when your home is under fire. the smart smoke detector can talk tour smoke alarm and turn it off and it's doing something about it when your house is on fire. one is the nest smoke detector. very smart christmas present. i gave some to my family members last night. >> you talk about the smart door
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i don't know it would help in new york city. how does it work if you live in the suburbs? >> a smart doorbell has a camera inside of it and when somebody buzzes it, it will alert you and the picture of whoever is at the front door appears on your smartphone. you can talk to it and respond. somebody has shown up to your house to deliver milk on the wrong day you can say to something. if somebody has come with a package you can say leave it there or we are not back for three days take it hom you. it's another product where there is a lot of advances and people are kind of excited about those right now. >> i have fond memories of my father putting the lights on and having a timer on it. now because of smart technology, we don't have to do that. >> keeps the birds away! >> smart light bulbs are a good way if you're getting your home smart a cool thing to do. you can set it the lights always go on at 6:00 and go off at 10:00. you can set it if you're coming home from vacation you can have them turn on 15 minutes before
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what we recommend or what i recommend is that you get different colored bulbs that they can adjust and imagine their house turning red, blue and yellow. like what we did when we kids but slightly more advanced and you can have them talk to your doorbell. when the smart doorbell buzzes, it can talk to your smart lights and makes it look like you're home when you're not. >> they need the smart cutouts >> happy thanksgiving, nick. >> you too. president obama serves up puns at a thanksgiving ritual. >> no cameras. just us, every year! no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey! >> how the president tried to "stuff" his speech with jokes during the traditional turkey pardon. you're watching "cbs this
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? for seven years i have established another tradition. embarrassing my daughters with a corny copia of dad jokes about
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the white house yesterday injecting humor into the traditional turkey pardon. his daughters did not attend this year's ceremony but that did not slow his jokes. >> making sure everyone has something to eat on thanksgiving. of course, except for the turkeys because they are already stuffed. so later today, the -- ha, ha. yes, we cran. you don't think that is funny? look. i know there are some bad ones in here but this is the last time i'm doing this so we are not leaving any room for leftovers. >> very nice. very nice. >> his nephews were laughing. >> we remember that picture of hi daughters. >> the eye roll. dad! >> another thanksgiving favorite
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ahead, kevin frazier and keltie
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this is a cbs 58 morning news . update.good morning everyone i'm mike curkov with this cbs 58 news's 7:26. on a day all about gratitude.. hundreds of people in our area will give back... by going for a run.the "drumstick dash" returns to miller park today. that's where cbs 58's julie parise is live this morning.
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wisconsin families in need of some extra help will benefit from the race here at the ball park today. the drum stick dash is a 5k race, and it kicks off here in just a few hours. the 3 mile run or walk raises money for feeding america eastern wisconsin.each dollar donated can provide three meals to a person in need. over the last four years, the race has donated over one hundred thousand meals for families over the holiday season. there will also be an opportunity for food drop off and donations at the race today even for those who don't run. if you want to register to run or walk here today you still can -- pt adults and 25 dollars for kids. kids under four are free. coming up on "cbs this morning" people across the country are lacing up their athletic shoes for turkey trots and thanksgiving 5ks. anna werner on what sneakers could be the best fit for you. 3 decreasing clouds, mild. high: 47tonight: increasing clouds, mild. low:
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high: 52friday: partly cloudy. high: decreasing clouds, mild. high: 47tonight: increasing clouds, mild. low: 39thursday; partly sunny. high: 52friday: partly cloudy. high: 47forecast... today: decreasing clouds, mild. high: 47tonight: increasing clouds, mild. low: 39thursday; partly sunny. high: 52friday: partly cloudy. high: decreasing clouds, mild. high: 47tonight: increasing clouds, mild. low: 39thursday; partly
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you said nice to meet you and not to be cold but it sounds like you named yourself when you were 5 years old. after all of those races you won in brazil, you're about to lose a man who is standing still. now i hope this helps. you have 14 gold medals less than michael phelps. for real! tell me what is it like to have about once every four years? >> already. let's do it. in jamaica we were talk to love in school but i'm sorry, i'm going to break that rule. you're a star but little do you know most people are watching the kevin james show. lightning bolt, don't try to back pelgedal. next time it will hurt. hold on. hold on to my medal.
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james corden in an olympic rap battle on "the late late show with james corden." coming up this a half hour an early look at this morning's thanksgiving parade in new york. cbs will bring it to you the 56th time. we will check in with the hosts coming up and preview the performances you'll see with the parade. also a competition for females in the military show cases the women beyond the uniform. how the women trying to be miss veteran america have a common io in need. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. new york's daily news reports on the death of a man known for one ill-fated pitch. >> back to throw. a long shot! the giants win the pennant! the giants win the pennant! >> ralph branca gave up the shot heard around the world to bobby thomson of the new york giants. the homer cost the brooklyn dodgers the 1951 pennant and branca is known for supporting
7:32 am
baseball's color barrier in 1947. ralph branca was 90 years old. the asbury park press says a motorcycle that quit on bruce joel's custom cycle shop.y the boss was riding on veterans on the jersey shore when the bike broke down. a couple of veterans gave him a lift. the "los angeles times" reports that dogs have remarkable in experiments dogs were able to experience actions and command and demonstrate episodic-like memory and imitate their owner's reactions. that is a self-awareness sign. dough meturkey eggs and bon back 1500 years. bones were made into tools for
7:33 am
offerings. >> we are all excited for the thanksgiving day parade here on cbs. the two and a half mile route starts outside the american museum of natural history in new york and heads south through manhattan. more than 3.5 million people will line the streets and tens millions more will watch the 90th annual parade from home. "entertainment tonight" co-host kevin frazier and will guide us through the floats and performances. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> what is the atmosphere like down there? >> festive nypd is out here with 3,000 officers lining the parade route and they have their vapor wake dogs out here also. dump trucks full of sand and rock salt are blocking 48 of the streets. when you get here and people got here early and they keep coming
7:34 am
everybody feels safe and they are excited. i just saw a sign, some folks from maui out there. >> they are probably chilly. what the performances are we seeing today, keltie? >> we have the cast of school of rock and color purpose and on your feet to help us get on our feet on thanksgiving day. i mean, sten to this. miranda lambert is here to sing and sting. we are sin with sting this year. pretty cool. >> very cool. >> kevin, you have some other special guests joining us. who is there? >> david yellow will be here and jasmine tuks from victoria secret and guests from "madam secretary" and the most important guests, the parade and the floats. >> and the balloons and santa claus! >> the arrival of santa claus heralding the start of the christmas season.
7:35 am
is it for you to be there? >> oh, i got to on tell you, i bring my children every year. this is a family trip for us. they expect to come here and we have a blast. we enjoy new york city. but when you sit here and those balloons come over your shoulder, there is nothing like it! you can hear the oohs and ahs and it's truly one of the spectacles in this year. >> a lot of news floating around the world. to look down and a wave session with the cs see everyone smiling and happy and joyful and so uplift. ed. >> you had a lot of news floating. i think you're taking hints from the president? >> the puns keep coming. >> thank you both very much. happy thanksgiving. >> take care, guys. >> kevin will take over our instagram story all morning to show scenes of the parade so follow "cbs this morning" to watch behind the scenes action.
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parade begins in a few minutes right after "cbs this morning." in the west, you can watch after football at 1:00 p.m. pacific. more than 204,000 women are serving in the armed forces right now and make up nearly 16% of service members. when women retire from the military, they often don't get the same treatment or access to services that men do. but an event featuring hundreds of active and retired military women is trying to change that. through poise, grace, beauty and service, the competition miss veteran america unites them alfor a common mission. i spoke with this year's winner to learn her reasons for taking part. >> when i was really struggling with ptsd and i just got out of the military, i felt a bit worthless. >> reporter: after serving six and a half years in the air force, including a tour in afghanistan, molly maypotter's transition home didn't come easily. >> my identity was the military. what am i gong to do with my life now? no one wants to hire me.
7:37 am
>> reporter: therapy and the support of family and friends pulled her out of debilitating depression and her dog bella gave her a reason to get out of bed. >> if i get help i'm not only saying i'm weak but i'm also going to lose my identity. >> reporter: what did you learn instead? >> i am a lot stronger than i ever thought. >> molly may potter is your new miss veteran america! >> reporter: now it's potter lending a helping hand as the newly crowned miss america. it's an annual competition created by major jazz boost to showcase the woman beyond the uniform. uniform, they say major boost.he they don't see me as a wife, they don't see me as a mother. we have to somehow erase a little bit of our identities as women in order to blend in and serve in the military. >> reporter: and miss veteran america gives you a chance to bring that back? >> yes. at surface, it looks like a
7:38 am
? i was born ? >> reporter: with talent. ? by the river ? >> reporter: evening gown competitions. >> in our country right now -- >> reporter: contestant interviews and even the requisite sparkly head wear but these women have swapped their stilettos for combat boots. >> 1-2-3! >> reporter: the swimsuit contest replaced by a true display of athleticism. make no mistake, miss veteran america is no pageant. this competition is also about the women outside the spotlight. contestants spend several months raising money for a charity which supports homeless female veterans. the fastest growing homeless population in the u.s. as the winner, potter will spend the next year continuing to advocate for the cause. >> this is not about me. this is about the 2 million women that have served in uniform since the revolutionary war. >> ingrid rossetta.
7:39 am
officer first class ingrid rosetta was a military mom with no place to go in 2008 after faith gathering the strength to leave an abusive relationship. how much of your past sort of sits with you? >> all the time. it's difficult. but the cause behind it, like, i know if i continue to be a voice, no matter what, other military women who are going through the same thing that i did will hear me and they will have sod >> reporter: you get to be the voice and the face of advocating on behalf of women veterans that have really hit the rock bottom. >> reporter: is it fair to say you had not gotten help, maybe that could have been you? >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: together, these veterans have found a new mission and a new definition of beauty. >> what makes a woman beautiful? i feel any woman who is willing to raise her right hand and die for is the most beautiful person in the world. >> reporter: this group of women and, obviously, every year, it's
7:40 am
to become finalists. they really do amazing work. it's five years that this has been going on. they have raised $315,000 so far for final salute, the charity that helps some of the homeless female veterans and it's really the awareness they are raising like in talking with molly may potter she talks to children's gru groups and veterans groups and making sure the women are more than the uniform out there. >> love it. >> it's great. amazing to me even today, there are many instances where veterans don't get the respect that some cases, giving the ultimate sacrifice. >> i told you molly may's story and ingrid's story there. each of those 25 finalists had a story that was as compelling. that is the other part to it. >> nice work there. >> thank you. a ballad described as&stupid is a tradition across america.
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? radio stations across the country will play an 18-minute ballad is an unofficial thanksgiving anthem. folk singer arlo guthrie wrote "alice's restaurant."
7:45 am
mo rocca in 2012 about the inspiration for this song. >> reporter: alice had a restaurant, but it has no part in the song? >> well, she and her husband were teachers at a high school up the road here. and they bought this building around 1963. and we would sneak out of the school and come here and do what did you in the >> hell no, we won't good. >> reporter: the year 1965 and a country deeply divided over the vietnam war and the draft, an 8-year-old arlo guthrie was planning on becoming a forest ranger. >> not a mountain in the nowhere in the middle of montana waiting for a fire every few years? that sounds like a very good life to me. ? this land was made for you and me ? >> reporter: but the son of woody guthrie found himself on a far different path after his
7:46 am
home, a converted church just soue outside of stockbridge, massachusetts, for thanksgiving dinner. he volunteered to clean up the space before guests arrived. >> the construction material was out here on the main floor and pieces and stuff like that we had to get rid of it and throw it out. in order to make it look nice, we put it in a red vw bus and drove off into the sunset as it were. >> reporter: the stockbridge dump was closed. >> with tears in o drove off looking for another place to put the garbage. >> reporter: arlo and his friends were charged with dumping alice's trash on private property on. after a thorough investigation by officer obie and a night in jail, they were fined $25 by a blind town judge. if it all sounds like a joke, well, that is just the setup. the next year, when arlo reported to the draft office, he was put through his paces and
7:47 am
serve. after all he was a convicted litter bug! >> at the end of the day, the colonel there, whose name i forgot now, says to me, i don't think you're the kind of person we want in the military. and i thought he was kidding me. ? >> have you ever been arrested? >> reporter: arlo completed the song "alice's restaurant" the following thanksgiving. an 18-minute opis that became a fixture >> alice's restaurant was a anti-stupid song because you can't run a country like that. >> reporter: radio host john schaefer calls the song a comedy of errors. >> he was a guy w made a joke out of protesting. "alice's restaurant" is an 18 and a half minute punch line. ? ? obie, i don't see how i can
7:48 am
handcuffs handcuffs on ? >> i didn't make up getting out of the military, they did. >> reporter: so how ask an anti-stupidity song become a thanksgiving tradition? >> i'll let you know a dirty little secret. you chase long songs, especially if you're working a shift on a holiday. an 18-minute song, that was time to take a nap, get a smoke, have a snack! or all of the above! >> here we go. >> reporter: from portland, the 100 plus radio stations we reached out to, over half said they plan to play the song at least once, some as many as four times! >> we have been playing "alice's restaurant" at high noon almost 20 years. >> we have played it since 1967. >> we played it up twice because one serving is not enough. >> reporter: the church is
7:49 am
dedicated to fellowship and giving thanks. >> every thanksgiving we invite anyone who wants to come for a free thanksgiving dinner. you don't have to believe anything or do anything. you just have to be hungry. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," mo rocca, stockbridge, massachusetts. >> not july the song. people watched the movie. >> in this day and age, how often do you have a chance to sit back for 18 minutes? >> can you >> great song. great movie. >> i like it, just show up if you're hungry! i'm good with that! sign off! >> you're watching "cbs this
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this is a cbs 58 morning news . update.good morning and happy thanksgiving. i'm kate chappell with this cbs 58 news
7:56 am
have you started cooking your thanksgiving feast yet? make sure you have all your ingredients... because grocery storesill be packed later this morning with last minute shoppers. cbs 58's kyle aevermann joins us live from metro market in brookfield with a look at how things are looking there. kyle? one of the employees said this is the calm before the storm. the store is expected to be packed around 11 this morning with everyone searching for those last minute items. employees say most people come in for last minute fruits and vegetables, sweet potatoes, cheeses, and deserts. just small last minute items, but they do say some people will come in and shop for it all later. what we've seen a lot of people also picking up a copy of the newspaper with all this black friday ads. and a correction to something i said during the morning show, the paper weighs more than 5
7:57 am
that's ?a lot? of ads!thanks, kyle! let's get a check of the forecastnow on this thanksgiving morning... with meteorologist rebecca shuld. decreasing clouds, mild. high: 47tonight: increasing clouds, mild. low: 39thursday; partly sunny. high: 52friday: partly cloudy. high: decreasing 47tonight: increasing clouds, mild. low: 39thursday; partly sunny. high: 52friday: partly cloudy. high: 47forecast... today: decreasing clouds, mild. high: 47tonight: increasing clouds, mild. low: 39thursday; partly sunny. high: 52friday: partly cloudy. high: decreasing clouds, mild. high:
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its relg schedule monday. >> sit back and relax and have some fun. >> now enjoy the thanksgiving day parade. >> live from new york city, it's the 2016 thanksgiving dara the holiday celebration is about to begin, featuring exclusive performances by sting and miranda lambert. plus, musical numbers from the broadway hits "on your feet," "school of rock" and "the color purple." now, let's go live to the cbs broadcast booth with our hosts, kevin frazier and "the


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