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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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arduous process." each milwaukee county suburb has its day to count all of its ballots.there is no hard stop time here "if that takes us to five six eight we will get it done." the city of milwaukee is separate and has to recount more than half of all the ballots cast in milwaukee county the city will keep counting until decemer 12th. "it's been a little bit of a difficult day for everyone i'd say. because we're learning the process and so tomorrow we'll start fresh." there are also representatives from the republican democratic and green parties hereall watching over the 3 they're recounting the votes by hand in ozaukee county. that work began this morning in port washington. earlier this week a judge ruled that counties have the option of using machines or doing a hand . 58 is also watching
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county....our team coverage continues with amanda devoe, live in waukesha...amanda? the second round of poll workers just started recounting more ballots and they plan on doing so well into the night. the recount process got started around noon, after poll workers went over rules and regulations for a few hours. workers here on waukesha are counting ballots by hand, with poll observers watching over them. they started with absentee ballots this recounting in person early votes and votes that were cast on election day. officials say the late start was to ensure that staff knew every aspect of the process. they also want to ensure voters that their vote will be counted properly. sot: don steinke, tabulatori think this is unusual because the man who is the president elect, a lot of people didn't think he would make it. and he has made it and sort of best what they call the system.
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important. " tag: workers plan on ending today's recount at midnight, and start again tomorrow morning. live in waukesha. ad cbs 58 news. 3 the recount has come up so quickly that many people still have questions, especially about its cost. cbs news spoke with the jill stein campaign and with campaign finance experts to get some answers. the report says stein has so far i dollars for recounts in three states...wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. the money going directly into stein's campaign? the answer's's in a separate account just for the recount ca. campaign.finally, what happens to any money leftover after the recounts? stein's website says if there's a surplus, it will go to "election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform". 3 while the wisconsin recount begins, president elect trump
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toured the carrier plant in indianapolis where he brokered a deal to keep about a thousand jobs from being outsourced to a different count. country. carrier had announced earlier this year the plant would close. but trump reportedly called the c-e-o with an offer of corporate tax cuts. now, while some jobs will still move to mexico, the plant will stay open. this evening trump will attend a rally in cincinnati. relatives have taken to social media to express their grief after the suspected homicide of a seven year old milwaukee boy.the m-e's office report is under seal by order of police who released the young victim's name today. .cbs 58's lindsey branwall joins us live with the latest.... police tell us the 7 year old boy was travion winningham. the boy's aunt tells me the family has so many questions. someone brought the boy to the hospital on tuesday morning with numerous injuries
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few hours laterand since his death, four people have been arrested in the case. two women for physical abuse of a child. and two men for failing to act to prevent bodily harm, meaning they didn't do anything to stop the abuse.but relationship between the boy and the four people arrested is unclear.a neighbor says he'd seen the 7- says he'd seen the 7-year-old and his brother, always in good spirits. victor iano diezneighbor""it was hard for us we see the little kids now and then and now to hear something especually next door it's something i got to talk to my kids about now " the district attorney's office has received the police report. it's reviewing the
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information for prosecutors to ingest, so charges likely won't be issued today. reporting live at police headquarters, lindsey branwall, cbs 58 news carl barrett junior is going to prison for 65-years for the fatal shooting of 5-year old laylah petersen. petersen.""i know that you might thank that i'm guilty, because of the verdict. i don't agree with it. but at the end of guilty, and i'm sorry for their loss. that's all." all." barrett defiant in court while expressing sympathy to the family.the little girl shot dead as she sat on her grandfather's lap.the bullets flew in from the outside, but the culprits targeted the wrong house. the grandfather testified about suffering from stress to the point that he considered suicide. 3 typical first day of december weather. drew is getting us ready for what's ahead tonight...drew? toss to drew
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tonight: mostly cloudy. temperatures below freezing around 300. wind: nw 5-10 mph. friday: drying out with some pockets of sunshine. highs in the upper 30s. wind: w 5-10 mph.weekend: seasonable temperatures both saturday and sunday with highs in the upper 30s. some peeks of cloudy sky on sunday. light snow is likely on sunday with some light accumulation possible, especially on grassy
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the city of milwaukee is trying something new in the fight against addiction. addiction."we were looking for a means of providing a ssfe and environmentally friendly me o in milwaukee county." county." and so alderman jim bohl and other city leaders announced a new 'drug mail-back program'...something they say is a first in the u-s.cvs pharmacy is a partner in the program. 10-cvs stores will provide tamper proof, postage paid envelopes that you can pick up to get rid of unused or unwanted prescription medications. the idea is to keep those drugs out of the hands of people who might abuse them.
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have easy access to drug disposal, we can prevent diverson and we can prevent misuse and we can prevent prescriptions from being on our streets." streets." we have more information about the drug mail-back program on our website, cbs 58 dot com. milwaukee's skyline has changed quite a bit over the last few years...and today we get another look into the futur. future. this tower will someday cast a long shadow over the lakefront. it's development which will stand at the site formerly occupied by the downtown transit center at the east end of michigan street. the 44-story building will include more than 300 housing units... along with restaurants and shops. it will also serve as a transportation hub for buses, pedestrians and the new streetcar. 3 green bay packer fans are passionately hoping that their team makes a late season push for the playoffs. but there's one fan who lives far from green bay whose hope is much simpler.
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football season here. and joshua fell in love with the packers when he was ten." ten."josh mccall loves the packers even though he lives in washington state....the 30-year old was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after he was born and this year, after numerous surgeries and infections, his family made the heartbreaking decision to put him in hospice care. they fear time is running out to make his dream come see the packers at lambeau field. "one of the things josh is that he always has a smile for everybody and a good word. he never gets upset. he's never gotten mad about his situation, he's never gotten down." down." josh wants to experience the excitement of the crowd, the players...even the snow....he's also a seattle seahawks fan, so the plan is to take him to green bay for the december 11th game between the packers and seattle. "i can't even imagine his expression when he walks in there. i'm really ecstatic to
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green bay. you're going to lambeau field." field."josh's mom says she's praying for a miracle...that he makes it to green bay and back without any problems. and maybe even meet some of the players. 3 next at five, a county board member calls for the immediate resignation of sheriff david clarke....we'll find out why and we'll hear the sheriff's response. 3 and the mitchell park domes throw a grand reopening party...but the questions still linger about the future of that attraction. stay with us. 3"reopen" "reopen"
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3 -nats music- music- milwaukee's mitchell park domes are completely open again. there was a grand reopening ceremony this morning, months after structural problems were discovered and the distinctive structures were shut down for repairs.they still have protective netting in place to protect visitors from falling's a reminder that this is only a temporary fix...the long term future of the domes has yet to be
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new at five,a milwaukee county board member demands the immediate resignation of sheriff david clarke.he says it's all because of recent deaths at the milwaukee county . jail. jacob kittilstad has been reviewing the statement and joins us live in the newsroom. this call for resignation is coming from supervisor supreme moore omokunde. now...he didn't mince words in a press release...saying ?because? sheriff david clarke is responsible for the operations at the milwaukee should resign because four people have died there in a six months period.supervisor omokunde says something is ?quote? terribly wrong there and that sheriff clarke should resign before more people die. here's another quote from a press release.quote: quote:"accountability starts at the top. sheriff clarke has failed to establish a culture of professionalism, has failed to call for independent investigations when warranted, and he has abdicated his responsibility to hold his officers accountable for their actions or lack of action. he should resign immediately."
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response from sheriff clarke...supervisor who? that sounds like some character in a science fiction comic book and he's upset that i helped donald j. trump get elected potus. jacob 58 news. many places in the south and southeastern united states are reeling today after a line of tornadoes and severe storms swept through. the storms started in alabama and moved east and north up through mississippi, georgia and into the carolinas. at least 5 people are known dead, dozens are hurt and the property damage is widespread. 3 3 3
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temperatures below freezing around 300. wind: nw 5-10 mph. friday: drying out with some pockets of sunshine. highs in the upper 30s. wind: w 5-10 mph.weekend: seasonable temperatures both saturday and sunday with highs in the upper 30s. some peeks of sunshine possible on saturday with a snow is likely on sunday with some light accumulation possible, especially on grassy surfaces.tonight: mostly cloudy. temperatures below freezing around 300. wind: nw 5-10 mph.friday: drying out with some pockets of sunshine.
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w 5-10 mph.weekend: seasonable temperatures both saturday and sunday with highs in the upper 30s. some peeks of sunshine possible on saturday with a cloudy sky on sunday. light snow is likely on sunday with some light accumulation possible, especially on grassy
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3 it's a question that's front and center in almost every community these do you improve relations between police and the people they serve and protect? protect?here in milwaukee, the cops and kids foundation is joining forces with the milwaukee admirals on a program that sends at risk kids to hockey games with the police officers who patrol their neighborhoods. " for many it'll be the first time they've ever seen a hockey game before. and we think we'll be able to give
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be there, which y'know that makes it awesome right there. this is important to us. " " cops and kids also announced the sale of a new wristband. if you spend three dollars to buy one, you're contributing to the foundation's mentor programs. all eyes on green bay... bay...and on that packers injury report... how much did aaron rodgers see the field today? next.
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if the packers want a playoff pulse, they've got to look to aaron rodgers in the season's last five weeks. you can understand why rodgers' hamstring injury has the franchise - and the whole state - paying close attention. rodgers was limited in a lighter practice today, but e-s-p-n's rob demovsky believes rodgers is on track to play sunday against the texans. of course, there's
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game. so just as an insurance policy, an old friend from training camp is back in green bay. joe callahan is back with the pack's practice squad. callahan was a household name in wisconsin during august for some impressive preseason play, but there just wasn't room when the regular season roster took shape. mike mccarthy hopes for health on offense, and he's impressive with his improving defense. 3 3 mccarthy: we're getting a little healthier. i think clay definitely made an impact at quinten rollins played very well. it was great to have damarious randall back in there, so our safety play has been extremely consistent, and micah hyde had the injury, and not missing any time, and morgan and ha-ha have been steady steady steady excellent, week in week out. coach mentioned damarious randall. and it's no coincidence that the pack's best defensive performance in a month happened as randall returned to the secondary. one player doesn't change everything, but randall made
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defense monday night. randall's body is holding up well, a few days after his busy night in philly. 3 3 randall: i'm still walking around, standing, right? i mean, i feel good. obviously, soreness from my first time playing in 5 or 6 weeks, i'm just happy that we could get a win and happy that i could do whatever i can to help the team get a win. we've got packers and texans right here on cbs 58... plus an hour-long cbs 58 sportszone reaction and analysis. it all starts at noon on cbs 58. is today the day we finally declare the jay cutler era over in chicago? i mean, it'd be a shame for the packers if that's true, but it appears so. cutler's torn labrum in his throwing shoulder is going to require season-ending surgery. a lot of experts think cutler has played his last down as a bear. he threw just four touchdowns and five interceptis this season. the
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cutler passes during his time with the bears. drew is back with a final
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temperatures below freezing around 300. wind: nw 5-10 mph. friday: drying out with some pockets of sunshine. highs in the upper 30s. wind: w 5-10 mph.weekend: seasonable temperatures both saturday and sunday with highs in the upper 30s. some peeks of sunshine possible on saturday with a cloudy sky on sunday. light snow is likely on sunday with some light accumulation possible, especially on grassy surfaces. 3 thanks for joining evening news with scott pelley
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? (motor revving past) ? (horn and squealing tires) ? (brakes and crash sounds) this winter, pay attention, go slow,
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