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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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tonight after four deaths at the milwaukee county jail..including a newborn..the cbs 58 news at ten starts now. 3 the grumblings have gone on four a call for sheriff david clarke to resign. a county supervisor issued a statement saying the public needs answers. and the sheriff had something to say about that. cbs 58s april dovorany is live with the story. april. supervisor moore-okomunde says-the interested in making a name for himself across the country --than solving what he says is "terribly wrong" within the milwaukee coutny jail. 4826 it doesnt matter why you go to jail im sure youre not sent there to die. so why arent we given any answers. four jail deaths in 6 months in milwaukee county. supervisor moore okomunde says-the public should demand answers from sheriff david
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deaths have been caused by the actions or lack of actions by sheriff clarks correction officers yet not a single officer has been discipllined. the supervisor says-neither families....or public officials are being told what caused these deaths. 4615 he has abdicated his responsibiliy to hold his officers accountable for their actions or lack of actions and he should resign immediately. in fact-a report released by a court appoitned jail monitor shows-even he didnt get answers saying some deaths are missing autopsies and death summaries and... and... family of terrill thomas says hes been involved in hundreds of jail death cases-and he's never worked with a sheriff so completely detached from his jail. 517 here we have someone who seems to be much more interested in flying aroudn the country and twittering and tweeting and making pub appearances when jail and overallsheiffs office hes overseeign obviously have
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sheriff clarke did release a statement in response today saying "supervisor who? that sounds like some character in a science fiction comic book and he's upset that i helped donald j. trump get elected pot" potus."live at mke county jail ad cbs 58 3 clarke has been a strong supporter of trump.. he was one of the speakers at this summers republican national convention.. and just visited trump tower in new york city earlier this week..clarke is said to be on the short list to be named homeland security.we don't know if he actually met with the president-elect himself on monday.. or with the transition team a defendant in the deadly shooting of 5-year-old laylah peterson gets 65 years in prison. carl barrett junior was convicted of shooting into a home... killing layah as she sat on her grandfather's lap. the action so reckless that the prosecution argued he's a threat to the community. barrett's defense said he never had any real parents in his life and barrett himself went from apologizing to
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""i know that you might thank that i'm guilty, because of the verdict. i don't agree with it. but at the end of the day, i'm guilty, and i'm sorry for their loss. that's all." all." petersen's grandfather told the judge that follwing layah's murder... he suffered from so much stress that at one point he considered suicide. co-defendant paul farr was senteced to five years in prison for his role as the getaway driver..arlis gordon pleaded guilty to a reckless homicide charge back in september. next week. still a lot of questions in the homicide of a 7-year-old boy in milwaukee. milwaukee.trevion winningham was taken to the hospital two days ago with numerous injuries.he died just a few hours later.four people have been arrested.. two women for phyiscal abuse of a child and two men for not doing anything to stop it.the relationship between the boy and the adults is still unclear.. one of the people arrested in that little boy's death... has been convicted of abusing a child in the past.
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to ?this? child?cbs 58's kristen barbaresi is live with that tonight.. kristen? 3 one of the women-- arrested in the 7-year-old's death-- was convicted back in 2003 of child neglect causing death... a child abuse expert says it points out a shortcoming of the system. 3 3 one of the things that we learned from reviewing child abusse was a report by someone. susan conwell, a child welfare expert, says what happens after the report needs to improve.01;50;16 i do think one of the real struggle's we're having in this community is that we're not always identifying escalation in abuse. i think the hardest part is when somebody has a history of abuse and then they abuse another child. court records show one of the women-- arrested in the death of a 7-year-old boy, was previously found guilty in the death of a 1-year-old after investigators say the baby was
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the 2003 criminal complaint "the left arm of the baby was broken in two separate places" "bruises between the eyes" and marks all over his body.the woman was sentenced to just 18 months in prison, and four years extended supervision-which ended in 2008.01;50;13 obviously it's devastating.01;50;30 that's something we have to get a lot better at preventing.conwell says there are signs of abuse to watch for-- unexplained or untreated bruises and injuries-- and for very young kids- "if they aren't cursing, they aren't bruising" meaning kids that aren't mobile, rarely injure themselves.01;51;39 i just want to encourage people to continue to be vigilant on behalf of kids. conwell says if you suspect a child is a victim-- report it, don't try to investigate yourself.we have a link to several resources on our website cbs 58.commeanwhile charges against the four
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not since the hanging chads of the 2000 election has there been so much attention to vote counting -- and in wisconsin's case started at nine this morning...for 58's evan kruegel is live in waukesha county where at last check they were still waiting..evan.. as we near the end of day one - crews here in waukesha county have still not counted a single vote... crews here have spent the past 12 hours grouping the ballots by location - and checking to see how many they have. so far all theyve done is check absentee envelopes. once they finish this process theyll begin feeding these ballots through the same machines that counted them the first time. observers have been watching the whole process - lining the walls on the outside of the room. a candidate observer tells us theyve been running
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but nothing major.those issues include a number being off here or there - or a bubble not entirely filled in. every issue has to be run by a three member board - they rule whether that vote is valid or not. rudy moore - candidate observer :05:00well it's going to be a very long process. the process is going slow. slower than i expected it to. so i think our biggest concern is are we gonna finish in time. midnight - and they do hope to begin counting votes tonight. county staff tells us they ?do? expect to be finished by the deadline on december 12th. live in waukesha ekcbs58news the recount in milwaukee county got off to a slow start . today...the county has more than 440-thousand ballots to count -- in less than two weeks.before things got underway.... a green party observer successfully
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counting machine. 13-17 "i brought up the objection why not test them all? we're here we're spending the money the time lets do it right." right." while testing the machines... one came up with an error but it was fixed.there were also questions about absentee ballots.electons officials say the process is causing them to run behind schedule. 59-1:09"it's been a little bit of a difficult day for everyone i'd say. because we're learning the process and so tomorrow we'll start fre" each milwaukee county suburb has a certain day to count all of its ballots.the city of milwaukee is separate and has to recount more than half of all the ballots cast in milwaukee county.47 of the state's 72 counties are recounting by hand, including ozaukee and kenosha. a recount in michigan is put on hold for now.... after president-elect donald trump files an objection. objection.he argues a fourth place finisher..jill stein of the green party..can't be considered a potential victim of fraud..because she didn't
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called the cout filing a "shameful" and "outrageous" attempt to undermine democracy. trump beat hillary clinton by nearly 11-thousand votes. 3 the recount has to be done by 8 p-m december 12th certification of those results will take place the following day. 3 and cbs 58 will continue to follow this story throughout the process both on air and online at cbs 58 dot com. president elect donald trump kicked off his victory tour across parts of the country today... first stopping in ohio to nk victory tour comes on the same day he negotiated a deal with "carrier corporation" to save hundreds of manufactring jobs in indana from going to mexico. indiana is offering the company 7 million dollars in tax incentives... and mr. trump promised lower corporate taxes and fewer regulations. house speaker paul ryan said he's happy manufacturing jobs are saying in the u-s. 4-16rep. paul ryan: i don't know the details of the carrier arrangement, but i do know that mike pence is still
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indiana. and i have no doubt that he probably had a hand in helping this. and this is what governors do. 3 ryan will be on '60 minutes' this sunday.... where he'll talk about his relationship with trump and the first issues he'll address after inauguration. supporters of the standing rock tribe rallied in downtown milwaukee... protesting the dakota access pipeline. 19:05:24-28we can't drink oil, keep it in the soil soil they don't beleive the north dakota pipeline should go through sacred native american lands and say tready rights should be man says he recently returned from a trip to visit the protest site in north dakota. 10:00:26-36it was an amazing encampment... led by the elders of the sioux tribe, very non-violent, peaceful gathering, very prayerful prayerful the rally tonight began in front of the wells fargo at the corner of wisconsin avenue and water street. the protesters are asking the bank to stop investing in the pipeline they then walked to the federal courthouse... demanding president obama stop
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december 5 eviction order from the army corps of engineers of the encampment side. there's a new way you can get rid of unwanted or expired prescrption drugs. the milwaukee and cudahy are starting a 'drug mail back program' to fight the area's opioid epedmic.we first told you about this program in our newscast tuesday night.10 c-v-s stores will provide tamper proof, postage-paid envelopes for the unwanted medications... in the hopes of preventing drug misuse or "unfortunatley many of the entryway for young people to get to these drugs has been thru their parents or grandparents and as a result with this wonderful initiative program i believe we will be saving a countless number of li" lives." milwaukee leaders say this program is the first of its kind the u-s.we have more information about the drug mail-back program on our website, cbs 58 dot com 3
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bringing new life to downtown.... 3 and.... next time you go on a tour of lambeau field... you might have a former packer coming with you.drew? 3
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it seems downtown milwaukee is changing by the day. 58's eric levy couldn't help but notice and joins us live with what it all means..eric? 3 bill/ the 15 months i've lived here...i've noticed the changes to downtown right along with you.
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has to be one of the biggest ones...and there's so much more happening around it. the cranes...the netting... two good indications that change is on the horizon.three billion dollars worth of new development just since 2005... 2005..."another one point three billion dollars worth of development that is underway right now. you can hear the cranes moving around in the background, right?"new buildings are going up everywhere.seems there's something to the adage "if you build it, they will come." "bringing new investors, new property owners, which means new tenants and new speaking of tenants... look at the new rendering of the couture'll be where the downtown transit center is being demolished right now.northwestern mutual's new building has it's new sign on 500 feet above the city."i think that we're still on an upward trajectory."have you driven lincoln memorial lately?the redesign is all done... giving you a straight shot to summerfest grounds and the third whether you're visiting..."makes the city look cleaner makes it
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milwaukee..."i've lived here my whole life."people like the ever changing downtown... downtown... "well it says that milwaukee is kind of up and coming and a little more modern than it has been before." as for what's to come... weirick couldn't reveal anything right now...but as she put it "new surprises are going to keep coming for us." in downtown, el, cbs 58... bill...back to you. u-w madison's student government passes a resolution demanding the uw-system declare they'd be for students who entered the country illegally as minors. they want it made before president-elect donald trump's inauguration... saying trump may start deporting illegal immigrants.the resolution would mean campuses couldn't release certain information to immigration authorities.federal authorities also couldn't come on campus to arrest those students. in an email to campus staff and students, u-w milwaukee's chancellor says the campus supports its international and
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the possibility of declaring a 'sanctuary campus'..but says he doesn't have the federal authority to do so. a wisconsin university is taking advantage of high schooler's obsession with social media.uw-green bay is using snapchat to tell students if they've been accept. accepted.the university says it allows students to know almost immediately if they've made the cut rather than agonizing..and waiting for the mail.the school can see the moment the students receives the snap and asks them to send back an excited selfie. students will still been accepted. 3 the mitchell park domes celebrated their grand re- opening today. there was a "flower cutting" ceremony... and then folks got in for free up until five tonight to seem them in their holiday finest. the domest were closed for months after concrete started falling.there's protective netting in place..but that's a temporary to keep them open is still the subject of debate.
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tonight: mostly cloudy. temperatures below freezing around 300. wind: nw 5-10 mph. friday: drying out with some pockets of sunshine. highs in the upper 30s. wind: w 5-10 mph.weekend: seasonable temperatures both saturday and sunday with highs in the upper 30s. some peeks of sunshine possible on saturday with a cloudy sky on sunday. light snow is likely on sunday with some light accumulation possible, especially on grassy
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three police departments are using sports to break down barriers between police and the community.'s called "one community" and its the brainchild of retired officer and cops and kids foundation president bob kraemer.their mentor programs are now expanding to include nights at the admirals hockey team picked up by the team and its business partners. " for many it'll be the first time they've ever seen a hockey game before. and we think we'll be able to give them a good show. roscoe will be there, which y'know that this is important to us. " " 'cops and kids' are also selling a 3-dollar wristband at several area businesses.the proceeds benefit the foundation's fishing, archery and bowling expeditions.we've got more information on our website, cbs 58 dot com. 3 meijer super store donates five thousand toys to the boys and girls club of greater milwaukee.we were at bayshore town center where there were sorting through items..getting
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they call it. once the gifts look their best, they're off to some 40 different clubs which hold individual christmas parties.donations like this guarantee that each child gets a present. 4:03:21-28the kids really light up... they have huge smiles, they open these and bright shiny colors... that's all it takes to get a kid very excited 4:03:35-43we wrap them in really flashy wrapping paper so they kids get really excited when they get passed out, the managers dress up and put on a hat like that and get the kids excited for their holiday party 3 thys still looking for a little help paying for the holiday parties......if you want to play santa go to cbs 58 dot com. 3 a packers fan living in washington state is hoping to fullfill a life-long dream of watching the green and gold play at lambeau. lambeau.30-year-old josh mccall was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after he was born. and this year, after a number of surgeries and infections, his family made the decision to put him in hospice care.since josh is also also a seahawks fan... his family wants to take him to the december 11th game when
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"i can't even imagine his expression when he walks in there. i'm really ecstatic to see that, so...four tickets to green bay. you're going to lambeau field." field." josh does have another wish.... he'd like to meet some of the players when he attends the game. 3 you can now take a tour of lambeau field... with a packers alumnus!the tours are similar to the classic stadium tour route... but packers alumni will be on the tour, telling stories, giving insights and their perspective of playing with the green and gold.the first tour is tomorrow... and are 59 dollars... but if you want to go... there's a limited number of tickets available. brewers fans were showing off their team spirit today. today.miller park turned into the set of a fan photo shoot with different stations set up around the stadium with props from baseballs to hats.the team could use some of the photos for next season's billboards and advertising.if you missed out today... there's another photo shoot tomorrow afternoon from 3-6 and again on saturday from 9 a-
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smith: he's a star, play-making quarterback, one of the best to play the game. he's got that total package threat, you know, get you any way.
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rodgers commands respect. but number 12's banged up after taking this hit in philadelphia monday night. are watching that injury report with fingers crossed. and they got pretty good news today. rodgers got in a limited practice, and in the last 24 hours, beat writer rob demovsky and coach mike mccarthy have said they're optimistic about rodgers chances of playing sunday. speaking of optimistic... 3 3 rodgers: it's always better when you win. the weeks are easier. it starts with the ride back on the plane, obviously a loss. we've had a couple rough stretches for a while, and i don't think we're out of the woods yet. we're just one game better than we were last week. i think it's important to keep that focus. there's still a lot in front of us. rodgers should be fine, but juuuuust in case... the packers have brought back an old friend. joe callahan is back on the practice squad. he was one of the heroes of the pack's preseason. he's spent time with the saints and browns this season before
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we've got packers and texans right here on cbs 58... plus an hour-long cbs 58 sportszone postgame special... with team reaction and analysis. it all starts at noon on cbs 58. it's great to beat lebron james' cleveland cavaliers, but to take that momentum on the road and keep winning? even better. better.and the bucks young dynamic duo struck again - jabari parker flushes home two of his 22 points. giannis added 23. and that's a tough combo to b they're getting this kind of help from john henson, dunking two of his 12. a one point lead at the half... 18 point lead at the final buzzer. folks, the bucks are over 5-hundred and they've won three straight games! fans are applauding a change in baseball's new collective bargaining agreement...the all-star game will no longer determine who gets homefield advantage in the world series...instead, the pennant winner with the better regular season record gets to start the world series on their home turf.
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49-1:02okay you ready? 5, 4,
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christmas everybody! cheering cheering 3 the obamas continued a holiday tradition dating back to 1923. the lighting of the national christmas tree.adding some white and blue to the red and green in our nation's capitol tonight. 3 here's proof that even animals are christmas shopping.this beaver was spotted at a dollar store in maryland.he was caught going through rolls of gift wrap and tree lights. animal control eventually removed the to a wildlife rehab word on if the critter had time to paid his bill... or if he bagged with paper or plastic. 3 tonight: mostly cloudy. temperatures below freezing around 300. wind: nw 5-10 mph.
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the upper 30s. wind: w 5-10 mph.weekend: seasonable temperatures both saturday and sunday with highs in the upper 30s. some peeks of sunshine
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