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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 2, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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a war of words erupts between trump and clinton strategists at a political forum. senior adviser kellyanne conway talks about the fiery exchange. witnesses describe a violent encounter that left a hometown hero dead in the street. only on "cbs this morning," members of the rockefeller family give their first television interviews about their falling out with exxon
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morally bankrupt and downplayed we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world is 90 seconds. >> we need that. it's time. >> trump names his secretary of defense. >> "mad dog" mattis. we're not announcing it until monday so don't tell anybody. "mad dog." he's great. >> vintage trump. >> it was, wast it. >> it was vintage trump. >> classic unscripted trump moment. >> classic. >> a classic rock band. >> the death toll is rising in tennessee from a raging wildfire that swept through a great smoky mountain area. >> the reason we're going to be okay is because we're mountain
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>> joe mcknight was shot to death. >> government forces are obliterating neighborhoods held by rebels. >> the sound of shelling has not let up. >> buzz aldridge is recovering in new zealandfter getting sick while at the south pole. >> the return of tiger woods his fit tournament in 466 days. >> awkward shot. no doubt about it. >> to tie the game. >> where w ten feet high. not even close. >> president obama flips the switch to light the nional christmas tree for the last time. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> and all that matters. >> a fan of you and your show for so long i never dreamed of a day i would interview you. >> what did you dream about? >> on "cbs this morning." >> kellogg's pulled their advertising from the
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breitbart news and readers responded by calling for a boycott ofll kellogg's products. the cture wars have reached cereal. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. boy arde. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie r and anthony mason is with us. >> thank you. president-elect donald trump returned to campaign mode in ohio at his first victory rally since winning the lex and mr. trump savored the spotlight as renewed most of his popular campaign promises. he thanked his supporters and mocked hit critics. >> he revealed his choice for defense secretary. he will nominate retired marine
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mr. trump toured a carrier plant to keep thousands of jobs going from mexico. major garrett is in ohio. the scene of last night's rally. >> reporter: gool. donald trump's first public event since winning the presidency looked and sounded a lot like a campaign rally, complete with distain for washington elites and mockery of the media and promises of middle class economic revival. the biggest difference is in the rhoric comes with a clout and expectations of a presidency to be. we want big. >> reporter: at the first rally of his thank you tour, president-elect donald trump revived campaign enthusiasm and added post-election glee. >> we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? how many times did we hear this? there is no path to -- things will be much better now.
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teased. >> don't let it outside of this room, you promise. >> reporter: and eventually revealed his long pentagon pick. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >> reporter: trump's transition team decided on retired general james mattis days ago. he is 66 years old and served more four decades in the marine corps and led forces in afghanistan. >> they say he is the closest thing to general george patton that we have and it's about time. it's about time. >> reporter: earlier, mr. trump announced an agreement with carrier to keep open its indianapolis manufacturing plant and preventing roughly 1,000 jobs from moving to mexico. >> they say it's not presidential to call up these massive is leaders of business but i think he is very presidential. >> reporter: the deal grants $7
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ten years and includes mr. trump's promise to lower corporate tax rates and reduce regulations. >> companies are not going to leave the u.s. any more without consequences. not going to happen. >> reporter: vice president-elect and indiana golf mike pence provided tax relief to carrier. >> i think it's just the beginning. >> reporter: pence told scott pelley, the cat lacatalyst was trump administration. >> we are going to roll our bargain. >> reporter: the biggest cabinet vacancy remains secretary of state. and sources tell us that general mattis supports retired army general david petraeus for that position. he is competing against rudy giuliani and mitt romney and tennessee senator bob corker. if petraeus would be selected he would be the third retired general in the trump cabinet or the trump white house. >> no everyone is happy with the
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editorial board called it a shakedown that will hurt workers and the economy. "the new york times" said the possible lass appeal outweighs its practical effect. bernie sanders told us the deal sets a dangerous precedent. >> we have to tell corporate america that if they want defense contracts, that if they want to be good corporate citizens, they are not going to throw american workers on the street. you don't bribe them with large tax br. there will be consequences, including high taxes, for companies that leave the country. >> an extraordinary confrontation between trump and clinton campaign strategist shows the bitterness of the election has not faded. the o sidefaced off yesterday at a harvard university forum that is held every four years. and usually a respectful look back at the campaign, but the meeting descended into a shouting match, according to the "the washington post." nancy cordes was there at
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nancy, tell us all about it. >> reporter: the most contentious moments 90 minutes into the session as the trump aides describing the brilliance of their ceo steve bannon and too much for the clinton campaign and clinton communications director jennifer palmieri started to push back and calling out the white house chief strategist was not at the meeting when she called is
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times you know and now you're just lying! >> a couple of hours later at his indiana rally, donald trump denounced the alt-right nationalist movement. at this forum, both sides accused each other of focusing too heavily on their negative campaigns and the clinton folks were particularly sore about the media coverage of clinton's private e-mail server with palmieri saying it will go down as the most grossly overrad and overcovered and most destructive story in all of presidential politics. gayle? >> nancy, thank you. the president-elect senior transition adviser kellyanne conway is on the campus of harvard where the event took place. good morning. it sounds like quite a night
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gayle. it was very spirited. i think the audience learned a lot about the election from the mechanics and messaging point of view and, obviously, some of these feelings are still raw. i think most people are not prepared for donald trump to become the next president of the united states, and you had a group of professionals and later robbk and i discussing what went on in the hard-fought campaign. >> reporter: we heard you were accused last night of giving a platform to white supremacist. do you think that still exists and is the campaign concerned about that? >> well, it's not a fact. it's just completely false. and that is why i asked jen palmieri, communications director for hillary clinton, if she would look me in the eye and tell me i ran a campaign that would allow that. >> she had yes, she would. >> well, and that is unfortunate. i took that personally and i know it's not true, gayle. and, you know, president-elect trump has denounced every single
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he doesn't ask for their endorsement. he denounced on-the-record interview with "the new york times" last week. i think some people are stuck in the permanent cign and ought to realize that donald trump won 306 electoral states and counties that president obama carried are in the donald trump column. it tells you people across the america were attracted to his message and his message of growth and patriotism and better trade deals. what happened just yesterday? that's what presidents do just yesterday. president-elect trump and vice president-elect preence wednesd to indianapolis and announced carrier would keep a thousand jobs in indianapolis that were thought to go to mexico. leaders make good o their promises and keep american jobs in america.
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to boost the economy? >> but that is a false characterization. during those talks which were very genial between the carrier and ceo and president-elect trump and vice president-elect trump were talking about work together. >> has rudy giuliani been told he i nso longe a contender and are you widening the search for secretary of state? >> i won't divulge private conversatis that haven't been made public but i will tell you, gayle, that decision has not been made by the president-elect. he will make that ultimate decision as to secretary of state. it's a very important decision, as are off the senior posts and senior staff appointments. a number of qualified men and women to hold that post and the president-elect and vice
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people and not rushing through such an important decision. >> major garrett is reporting this morning that general mattis who is mr. trump's choice for defense secretary supports petraeus as secretary of state. do you think that will weigh productive and constructive meeting and i know the president-elect was impressed with that meeting witenerh g petraeus and it weighs in the decision making fox can see they can work together whether an economic team or national security team or other advisers in the cabinet or elsewhere, norah. we know who makes the ultimate decision here and it's donald trump. but it does matter to him to take the counsel of these people whoever he trusts to be in his cabinet. >> you suggested earlier that donald trump supporters would feel betrayed if mitt romney got the position of secretary of state. do you still feel that they feel
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>> what i was reflecting was the just breath-taking backlash that i was seeing and hearing in private communications, so th for the post, mitt romney? >> as we have publicly said, there are four people, as of yesterday, who are in contention for secretary of state. that list may expand or the list may narrow. i mow the president-elect will make his choice public in due course. >> we will see if due course is next week. kellyanne conway, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> the death toll in the devavastating w wildfire in tennessee is risising.
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deaths. the e woo at leaeast 80 people are injure andd a numumber are stillll mis and exactly how w many is unknk. re behehind me, leveled by wiwildfire. dronee footagege shows thehe gagatlinburgrg.gage across the fire seememed to have a lif of its own, destroying some buildings and leaving others unscathed. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's okay on, we are getting out. we are getting out. it's okay. oh, my god.
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their honeymoon when they barely made it out in 0 time. >> when we woke up monday morning, we knew something was off because the view outside of the cabin was really smoky and foggy and an orange color. >> reporter: at a red cross shelter notes of the names of loved ones still unaccounted for cover this message board including members of the reed family. 9-year-old and 12-year-old kids were with their mom the night of the father. michael reed received a call from his wife that the flames he hasn't heard from them since. >> to have two of our own missing, it's just sdedevastati. we are heartbroken. >> these two are nurses at the schools the missing girls attend. >> we are truly a family and this is hurting all of us. our teachers, our principal, our assistant principal and us. >> reporter: this has to be a tough time for you? >> tough time. >> reporter: the county mayor larry water says while many of the missing have been found
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constantly, and they are still working to identify the deceived. >> we have got strong mountain heritage and so we are going to recover from this and we w ldfire began. >> it moved so quickly. demarco, thank you so much. carnival prince cess cruises will pay a $40 million fine for dumping waste into the ocean and la la largest fine in its history. >> reporter: a whistle-blower discovered the elaborate worker system on princess ships three years ago and alerted investigators. the ships using a so-called
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and dumping it illegally into the ocean. investigators charge the cruise line had been dumping thousands of gallons of contaminated water at least eight years. >> our open seas are not dumping grounds for waste. >> reporter: the justice department princess polluted the ocean and covering up their actions. >> a campaign of destruction in an effort to hide the deliberate pollution of our seas with oily oil, and other chemicals below deck, they are required to filter it and store it until they get to port which can be expensiv the d.o.j. says princess cruises what is called a magic pipe connected to a hose to feed the dirty water into a tank that hold water in the ship's sinks and showers and in some places the cruise lines are allowed to dump that water at see. a whistle-blower turned over these pictures from inside the ship. investigators say the cruise
7:19 am
not one but five of their ships ov the eight-year period. >> we are very sorry for any harm done to the environment. >> reporter: princess cruise's january schwartz said they are very sorry. >> we have worked very hard to improve and strengthen our operations and learn from our mistakes. we have dramatically changed our shipboard and shore site flee organizations and organizational structure and leadership. we have invested in millions of dollars upgrading our equipment. >> reporte i time a cruise line has been hit with big penalties for similar charges. in the late 1990s, royal caribbean paid $27 million in two separate cases and three of the ship's engineers were indicted. the plea agreement requires all princess ships to participate in a court supervised and environmental compliance program. $10 million of the settlement
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota.
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some defendants of oil tycoon john d. rockefeller criticizing exxonmobil. >> some accusing them of being morally bankrupt. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." ? ? (toilet flush) if you need an opioid to manage your chronic pain, you may be sooo constipated it feels like everyone can go ...except you. tried many things? still struggling to find relief?
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this is a cbs 58 morning news . update.good morning everyone i'm mike curkov with this cbs 58 news's 7:26. a milwaukee county supervisor is calling on sheriff david clarke to sign...after four deaths in the last six months... inside the milwaukee county jail. sheriff clarke has recently spent time traveling ...and making public appearances on behalf of president-elect donald trump and so p not paying enough attention to his responsibilities here in milwaukee county. yesterday supervisor supreme moore- okomunde said clarke needs to step down. sheriff clarke did release a statement in response saying "supervisor who? that sounds like some character in a science fiction comic book and he's upset that i helped donald j. trump get elected potus." coming up on "cbs this morning" members of the rockefeller family give their first television interviews about a public falling out with exxon mobil.don dahler explains the
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? welcome back to "cbs this morning.? coming up in this half hour, the shooting death of a star football player joe mcknight in suburban new orleans. the former nfl and college player was killed in what looks ke we will hear from someone who witnessed this encounter. some descendants of oil tycoon rockefeller have accusations against exxonmobil. ahead only here on "cbs this morning" why the company followed practices it knew would harm the planet and how the company responds. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the guardian of britain reports that bolivia has
7:31 am
colombia. investigators found no traces of fuel in the wreckage. that indicates it ran out of fuel in the air. the crash killed 71 people, including most of a brazilian soccer team. the "los angeles times" looks at unanswered questions in the san bernardino attack. hard to believe but it was one year ago today that a husband and wife opened fire on their coworkers on his coworkers killing 14. their motive is still not the investigators don't know where the couple went for 18 minutes before killed in a shoot-out and the fbi have not determined if anybody helped the couple or helped itheir plans. vid on his facebook shows the 20-year-oldas driving up to 116 miles an hour on wednesday weaving through traffic in providence, rhode island. he lost control and hit a truck. he remains hospitalized in fair
7:32 am
chars against him. >> the truckdriver, fortunately, is okay. the seattle times reports the ceo of starbucks will step aside in the spring. howard schultz built the company into a global coffee empire. he'll focus on starbucks premium businesses as executive chairman. kevin johnson will take over as ceo. he is the current president and chief operating officer. "usa today" says buzz aldrin is recovering in a new zealand hospital after being evacuated from the south pole. the 86-year-old forme was upbeat even those his trip was cut shareholder. there he is giving a thumb's up sign and he suffered a fluid buildup in his lungs. he was the second man to walk on the moon in 1969. detectives are questioning a louisiana man after he admted to shooting and killing a former nfl player. joe mcknight died last night in. he played for the new york jets
7:33 am
shot him several times and then waited for police to show up. despite this urgent attempt to save his life, former nfl player joe mcknight died in the middle of a road in jefferson parish, louisiana. >> the shooter in this case who stayed on the scene relending wished his weapon to our officers. >> reporter: witnesses told deputies she saw gasser arguing in the intersection with a 28-year-old athlete. >> there were statements being made that i told you not to mess with me. >> reporter: lance harris was
7:34 am
>> you heard gunfire. three shouts. suspect just standing there with the gun until the police came and they asked him to put the gun down. >> reporter: mcknight grew up in suburban new orleans. when he lost his home to hurricane katrina, he moved in with his high school coach. >> he had a great personality. he always had a smile. he was a little bit of a jokester. >> reporter: in 2006, mcknight earned a football scholarship to usc and he was considered the best high school running back in the country. >> there goes mcknight down the sideline! >> reporter: he went on to spend three seasons with the new york jets and in 2014 he suited up for the kansas city chiefs. mcknight is the second nfl player to die this year in a road rage incident in the new orleans area. back in april, former new orleans saints defensive end will smith was shot after a minor traffic accident.
7:35 am
anthony? >> omar villafranca, thanks. that is such a sad story. >> two lives destroyed and one no longer with us. die. vaughn-perling said it was never her intention to kill it. >> it seems like the best solution would be to get it relocated. i think killing it, i don't think will solve anything. i'm not looking for revenge from
7:36 am
>> reporter: she hopes the mountain lion known as p45 will be caught and placed in captivity. >> glad to hear that. some descendants of john d. rockefeller call exxonmobil morally bankrupt. >> what we would hope from exxon, what they have done these decades of denial and we really hope they become an industry leader. >> ahead, and only on "cbs this morning," why they are calling out one of their successor companies to r standard oil over climate an. now the cooration is now responding. here is our personal invitation just to you. subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. it's on itunes and apple's podcast app. today we have a conversation with a former hacker turned fbi informant about the future of cyber security andind out his tips on what you can do to protect yourself in this digital world. see? another reason to get the app. very proud of that.
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president barack obama and mr. trump have been talking regularly on the phone. have you heard this? they say they are talking earlier on the phone. as i mentioned earlier this week. this is crazy. we are the only show that has gotten a hold of the audio. i can't believe it! >> hey, what is the deal with the gifts? >> what do you mean? you shn' from them. >> i've accepted it. my question is where do you keep them? >> donald, is that you. >> yes. i just dyed my shoe. it dropped. i just looked at a map of a border with mexico. it's really long! there is no way i can build a wall that long! >> that's what i've been saying! >> nicely done, o'brien. i thought the president obama invitation was very good. >> very convincing.
7:42 am
long. it is long. more interesting to that point theyave been talking regularly. >> yes. >> really interesting. >> i love the tying the shoe remark. >> followed by heavy breathing. only on "cbthis morning," members of the rockefeller family are giving >> with a fortune of $11 billion. today much of that wealth goes toward philanthropy. both back reports that exxon mobil knew more than i was leading on about, the threats of
7:43 am
is not answering your calls, this is your opportunity. what would you say to the board of exxonmobil, i would say right now their company seems to be d them? d. rockefeller are speaking out against the company. david kaiser is the former grandson of david rockefeller and valerie rockefeller wayne is the daughter of former senator jay rockefeller. >> because of the source of the we feel a enormous responsibility for our children and everyone to move forward. >> reporter: they are doing that by looking back. the charities they run funded investigations that appeared in the "l.a. times" and inside climate news. the report suggests exxon had been at the forefront of climate change research since the late 1970s and knew the burning of fossil fuels would warm the planets and could eventually endanger humanity. even while the company
7:44 am
series of newspaper ads and television interviews. >> this is complicated. don't believe statements that say it's clear that things are warming. it's not clear. >> reporter: exxonmobil accuses the rockefellers of conspiring against the corporation. in a phone call with cbs news, a company official described it as a coordinated campaign to vilify the company. a spokesman initially sent us a statement saying the reports were funded and then promoted by credible and have been widely discredited. the company later retracted that statement and telling us they don't have a comment. the company has taken the unusual step of publicly criticizing you and the family funds, calling you conspirators. this has gotten personal. >> well, it's really very silly. for something to count as a conspiracy, it can't just have been done in concert with other
7:45 am
>> reporter: kaiser says large majority of the family supports thr efforts, but not everyone is on board. >> you know, these family funds do not speak on behalf of all 200 family members. >> reporter: his cousin arianna rockefeller insists all sides should be working together on solutions for climate change. >> i don't think denouncing a family legacy is the best way to go about doing this. >> reporter: still, kaiser and wayne say it's important to learn what the company has done to clear up the debate over what to do next. >> what we would hope from exxon is that they would admit what they have done, these decades of denial, and continue what they have started in a very small way to do now, which is to look at alternatives and we really hope they become an industry leader. they can set the tone for the industry in doing more, but the truth haso come out. p>> reporter: new york and
7:46 am
fraud investigations. they are suing the attorneys general of both states and federal courts alleging a conspiracy with what it claims are politically motivated investigators. exxonmobil now acknowledges the risk of climate change and reports spending billions of dollars to find ways to lower greenhouse gas emissions. >> really interesting. >> yeah. really is. sound like a very high level and feud." >> that is it. the question is whether john d. rockefeller would like it remain private or made public. >> why does exxon think the family is after them? >> that is the billion dollar question. the family in funding these investigations that have been made public has made the issue public, not only that -- about climate change but whether or not they misled the public from the 1970s on about climate change. >> thank you, don. a round of golf was far from
7:47 am
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longing for a change? have the conversation with your doctor about oic, and ask about prescription treatment options. made on behalf of those living with chronic pain and struggling with oic. tiger woods second at the short par 4. >> leaving a pretty full sand wedge that he looks pretty good. >> one of the world with's greatest golfers has played his first competitive round in 466 days. tiger woods flashed some of his old form yesterday in the bahamas but finished out of contention at 1 over par. he is nine shots between the leaders j.b. holmes. now 40 years old, woods has been plagued by injuries after dominating the sport for years. but a nice return and said he felt great about it.
7:52 am
>> it is. >> a pretty good round for being off a little over a year. >> absolutely. >> all of the people that say he still has it. >> absolutely. >> house speaker paul ryan says he talks to donald trump almost every single day. scott pelley spoke to ryan about how the two republican leaders are moving past their reach for each other during the campaign. scott is here. there he is bright and early! he is joining us in studio 57. hi there. a preview of interview. e. one drop in each eye, twice a day. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and an unusual taste sensation. do not touch the container tip to your eye or any surface. remove contacts before using xiidra and wait for at least 15 minutes before reinserting them. if you have dry eyes, ask your doctor about xiidra. we're rapidly losing credibility as handymen.
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this is a cbs 58 morning news . update.good morning everyone. i'm mike curkov with this cbs 58 news's 7:56. the milwaukee brewers will host the 36th annual clubhouse sale today and tomorrow.. insi the visting clubhouse at miller park. you'll find savings of up to 75-percent off regular prices. customers will receive a free 2016 purchase at the sale.. while supplies last.the clubhse sale starts at 8 this morning . you can now take a tour of lambeau field... with a packers alumnus!the tours are similar to the classic stadium tour route... but packers alumni will be on the tour, telling stories, giving insights and their perspective of playing with the green and gold.the first tour is today... and there are two more scheduled for later this are 59 dollars... but if you want to go... there are a limited number of tickets available. and remember... you can watch the packers-texans game right
7:57 am
us for an hour-long cbs 58 sportszone postgame special... with team reaction and all starts at noon sunday on cbs the is q-b aaron rodger's 33rd birthday. happy birthday aaron. ahead on cbs this morning--- scott pelley is in studio 57 with a preview of his 60 minutes interview with house speaker paul ryan. 3 we know some of you may have to head out now..andy brovelli is here with a traffic update. andy. 3 roads are in good shape this morning. weather should not have an impact on your morning commute. once again, your travel time along westbound i 94 will be a slow one due to the zipper merge.s to the delays. plan on using alternates. i will have those as well as a look at your drive times coming up. 3 decreasing clouds, mild. high: 47tonight: increasing clouds, mild. low: 39thursday; partly sunny. high: 52friday: partly cloudy. high: decreasing clouds, mild. high: 47tonight: increasing clouds, mild. low: 39thursday; partly sunny. high: 52friday: partly
7:58 am
mild. high: 47tonight: increasing clouds, mild. low:
7:59 am
8:00 am
hit it. ? it's friday! wake up, everybody, to that music. it is friday, december 2nd, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? there is more real news, including scott pelley's te paul ryan. scott is here and how ryan is going to work with president-elect trump after promises he made in the campaign. first, here's a look at todas ye opene at 8:00 >>e won in landslide. that was a landslide. >> donald trump's first public event since winning the presidency looked and sounded a lot like a campaign rally. >> i love this stuff. should i go on with this just a little bit longer? the for contentious moments came as trump aides were
8:01 am
ceo. >> it was very spirited. i think the audience learned a lot about the election from the mechanics and messaging point of view and, obviously, some of these feelings are still raw. i think most peoe were not prepared for donald trump to become the next president of the united states. officials are letting residents back into the city of gatlinburg for the first time since they were forced to evacuate. >> joe mcknight was a local legend but his story has a tragic ending. mcknight was killed in a confrontation with another driver. the ceo of starbucks will step aside in the spring. >> yeah. he is going to become the ceo of the starbucks across the street. because there a lot of them! i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell. charlie is on assignment. we are in good hands with anthony mason who is here
8:02 am
o'donnell. charlie is on assignment.ent. we are in good hands with anthony mason who is here. always good to see him present. president-elect donald trump is taking s victory tour on public the road holding his first public events since winning the election. he went to indianapolis thank y yesterday to celebrate a deal with heating and cooling giant carrier. he saved hundreds of jobs from moving to mexico. last night, the president-elect went to cincinnati, ohio, for the first rally in what he is calling his thank you tour. mr. trump hit some of his favorite talking points from the campaign and took a shot at his former opponent. >> we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary trump can break the blue wall, right? we didn't break it. we shattered that sucker. shattered it. shattered it.usted
8:03 am
and we didn't have the press. the press was brutal. >> he also made a surprise cabinet announcement. mr. trump told the crowd he is going to nominate retired marine corps general james mattis for defense secretary. >> i love the i asked one of the generals, i said to him, you're a good general, aren't you? >> yes, i am. >> i said, so how do you compare to general mattis?ttis? how do you compare to mad dog? sir, he's better than i am! i loved him. >> mattis who retired from the l military in 2013 will need a special waiver to be confirmed.. federal law says the pentagon chief must be out of uniform for seven years.s. sunday on "face the nation," r president-elect donald trump's n chief of staff reince priebus and john dickerson will interview former defense secretary leon panetta and newt gingrich and nancy pelosi.
8:04 am
>> one of the things about ht a general mattis you saw mccain praise him last week so an indication might appeal the federal law. ting >> and general gates sitting here also faced general mattis. >> former trump and campaign aides got into a heated argument. a forum is held every four years at harvard. robby mook was asked by clinton's e-mail scandal and his answer appeared to be mocked by a trump strategist. >> if you're asking if that is a head wind for us, absolutely. there was this hyperfixation on this one issue for her that was largely driven by the fact that people thought she was going to be successful in the race. >> you call it head winds. i call it self-inflicted wounds. >> the clinton strategist also accused the trump campaign of
8:05 am
supremacists. kellyanne conway told us this morning those accusations are completely false. last night, president-elect trump denounced bigotry at his rally. >> scott pelley spoke with house speaker paul ryan yesterday for "60 minutes." pubi the congressman and talk on th president-elect trump were often at odds during the campaign but the speaker said they have moved on from their public attacks and talk on the phone nearly every day. >> reporter: you called donald trump a st i said his comment was. >> reporter: i'm not sure there is a great deal of daylight between those two definitions but he definitely called you ineffective and disloyal. have you patched it up? >> yeah, we have. we are fine. have we are not looking back. we are looking forward. we actally -- like i said we speak about every daand it's wee not about looking back in the past. that is behind us. we are way beyond that. >> reporter: did you believe he could be nominated? really? >> yeah, no. i didn't see this one coming. he knows that.
8:06 am
he is going to be an unconventional president.unconvn what i like about it in almost . of my daily conversations he's a get things done kind of guy. >> reporter: have you told him being president is not being ceo of the united states, that the congress is going to hava say? >> oh, we have talked about that extensively and talked about the article one of the constitution, the separation of powers. he feels very strongly, actually, under president am constitution and away from the legislative branch of government and we want to reset the balance of power so that people in the constitution are rightfully restored. >> scott pelley is with us this morning. i'm so looking forward to seeing this whole interview. i'so l >> me too. >> one of the most interesting things i learned after this el election the past 70 years the republicans have only all three six of those years and so rare they have the opportunity to legislate and change things. what is at the top of the agenda
8:07 am
>> ryan told us the number one bill in the new congress is going to be the repeal of obamacare, the affordable care act.lso said t he also said that doesn't mean they are going to come up with their own plan for health care right away. they are going to repeal it.lthe it's going to be sort of . symbolic and then it could be months or years before there isi a republican plan. i asked hiin the interview are you going to pull the rug out from under the 20 million americans who currently have coverage under the aca? and he said, oh, no. that is all going to remain in place until we come up with a plan of our own that will our provide health care for everyone. >> he has also proposed a huge restructuring of medicare. some call it a small privatization of medicare. does he think they will do thato >> i'm sglad you brought it up because i brought it up in the interview. he is an expert on the budget
8:08 am
, greatest threats to our country down the road and he said, no, that it is not at the top of their agenda right now. it's something he would like to get to later. but he said they are much more concerned right now about tax x re reform andmmigration and obamacare. a obamacare.o interviewed mike pence.lso pence and ryan are close. how critical is that relationship and the connection to president-elect trump going to be, do you think, in moving this legislation forward? >> well, that's so inciteful because it's not at all obvious, but you're right. republican pence is a trusted republican, if you will, a trusted conservative on capitol hill.ayg so when donald trump is out in public saying things that some republicans consider to be unreasonable or outrageous, it is pence who is on capitol hill saying, now here is what we are really going to do. so speaker ryan told me that pence has been in all of the meetings that he's had with un donald trump and as president of
8:09 am
to be very close to everyone on capitol hill. just >> i appreciated his candor with you just in the little bit we saw. when you asked him if he thought trump would win and he said, nof i didn't see that coming.said, , he is very authentic. you mentioned about tax reform. many people believe that their plan will benefit the rich the most. t what did he say about that? >> well, he said that there would be tax cuts for everyone. what they hope to do is bring ra all of the tax rates down. the corporate tax rate, which is 35% now, they want to bring that down to 20% or 15%. or when i asked him about benefiting the rich most, he essentially conceded that the rich will get a tax break as well but they want to be seen ae providing most of the tax savings to the middle class. ml >> i'm with norah. i can't wait to see it. how did you get that interview, scott pelley? >> scott, thanks. >> thank you.
8:10 am
minutes" here on cbs. >> did a psychiatrist pressure a patient to attack her ex-boyfriend in a breakup gone bad? i'm >> i'm peter van zant, 48 hours this young man claims a new york psychiatrist conditioned him to kill. does a crime scene selfie prove his case? that is coming up on "cbs this morning."this >> i'm watching that. first, it's time to check
8:11 am
a new las vegas hotel hopes to cash in on gamblers what you could say some with very different tastes. >> what are the odds at every other casino in las vegas your bloody mary comes with a chicken foot? since this is considered a delicacy at china, you might as well take a chance. a new casino in los angeles is making a big play for asian tourists. that is coming up on "cbs this morning." . that is coming up on "cbs this
8:12 am
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8:16 am
a young man claims he was brainwashed by his psychiatrist to kill her ex-boyfriend. the 24-year-old says he was thrust into the middle of a bad breakup. tomorrow on "48 hours" he speaks out for the first time to peter van sant about the bizarre attempted murder. >> reporter: jake nolan readily admits he walked into a new york city high-rise on december 12th, >> i planned on killing michael weiss. >> reporter: dr. michael weiss is a psychiatrist. inside jake's duffel bag, a knife and a large sledge hammer that he used in the attack. and that is just the beginning of this bizarre tale. jake's attorney, roger stavis. >> this is not a who done it. he did what he was accused of doing, but the big question was why?
8:17 am
dr. pamela bookbinder. >> reporter: dr. bookbinder is another psychiatrist and jake's cousin. she and dr. weiss were battling over custody of their son. >> they hated each other. and, in turn, she made me hate him. >> reporter: jake says dr. bookbinder manipulated him to kill by filling his head with horror stories about her ex. >> by the end of this manipulation by dr. bookbinder, jake nolan had become weaponized. >> reporter: this doctor evaluated jake for the defense. he says jake is vulnerable because he is mentally ill and suffering from bipolar and other disorder. >> he is a mess. he is such a prisoner of his mind, he can't get anywhere in life. >> reporter: and dr. bookbinder knew it because she was treating him. >> she morphed me into whatever she wanted me to be and i obeyed just like a puppet.
8:18 am
in court papers, she calls the claims against her utterly baseless and states, i never asked mr. nolan to attack or harm mr. weiss. >> you can't deny the footage that shows her in the home depot buying a sledge hammer. >> reporter: this surveillance footage shows dr. bookbinder with jake paying for that sledge hammer the night before the attack. and after stabbing dr. weiss and being wounded in t s jake picked up his cellphone, took this bloody selfie, and sent it to her. >> what is going through your mind when you took this picture? >> that i let down pamela. >> wow. this is riveting! >> can't make it up, guys! >> why did jake take the selfie at the crime scene? >> that is a really good question. he told me in the course of the interview that he was
8:19 am
pamela bookbinder to say, what next? what do i do now? he says there was no exit strategy. we know he sent the selfie but we don't know if she received it and she never responded to that selfie. >> i'm still stuck on your cousin is your psychiatrist. what could go wrong there? honestly? i've never heard anything like that. >> i hadn't either. this was a live-in relationship. >> they were living together? >> they were living together at her apartment. jake claims in the morning she oftentimes would come into his bed. another psychiatrist who was hired by the defense claims this is completely unethical. >> then she bought a sledge hammer the night before the attack. >> she is on tape buying a sledge hammer buying it but says she has nothing to do with the crime. >> she has not been charged with anything? >> she has not been charged with any crime and new york police department say it's an ongoing investigation. >> what about her medical license? >> she is still practicing today. >> why did she buy that sledge hammer, peter? >> that is the question we asked
8:20 am
>> she needed one around the house. >> you have to watch. >> very good, indeed. >> to find out the answer, gayle. you can see peter's full report "the psychiatrist and the selfie" on "48 hours" tomorrow night on 10:00/9:00 central on cbs. you can see niagara falls in a whole new light. ahead, how changing the light bulbs at the popular tourist ac view for millions of visitors. pretty stuff. >> very nice. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back. atching " morning."
8:21 am
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8:24 am
? you could say that niagara falls is getting a little more colorful. the popular tourist attract unveiled new l.e.d. light last night. michelle miller was there to see the first big lighting upgrade at the falls in more than 20 years. >> reporter: how big of a difference is it? >> oh, i love the blue. the blue is beautiful, the color. >> blue is beautiful. 4 million dollar renovation. i like that purple. energy efficient and making its colors and goes into red, much brighter. >> how about looking at this?
8:25 am
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8:27 am
virginia.we first told you about louie earlier this year... when he still didnt have a name.the 2-year-old dutch shepherd... is the very first k-9 officer in the caledonia police department's history.good luck louie!! 3 are you sending gifts this holiday season?if you want your package to arrive by christmas have until december 15th for ground shipping. december 20th is your deadline for first-class mail.there's another list of deadlines for military mail... including today airlift. we have a link with everything you need to know at cbs 58 dot com.. click newslinks. ahead on cbs this morning--- victoria's secret angels jasmine tookes and taylor hill are in studio 57 with a preview of their famed fashion show on cbs...filmed in paris for the first time! first- a check of the forecast on this's meteorologist justin thompson gee. decreasing clouds, mild. high: 47tonight: increasing clouds, mild. low: 39thursday; partly sunny.
8:28 am
high: decreasing clouds, mild. high: 47tonight: increasing clouds, mild. low: 39thursday; partly sunny. high: 52riday: partly clou. high: today: decreasing clouds, mild. high: 47tonight: incrng clouds, md. low: 39thursday; partly sunny. high: 52friday: partly cloudy.
8:29 am
8:30 am
? ? welcome back to "cbs ts morning.? coming up in this half hour, the first casino to open on the las vegas strip in six years prepares for a surge in terrorists from china. why the resort is betting on dragons and not entertainers t asia. >> two victoria secret angels are in our toyota green room. jasmine tookes and taylor. ahead the challenge of modeling a 300 million dollar fantasy bra. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "wall street journal" reports that artificial intelligence could help facebook
8:31 am
stories, but company officials say a policy is needed first to responsibly apply the technology. facebook head of artificial intelligence says the social media giant needs to find the line between filtering and censorship. >> "guardian" reports that nestle has found a way to structure sugar differently. it will be able to slash the sugar in some of its chocolate bars by 40%. the fast dissolving sugar have the same taste and products with the new sugar will hit the market in 2018. i hope that means lower in calories too. >> i would hope so. >> yeah. >> i hope so. i want to taste it first. the minneapolis star tribune reports the america mall in bloomington welcomed first black santa played by larry jefferson and army veteran. the co-owner of the mall said they want santa to be for everyone. he will be there four days by appointment to meet families and pose in the photos. he is booked, by the way, solid all weekend.
8:32 am
to the periodic table of elements. here they are. number 113 is nh and then comes mc and then ts and og. they gave this to the person who failed science. a jailbird's mug shot with his pet bird. craig buckner posed with his beloved parrot after his arrest. he did not expect to be taken into custody when he took his bird to his hearing monday morning in oregon. he eventually found somebody to take care of the bird while he is in jail. >> i like his sense of humor. >> chinese airlines today begins the first nonstop flight from beijing to las vegas. tour officials in vegas think they coulde in 3million dollars a year from that route alone. john blackstone visited a new hotel that is putting all of its
8:33 am
feel at home. >> reporter: lucky dragon hotel and casino at the end of the las vegas strip. >> we are trying to create something authentically for our asian guests. i would say ever steady and growing group of customers that come here. >> reporter: dave jacoby says others on the strip have long courted high roller asian travelers but they are trying to get the middle class which is starting to travel. >> the growing international travel market on the planet and we want to be a part of that. >> reporter: the first new casino to open in six years. the hotel is betting new nonstop flights from beijing to las vegas bring a surge in tourism. according to the department of commerce, in 2015 nearly 2.6 million chinese travelers visited the u.s. and by 2020 that number is estimated to go
8:34 am
while other vegas hotels have lavish theaters featuring famous entertainers but at lucky dragon kitchen they make authentic chinese cuisine that is very authentic. instead of show girls this casino has dragons. >> this is the centerpiece of the resort here. >> reporter: plenty of dragons. a symbol of good fortune in chinese culture. the bar is eight-sided and a good sign of good fortune. what are the odds your bloody mary would come with a chicken foot? since this is a delicacy in china, may as well take a chance. but instead of cocktails, chinese often prefer tea so the hotel offers a traditional tea service. you're from china? >> yes.
8:35 am
las vegas. >> style, desire and people so nice for us! >> reporter: the department of commerce estimates chinese travelers spend 6,000 to 7,000 per person and ranking them the highest of tourists overseas lucky dragon isn't alone to cash in on the chinese travel boom. a malaysian company has plans to build a casino in las vegas scheduled to open in 2019. while lucky dragon will attract asian visitors but they think other visitors will find adventure here. >> if they want the chinese food, the ability to step out of their comfort zone and have an experience. >> reporter: while much about the venue is authentically asian, one is vegas because the casino is happy to take money
8:36 am
>> that is fascinating. >> so interesting the chinese are the highest spending tourists. >> have you ever had a chicken foot before? >> no. i'm not sure i will be trying that. >> i'm not freaked out by a chicken wing. i devour those. >> chicken foot? >> less meat on the foot. >> i'll pass! our toyota green room. models jasmine tookes and taylor hill. they walked the runway for this year's victoria secret's fashion show and one got to wear the 3 million fantasy bra. who was it?
8:37 am
shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports.
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8:40 am
? >> i love this song. giving me a million reasons. that is lady gaga joining victoria secret models this week for an impromptu sing along back stage in paris. they belted out her song. dozens of these angels strutted down the runway for the 2016 victoria secret fashion show and featured 10,000 feathers and
8:41 am
table. >> congratulations. >> we have to start with that fantasy bra. i bought a bra the other day, 79.88 on sale, jasmine. fair enough support. i'm thinking with 3 million dollars, you must have fabulous support when you're wearing a bra that expensive. tell us about that feeling. >> it was surreal and i got to walk in the footstep o >> tell us the process for that, taylor. >> it's the angels wear the fantasy bra and every year, they pick one girl. >> they picked jasmine. >> and she deserves it. she is one of the most hard working girls i've ever met and my best friend.
8:42 am
diamonds and emeralds and white gold. >> do you have to have an armed escort to do this? >> i couldn't step more than two feet away from the security guard. he is going, where are you going? >> it's real diamonds. >> this is fascinating about you, jasmine. you grew up with victoria secret viewing parties because who were you watching saying i want to be like that? i want to do that? this was a dream come true for you. >> it was such a dream come true. i wanted to be tyra banks and i wanted to be all of the super models and, like, i was never the girl that grew up and wanted to be a doctor or teacher when i grew up. it was strictly victoria secret and have parties and my whole bedroom was pink. i'm a crazy victoria secret fan. >> and adrian was in the show too. >> it was crazy to work with her and never thought i would be in that position. >> taylor, you have to wear huge black wings. >> yeah. >> how tall did they make you? >> i think they were seven feet
8:43 am
but i think they were the tallest in the show. one of the bigger ones. >> and bottoms there too. skimpy! >> that's why i work out so hard! >> you look great! >> how do you prepare for this show? >> we just, you know, we work out a lot and, you know, eat a lot and then try to be healthy and fit. you know, do what we love so we can do our best. >> i had a bagel with cream cheese and tomato. >> yeah. when you work out as hard as we do, you know, it's like athletes. they eat so much because they can. otherwise, you couldn't do this. >> this show was in paris and bigger than it's ever been before and seemed to have extra movement this year. these two used to be together and now they are not but they seemed to have great chemistry. was it everything you wanted it to be? >> yeah. i think it was one of the most
8:44 am
it was paris and the number one fashion capital in the world and this is the biggest fashion show in the entire world. over 190 countries watch the show. >> no pressure? >> yeah. no pressure. >> all made sense. >> did you feel pressure? >> i don't feel pressure. i feel excited because it's our dream. it's not a pressure. itor are here and doing this. >> i try to stay really calm back stage but the second we get into lineup and before we get on the runway i freak out. >> in circles like screaming! a scream circle and letting it all out! >> it's always nice when dreams come drew and you're a little girl and see something and you get to do it, that is always nice so congrats to both of you. that is jasmine tookes who wore the bra and taylor hill got to wear the wings.
8:45 am
night and where can you see it, jasmine? >> cbs!
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
? searching for answers in some kind of sigh because when you were mine ? ? domestic life ? >> there is regina specter. i love this music. >> can we download it? >> you can. it involves reworked version
8:49 am
one of my famous here. ? helpless i'm so into you ? >> they asked me but i was very busy because i do "cbs this morning." >> gayle and i will release our own version of "hamilton." we will let you know when it's out. >> i'll be ready to download it. >> what is coming up on saturday morning? >> funny you should ask. exhibit by famed photographer annie leibovitz and look how the gallery's face tells part of the story. >> i'm jealous. that looks great. that does it for us. as we leave you, let's take a look back at all that mattered this week. we hope you have a great weekend. >> yes, we do. see you monday. >> bye-bye. the bottom line is we won.
8:50 am
engaging. >> president-elect trump's team is split over who will be secretary of state. >> kellyanne conway's remarks, were they sanctioned? >> what is likely here is that donald trump is essentially telling her to add drama. >> donald trump promised to end the exodus of manufacturing. >> 804 more times he will meet president obama. >> this island nation of 11 million people tried to come to terms with fidel castro's >> the front cover of the miami herald has become a collector's >> 150 homes and businesses have been destroyed. there is fire on all side of the >>ty. hy was the plane so low on fuel? >> all of south america is mourning and just grieving this. >> this community is in storm shock after the ef-2 tornado came barreling through here. >> i don't know where to start.
8:51 am
>> he has no authority here. >> and you are going anywhere? >> no. >> they will not stop our project. that's naive. >> donald trump tweeted angrily about journalists saying, quote, they will never learn, which coincidentally is the school motto at trump university. >> he sat down to dinner with mitch romney. >> the billionaire of the people ordered soup with sauteed frog legs. i thought he said he was going to drain the swamp, not eat its contents! ? >> these guys are the 800-pound gorillas in the room. >> i love the game but we didn't know at the time what the inherent risks were. >> things were going pretty well for this flight when one of the passengers bolted. >> lady on this flight jumped out of the plane. >> i've never seen anything like that on a flight. knock on wood! >> in this case, plexiglas. >> will it change without fidel?
8:52 am
it. >> things are going to be much better now. >> they said he is unqualified and unfit to be commander in chief. how do you see him now? >> i'm hoping i was wrong. >> attach the blue ribbon to it and put it in the place of your bedroom which you will bring to me. >> you didn't think you were right for this part? >> no. i still don't. >> if it's still so good for people over age 50 whyn' taking it? >> gayle, i have to ask that question to you. it's the key question. >> busted! you are busted! >> so busted! >> what do you think of gayle's account? >> gayle actually, i'm not just saying this, but it's one of my favorite accounts. gayle is living an incredible life and taking us along for the ride. ? ? you'll catch me if i ever fall ? >> oh, coffee!
8:53 am
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