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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  December 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CST

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that reads in part "....we obviously have your back..unfortunately our office is no stranger to his bullying behavior..."we checked with the state licensing board which says-complaints are not public they cannot confirm or deny that one was filed by the sheriff. the sheriffs office did reach out to the county executive via email-saying they have the whole phone conversation recorded. the county executive requested a copy of that recording...and never got a response. these latest revelations cap a turbulent week for milwaukee county's leading law enforcement officer. officer.a few days ago, sheriff clarke was seen entering an elevator at trump tower...on his way up for a meeting with the president- elect about a possible job in his administration. clarke left without taking any questions. yesterday, milwaukee county supervisor 'supreme moore omokunde' called for clarke to resign, citing the deaths in the jail. now comes word that a jail
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58's bill walsh is here with more details...bill? 3 the focus of the audit is the private contractor that provides medical care at the jail and the house of correction, that company, armor correctional health services is based in florida. county board chair theodore lipscomb told cbs 58 news he requested the audit november first, and received the green light the very next day this followed reports of poor care and staffing issues at the facilities. now obviously the at have gotten a lot of attention, but the comptroller's office tells us the audit will ?not? look into those cases.rather it will focus on the overall management of the jailand specific issues like wages, staffing and record-keeping. the jail is run by the sheriff's office. the correction facility is operated by milwaukee county. 3 the office says if needed, they will bring in outside experts for second opinions. the audit is scheduled to begin next month.
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over after a teacher is sentenced for having sex with a teenager. teenager.-nats-" myself...what are you gonna do???? that's my son!!!!" son!!!!" this was outside the courtroom where teacher elizabeth dillett was sentenced to two years in prison for the sexual assault of a 16-year old boy. the vi tim of the assault was an assistant on the volleyball team that dillett was coaching., dillett spoke in court before she heard her sentence. "again i'm sorry, i know that word has come out way too m disappointed and embarassed me and my friends." friends." during the hearing, the father of the teenage boy said that dillett seemed more concerned about keeping her job than what she did. 3 and 18-year old samira coleman- wilks will stand trial for a deadly crash last month. she waived her preliminary hearing today and entered a not guilty plea. according to the criminal complaint, coleman -wilks was driving a car that sped away from police who were
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and capitol, killing one of her passengers, 19-year old shawn oliver. 3 wisconsin's recount will continue without interruption. earlier today, supporters of donald trump filed a lawsuit in federal court aimed at stopping the recount. they argued the due process of trump voters was threatened by the count. but as we first reported on our news at four, a madison judge denied a request to halt the recount right now...but will allow the lawsuit to continue until a hearing a we today.election officials are trying to be as transparent as possible as the count continues. this is a live look at waukesha county's recount offered on the waukesha county government website. you can also check the latest available count from the state elections commission. we have that site linked to our website, cbs 58 dot com. cbs 58's david ade has been tracking today's developments. he joins us live from the 'washington county' recount in
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inside this building, i spoke with the washington county clerk just a little while ago, and she tells me her recount is well ahead of schedule. she believes she's on track to wrap things up by next wednesday. so as the recount continues all over the state, wisconsin congressman sean duffy, wants to see it end.he is calling on democrats to denounce the recount... duffy also told me today he supports a lawsuit against the recount, because his big concern is the recount pushing beyond december electors to be left out of an electoral college vote. 3 "so it's not about actually the recount, it's about the wording of the 10 wisconsin electors who are casting their votes for donald trump, the state of wisconsin actually voted for." duffsays he would support this recount if there were clear signs of fraud in wisconsin, but says there is no evidence of in
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while wisconsin counts, president-elect donald trump is trying to block a hand recount in michigan. lawyers for his campaign argue that green party candidate jill stein's one percent vote total means she could not have lost the election because of a possible miscount of word on a decision there. 3 tossdr tonight: mostly cloudy with lows close to average in the middle 20s. wind: nw 5-10 mph. weekend: very seasonable when it comes to temperatures with highs in the upper 30s both saturday and sunday. a mostly cloudy sky for saturday. staying dry before clouds increase and snow arrives on sunday morning. light snow
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2 pm with most places picking up around 1" of snow, especially on grassy surfaces. 3 it's been a good season for trophies for the wisconsin badger football team. last saturday, the badgers won paul bunyan's ax for the 13th year
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conference championship trophy. tomorrow they play penn state for the big ten conference title....and ?another? trophy. that game is in indianapolis...and so is cbs 58's evan kruegel...he joins us live. good evening from indianapolis where the badger faithful have started invading the city for tomorrows big ten championship.we're across the street from lucas oil stadium inside the big ten fan fest - here at the indiana convention center... and today - its all about the fans... tons of activities and games here skills and kill some time before the game...the badgers certainly well represented here and they should be - this is wisconsin's fourth time playing for a title here in six years so these fans have gotten comfortable with the trip down to indy we're thrilled with what's happening here. and big red will be out in full force, i'm certain of that. you know this might be camp randall south haha
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penn state only about 330 from madison - but i can tell you both fan bases have turned out in force - for the big game. we'll hear from fans and show you the sights and sounds of indy coming up tonight at 9 and 10. for now live in indianapolis - ekcbs58news. 3 3 and don't forget you'll see the packers game against houston right here on cbs 58 sunday. kickoff is at noon from lambeau field. and then right after the game, keep it here. our crew will bring you a special one hour postgame show. 3 still ahead: the latest packers injury report just released... what are the big
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3 a funeral procession in eastern cuba today. thousands watched, some in tears, as the ashes of fidel castro were taken through the streets. streets.the longtime cuban leader died a week ago and his remains are being transported across the island from to capital city of havana to the counry's second largest city, santiago de cuba where sunday's funeral il despite america's differences with cuba under castro, two u-s officials will attend the funeral. 3 a building collapsed in downtown sioux falls, south dakota this morning. you can see the massive pile of rubble at what once was a restaurant. rescue crews pulled a 22-year old woman out of that wreckage. she has a leg injury. they also rescued a dog. no word yet of any other casualties. the building was being remodeled. a local college student is cutting down his tuition
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season -- using trees he planted with his family .. cbs 58's amanda devoe has the story in burlington. 3 "we all know college can get expensive. thousands of dollars for tuition, books and fees. that's why one college student is using trees in his own backyard to help pay for scl schooluw whitewater freshman caleb rausch started selling christmas trees last year.he came up with the idea to use the money for college.. after looking at the price tag on his tuition...which is well into the thousands.he started planting the trees with his family back in 2008 .. and now that they've fully developed...orders are pouring in.more than three dozen trees have already been sold --- with much of the word getting around from social media. while rausch says his business probably won't pay for all of his tuition.. he's grateful for the support from the commun. community. "when i found out college was going to be so expensive, it was actually quite shocking. i didn't know how i was going to do it. but things are working out, and
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as amanda mentioned.. the trees are going fast.. for more information on how to get your hands on one.. we have caleb's contact information on our website at cbs 58 dot com. police dogs need a lot of training to be ready for suspects...and that means officer ?sometimes? need to act like criminals for that tra. training. 3 "if you're not nervous there's something you're not doing right. " "tonight on the cbs 58 news at ten -- jacob kittilstad shows trained... stay in shape... and meet the officers who take one for the team.that's tonight at ten. 3 3 3 tonight: mostly cloudy with lows close to average in the middle 20s. wind: nw 5-10 mph.
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seasonable when it comes to temperatures with highs in the upper 30s both saturday and sunday. a mostly cloudy sky for saturday. staying dry before clouds increase and snow arrives on sunday morning. light snow showers possible from 7 am to 2 pm with most places around 1" of snow, especially
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3 -nats kids buzzing, show kid in red coat- coat- nothing like the sound of happy and ?warm? kids. students at kagel elementary school on the south side got brand new winter coats, courtesy of milwaukee brewers bullpen catcher marcus hanel.
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since then, they've donated almost 4-thousand coats to milwaukee area kids. 3 -nats piano playing, santa ent- enters- santa made a special apperance today at milwaukee's i-c-c. this was an annual surprise party thrown for 278 local students...picked by social workers based on their financial and family situations. "you should know that a lot of the kids have no idea why the show up here and they're surprised with some of the sponsors and the special, special guets." guets." this tradition was started by a postal worker named johnetta borum in 1971. even after passing from a heart attack, friends from work and church have kept the tradition alive, now for almost half a century. speaking of party... a b1g party in indianapolis where
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champion tomorrow.
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even if the badgers win tomorrow and get the big ten title... it still may not be enough for a spot in the playoff. but--you never know what could happen with the teams ahead of wisconsin and with penn state tomorrow. that's where evan krugel is championship--evan? good afternoon from indianapolis where excitement is building before tomorrow's game - one with major national implications on the line... the badgers arrived here in indy about two hours ago - taking their walk through at lucas oil paul chryst spoke with the media a few minutes ago telling us his team is ready - and focused - despite the big stage.when asked whether the playoff implications overshadowed the
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not a chance this game is a big deal that we're here. one thing i've appreciated about this team a ton this year is their ability to make the most of the moment. i think they've done that. wisconsin wrapped up their walk through at lucas oil stadium just minutes ago - certainly plenty on the line indy.... the badgers will wait and see what happens with some of the other games... including tonight. washington playing colorado for the pac 12 championship. tomorrow... clemson plays virginia tech for the acc title.... and alabama will play florida for the s.e.c. michigan and ohio state of course idle.
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packers are out of it... the division keeps them in. minnesota losing their sixth game in the last seven weeks. 17-15 losing to dallas at home. in the nfc north... the packers now .5 game behind the vikings... two games behind 7-4 detroit who plays new orleans this week. today's injury report.... two packers out... two packers likely out. demetri goodson and kyler fackrell will miss sunday's game against houston while offensive linemen t.j. lang and j.c. tretter both doub. doubtful.better news for birthday.... he's among the four packers listed as questionable for sunday. despite his hamstring... i seriously doubt rodgers misses sunday's game. clay matthews and his shoulder should be good too, even as he fills in at inside linebacker. it's being smart and not doing any further damage and helping your team. it's one thing playing hurt and helping your team but if you're a liability
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former packer gary ellerson says he likes clay matthews better at inside linebacker than outside. that's tonight during chalk talk on the cbs 58 news at 10. we've got packers and texans right here on cbs 58... plus an hour-long cbs 58 sportszone postgame special... with team reaction and analysis. it all starts at noon on cbs 58. julius peppers fines 9k for
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.>> pelley: the foreign policy upside down. in a break with long-standing u.s. diplomacy, the president-elect talks to the president of taiwan, a move sure to anger china. also tonight, the trump and clinton camps reopen their battle. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform? are you going to look me in the face and tell me that. >> kelly, you did. >> really? >> pelley: the school tragedy that might have been. and steve hartman, a chance encounter with a cop changes a young man's life forever. >> and i noticed that it was a police car, and i was like, oh, okay i'm not going to move.


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