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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  December 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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3 parents worried... after a sexual assault is reported near a school. the cbs 58 news at 10 starts right now. 3 parents at a milwaukee school are on police investigate a reported sexual assault on the block. block.and as cbs 58's kirsten barbaresi reports... police and school officials want to get the word out. 3 the assault happened near the south em schooland word spread among students friday. know how kids talk ryan williams heard about the reported sexual assault-- from his 11 year old son when he picked him up friday friday it's a hard concept for an 11 year old to really understand. other parents heard what happened from school officials. officials. i received a voice recording from the principal of his school saying there was an incident last evening in the area behind the school.
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reach out to the principal on monday to learn more about the alleged assault, which happened at 5:30- a time extra curricular activities wrap up. friday evening, a police car was stationed in front of the s. school. 02;15;10 i'm still thinking about it now. like what my thoughts are about the safety of my son and the rest of the children in the school. may isn't sure if her son heard about it-- but is prepared to have a tough conversation if need be. be. going to wait and see if he knows anything about it and being safe, ad never walking alone, which my son never does meanwhile williams, who says he does think this is a safe area, plans to talk about what happened with his son, because he's already heard the rumors. rumors. these are things that happen in the world and you cant not talk bout it otherwise they just become more fearful, so i'd rather talk to him. have the information come from me. so far police have not released a suspect description and milwaukee public schools
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for comment.reporting in milwaukee kristen barbaresi cbs 58 news after getting into a facebook war with a county supervisor, now sheriff clarke is facing scrutiny over a supposed dust up with the medical examiner. examiner.we've obtained copies of e-mails between county executive chris abele and chief m-e brian peterson. peterson claims that the sheriff threatened to revoke his license in a lengthy and loud phone call..after april dvornay's report here on cbs 58 in october with about four jail deaths.the sheriff's office claims to have a recording of the phone call.the county executive says he's waiting to hear it. 3 two families who had relatives die in the county jail suing the sheriff's office.the newborn baby of inmate shade swayzer died shortly after issue, was her request for help denied or delayed?the family of terrill thomas is also suing to find out if he was denied water.. leading to the m-e's ruling of "extreme dehydration" in his
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in addition to a lawsuit against the sheriff's office... now the jail will be audited.the audit is at the request of milwaukee county board chair theodore lipscomb. will focus on the private contractor that provides medical care at the jail and the house of correction -- and focus on the overall management of the jail. it will ?not? focus on the four jail deaths.lipscomb tells cbs 58 he requested the audit november 1 after reports of poor care and staffing issues at the facilities.the audit is scheduled to begin next month. the family of a six-year-old the person who started a fire inside their apartment... and left a boy with second and third degree 58s eric levy sat down with the boy's family.eric? bill...the fire happened early in the morning october 30th while dominick wright was sleeping on the living room sofa.34 nights later...nobody is in custody and the boy is still here.his family is
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"he was wrapped up in his blanket, two blankets, yeah. it was probably burning, he threw the blanket off and then he walked thorugh it." dominick's parents, katie and fredrick, think maybe the person cut the screen and threw a burning bottle inside their home. home."you know it could have been, like the detective said, somebody just messing around on halloween."whatever the case may be, look what it caused.more than a month in the hospital.surgeries to move skin from his back on his legs where actual grafs, but the other ones were bandage changes and since they were so in-depth, and the pain wise, he had to be sedated."wise, he had to be depth, and the pain wise, he had to be sedated."but with each day, dominick gets better. better. "starting to open up, but for a long time, but good portion of this month, just couldn't get him to smile. but yeah, he's getting better now." dominick is on the autism spectrum, and doesn't understand what happened.his mom and dad don't really understand ?why? it happened...
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say something. (eric) why is that so important? (fredrick) we want justice for dominick, i think he deserves that." sections of the carpeting and their ottoman are being tested to see which accelerant was used in the fire.meantime, dominick's favorite foods will be waiting for him when he leaves and blackberries.outside children's hospital tonight, el, cbs 58...michele...back to you. west allis police asking for help in finding three suspects. they say they were involved in a theft at a business near 57th and beloit.if you know who these people are... call west allis polcie. two cars crash driver left at the scene as his car is stolen. stolen.police are still looking for the suspect who got into a crash near 74th and locust this morning.the driver in the other car says he was
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damage..then the suspect took his car. 3 the washington county sheriff's office is investigating who's been shooting at road signs in the town of erin.the sheriff's office says the signs along highway 167 were shot at more than 2 dozen times in the past three weeks.the sheriff's office says it'll cost taxpayers about 250 dollars to replace the signs. a former teacher is sentenced to two years in prison for having sex with a teenager. teenager.elizabeth dillett had pleaded guilty to sexual assault.... after having sex with the teenage boy. volleyball team dillett was court today dillett apologized for her actions.the victim's father said dillett seemed more concerned about keeping her job than what she did. wisconsin's recount will continue without interruption -- for now -- after a madison judge denies a request by trump supporters to stop it. it.wisconsin congressman sean duffy calling on his colleagues across the aisle to denoucne the recount. he told cbs 58 he supports the lawsuit
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make the december 12th deadline and then wisconsin is left out of an electoral college vote. "so it's not about actually the recount, it's about the wording of the 10 wisconsin electors who are casting their votes for donald trump, the state of wisconsin actually voted for." for."duffy says he would support this recount if there were clear signs of fraud in wisconsin, but says there is no evidence of that.even though a judge denied the request to stop the recount... there ?will? be a hearing next friday to determine if lawsuit will continue. governor scott walker doesn't agree with the recount either... calling it a fundraising scheme for the green party. party.10-24they are using it not just to raise money now, but probably more valuable for them, getting all these emails for the future .. perfectly legal, their right - they are paying for it, the taxpayers aren't paying for it. 3 walker said he's concerned about the county clerks, since after elections they move on to sending out property tax bills... but says he's
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done before the deadline. 3 president-elect donald trump filed a lawsuit to stop an election recount in michigan that's scheduled to begin next week.the filing friday comes after the state elections board deadlocked on his request to deny the recount. former green party presidential candidate jill stein says her goal is not to change the election result but to ensure "the integrity and accuracy of the vote." house speaker paul ryan telling 60 minutes this sunday what his relationship with president elect trump is now..after all that awkward talk during the campaign. definitely called you ineffective and disloyal. have you patched it up?ryan: 11:03:52;01 yeah, we have. we're fine. we're not looking back. we're lookin' forward. we-- we actually-- we've had-- we-- like i said, we speak about every day. and it's not about looking for-- back in the past. that's behind us. we're way beyond that. that. the congressman will also go into detail about his plan to repeal obamacare? that's sunday on :"60-minutes", here on cbs 58. let's face it..there were some who were convinced that the
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conference title. title.and yet... the badgers are taking on penn state in ind. indianapolis..and cbs 58's evan kruegel is there to tell us if the wisconsin faithful have showed up..evan.. 3 good evening from indianapolis where badger fans have started invading the city - where excitement continues to build before tomorrow's game --- 3 crowd cheering cheeringthat was the scene this afternoon inside the indiana convention ce gathered for the annual big ten fan fest..penn state university about 500 miles away while madison is only 330 miles away but fans from both sides are well represented here in indy so far. wisconsin fans - getting comfortable with the trip down to indiana - the badgers have played in this game ?four? times in the last six years - but perhaps none as big as this one... tom fans - born in milwaukee
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full force, i'm certain of that. you know this might be camp randall south haha mike naisith - germantown "hopefully whoever wins will get to be part of the playoffs. so we need mr alvarez to give us a little help, whether it's the badgers or the nittany lions." that all remains to be scene - the badger pep rally scheduled for tomorrow - we'll take you there in the afternoon. for now live in indy... if you're heading to lambeau for the packers-texans game.. remember to bring a new, unrapped toy for 'toys for tots. tots'.the packers are collecting the toys ?before? sunday's game.they'll announce just how much they collected in the second half.remember they're looking for gifts for kids from infants through the teenage years. 3 but if you're not going to the game... you can watch the packers take on the texans right here on cbs 58!after the game... stay tuned for a
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on cbs 58. 3 training police k- 9's....we take a look at how officers are used as professional decoys to get these dogs ready to track criminals.... 3 and three playful tiger cubs are having some fun on their first day in the public eye....
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3 3 police dogs need a lot of training before going out on patrol.and officers sometimes need to act like criminals for that training. 58's jacob kittilstad shows us just how k-9 officers are trained... and meets the officers who take one for the team.
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off my property. -i don't got to go nowhere man. i don't got to go anywhere."armed with a gun loaded with blanks... 19;52;33"stand back! you can come over here if you want to!" myles bradshaw plays the criminal.19;52;40"send him! what! ?shooting?."he calls himself a professional decoy. decoy.19;21;37"it many sound like the dog is killing me but it's really not. i'm playing into the dog's confidence. i'm building him up so you do have to have a certain level of acting skills per se."9;45;38 - yelling nat.bradshaw - who's train a half dozen officers how to continue training... that means ?sometimes? being on the receiving end.(bradshaw) 19;22;27"from day one that they're out here they're a little nervous and then we put a few dogs on them."19;22;12"a lot of times you'll see these real huge police officers out here using real high voices with their dogs [to encourage their dog]."(pionke)19;37;14 "that's what keeps them happy and that's what keeps you happy. ?hi baby girl! hi!" officer seth pionke is with the plover police police department.that's near
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that we have so we've basically had to start from zero."19;32;33"anybody can stand in front of a dog and get bit in a bite-suit and take it but you have to learn how to do that so that they're safe and they don't hurt themselves throughout the years."(pionke)(ots dog to seth rack focus)19;47;38"i'm neutral right now."the five week program is run out of haus von stolz kennels...which annually donates two dogs and training to two police departments in the state. that's a huge resource...but also a big ?sometimes painful? commitment.(pionke)19;33;16 "you have to learn how to flow with the dog. as myles sa sleeve19;23;35"the dog will come running at you and you'll pop it up. and the dog will bite. he'll grip."(w/bruises - tight on skin)19;25;25"this is from a senior dog. a 10- year-old dog."19;58;00"if you didn't have anything on you're " done."19;59;37"so these guys put a lot of work into their training. even a professional makes it look pretty painful. check out what it looks like when an amateur like myself tries to take a bite."(nat. sequence jake getting bit) (pionke)19;36;18"as you go through it, you know, the nerves are still there because you always try something new but you gain that confidence that you know what you're doing, you're not hurting the dog."(bradshaw)19;16;57"the
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always feel like it is winning. the dog has to win with every single thing all the time."that's the same training he gives the decoys... ots tight on his face19;29;07 "you guys are doing really great work. really great work." ...before going out for another shot at it.(nat. shooting)in lomira...jacob 58 news. 3 there is a new officer patrolling the streets of caledonia.k-9 louie and his handler are back from training in virginia! virginia!we first told you ...when the caledonia police department held a naming contest.the two year old dutch shepherd is the first k-9 officer for the caledonia police department.good luck louie!! a milwaukee county program that aims to help people get back on their feet is getting praise from the federal governm. government.housing and urban delopment secretary julian castro toured a deconstrucion site in milwaukee's sherman park neighbhorood.the site is part of the county's 'adult build initiative', a progam lets inmates recently released from jail learn employable
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neighborhood that while wonderful, also has its challenges and so these folks, while they're getting good skills that makes them ore employable, they're also making this a better place place castro said this is the first time he's seen this type of program focusing on adults... and adds it's a great model for other cities to follow. a report shows it could cost the county 64-million dollars to completely repair or replace the mitchell park domes. other estimate opitions million dollars, depending on the amount of repair and construction.the county says the cost estimates are for planing purposes... and the report has been shared with the domes task force and the county board.the mitchell park domes just celebrated their grand re-opening yesterday. 3 20 to 30 inches of snow could fall on two of the highest mountains in hawaii.the snow started falling on 'mauna kea' and 'mauna loa' yesterday. officials have closed a section of hawaii volcanoes
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heavy snow, and ice. 3 tonight: mostly cloudy with lows close to average in the middle 20s. wind: nw 5-10 mph. weekend: very seasonable when it comes to temperatures with highs in the upper 30s both saturday and sunday. a mostly cloudy sky for saturday. staying dry before clouds increase and snow arrives on sunday morning. light snow showers possible from 7 am to 2 pm with most places picking up around 1" of snow,
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3 happy birthday to open arms free clinic..the only free clinic in walworth county for the uninsured.this is the fourth year for the event which is part celebration and part fundraiser and cbs 58's kate chappell was on hand to lend a hand to this important program making sure everyone stays healthy in our community. 3 three 10-week-old tiger cubs were having fun showing off during their debut at the milwaukee county zoo.sisters eloise and bernadette, and their brother, "kashtan" were born in september."kashtan" spent about a month in the zoo's animal health center with an infection, so now he's being raised by zoo staff.but, he regularly visits his sisters so he can learn how to become a tiger. 11:04-16when he gets to play with his issters, he gets to
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those cues from those sisters so he's learning how a tiger tells him 'no, that hurts', he's learning how other tigers play and how they communicate with eachother eachother there's about 400 to 500 'amur' tigers left in the wild... so the milwaukee county zoo hopes these cubs will help teach people about protecting the species. volunteers from g-e were spreading holiday cheer to area veterans. they were hanging decorations in 8 different areas of the v-a medical center in milwaukee.they've been doing this for it's just a small way to say thanks to those who served our country. 1:00:18-25we wanted to hit every area of the hospital... and really give back. these veterans have given to our country and it's a small favor for us to return return volunteers were also handing out cider and cookies... and passing out holiday stockings full of treats. if you're looking for something to do tomorrow night... you might want to check out the largest light display in the midwest. miller valley's holiday lites are back!the display opened tonight and has nearly 600- thousand lights synchronized
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a beer keg with 150 barrels and free mini miller tours. holiday lites continues friday
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the badgers in the big ten title game for the fourth time... but this time, going to the rose bowl kind of a consolation, considering the
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ten west champs arriving in indy... penn state.... coach paul chryst telling us his team is ready - and focused - despite the big stage. when asked whether the playoff implications overshadowed the importance of playing for a big ten championship - he said not a chance. this game is a big deal that we're here. one thing i've appreciated about this team a ton this year is their ability to make the most of the moment. i think they've done that. the badgers will wait and see what happens with some of the other games... including tonight. washington playing colorado for the pac 12 championship. tomorrow... clemson plays virginia tech for the acc title.... and alabama will play florida for the s.e.c. michigan and ohio state of course idle. clay matthews one of the four
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for sunday's game with his injured shoulder. shoulder.for monday's game... matthews at inside linebacker where he ended up with a sack to go with four tackles. he's playing there, filling in for jake ryan and blake martinez who are also questinable to go this week. but whether filling in or by plan... gary ellerson says matthews should definitely play inside more often. chalk talk with the former packer coming off of a how do they get two in a row.... two in a row of course including houston in the rocess of running the table and getting to the postseason? postseason?last time we did this was about a month ago. they went on a four-game losing streak. it's been ahwile. the green bay packers scored quick and scored early. it put the defense in the positive situation so they can play how they want to play and do what they want to do. clay matthews was back at middle linebacker., hear me out--i think clay matthews is better at inside linebacker than outside linecker.why do you say that?remember where's
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all types of different places. in that defense you can hide him or put him in other siutations where you have to find him. at outside linebacker, you know he's gonna be on the right side and that's where he's coming., now you can get him right, inside, with julius peppers. he's a much more versatile player if he's playing inside linebacker with the green bay how much do the packers wn by? i know you're gonna pick them to win. win. the packers win 24-17 at lambeau field with some snowflakes. should be great. on cbs 58! we've got packers and texans right here on cbs 58... plus
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postgame special... with team
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3 the state's christmas tree is lighting up the captiol in madison.governor scott walker lit the tree this morning.the theme this year is "wisconsin wildlife".the tree was donated by eagle river couple and is decorated with 2-thousand lights and ornaments made by wisconsin students. 3
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selling christmas trees.caleb rausch and his family planted pine trees in their backyard back in that the trees are fully grown, caleb decided to sell them as christmas trees... using the profits to help pay for his tuition.caleb is a freshman at uw-whitewater.while he says his business probably won't pay for all of his tuition... he's grateful for the
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