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"as a thrower, you love perfect environments, but as a fan and historian you love games like this. i mean, these are the fun ones. this is lambeau field in the winter." winter."now at ten...happy fans after the packers pull out a win inside snowy lambeau field. 3 plus...we're saying good riddance to the first measurable snow of the season after the storm caused all sorts of problems. good evening and welcome to cbs 58 news at ten...i'm eric levy alongside meteorologist justin thompson-gee. justin...only a few inches of s. snow... tonight: snow ends. clouds slowly clear becoming partly cloudy. lows around 300. wind: w 5-15 mph.monday: a mix of sun and clouds. any snow from sunday melts with high temperatures in the upper 30s.
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mix of sun and clouds continues most of the week. slight chance for a rain and snow mix on tuesday but trending drier. another chance for snow flurries on thursday and then a chance for accumulating snow saturday. temperatures drop quickly from the upper 30s tuesday on tuesday to middle 20s by thursday with lows in the
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3 here's a warning to slow down in the snow... a trooper wound up in the hospital after a car slammed into his cruiser this happened on i-41 ?in washington county?just north of slinger. patrol tells us the trooper was on scene of ?another? crash when it happened.a family from michigan was in the other car... the mother and her three boys were also taken to the word on their injuries... but the trooper is home and is expected to be okay. 3 and that's where we find cbs 58's amanda devoe.amanda, that was just one of several crashes along that stretch of road today.
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3 earlier today. wasn't the case earlier today. in the first snow storm of the season, road backups were a common scene along sections of i41 near slinger."it doesn't surprise me"officials say three accidents happened near this area just a few hours apart. there were also dozens of accidents across the region -- ranging from cars sliding into ditches to cars crashing into each other. "the roads are slick and a lot of people are going too fast for the conditions.""it's a learning curve. the beginning of the winter everybody just forgets how to drive and it takes them about a month or so to get used to the weather again."in spite the hiccups on the highway. neighbors hope, the snowy weather sticks around and people stay safe.tara: "i think we got a little bit more than i expected. but it's overdue."josh:"ready for the snow. i have three little kids. we'll get out here and start playing in the snow and
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the snow is slowing down... it's still pretty slick out here right now....but the wisconsin dot has a few tips to keep you safe...remember to clear all snow and ice from your windows and lights.... leave enough room to brake... and don't use your cruise control in wintry conditions....for more tips from the d-o-t-- head to our website ... and make sure to download our cbs 58 ready weather can track any storms with see the most-up-to-date forecast for your's free for i- phone and android. 3 packers this kind of fact, one man may have perfected a way to keep his head warm. "this is latex paint. you can touch it." it.""and slap it and everything else. it actually keeps you warm. it's actually like a rubber membrane. the only time you'll see me in any kind of cap is when it's negative zero."3 zero."that's superfan steve keller... better known as
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and boy... do packers fans have a lot to be happy with 58 sports guy earl arms with me now...earl, the packers did it with defense tod. today.the defense held stout for a second straight week week 3 that defense including julius peppers, who put up a sack in his third straight game. peppers now fifth all-time in sacks in the nfl over hall of fmaer michael strahan. but green bay the winners of two stright games thanks to aaron rors passes rodgers two touchdown passes in the cold. one to randall cobb... the other to jordy nelson. hobbled and all...., rodgers over 200 yards passing while nelson had 118 yards receiving. kevin holden with the packers who now have a lot more life than they did just a couple weeks ago. 3 kevin: it's a simple matter of numbers, what has happened to
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game losing streak in which the packers defense gave up 38 almost 39 points a game, green bay has now given up 13 in each of the last two weeks. and today at lambeau field, that meant limiting lamar miller and the houston texans offense and maybe establishing momentum for the rest of the se. season.mccarthy: big victory for us. obviously we know where we are in our season, playing good football and especially the importance of this win today. i thought we did a lot of good things in all three phases phases rodgers: get this one today, we're back to .500. obviously, we would have appreciated a little help from the saints, but we still have a lot of things in front of us. we have a very good opponent coming in next week that's going to be coming off a sunday night game, so we'll check that out tonight and we'll move in the right direction. direction.kevin: the packers find themselves two games behind first place detroit in the nfc north. good news is,
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that division once more this season. seahawks first though, that's next sunday at lambeau field. kevin holden, cbs 58 news. when the season started... a lot of fans were excited about seeing j-j watt... especially people in pewaukee.but, watt has been out for most the year with back problems.still, his hometown sure is proud. proud."when you get someone big, someone like jj, to go to the nfl, i mean you're going to have the support of everyone from such a small town like this." this." watt. we're proud of all the watt brothers. and it's pretty neat to have someone in the nfl. although he's not a packer, we still love him." him."watt underwent season-ending back surgery in september. house speaker paul ryan has spent months crafting a republican agenda in congress. tonight, on 60 minutes, he talked about how he's working ?with? president elect donald
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actually, that-- that, under president obama's watch, he stripped a lotta power away from the constitution, away from the legislative branch of government. and we wanna reset the balance of power, so that people and the constitution are rightfully restored." restored."the janesville republican also addressed his "disagreements" with trump during the campaign.he says that's no longer a problem. "we're fine. we're not looking back. we're lookin' forward. we-- we actually-- we'v we-- like i said, we speak about every day. and it's not about looking for-- back in the past. that's behind us. we're way beyond that." that."the republican party will control congress, the senate and white for the first time .inauguration day is 46 days away -- on january 20th. vice president elect mike pence talked about one of the candidates for secretary of state... retired general david petraeus.petraeus was forced to resign last year for leaking classified information. information.(chuck todd/ nbc) "did he deserve to pay a
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price for mishandling classified information."(todd) "but you don't think that disqualifies him to be secretary of state."(pence) "i think that'll be up to the pres. of trump's major campaign points was hillary clinton's mishandling of classified information during her time as secretary of state. 3 it's been nearly one week since their meeting... and there's still no word which role, if any, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke might have in the trump administration.sheriff clarke met with the president elect in new york last monday. publicly about that meeting since. listen up if you're home is in mount pleasant.. pleasant.. if you live along north emmertsen road...from spring street to highway 38... police say some cars were rummaged through and things were stolen out of them this morning.officers did make some arrests and found some of the stolen goods.if your car, garage or house was broken in to, mount pleasant police say call them! it's a story that continues to
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tears.a seven-year-old boy who died after being savagely 58s lindsey branwall went back to the street where neighbors are trying to make sense of everything. demetrius"to hear about a child going like that, it's heartbreaking"a memorial grows, for 7 year old trevion winningham.demetrius"i didn't know his but no child should have to suffer through this"a father of 3, demetrius jones lit a candle for trevion. demetrius's sister wishes there's something she could have done. done."if the little boy was in trouble he should have told another child and another child should have told their parents and something could have been done" trevion would play with her 11-year-old son. who couldn't handle the news.latoya"he cried. my son is very sensitive so it's like mommy i don't know why they did this." she says she barely saw etter hughes or mary martinez, but believed everything was okay. latoya"he seemed happy.. and then all of a sudden this happened"more details emerged after the two women appeared
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down her face.neighbors now know the two brothers were not allowed to eat, and at one point were tied up in the living room.they hold out hope for the 9-year-old still in the hospital, being treated for abuse and severe malnutrition.latoya"a loss for words. everybody's sad because of the situation happening right under our nose and nobody knew it"lindsey branwall cbs 58 news etter hughes and mary martinez were given 150-thousand dollars cash bail.they will both be back in court on december 12th. 3 what searchers feared is happening.more people found dead after that huge warehouse fire in california. 3 plus -- a warning about the hidden costs of a new service coming to united airlines in
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the fear of really happening.33 people are now confirmed dead after that horrible warehouse fire in oakland california. california.70-percent of the charred remains of the building still need to be that number could rise even more.there was a dance party going on inside the old warehouse when the fire erupted.joel shanahan...a d-j based out of madison...was at that party.his friends are thankful he surv "it's very sad, it's very devastating, a lot of friends lost a lot of good friends and people out there." there.""i'm obviously relieved that he's ok, and very sad that and very sad for everyone going through this, it's a nigh" nightmare."this, it's a nightma" nightmare."officials say this is one of the deadliest fire in oakland california's history. 3 in north dakota...a victory for the opponents of the dakota access pipeline.
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engineers denied a permit for the pipeline to be built under that lake.the corps said developers need to look into alternative routes.protesters are trying to stop the pipeline construction.the standing rock sioux tribe...whose reservation is about half-a-mile away...welcomed the news. na-59su "it feels good i'm really happy that i'm here to witness it and celebrate with a lot of my elders and the youth, but i think that we also need to keep in mind that we need to be ready to keep going." going."the army said the project would environment and destroy some ancient native destroy some ancient native american sites. the tribe is also urging the soon to be donald trump administration to respect the decision. thousands gathered for the funeral for former cuban president fidel castro today. today.many of his supporters did whatever they could to get a view of castro during the procession through the city of santiago.a few even traveled from other countries to pay their respects. catherine schultz/mourning castro: "free healthcare, free medical care, people are
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i think those are achievements us presidents have not achieved" achieved."castro's ashes were interred during a private ceremony just outside the city this evening. 3 there were also funeral services in brazil... for the president of the soccer team who was killed in a plane crash last week.he was one of the 71 people who died when the plane slammed into the side of a hill in colombia on monday.only six people survived.investigators say the plane ran out of fuel on the way to bolivia. four days into the presidential recount here in sc elections commission is revealing some new details. details. the commission's website says the clinton/kaine campaign picked up 13 votes in racine county...votes that weren't counted because of the type of pen used. used.there wer ballot jams in walworth ten votes were added between clinton, donald trump and gary johnson. johnson.and in fond du lac...both clinton and trump ?lost seven? votes. votes.counties have until december 12th to finish the recount... otherwise, wisconsin may not be allowed
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"this is about responding to the american voters who are standing up and saying we deserve an election system that we can trust" trust"and with that... the recount in pennsylvania is back party nominee jill stein reversed course on the lawsuit today... just one day after she said she was going to drop it due to lack a lack of funding.stein must raise one-million dollars to begin the process.she also have a lawsuit pending in michigan.
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3 thanks justin.influencing culture through art.... president barack obama and first lady michelle obama honored five performers who've changed the world with their talent... 3 this is part of how we've tried to honor the legacy of president and mrs. kennedy. they understood just how vital it is to our democracy. we need song and cinema and paintings and performance to help us challenge our assumptions, question the way things are, maybe inspire us to think about how things might be. 3
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hosted the kennedy center honorees reception at the white al pacino and blues singer mavis staples are among those who received the award. united airlines new "basic economy" seating might not be all it's cracked up to be... at least, according to one lawm. york senator chuck schumer says the new service could end up costing passengers more than they think.he points to the fact that people who buy basic will have to pay extra to use overhead bins... along with automatic seat assignments, split up on flights.basic economy tickets will be available january 1st. the capstone to a career in baseball... former commissioner and founder of the milwaukee brewers bud selig is now a hall of famer. famer.the milwauke native got the call today.he was voted in by the game committee.selig will be inducted july 30th, 2017.players will be announced january 18th. 3 and something new from the
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cleats clay matthews was reads "cure duchenne"... part of the league's "my cause, my cleats" promotion.this week only... the nfl let players wear colorful cleats in support of their favorite charities. packers.... especially for jordy nelson.especially for for the packers.... fun in the snow fun in the snow for the packers.... especially for jordy nelson. the badgers going bowling.... against western michigan. find
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aaron rodgers said a couple weeks ago the packers could run the table. now, it doens't seem so silly. seattle on deck
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everyone in the y good! matt stafford to golden tate for 65 yards.... and the 28-13 win. the lions fending off everyone in the nfc north and holding onto their first-place spot. the packers gain ground on the vikings after their loss thursday... but everyone else wins, including detroit. they're at 8-4... the packers tow games behind at 6-6. the packers will see each of these teams one more time this year. bowl they would have hoped... but they do get an intriguing m. matchup.that's because they drew undefeated mac champion western michigan. they'll play in the cotton bowl january 2nd. of course, this comes after thier devastating loss last night in the big ten championship game. the top four teams remained intact... with one small exception. clemson jumped ohio
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nonetheless, they'll still play one another in the fiesta bowl. in the other semifinal.... top ranked alabama going against pac 12 champion washington. marquette playing georgia earlier today... they had four players in double-figures... all of them off the bench. one of those guys being jajuan johnson. 16 points... ten rebounds too. and along with his double-double... he helped feed sam hauser. he led all marquette they improve to 6-2 with their 89-79 win. coming up monday-- dads, daughters and updos. a special class-- all about hair care and family bonding.and-- things are moving along at a new shopping complex in brookfield!we'll take you there for an update.those stories and more on the cbs 58 morning news!we're on from
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