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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  December 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CST

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went to far... shooting their dog while searching their home. the cbs 58 news at 10 starts right now. 3 a racine family admits police had a warrant, but questions whether officers really needed to shoot their pet dead. dead.they were told it's protocol... and believe their dog "sugar" was hiding when she was fired upon. cbs 58's april dovorany is live from the racine police department with the story. 3 to her home to investigate a november 15th crime but found no evidenceand leftwith her dog, sugar's body. 1059 it was horrible ..."(april)and then to find out..."for nothing: shakes head"sara harmon says-around 5am wednesday-just after her husband dropped he roff at work police burst into her homeinvestigating a november 15th reprt of shots fired. fired.936 i was reading the warrant and i saw attempted
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unbelievablehe called sayingtheir son was being questioned for attempted murder-and that police had shot their family dog, sugar. he believes the dog was hiding from police in her room when it happened. 1942 he thinks she was shot here bc there was blood all dripping from here down nd then it looks like she jmped on my bedher son was released with no charges that same day and harmon feels sugar was shot for no reason. 1228 why did they kill her? what did they tell you? protocol. its protocol.when you do a raid to shoot a dog. thatrst husband.racine police would not confirm specific details of the incident, but did say it is ?not protol to shoot dogs in these situations. an answer not good enough for harmon who a week later still doesn't sleep in her bedroom. nats2807 this was my first pet and i never got why people said pets wer like kids. i get it. its like losing a childe thats what i feel like i feel like my child is dead chief art howell did release a statement saying the department executes more than
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many involving dogs and "the overwhelming number of warrants are executed without incident." 3 incident."executed without incident." some of us could be seeing single digit wind chills.chief meteorologist drew burgyone is getting us ready....drew? 3 3
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3 now that winter weather has arrived.... don't forget to download the cbs 58 ready weather can watch live radar... plus get up- to-date temperatures and forecasts for your smartphone or tablet.the 'cbs 58 ready and android. a bizarre story out of fox lake tonight..a woman is dead - and three people close to her have been charged. one of them - is her boyfriend and also her cousin. cbs 58's amanda porterfield is at the dodge county courthouse with more bill michele michelethe woman's boyfriend, his mother and her boyfriend were in court here this morning. none of them have been charged with the actual homicide. but dodge county officials say they were all involved and could face more serious charges soon.
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we go trail and oh kay drive deputies say sesalie dixon's dead body was hidden in her boyfriends truck for hours.. ((reveal mugs one at a time with two showing here)) while her boyfriend and his mother - who are also her cousin and aunt were inside..with the mother's boyfriend vernon mickey.according the criminal complaintthe four of them left a funeral together on saturday. but at some point that night - mickey says he saw blood in the boyfriend, laverne ware's truck and noticed sesalie dixon was gone. ware said she'd left him night - mickey and ware went out to a bar. when they came back - he says ware indicated to them he killed his girlfriend. then tried to recruit mickey to get rid of the body. hours later - mickey called police. neighbor don pillsbury says the family is from milwaukee and moved to the typically quiet street this summer. 03:50:10 i just went by the other day and waved. i never
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kept to themselves i was kind of shocked. butt 03:50:40 i feel sorry for the family it's a shame it had to happen. :44 the criminal complaint also hinted that there had been a history of domestic violence between the boyfriend and the victim. a murder suspect is in custody after a standoff in a milwaukee neighborhood. neighborhood.police were looking for that suspect near 13th and burleigh this morning. when the occupants of a house refused to come out, a tactical unit was called to the scene. after about two hours, the suspect, a 19-year old man, surrendered. cbs 58 also saw several dogs being loaded into a madacc truck. policeaven't released any other details ye 3 marquette university issuing a warning to students after a robbery at the jimmy john's
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video of a man robbing the restaurant on west wells street last night.he implied he had a gun in his pocket and got money from the cashiner. police say a few minutes earlier he tried to rob "real chili" downtown.if you recognize this man you're asked to call milwaukee police the state's recount started nearly a week ago.... and so far, close to 1 point 75 million votes have been counted. our area... dodge, ozaukee, sheboygan, walworth and washington counties have finished.donald trump has picked up some commission doesn't expect any major changes.there's a spread sheet from the elections commission that has all the results as they come on... you can find a link on our website cbs58 dot com. 3 the michigan appeals court says green party presidential candidate jill stein has no right to seek a recount and that's because of her fourth-place finish the election. the court ordered the michigan election board to reject her recount petition..but the recount is underway.and another one may be coming..three voters in
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claim there was tampering with electronic balloting.but they may have waited to long to file. the electoral college votes on december 19th. officials in waukesha county are are trying to clear up any confusion about a blog post claiming voter fraud.... saying the post is an example of "fake news". news".a headline on the blog almer port" cites an election observer accusing officials ofdoublecounting votes for donald trump.the article s based off a now- deleted and unverified facebook post.those in waukesha say they're sad people believe the article... saying the recount is running properly. 1:26-1:36 "they're working so nd thard a brd o canvassers and the primary observer we have really worked in a very cooperative an, it's hard to hear that." that." cbs 58 reached out to the repor to ask if he had followed up any aatns before publishing the post... but
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clthis eld... one that coulde in dange field-tu pa new jersey ? behind ?this? field - knowingl communities ne td five others ds duraspine - ca st compy ysfields in beis problem.e enpact- use problem.all th fids in our ea
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suffr omd awauk's common ci ordinance later this month that would require lines to be replaced when they leak, break or are scduled for routine could cost homeowners up to 16-hundred dollars and tonight one group is saying that's unacceptable.they want all linereplaced-at no charge- as soon as possible. evany dorsey 09;45;35 yall spending money on street cars and new stadiums need to be built but yall need to be putting this money you taking from us tax payers and put it in our homes. 04;45;46
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the city is handing out free water filters to people living in impacted homes.we will put details on our website, cbs 58 dot com... on how you can check to see if your home has lead lateral lines. for the first time the executive director of the kenosha heth center is giving an on camera interview about recent concerns over management of the center. center.since it is funded by taxpayers and receives federal money, common council members became concerned when they heard the center was expanding elsewhere and then laid off 11 workers in with them, the council voted for a review of the center's management and quality of care. 19-28"after many months of not getting any answers or call back. then we sent the official resolution early november. 35-46we invited them here... so we could talk about whatever the issues were or find out what the concerns were.. .and it just didn't seem to work out. theer's many things we can't speak to because we're a private corporan corporation
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review already by federal investigators. no word on if council members will want them to take another look. health officials are also trying to help curb opioid abuse and overdoses -- using bi. billboards.the billboards will be scattered across southeast wisconsin for 8's a partnership between the d-e-a, c-v-s stores, and the hupy and abraham law firm... with the hopes of reducing the risk of addiction and save lives. "what we want to do is raise the biggest way we can so people can make good decisions to protect themselves and protect their chlidren." chlidren." 262 people have died from opioid overdoses in milwaukee county so far this year. 3 the power of law and order in your you have the tip that could be the break in the f-b-i's unsolved robberies? 3 and an important piece of history from world war two was almost destroyed... until someone realized its signifiance....
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inside the store, but the suspect was caught on camera leaving the storehis ill gotten gains falling to the sidewalk as he ran.if you know anything, the milwaukee f-b-i and west allis p-d want you to call them. in fact, that is how they would prefer you help them ?instead of taking matters into your own hands. "well, we would certainly discourage that sort of behavior for obvious reasons. one of which he ultimately was shot as a result of this. however, i can also respect the fact that the individual felt that it was appropriate for him too wanted to get involved. so, i respect the fact that he did it but certainly not encourage it, because it could have a horrible outcome."with your help, authorities can solve this west allis, mike curkov cbs 58 news. a milwaukee brewery is apologizing for a distasteful name it gave to one of its beer. beers."mob craft" released a beer it named "date grape"... clearly a reference to date rape.that link has been taken down, and the brewery says it changed the a facebook
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some wisconsin democrats are unhappy with the d-n-r's proposal that would raise state park fees and sell naming rights to park facilities.the lawmakers sent a letter to the d-n-r... saying raising fees would make parks unaffordable.the d-n-r suggested the proposals to close a 1-point 4 million dollar shortfall in the budget. 6:13-18choo choo 3 3 there was a large crowd had to wait a few extra minutes for the holiday train in the train was about 45 minutes late... but that didn't stop people from enjoying the sights and sounds of the holiday also made stops in hartland and watertown tonight. 3
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3 what better way to get kids to snuggle up with a good book at home than by giving them their very own library.. library..the united way is working with mps by organizing a book fair visit three times a year.each time the student takes one book to keep. educators say children are more engaged in reading when it's a book they picked out. 9:27:40-52we want to encourage our students to read 20 minutes a day, so when they
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these books, then they are able to go home and have some books that interest them and get them in the habit of reading reading we visited hopkins lloyd community school where children were choosings from hundreds of different books. this is the second year the program has come to milwaukee public schools. milwaukee students, cleaning up the neighborhood around their school....'s part of the curriculum at the escuela verde school at 36th and pierce.the charter school has a physical education course called "neighborhood exploration', where students walk around and get toow live near the school. today was "trash tuesday"even before today's outing, we're told the kids had picked up about 100-pounds of garbage. tomorrow marks 75 years since the attack on pearl harbor.and one of the few surviving planes of that attack is now on display. the only "sikorsy j-r-s one" left in existence is now at the smithsonian national air and space musuem.the plane was stationed at pearl harbor... and after the attack, it was
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ended up in storage... and almost turned into scrap metal until someone realized the plane's significance. 42-48(sot lawrence burke curator u.s. naval aviation) "these guys went out to find the japanese fleet knowing if they found it they were probably in trouble..1:25-1:32 somebody happened to look at the logbook and noticed it was showing a flight on pearl harbor on december 7. 3 the plane wasn't designed for combat, but it was used to deliver mail and move critical personnel around. 3 gove s time with members of the national guard in the middle east this week.he tweeted out this picture today... saying "it's such a great honor to speak with wisconsin national guard troops... thank you for your service".his office didn't say where he is in the middle east.walker is there with a delegation of governors visiting troops.we'll be right
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the brewers made their first big trade of the off-sean thornburg to boston for third baseman travis shaw and two prospects.....g-m david stearns made the move at baseball's winter should slide in to the lineup right away as the opening day third baseman....he had 16 home runs and 71 r-b-i's for the red sox last season playing in a platoon.....mauricio dubon is a 22 year old short stop and one of the top prospects in boston's system....he hit .323 last season finishing at the
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rounds out the deal along with a player to be named later or cash... 3 3 stearns: "i think we looked at it, the entirety of the deal was important to us. all three pieces coming back. travis is the most notable because he does have major league experience. he played a prominent role in what the red sox did last year and he'll play a prominent role in our team this year as well. but mauricio dubon is a very nice prospect that we've targetted for some time now." here's what shaw and thornburg had to say on twitter brewers new third baseman is excited for the next chapter in his career while thornburg thanked the team and fans for the last seven years.... the packers will play the final games of the season the same way they started it.....without mike pennel.... pennel........the defensive lineman has agreed to a four game suspension for violating the n-f-l's substance abuse policy.....he missed the first four games for the same reason......pennel has seven tackles and one pass breakup....expect to see more of rookie dean lowry in the
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before they take on unbeaten western michigan in the cotton's a chance to recover from their brutal loss in the big ten championship game..........turns out that still may not be enough time... musso: "honestly i really still haven't turned the page. that will be something that's with me forever. i'll always use that as a motivating factor, especially going into this game coming up." marquette tries to win their 5th in a row before s showdown against the badgers....the golden eagles soar early....they snag a 47-28 lead at halftime .... sam hauser and company hit 9 three's to take control.... fresno state dominates the second half pulling to within one possession a couple of times.....hauser shuts the comeback down with three more of his team high 19... wasn't pretty but marquette survives and will take on the badgers with a 7 and 2 record... the admirals are the best team in the a-h-l by a mile....they
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wild.....milwaukee lights the lamp less than 30 seconds after the puck drops! iowa ties it in the second period but they are just over matched.....such a pretty game winner for the admirals as
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anyone looking for a new
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nowhere... can buy santa's house at the north pole!it's listed on the real estate website "zillow" and sits on 25 acres.some amenities include... an oven with 12-different cookie settings, space for santa's sleigh... a state-of-the art toy making workshop.... plus stables for reindeer. it's listed at a little more than 650-thousand dollars. 3
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes vice president joe biden and dj khaled, and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! good to see you. ( cheers and applause )


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