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contractor fraud...a man hired for remodeling work... but he doesn't use the money for the job.the cbs 58 news at 10 starts right now 3 more cold weather.... and now a winter storm is on its way. cbs 58 meteorologist drew burgoyne is getting us ready... drew? winter storm watch saturday 6pm - monday 12 am some clouds while staying partly cloudy. lows in the low teens with wind chills from 00 to 100. wind: w 5-10 mph. weekend: saturday starts out before clouds increase. stays
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the low 20s but feeling closer to 100. snow arrives by turdayate afternoon or early evening. light snow continuous saturday night and all day sunday before wrap ping up monday morning. highs on sunday will be lose to the freezing mark in the lower 30s. by southeast wisconsiwill have 3-5" of snow on the ground with an additional 2" to 4" possible through sunday night. the snow looks to wrap up by
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a man is dead after falling through the ice in walworth county.his body recovered after an extensive search that put emergency responders in danger because of the condition. conditions.the call came in just after one this afternoon from lake como. 5:30 the grim news would reach shore that this was a recovery and not a 58's kristen barberesi with the story. 3 kristen introit took four hours and more than 30 agencies from southeast wisconsin and northern illinois to find recover the bo. body. police responded to lake como around 1:15 friday afternoonafter a man walked about 700 yards on to the ice-- and fell through.the first rescue boats went in the water at 1:30-- and dozens of dive crews from neighborhing towns came in to help. help.chief rod smith, elkhorn fi dept.04;54;27 the weather and the divers that have to go in, they can only go in that
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operational periods are short so we have to ahve more man power. he was last seen around 1:40 pm--the search continued past sunset--but around 5:30 they did recover a body. body.cassandra kordecki, lake como homeowners association 04;51;27 it's very sad. sad.those who live along the shore say this is one of the first lakes to freeze because it's so shallow-- buta warm fall means it's far from solid . yet.cassandrrdecki, lake como homeowners association 04;50;17 this is relatively early for it to be frozen, and obviously too soon for someone to be out on the lake. lake.officials say after falling in to the water, hypothermia can set in within minutes...anwarn and any other body of water. water.sheriff kurt picknell, walworth county sheriff's dept. 04;55;15 the ice is extremely unstable and given the weather conditions that we have, no ice is safe as we've seen tonigt tonightkristen tagthe name of the victim has not been released, we do know he was in his early 40s. on lake como, kristen barbaresi cbs 58news 3 wildlife officials say while it is very is only starting to form so this is an unpredictable time.two inches or less means you should stay
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safe for fishing and skating. five inches are need for a snow mobile or atv8-12 inches can handle a car or small truck. and the ice has to be 12 to 15 inches thick to carry the weight of a medium sized truck. with snow on the way... the city of milwaukee is bracing for a busy weekend -- making sure plow trucks are ready to hit the road. road.the d-p-w says preparations began earlier this week -- with crews putting anit-icing chemicals on the streets to keep snow from sticking. the d-p-w is reminding drivers patient as plow trucks remove the snow. laura daniels, director of operations, dpw "it's important for us to get the snow moved and especially with a storm of this sizable predicted amounts that we don't leave snow there because it'll just compound future storms. we need to get through so please be mindful." 3 more than 100 salt trucks will be on the roads starting tomorrow.and 350 workers will be working 12-hour shifts to make sure roads are clear. 3 with winter parking rules in effect in milwaukee.... most
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require alternate side parking. and depending on how much snow falls.... the "four inch rule" could also go into effect. make sure to check signs before you park. you can also visit our website for winter parking rules. a milwaukee husband and wife came up with a plan to make sure they don't get snowed in. and their plan is catching on. 58s eric levy is in milwaukee right now to explain 3hat they did.eric? mi then the side streets, are priority when a snow storm hits if your garage is in an alley, it can be a real pain to get through. "terrible, terrible, impossible."so when an idea came about chip in and hire a private plow driver... judy kuhn was all for it... it..."i think it's great, and it's not terribly expensive, so it works out really well." it's 500 dollars for the entire season, each neighbor
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if there's at least two inches on the ground, the snow will be plowed at least once. once."i don't wanna get up and shovel first thing in the morning...5:30 after a big snow."and so began peter murphy's grass roots effort to get support for a private plow driver.three-years later... "everybody's pretty happy to oblige. you know, if some people can't afford it, that's fine or if they decide not to, that's fine, they still get the alley owed."it beats the alternative of waking up to the sound of engines re snow..."it's almost like teeth grinng, isn't it?"have we mentioned there's snowcoming this weekend?there is... "that's right, sounds like we're ready for it." milwaukee department of public works is doing an alley pling pilot program in a small area of the city this year.we'll wait and see what comes out of that.el, cbs 58... bill...back to you. the d-o-t is hoping folks will
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traffic slows down this weekend. weekend. remember-- posted speed limits are for dry pavement... and make sure to leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you.bridges and overpasses are the first freeze and challenging to keep . clear. and make sure snow if off your lights and windows of your car.. so you can see others and they can see you. 3 and if you haven't done it already, please download the cbs 58 "ready weather" app. it helps you track of the storm's movements..with live radar and it's free for apple and android users. accused of touching several chi. children. adam rosman faces 21 felony counts of child enticement, exploitation and prostitution. prostitution. the sheriff's office says the 18-year-old from sussex approached several children over 13 months... between last october and this past november. november. investigators believe there may be more victi. victims.if you know anything... call the waukesha c ounty sheriff's department 3 cuday police have arrested a 33-year-old man who they say
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year-old girl as she walked home.the incidents happened tuesday afternoon... just blocks away from two elementary schools and the police station.the girl told police the man approached her three times.the case will be reviewed by the d-a for potential charges. investigators believe speed and alcohol may habe been a factor in that crash that has left a local man fighting for his life. life.larry hansen was working on his car when a driver on highway 16 lost control and slammed into his garade, pinning him in the wreckage. his friend has set up a go fund me ac to that on our website, cbs 58 dot comthe driver of the car was also taken to the hospital. but was walking around on scene la night. 3 an enterprise credit union employee and her fiancee are accused of cashing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of phony checks... then using the money to buy percocet pills. a criminal complaint says anna charabek and anthony tourtillott cashed more than 300 bad checks in 6-different bank accounts....the bank found out after an audit
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milwaukee police still asking for help in finding a 30-year old woman. woman.sabrina allen went missing near third and nash. police tell us she has health issues. allen is around 5- 6...230 pounds. she has a bob cut with bangs hair style. she was last seen wearing a navy blue keen-length coat with green lining... and black shoes with white stripes and pink lining...if you recognize her -- call milwaukee police district five police? at 4-935-7251. a federal judge refuses to stop wisconsin's recount..turning down the request of trump supporters who said it was a waste because it won't change the out. last check... all but 12 counties have made their recount official.more than 13-hundred votes have been added to the finally tally.hillary clinton gained a mere 49 votes over president elect trump.clerks say any changes to vote totals were mostly human error. 3 the michigan supreme court
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stein to restart a recount there.the appeal was denied two days after a judge ended the recount.and a federal judge in pennsylvania says he'll decide on a green-party backed lawsuit to recount paper ballots on monday. house speaker paul ryan was in new york today... meeting with president-elect donald trump. trump.the two haven't always seen eye to eye.... they clashed several times during the presidentiacampaign over some of trump's political positions.but ryan says he and trump have smoothed things over, and they now speak regularly. "we had a great meeting to talk we're very excited about getting to work and hitting the ground running in 2017 to put this country back on track. thanks guys." guys."the president-elect was tonight on a stop on his "thank you" tour.that tour will bring trump to the milwaukee area on tuesday. he'll be at state fair park in west allis 3 a twisted case of contractor fraud...a man doesn't do the job he's paid for... and how his victims are trying to get back their money. 3 he brought baseball back to milwaukee is heading to
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one of bud selig's closet
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he was hired to do remodeling work... but instead.. investigators say he used the money for himself... himself...for more than a year-- victims of michael schultz have fought to get their thousands of dollars back cbs 58's marshanna hester digs into this twisted case of contractor fraud.. 3 garage nats nats one of the things i had to pay extra for was he said he had to rebuild this whole corner.marlene koenigs snell paid 7-thousand dollars for a new garage... it looks like over a year electrical work, no drywall, old lumber... lumber... yeah very sketchy but snell put her trust in michael schultz... of ss enterprises of wi, llc.he showed up to work at first, but then things got worse... worse... he took a lot of time, took my money. took a vacation.a vacation snell says schultz took to branson, missouri with his girlfriend-- when he should have been putting shingles on her garage roof.documents show he rarely
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supplies.he gave me some receipts from menards and that's where i found out i was buying soda and cashews snell hired schultz after a friend and co-worker recommended him...that woman is also schultz's girlfriend. i think she wanted to help him find work.i don't think they intentionally set out to do this. i don't know so, i went to the girlfriend's house in fond du lac to get answers. answers. i was stopping by to ask if you knew michael schultz was taking his customers while doing contractor work? no i know nothing about that? okay can you tell us a little bit about ?door slams? can you tell us if you knew anything about that? milwaukee county court documents show the girlfriend ?also? recommended schultz to a former classmate who lives in glendale.that woman and her husband made a 5-thousand dollar payment to fix their bathroom.glendale police say schultz told them he cashed that check to cover his bills. investigators later found out schultz was living in fond du
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schultz here at his est girlfriend's house but he refused to get out of his truck. officers then say schultz backed up his truck then sped forward, trying to hit them, as he led them on a high speed chase." chase." i'm glad nobody got hurt because he was driving erractly.schultz is now in the fond du lac county jail on felony charges related to the cost snell another 35- hundred dollars just to get the outside of her garage in decent shape. do inside.. she's learned anyone can be a fraud... fraud... do your homework, even if they're a friend do your homework. before his arrest-- a fond du lac county judge ruled schultz only owes snell 47-hundred dollars.. not the full 7-thousand because he did ?some? snell pursues a civil case, schultz faces a felony "theft by contractor" charge in
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19 volunteer chaplains will now serve the wisconsin state patrol. the chaplains come from all over the state and are ordained or licensed clergly, who currently serve as police chaplains.they'll counsel state troopers and their families, and help with death notifications and crisis response. 3 the skiing season finally getting underway...little switzerland in slinger opened for the season's video from earlier today of crews making snow... but with snow on the way... they won't have to make much more.the hills open again at 10 tomorrow morning. 3 winter storm watch saturday 6pm - monday 12 amtonight: some clouds while staying partly cloudy. lows in the low tewith wind chills from 00 to 100. wind: w 5-10 mph. weekend: saturday starts out with a little bit of sunshine
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chill saturday with highs in the low 20s but feeling closer to 100. snow arrives by saturday late afternoon or early evening. light snow continuous saturday night and all day sunday before wrapping up monday morning. highs on sunday will be close to the freezing mark in the lower 30s. by noon sunday most of southeaswisconsin will ve 3-5" of snow on the ground with an additional the snow looks to wrap up by sunday evening.
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3 3 by sunday evening. 3 3 tom petty's returning to summerfest for the 50 anniversary party.two shots at the marcus --july 5th and 6th.
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marking their own "40th" go on sale next friday. carolers spreading christmas cheer... celebrating kindess and generosity this holiday season. 14-17singing singing it's all for 'national believe day'.macy's doubling donations to make a wish on this day through its letters to santa program.taking part in today's special event was a little girl named athena.she's battling leukemia and always hopes she could travel to paris with her dad. away, but make a wish wants to make sure she gets there for her fifth birthday. 9:44-53it's going to give her something to look forward too besides all the treatmentshe goes through... and everything she goes through this. it's a hard process but she's strong and she's getting through it it 'make a wish wisconsin' has granted nearly 380 wishes this year celebrating christmas a little early... with a latin american twist. a band played puerto rican and american holiday
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at the united community center's senior facility this morning.they had no trouble getting people onto the dance floor. 57:19-28see everybody in a good mood and it's contagious... very contagious and we can just dance and dance because it's part of la va vida the nochebuena or "christmas eve" celebration took the band to city hall and other locations throughout milwaukee baseball fans throughout wisconsin sent up a cheer when bud selig's name was an fame class of 20-17. 17.selig has maintained milwaukee roots - he even kept the commissioner's office in town rather than move it to new york. and carl mueller has been by selig's side through the decades, as selig's public relations specialist. 3 3 mueller: if he's asked what's the greatest thing you accomplished for major league 3
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baseball, it's competitive balance. if you ask him his greatest achievement in baseball, it was bringing the seattle pilots to milwaukee and restoring a major league franchise in his hometown. hometown.selig purchased the pilots out of bankruptcy in 19-70. he goes into baseball's hall of fame next july. looking for a christmas present for the packers fan in your life?aaron rodgers is signing autographs next week. week.he'll be signing them at the lambeau field atrium monday night starting at 6. fans are asked to donate 100 dollars per autograph -- all proceeds will benefit the salvation army.and, rodgers will match every donation. early.... the event is limited to the first 200 people. 3 the packers taking on the seahawks this weekend... and with snow in the forecast.... it could be a big advantage for the pack.
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locals may not call it frozen tundra, but to the rest of the league, heavy snow on game day is a rare sight - and certainly an advantage for the . pack.a defensive back slipped and fell on that touchdown pass to jordy nelson. and a carbon copy of last sunday's forecast is shaping up for this sunday's key battle with the seahawks at lambeau field. now because the young packers have experience in the wisconson conditions.
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rodgers: it's the end of the season, so these rookies need to act like established players, and they've been playing really well for us. we're counting on those young guys to play a lot of plays for us, and we need another great effort from them. but it is all about the feel out there and understanding how the weather and the field conditions affect your balance and your ability to push off and your ability to accelerate. tell me how the packers can take advantage of a seattle defense without earl thomas, arguably their best player? player? antoehr earl thomas so the packers should be able to take shots down the middle. but kam chancellor is just as good as earl thomas and he's the other safety. i'll say he'll try to take jared cook out of the game. the packers have to run the football. they have to have a running game to keep this defense about the packers defense--what does seattle's offense have that
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bay packers historically have had problems in their secondary against tight ends. we've gotta be aware of jimmy graham and we've gotta be able to contain russell wilson.with the exception of one game that aaron rodgers has started, the packers when they play seattle at lambeau field, they win. when they play in seattle, they lose. theyr'e at lambeau field this time around. around.and it's gonna be bad weather too. i'm heainrg thew snaow will be here tomorrow around 6 and it'll snow throughout the game. not an advantage to the packers--maybe bay or miami, it gets nasty in seattle too. i say the packers a low-scoring game 21-17 that sounded like a question, gary. the bucks hope to make another statement with the hawks in town. jabari parker certainly did... did...take this right to the final few minutes, where parker gave the bucks a lead on his way to 27 points, easily a team high. holding the lead, a different story.
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lead and then ran away a bit in the final seconds... seconds...the homestand ends with a four point loss to the ys from the a-t-l. three and a half weeks from their next game, and the badgers are already at work preparing for the cotton bowl and undefeated western michigan. practices started today in madison, and aul chryst is happy for all his guys to gain some more experience over the next month. 3 3 chryst: for a program, certainly getting to the bowl is a great thing, it's one more game. but the time you with the young guys, it's invaluable. milwaukee right-hander phil bickford, the 18th overall pick in baseball's 2015 amateur draft, has been suspended for the first 50 games of next season following a second positive test for a drug of abuse under the sport's minor abuse under the sport's minor league drug
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a luy winner gets to spend christmas in the iconic "a christmas story" house and museum in cleveland.the two-night stay was up for auction... a the winner gets to bring three guests, plus more than 800 dollars in gifts -- including a "leg lamp". the house is the fictional boyhood home of ralphie parker from the 19-83 film.e-bay lists the winning bid at 6-
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a unique christmas tradition....santa claus heading down the river... bringing gifts -- and fish!a tradition in hungary where children wait on the shoreline to welcome the szent mikulas. it's part of the december harvest where hundreds of tons of fish will be caught from now until the big day. no mrs mikulas in hungary just a devil who goes around punishing the bad kids. 3 3 winter storm watch saturday 6pm - monday 12 amtonight: some clouds while staying partly cloudy. lows in the low teens with wind chills from 00 to 100. wind: w 5-10 mph. weekend: saturday starts out with a little bit of sunshine before clouds increase. stays chill saturday with highs in the low 20s but feeling closer to 100. snow arrives by saturday late afternoon or early evening. light snow continuous saturday night and all day sunday before wrapping up monday morning. highs on sunday will be close to the freezing mark in the lower 30s. by noon sunday most of southeast wisconsin will have 3-5" of snow on the ground with an additional 2" to 4" possible through sunday night. the snow looks to wrap up by sunday evening.
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