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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  December 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CST

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conditons are deteriorating as the big winter storm continues to move on in.'s a ?live? look a current conditions in milwaukee, waukesha, burlington and greenfield..... the snow continues to fall all across our viewing area....and -- we hope you like it because it's ?not? slowing down or stopping any time soon. 3 a winter storm warning is in effect for ?most? of our area....good evening i'm amanda porterfield. porterfield. i'ic going to send it over to meteorologist justin thompson- gee he's getting you ready for any sunday morning plans you have.hello justin! 3 3 3 3 3
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3 right now -- greenfield and the village of pleasant prairie are both under snow emergencies kenosha's start at midnight tonight and it will go until further notice... parking rules are also in effect in kenosha...once two inches of snow has fallen there -- there's no parking on any posted snow route.... parking on ?all? city streets is not allowed during this time. 3
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effect. that means most residential streets will require alternate side parking...right now -- the "four inch rule" is ?not? in effect...keep a look out for signs and visit our website for all updated parking rules. new at ten...the state patrol wants to get the word out.... slow down and leave everyone, including law enforcement, can make it home safely tonight. tonight. cbs 58's amanda devoe is in waukesha right now with some advice for you.amanda? the snow started falling here in waukesha around 4:30 this afternoon.. it started sticking shortly after that. as the winter storm gets underway dozens of officers are on standby, and urging drivers to stay safe during this winter storm. as snow continues to fall, state trooper nicholas lorenzen says slick roads can be a danger zone for drivers.
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by struck, by vehicles that are oncoming, they lose control and it causes a chain reaction."lorenzen says these types of accidents happen every year with the first snowfalls. his coworker, trooper david schmidt, got rear ended on 1-41 in washington county last sunday. "thankfully, there were no 3 serious injuries caused. the cruiser is damaged without repair, but the most important thing is that the trooper is okay."lorenzen says a trooper lost his leg in a similar incident near fond du lac a few years ago.that's why officials urge people to drive would, and not drive too close to others, especially in certain "hot spots" in this cold weather."typically interstate 41 through washington county is usually always a problem in the snowy weather. i94 usually through the eastern half of waukesha county is a big problem. we do have the zoo interchange project going on."lorenzen leaves this word of advice for
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crews out here in waukesha are of course plowing and salting the roads as we speak. again, officials urge you to stay home and avoid the roads during this storm. live in waukesha, ad cbs 58 news. 3 and be sure to download our cbs 58 ready weather can track the storm all weekend right along with us...and see the most-up-to-date forecast for your's free for i- phone and android. n one person won't be sleeping at home tonight after an apartment fire in racine.... racine....the fire chief tells us it started in a small bedroom on the second floor of this 12-unit complex...the flames didn't impact all apartments, ?but some? may have water the fire started and estimated repair is still under investigation. 3 a family's dog is dead after a fire in new berlin. firefighters got to forest avenue a little before 11 this
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family made it out safely. no word yet on what caused it. developing tonight -- milwaukee police are trying to figure out how sabrina allen died...her body on the city's north side today. today. investigators tells us she was near palmer and townsend...she was reported missing by her family yesterday. yesterday.she was last seen in the area of third and nash.... and detectives say allen did have health issuesan autopsy will happen in the coming days.... police are also looking into the sudden deaths of ?two babies? in milwaukee... milwaukee...authorities were called out to a home near 51st and north.... on the north side...that's where they found a five-week-old infant.... just after 11 this morning.... morning....hours earlier.... around 5-15....police found the body of a three-month-old baby girl in a home near 33rd and lloyd...autopsies are scheduled for both next week. a 66-year-old man is dead after a crash on milwaukee's
10:08 pm happened just after 11 last night near 12th and hadley.that's where he was pronounced dead.police tell us the 31 year old driver hit the man in a roundabout... witnesses say people often drive too fast through the area. 3 "i watch people fly through this roundabout everyday and it's pretty dangerous. and i was really wondering, 'why aren't there any stop signs there? like it's common sense to have stop signs at a roundabout." : :police say the driver ?is? cooperating with police. and two greenfieol officers were involved in a head-on crash on layton avenue near 45th street this afternoon. afternoon.investigators say an 18-year-old man from milwaukee might have been speeding when he crossed over the center lane. he then collided with the squad car.all three were taken to the hospital... but are expected to be okay. in milwaukee...if your water service line breaks or leaks and needs to be may ?not? have to pay the entire cost. cost.a meeting was held today to talk about this proposal.
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or needs to'd pay the entire, sometimes hefty, cost. if this proposal goes through...the city would pay a majority of their part of the bill.the goal is to get rid of those old lead lines that were installed more than 50-years ago. 3 "cost is the main issue, how is it going to be funded? we know we have to replace the pipes, that is a known, that's what we have to do. so how are we gonna fund it?" it?"milwaukee uses a special treatment to prevent lead in pipes from to prevent lead in pipes from dissolving into the water that residents drink. however, research shows that the most effective solution is to replace those lead service lines with copper. 3 ?dane? county could be the next to finish their re- counting of presidential ballots.the county clerk expects final tallies far -- both trump ?and? clinton have had votes added to their totals.... the election commission says ?all? counties are on track to finish their recounts by monday's deadline. 3 russian hacking did ?not? help
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that's the words from trump's transition team...dismissing the c-i-a. c-i-a. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette has more on how close trump is from naming his secretary of state. president-elect donald trump's transition team is disputing an intelligence assessment that russia tried to influence the us presidential election and get mr. trump elected. nats cheering/election night the news was first reported friday night by the washington post after the cia shared the secret assessment with a group of u-s senators.the transition team released a statement saying: "these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the election ended a long time ago." sot: (catherine rampell/washington post columnist) "the transition team and trump himself are going to view this through a partisan lens regardless of what the results are and this is an attempt to delegitimize his win." saturday- mr. trump met with exxon mobil ceo rex
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cbs news has learned tillerson is mr. trump's top candidate for secretary of state. state.sot: (president-elect donald trump) "he's a great man. we'll see what happens." an announcement could come as early as next week. standup: (wendy gillette/new york) "the president-elect left his home here in trump tower early saturday afternoon for a little downtime- to enjoy one of the country's great college football rivalries." nats cheering the president-elect sat for part of the army-navy game in the box of west point graduate david urban - he also spent time in the box of retired marine lt. col. oliver north, an annapolis graduate. he gave an sports. sot: (president-elect donald trump) "i just love the armed forces. love the folks. the spirit is so incredible." mr. trump also said he was neutral on the outcome of the game.wendy gillette, for cbs news, new york. russia denies it was behind any attempts to disrupt the presidential election. president obama ordered an investigation this week which will be completed before he leaves office. 3 and...president-elect trump is
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west allis on tuesday as part of his "u-s-a thank you 2016 tour." you can catch him at wisconsin state fair park. doors open at 4 get tickets -- check out the registration link on our website-- cbs 3 it's the special christmas meeting these families will ?never? forget...meeting santa at the north pole. 3 plus....forget the traditional one wisconsin county is using high-technology to move the snow along... 3
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3 3 3 3 for a group of milwaukee children battling life-threatening is christmas. those kids and their families were given a first-class ticket to the north-pole... cbs 58s evan kruegel was there to meet them - and has the
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"it takes the whole village of the north pole to really pull something like this off" at mitchell international airport (nat) holiday travel is in full swing - but this morning - they added an extra route - one that wasn't listed on this departure direct flight - to the north pole.... "it's an emotional thing, to be able to see santa, and when you see the kids climb off the plane and make a mad dash for santa, it makes all the hard work worth it." 18 families were given the red carpet treatment - boarding a plane to a nearby hanger - where
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waiting to greet them.... them.... :33:54 "the kids were so excited. i mean, christmas time is a magical time to begin with, and to add this into the mix is any child's dream." kay chmielewski's son joel is fighting leukemia - the 3-year-old has spent more than half his life getting treatment....but today - at least for a moment - those hardships were erased with some holiday magic...:36:54 "it really is incredible, so we are really 3 veterans also celebrated christmas today.the zablocki v-a medical center hosted it's 29th annual christmas with the vets party t included donated gifts, food and fun, including the trinity irish dancers, for veterans getting care at the va. 3 "i start right after labor day, with all the background stuff, and then the past three weeks right after thanksgiving is crunch time. it's chaos for five of us vietnam vets doing all the pick-ups." ups."he says it's about two-thousand miles of driving...pick-ups from all over south east wisconsin.but the smiles and christmas music
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here's a live look at conditions in 3 milwaukee.meterologist justin thompson-gee has your ready weather forecast. winter storm warning & advisory in effect from 6:00 pm saturday until 8:00 pm sunday.tonight: snow arrives in a fairly light fashion. a few inches of snow likely by sunday morning. lows around 20. wind: s 5-10 mph.sunday: snow expected all day. travel will be tricky from morning until evening. snow wraps up between 7-10 pm. 6-10" of snow is expected for most. highs around 30. lows around 20. wind: s 5-15 week: a mix of sun and clouds with return for monday. arctic front brings in bitter cold
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showers with light accumulation may be possible late monday. sunshine accompanies the coldest air of the season with highs struggling to get out of single digits and lows around 0 for tuesday night through friday morning. another chance for accumulating snow arrives next weekend.winter storm from 6:00 pm saturday until 8:00 pm sunday.tonight: snow arrives in a fairly light fashion. a few inches of snow likely by sunday morning. lows around 20. wind: s 5-10 mph. sunday: snow expected all day. travel will be tricky from morning until evening. snow
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snow is expected for most. highs around 30. lows around 20. wind: s 5-15 week: a mix of sun and clouds with return for monday. arctic front brings in bitter cold air monday night. a few snow showers with light accumulation may be possible late monday. sunshine accompanies the coldest air struggling to get out of single digits and lows around 0 for tuesday night through friday morning. another chance for accumulating snow arrives
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3 with snow already blanketing the ground... dane county is turning to technology to keep the roads save time and money, they're using gps systems and new software in their trucks to track their routes... and plan where they pick up sand or salt for the roadways. "if you have someon a route you want it to be so that they are ending up by the supplies they need rather than going out to one town and having to drive all the way back 12:01 not plowing to reloa" reload."the new efforts are a part of the county's mission to get greener.right now, seven 7 trucks run on natural gas.the plan is convert every truck by 20-23. if you're looking for a trip
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spring... this could be it.... it....royal caribbean set the date for its maiden voyage to cuba. the empress of the seas will set sail from miami on april 19. norwegian cruise lines ships will also set sail there starting in march. who doesn't enjoy the holiday spirit but could do without the christmas clean up.people are finding ways to get around some of it...a new survey finds some americans are trading in ?real? christmas trees in favor of fake ones. the christmas tree promotion board says 31 percent of buyers opt for the real deal, while 30 percent prefer a fake one. 25 percent alternate - and the rest don't bother with one. it started as a history project decades is one of the country's foremost museum's of quilts and fiber arts. arts.melissa wraalstad "the stories behind the artwork are really incredible and its our responsibility to preserve not just the artwork but those stor" stories." coming up tomorrow on cbs 58 sunday morning...we'll take you to a 19th century farmsted
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tradition...that appeals to everyone. jamie henry "what's really amazing about the entire, i'll call it a museum campus almost, we purchased the hoffman-boeker farm, it's a farm that dates to the 1850's. each building is 1850's. each building is original." 3 please join us for that and many other memorable local stories...on cbs 58 sunday morning with mike strehlow. that's just ahead of cbs sunday morning with jane pauley from new york.we hope you'll join us beginning at seven. 3 in sports, we're talking college basketball... basketball...bragging rights on the line this afternoon, kevin. the badgers and golden eagles - a day to celebrate college basketball in the state... state...but if you're a fan of one team, it's a day to hate the other! it's next.
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3 marquette's golden eagles were looking to steal one away from the badgers, just like they did last year in madison. but for the second straight year in this rivalry, the visitor took home the spoils. c-b-s
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going into the locker room, marquette had to feel pretty good about themselves, up 40-35 at halftime. but the badgers caught fire in the second half, hitting 64 percent of their shots while defensively limiting marquette, a team known for thier ball movement, to just one assist in the second half. half. the name on this jersey probably got a little into them. guys wanted to prove themselves, take it to wisconsin if you will. and we did a great job of switching everything which makes it ha coming off the handoff and whatever they do. do. we just needed to get the ball moving. we average around 20 assists a game. we can't be distracted by personal agendas. we have to play as a whole and play as one. one. marquette played harder than we did last year i madison too so we wanted to do the same thing here, get to loose balls first, stuff like that so last year's game certainly stuck with us and affected this year's. marquette's bright spot actually came at halftime with the team honoring their 1977 ncaa championship team. reporting at the bradley
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cbs 58 sports wisconsin has a team in the stagg bowl again this year, but it's not whitewater. u-w oshkosh grits out a 10-3 win in today's national semifinal - they'll play for the division 3 championship next week in salem, virginia. two guys stood out for the bucks in d-c tonight - one you might expect, giannis antetokounmpo, at it again with 28 points and 13 rebounds. the other, maybe a surprise to you... mirza teletovic is going to take this pass from jason terry and knock down a three. he hit five triples tonight and scored 25 points. too bad neither player could help when kelly oubre turned a steal into a key bucket in the final . minutes.another rough stretch late means another loss for the bucks, their third defeat this week. golf, in december? now you're talking. wisconsinites steve stricker and jerry kelly visited naples florida for the franklin templeton shootout. a
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out the tournament today, and stricker and kelly almost won it. they finished second, one stroke off the lead. and got a quarter million dollars a piece. 3 3 the winner is lamar jackson, from the university of louisvil. louisville.lamar jackson is the youngest heisman winner in history - he's not even 20 years old yet! the louisville sophomore edged out clemson's football's highest honor. ???break???? with internet from time warner cable you get unlimited data. at&t u-verse has data caps. so basically, time warner cable is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. the really good ones.
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at&t u-verse is like an overrated frou-frou dinner you pay too much for and have to hit a drive-thru on the way home. no pudding. ah, that's done. time warner cable.


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