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tv   CBS 58 News at Noon  CBS  December 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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good afternoon. amidst a whirlwind of major cabinet picks, president-elect donald trump is coming to wisconsin. trump will visit the area for the first time since he was elected this country's 45th president. cbs 58 morning news anchor jessica tighe is here in studio with a look ahead... jessica 3 tour"... to the "state fair expo center" in west allis tonight. you might remember... during the ?campaign?--- trump was was a ?no-show? in west allis.he had rallies planned ?twice?... but cancelled both. that's ?not? likely to happen tonight.he's coming to say "thank you" to those who voted for him... and helped him "win wisconsin." in fact, his victory in our state... was just reaffirmed. wisconsin's recount shows... trump beat hillary clinton by more than 22-thousand votes. those results just cer tified yesterday.trump ?tweeted? about it this morning. morning.he said, "wisconsin
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states. i actually picked up ?additional? votes!"that ?wasn't? trump's ?first? tweet of the morning though. though.that one went to "rex tillerson"--- chairman and ceo of exxon mobil.trump announced via twitter... that he's chosen tillerson... to be "secretary of state."he called him... "one of the truly great business leaders of the world." ?not? on twitter... but also important... today we learned the president-elect has chosen former texas governor "rick perry"... to be his nominee for secretary of ?energy.? we'll likely hear more on ?all thref thostopics in west allis. here's a ?live? look at state fair park.vice president-electmike pence" will also bet theevent. doors at the expo center... open at ?four? this afternoon. the event starts at seven. can ?still? get fact, i just checked for you.i printed one out asn example.we have a link to get tickets... at cbs- 58-dot-com. just click on the "news links tab." 3 cbs 58 will bring you team coverage of the visit. kristen barbaresi and david ade will
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coverage beginning on our news at 4 p-m. milwaukee dpw wrapped up its overnight snow removal operation and lifted its 4-inch parking rule which prohibits parking on certain streets when we get 4 or more inches. rebecca's here to tell us that snow cover isn't going to melt away anytime soon.... rebecca in wx center today...cold. plenty o sun and chill.. highs around 12. west/nw winds 5 to 15 mph. il afternoontonight...partly cloudy. lows around 5. west winds 5 to 15 mph. chills to -150.wednesday...bright but frigid. patchy blowing snow. highs around 13. west winds 10 to 20 mph and gusts to 30 during the afternoon tranlating to wind chills -5 to -150. wednesday night...bitterly cold. partly
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toss back to mike it's a proposal that would
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thousands of milwaukee homeowners in terms of water safety and dollars and cents - and today in a 12 to 3 vote, milwuakee's common council passed an ordinace that mandates the replacement of lead service lines on private property. 3 so what does this mean?if you have a lead service line and it breaks.. the city will pay the majority of the replacement. replacement.but homeowners would be required to pay one third of the repair or a maximum of 16-hundred dollars. and that could be spread out in payments over a 10 of those old lead lines that were installed more than 50 years ago.there were a few amendments added the the ordinance this morning including a financial impact study on how this will impact the city as a whole.and creating a communication file, so the council can get regular updates on how repairs are affecting the city.while that was enough for most of the council, councilman borcowski felt like the city needed more
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reduce the cost for homeowners. i honestly know that all of us would rather just say government will pick up the entire tab. i get that but i think that this is a fight worth fighting and a third is not good enough in my eyes and i think it's all or nothing. 3 the black panthers were also in attendance this morning, they applauded alderman ow ordinance goes into effect at the beginning of the year. 3 one person is dead and three others are ?hurt? after a bad crash in happened along 1-94 at highway 142 around 11 last night.according to the kenosha county sheriffs department--- a woman driving a volkswagon ?spun out? and crashed into the median. her car was hit by a van. she died at the scene. the three people in the van were taken to a local hospital with ?moderate
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?closed? after the crash-- but everything is back open now. milwuakee police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a 15-year-old girl last night on milwaukee's north side. it happened at a home near 35th and silver spring. family members tell us melanie johnson was inside her kitchen just before six last night. police say that's when gunshots were fired from outside the home into the residence. the bullets came through a kitchen window, hitting and killing at this point...police don't have a motive or information on a suspect. the milwaukee symphony orchestra is anning for the future, and that includes finding a new home. the performing arts group has its sights set on a downtown landmark... the warner grand theatere on west wisconsin avenue. that's where julie parise is live thiafternoon. she just met with the orchestra president. julie? 3
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says the oal is to restore this historic building and have the milwaukee symphony orchestra start performing here by the fall of 2019. right now the m-s-o plays at the marcus center for performing arts on north water street.they have already raised about half the 120 million dollars needed to move to a permanent home at the grand theatre. one big reason the m-s-o hoped to move is to be able to control its own schedule. 3 3 ((take sot)) mark neuhaus, president milwaukee symphony orchestra were the easiest to move we dont need the size have a dedicated hall like we hope to build here 3 this is a move thats been in the works for more than 15 years.the symphony president says if you want to help the best way to do that is to support arts and culture in
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it's the sound of the season at brookfield central high school... dingle dingle dingle we visited with members of the school's "red kettle club" this morning. this week they'll ring bells before school in support of the salvation army's red kettle campaign. the red kettle club the only one of its kind in wisconsin, and one of only 5 in the country. 3 kajal khatri - red kettle club memb we collect throughout the week and throughout the entire season will go back to programs of the salvation army specifically in milwaukee we have the emergency lodge which is a homelss shelter run by the salvation army and we also have other programs like coats for kids and feed the kids and stuff like that." that." joelle parfrey - red kettle club member - "the salvation armydoes a lot of great things for people around us and i thikn that's important because we need to help the people who live by us" us" the salvation army's red kettle campaign goal this year in southeastern wisconsin is
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will support more than 80 programs and services in milwaukee county throughout the coming year. coming up on the cbs 58 news at noon... a deep freeze has descended upon the midwest - how this early winter cold snap compares to last year... plus - touchdowns for charity at the hunger task force - we'll explain how the packers offense is helping feed hungry milwaukee area families this
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if misery loves company when it comes to snowy and bitter cold, we've got plenty of it. jamie yuccas shows us how this december one-two punch of winter weather has a good chunk of the country in its grip. (nat: snow machine)people across the midwest are cleaning up after getting a fresh bat of snow from the latest storm to sweep through the region. this accident in ohio where a truck ran off the road.the driver was hurt but will survive. in mchenry, illinois - about 45 miles outside chicago - some people were taking winter's early arrival in stride.(sot: elesha ellwanger / "the painted fox" owner) (:26-:31)"we knew it was coming so, people we prepared, had their shovels (white flash cut here) it's all part of the fun...gets you in the spirit, the holidays" (00:46) (8 sec)the storm might be gone.but it was followed by frigid arctic air bringing
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the first time this season. coverage is key, especially if your job takes you outdoors. (sot: john thomas /utility worker) (:46-:52)"layers, ls of layers, you know, you hear it a million times but that's how you do it (standup close: jamie yuccas, mound, mn) (:53-1:16)i am currently walking across a very frozen dutch lake here in minnesota, but imagine a year ago when you could swim across this lake. that's because temperatures did not dip below zero in the state of minnesota until january 9th of last year. what a difference area makes because the week in this region it will be 15-20 degrees below normal. in mound, minnesota, jamie yuccas, cbs news. the cold means the fresh ice just laid down at red arrow park will be plenty hard. the "slice of ice" ice rink at red arrow park in downtown milwaukee opens for the season at 3 this afternoon. and markk this on your calendar...on decembt a er 21sspecial event called "holiday hoopla' --
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bags for the first 100 families who show up. and chill.. highs around 12. west/nw winds 5 to 15 mph. chillsround zero this afternoontonight...partly cloudy. lows around 5. west winds 5 to 15 mph. chills to -150.wednesday...bright but frigid. patchy blowing snow. highs around 13. west winds 10 to 20 mph and gusts to 30
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tranlating to wind chills -5 to -150. wednesday night...bitterly cold. partly cloudy. lows around 2 below. west winds 10 to 20 mph. wind chill readings 12 below to 22 below zero. thursday...bitterly cold. sunny. highs 5-100. west winds 10 to 15 mph. wind chill readings 10 below to 25 below zero. friday...cloudy. snow develo with highs returning to the 20s. highs around 20. chance of snow 70 percent.snow continues saturday with balmy highs near 30 before sunny, cold weather returns for
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3 "sargento foods" is celebrating another year of the ?touchdowns for charity? program... with a check presentation and green bay packers celebration. season... "sargento" donates one-thousand dollars to hunger task force for every touchdown the packers score. volunteers.. partners.. sponsors.. and donors attended a tailgate event at the hunger task force warehouse as a 'thank you' for their support. in attendance and sigining autographs - packers tight end jared cook... jared cook " it's prettyt awesome to know that waht we do on the field kinda echoes and benefits so many families and individuals just by us
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out and having fun" fun" so far, the packers have scored 39 touchdowns this season with three weeks still to go before the playoffs. 3 coming up on your cbs money watch report... one potential holiday gift you might want to re-think wrapping up....details on a major product recall after the
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in today's money w the federal reserve starts its two day policy meeting today. the fed is expected to raise short term interest rates for just the second time in ten years.rates have been held at record lows since the great recession.. as a strategy to drive economic growth.// cuisinart is recalling some eight-million food processors -- after reports of people finding broken blades in their food.the consumer product safety commission says 30 people have cut their mouths
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this is a major recall involving 22 food processor models.conair, which owns cuisinart, says the blade can crack over can tell if you have a recalled model by looking at the blade, which has four rivets.for mor information we've provided a link from our website cbs 58 dot com in the newslinks section. some sweet news this holiday season...chocolate... is getting cheaper.cocoa futures are at three year lows.there ha drought-stricken west africa-- where two thirds of the world's cocoa is grown... and that's led to plenty of supply.// and here's a high tech way for parents to find out what their kids want for christmas. twilio, the cloud communicatns company, has set up a santa phone.parents schedule a call through the twilio website.the phone rings tell one of santa's helpers an what they want.the call is
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the dow opened this morning at a new record high...climbing closer to the 20 thousand milestone.yesterday marked the 15th record high close since the presidential election.// coming up, a final look at
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it's time for news on the go... a recap of all your top stories happening at noon. milwaukee city leaders have passed an ordinance that will require homeowners to replace lead water pipes serving residential homes... the new ordinance will only apply to homeowners when their lead service line breaks - and then the city will pay the majority of the replacement. but homeowners will be iredrequo y one third of the repair or maximum of 16- hundred dollars.and that could be spread out in payments over a 10 year period. president-elect "donald trump"... comes to southeastern wisconsin today. trump will be at "state fair pa" in west allis at seven tonight.vice-president elect "mike pence" will join him. open at 4. we've also learned senator ron johnson... speaker paul ryan.. and governor scott walker will also all be in attendance. and at is your cbs 58 news
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thanks for joining sure
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