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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  December 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm CST

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3 local leaders have spent the last couple days trying to make sure people who don't have a place to stay can find shelter from the dangerous conditions. one thing they
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information on shelter openings. cbs 58's jacob kittilstad joins us live from their call center where they're still hard at work. you can actually call 2-1-1 at any time... people here answer 24 a day. it is a year-round operation... but the tone or immediacy of many of their calls changes when the weather gets this cold. (typing nat.) 4;12;15 "and how long has it been since you lived in your own home?" johnson's job is to ask tough questions... as people face the cold. 4;14;40 "have you ever been attacked or beaten up since you become homeless?... hearing the answers isn't always easy. ---2.5 sec--yes you have? okay." (nancy) 4;18;19 4;18;19 "it gets little busier during the winter of course because people don't want to be outside." the big board shows so far... 117 plus 226...that 383 callers serve so far around noon. 4;10;18 "we typically take around 600 calls. today i'm expecting that we'll exceed that." john hyatt - president and ceo of
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connect people with services... giving referrals to shelters. (hyatt) 4;04;44 4;04;44"so there are people who are out on the street and are saying i don' have a place totay right now. where can i go? what can i do?" they also work with the city which help coordinate the response to the cold with charities. (acevedo) 6 3;54;26"our emphasis now and our focus is making sure we have enough capacity with some of the warming rooms." (nancy) 4;15;52 "are you currently able to take care of basic things like bathing, changing clothes, using a restroom...?" and although it's no weather-related...d as it gets colder... nancy just keeps answering calls. 4;19;14 "it is a little bit tricky. sometimes i have to work at keeping it separated.""oh hang in one second please." one of those warmg shelters opening this evening is in west allis on south 81st street. even more are scheduled to open tomorrow. live in west allis... jacob kittilstad... cbs 58 news. 3 the extreme cold changes the
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do their jobs....including firefighrs. 3 "bause of the temperatures and the conditions that we have today and for the next couple of days, we will dispatch additional equipment on any rking fire, any report of a working fire that we have." have." and milwaukee firefighters used that extra equipment today during a call at the pfister hotel downtown. the lunchtime fire was on the roof, whe contractors were doing some work, possibly with a torch. some people inside the hotel were moved as fire crews quickly doused the flames. no one was h to stay up to date on the winter weather ... just download the cbs 58 mobile weather app. it's free for android and i-phones. new at investigation into the death of a student from lakeland university in sheboygan county. the body of 18-year old kaelin o'neal was recovered by a dive team early this afternoon in a pond on the lakeland campus. cbs 58 first reported the student's disappearance last night. he hadn't been seen since sunday morning. the sheriff's office
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suggest criminal activity in this case...but they're still trying to determine how he ended up in the water. o'neal was a freshmen from north carolina and member of the lakeland football team. 3 in racine, a city employee taken away by flight for life after a crash involving a garbage truck and a vehicle. it happened this morning at washington and racine streets. police aren't saying much more about the crash right now.....we don't know yet how badly the person was hurt. they're asking anyone with information to calracine police. lice. women sellinsex with their massages.several businesses in waukesha have en under investigation for awhile 58s evan kruegel spoke with investigators. "police believe those women were willingly performing sexu acts in exchange for money inside three separate massage parlors... including ?this? one off sunset avenue.... "we don't want this in our city"at a waukesha strip mall (nat) an anonymous tip led police to a startling
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the cover of a massage parlor ... :"we then put these tips together, and we met with an undercover detective." sgt jerry habanek says detectives were able to verify prostitution at three parlors - the sweet thai massage - far st healing spa - and lilac massage."a massage business is a legal business, but they're doing illegal activity within the business under the cover of the law, or legitimate."we are not naming those women until they've been charged - but habanek says all four are chinese citizens - with american work visas. he says human trafficking does not appear to be a factor. "they were there to tell us they were not being forced into this activity. they knowingly undertook this activity and were part of it." police are still investigating how long this has been happening - and if any ?other? parlors are involved... "we'd
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waukesha. our city is a very safe city, and we won't stand for this type of business here." evan: police say the investigation has been delayed due to a language barrier with those women. charges have still not been filed. reporting in waukesha - evan kruegel - cbs58news. a 33-year old st. francis man is now charged with child entic. enticement.matthew botcher faces two charges.....child enticement and attempted second degree sexual assault for an incident that cudahy. according to the criminal complaint, a 13-year old girl was walking near cudahy high school when a car pulled up and the driver asked if she wanted to have sex. she kept walking...olice were contacted and two days later, botcher was arrested. his preliminararing is set for three state lawmakers from milwaukee are the latest to call for the resignation or removal of sheriff david clarke in thwake of four deaths in the county jail which is run by the sheriff's o.
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from state senator chris larson and assembly members christine sinicki and jonathan brostoff. it says the jail has "experienced a dangerous lack of supervision leading to improper intake screening for substance abuse and mental illness, which has contributed to these recent tragic deaths." senator larson tod cbs 58 news this afternoon that action could be taken in madison against the sheriff. "now if he decides to not respond to this or to not respond to this in a mature way, there is statute that allows for the governor to remove constitutional who are not doingheir job and in that case if the sheriff doesn't do that then we'll move to the governor and pressure him to replace the sheriff here in milwaukee. milwaukee. 3sheriff clarke responded to the call for his resignation by attacking its authors. the statement he sent cbs 58 news includes specific accusations of unrelated criminal activity against 2 of the 3 lawmakers. we're checking for accuracy before we put clarke's
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wisconsin's republican leaders basked in the glow of donald trump's election victory last night at the president-elect's "thank you" rally in west, someone asked governor scott walker if he's inclined to give it another run. 3 "yeah it gives me a shot in the arm for two reasons, political and policy." policy." that's about the closest we've heard the governor come to revealing his future plans. he stopped short of declaring his candidacy for re-election, but he said trump's win shows him a "pathway" to a successful campaign. "we'll make after the budget, but i gotta tell you to me, not just having a new president and vice-president, but having a house and senate and now two thirds of all the states in america have governors that share my party affiliation, the exciting thing for me is the possibilities of doing things we haven't been able to do before." before." walker's comments came today at the marketplace 2016 conference in milwaukee where he announced grants for minority business organizations.
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"often times it's people who are ripped off in proy crimes who pay the price for that by not having the help that they deserve." deserve."wisconsin's attorney general says without more prosecutors... contractors may keep getting away with taking money from homeoers. watch for david ade's special report... tonight on the cbs 58 news at 10. 3 next at five, should the school year start earlier for milwaukee public school kids? the superintendent makes her case. 3 a nose dive, do coffee shops see a spike in their business? we'll have the answer when the news at five returns.
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-nats closing bell-the stock market took a substantial step backward today. the dow lost 118-points after the federal reserve announced an interest rate increase of point-25 percent. the rate hike was not a surprise, though it's only the second increase in the
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in the american economy. the mps school board could decide whether students will start classes earlier by tomorrow. superintendant darienne driver says changing the calendar will help students graduate on time. cbs 58's amanda porterfield has the update on the changing school year...amanda. the goal is to improve graduation rates. 58 percent of students in milwaukee public schools graduate in four years. that's compared to 88 percent statewide. and mps superintendant says this small change that. originally early august start date was going to be for the whole district next year. but darienne driver says they listened to feedback - and decided first it would only be for high schoolers. that's becae they need it most. driver said in a news conference today that graduation rates are extremely low. 53 percent of students who have to repeat the 9th grade would have gone one to tenth grade..just by taking two more classes in summer school. moving the start dates
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on that earlier in june. the district says its a small step they say will help more mps kids get their diploma. 14:43:52 darienne iver, mps superintendant it might sound like its small but its really a game changer for us and really have the ability to time we have with our young people and using it differntly. 14:44:02 the district says ty've heard minimal concerns from the commity athe high school level. the main one is the heat since august is still so hot. but they plan to address that with cooling stations and fans. as far as state legislature will have to that decision. but it wont apply to anyone but high school until the 2018-2019 school year. back to you. with bitter cold weather gripping milwaukee, we at cbs 58 wondered if conditions like this are ?good? for business at local coffee shops. the answer we got may surprise you. you. "once we get into january and february though as the roads get harder to navigate, it actually causes the cafes to slow down." down." drew pond from stone creek
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in business at christmas time....but then, most retail stores can say the same thing. "cold weather will drive certain products. y'know drip, hot coffee is definitely more popular in the winter, whereas cold brew is very popular in the summer. but yeah, most of the traffic is just kinda driven by the feeling of the season." 3 on." pond says the january slowdown in business can be good for customers who enjoy a more intimate experience at the cafe. 3 winter weather is kind of old news for most of us...but not for everyone. 3 "snow!"-laughs- "snow!"-ughs- devin and her boyfrid are visiting from phoenix, arizona and for devin, last weekend's storm was the first time she's seen freshly-falling snow. "that was absolutely beautiful. to see it actually fall from the sky, not just on the side of the road." road." nice to see someone who
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3 wind chill advisory from 9:00 pm tonight to 10:00 am thursday tonight: clear and cold. lows below-zero. breezy with a northwest wind 10-20 mph. wind chills: -150 to -280.thursday: mix of sun and clouds and very cold. highs in the single digits. breezy making it feel below-zero for most spots all day. wind chills: -100 to -200. rest of the week: snow arrives on friday and stays steady half of saturday. over 6 to 10" of snow likely. a winter storm watch has been issued for parts of the area. slightly warmer as thew returns with highs in the 20s. arctic air returns on sunday
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3 -nats flute music, kids with presents- -nats flute music, kids with presents-a little holiday t children's hospital of wiisconsin today. it's a tough time of year for anyone to be in the hospital, but especiallyi kids...and today members of the milwaukee bucks showed up with gifts.they also joined in the fun at the hospital's annual winter carnival. greg monroe served as team s he has in the past...and his teammate, michael beasley put on a santa hat and had a good time with the kids as well. the packers get back to practic.
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an injury update on number 12, next.
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that tempered the pack's blowout win over the seahawks s. sunday.aaron rodgers, limping or at least walking gingerly to midfield after the game. there's pain in the calf, no estion, and rodgers did not practice as the packers got back to work today. mike mccarthy says rodgers probably won't practice tomorrow either. but as for the day that matters, sunday against the bears? no woies. his top q rodgers has said not to hold anything back in the game planning for the bears at soldier field. what about one of rodgers' targets, big tight end jared ? cook will play against the bears. cook missed a lot of the second half with a lung contusion, but it sounds like the pack were eingbautious. injuries are always on a coach's mind this time of year. 23real challenge comes mccarthy: when you have injuries, we all have them. every team goes through it. but when it attacks aposition group, that's when it really gets really tough. if you look at our situation with the running back group getting hit so hard, and then the cornerbacks, really the
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than anybody. and then you had the period there where it went inside, so when it hits one group, that's when the real challenge comes. 3 when a position gets thin, sometimes you gotta bring guys in. jordan tripp is the newest packer, after three seasons with three teams - the dolphins, jaguars and seahawks. he'll join the active roster and wear number 58. that's a popular number here. marquette's golden eagles get a week off from game action after saturday's loss to badgers...but they'll get ready for the conference schedule without sophomore traci carter, who has elected to leave the m-u program and transfer. golden eagles coh steve wojciechowski praised carter's work ethic, on and off the court. carter averaged a little re than four points a game this year, but was playing just 16 minutes a game. aaron rodgers isn't the only local sports star listed on an injury report. the bucks list giannis antetokounmpo as probable for tomorrow night's rivalry game with the bulls.
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any issues monday, and he'll very likely be fine tomorrow. michael beasley is doubtful, though, with a foot sprain. doubtful, though, with a foot sprain. ryan braun isn't hurt - it's the brewers offseason - but braun ?has? decided not to play in this spring's world baseball classic. the brew crew's slugger played for the u-s in the last two classics he could have played for , and israel if he wanted, but instead braun's focusing on spng training. craig counsell rently said he
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wind chill advisory from 9:00 pm tonight to 10:00 am thursday tonight: clear and cold. lows below-zero. breezy with a northwest wind 10-20 mph. wind chills: -150 to -280.thursday: mix of sun and clouds and very cold. highs in the single digits. breezy making it feel below-zero for most spots all day. wind chills: -100 to -200. rest of the week: snow arrives on friday d stays stea through at least the first half of saturdayer 6 to 10" of snow likely. a winter storm watch has been issued for parts of the area. slightly warme t arctic air returns on sunday with temperatures below zero. 3 thanks for joining us.the cbs
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>> pelley: cyber war, how russian hackers crashed the democratic party. >> you were up against two adversaries. it wasn't just drum. it was also the russians. >> pelley: also tonight, the assad's bombing resumes. civilians are trapped as the world watches. four years after sandy hook, a video designed to head off another tragedy. >> they're saying i should have been able to recognize the signals that the kid was giving. >> pelley: and we'll remember one of the tv fathers we knew best. ? don't waste another minut


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