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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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orlando. amy is here. how cold is? amy: we might be able to use the word freezing tomorrow. it' s a lot colder than it has been. it' s not literally freezing, but it may feel like it to you. a little to sunrise. because we have cloud cover, it will be a significant drop. tomorrow morning will be colder than today. once we get going, that dry air keeps the afternoon. our highs will be only in the upper 50' s and low 60' s. we are significantly cooler now than we were yesterday at this time. it will be 27 degrees colder. we are at 43 in palm coast. it' s 51 right now in melbourne. when you take the wind in some
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with wind chill this morning. it feels like 43. we have a little cloud cover it' s keeping us from dropping too much. he will have mostly sunny skies today. about 10 degrees cooler than average this afternoon. it' s 61 in the land. it will be 64 in palm bay. michelle: let' s get a traffic update. there. this with the last of the cones. things are moving along nicely. if you have to drive through that area, this is the 520. there is no road work its lingering. downtown orlando is looking good.
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>> a brand-new medical facility is offering state-of-the-art care for women. michelle: they will have a grand opening at 10:00 this morning. the facility is off the science center. alex' s live with more on the big day. alex: today is the ribbon-cutting for the florida hospital for women. it will open to patients later this month. this new facility on the ground, it' s designed for caring for women, pregnancy care, mental health services. these are some of the services they will offer. there will be the first comprehensive program for new
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the goal here is to help women make their own health a priority through innovative care and other support services with over 330 beds. they expect to care for 20,000 patients in the first year. the hospital is going to pull the grand opening event at 5:30 p.m. we' re going to have to hear from hospital officials and get a peek inside. this month. jazmine: we have learned that david l.a. has died. -- david kelly has died. cancer.
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odyssey. is viewed as one of the most n roll. twitter. unique, genius, game changer. your spirit lives on forever. mark ruffalo pleaded, said, said date. david roy dies at exceed nine. he just celebrated his birthday friday. it does the same day he just released his new album. michelle: trained to run smoothly after a suicide on the tracks. amtrak says a man laid his head
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one passenger stop when she saw the train at a standstill. >> it said. it' s disturbing. it' s really unfortunate. i don' t know the details of this, if someone did this on purpose, i feel awful for everybody. michelle: the train was stopped for four hours as police investigated. >> are deciding whether to file charges. two cars collided at county road just before 730 last night. a driver t-boned another car at the stop sign.
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that robber had a gun and got away with some cash. deputies are reviewing surveillance video. michelle: the mayor and other officials will take oath of office. it' s the beginning of his fourth full term as mayor. the ceremony takes place at 3:00 this afternoon. >> hillary continue to the endorsement as donald trump sets his sights on his closest competition. we wrap up the weekend on the campaign trail. >> pressure grows in the presidential race. hillary clinton to an endorsement from getting giffords. she says clinton is the only candidate who can stand up to the gun lobby. >> it' s the only industry where
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blanche to do whatever you want with no fear of legal consequences. >> bernie sanders says he can be tough on gun manufacturers. >> when they are selling guns in an area and know this guns are going into the hands of criminals, they should be held accountable. >> a new poll shows i look closer than ever with three weeks to go. clinton is slightly leading sanders. the same with the republicans. ted cruz has a lead over donald trump. comp took aim at ted cruz is eligibility. >> he has to solve this problem. the democrats sue him if he is the nominee. >> the matter is settled. senator cruz was born to an american mother. that takes him constitutionally
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>> speaking of hillary clinton, she join ellen degeneres today. she will talk about what it' s like to be a woman running for president. you can watch that at 3:00 green --. a second baltimore police officer is about to go on trial. he is charged with second degree murder in the death of freddie gray. he was with great for every minute of that trip. he arrived at the station in critical condition. he is the second officer to go on trial. tonya couch will be in a judge to reduce her bail. she says $1 million is too high. she helped her son escaped to mexico while he was on patient. he killed four people back in
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michelle: authorities say a tornado caused millions of dollars in damage. it hit saturday night indicate coral. it stayed on the ground for seven minutes with winds up to 132 miles per hour. more than 100 homes damaged. >> everybody was outside. everything was gone. the bouncy house was two blocks down the road. michelle: the state will do everything it can to help the people. football fans are buzzing online. you can see the breath coming out of their mouths. the temperature was negative six degrees. look at that guy.
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in nfl history. the coldest game was the ice bowl in 1967. the vikings end up losing 10-9. >> at the beginning of this game, but grant was out for the coin toss. michelle: i am over here shivering. amy: i will admit i was bundled up at the flag football game yesterday. that cool air came from minnesota. it is been making its way to the south it' s pouring into florida date. we will be cooler than average this afternoon. we will end up with lots of sunshine. we do have cloud cover this morning. look at the numbers. it'
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factor in the wind and it feels a few degrees colder than this. you may want jacket and sweaters. it' s 45 and like harry. -- lake mary. to the south, it' s low 50' s. palm bay is at 51. you do have a bit of the windchill. it' s right around 10 miles hour. once we get rid of the clouds, we will have mostly sunny skies. we will top out the low 60' s in most spots. first let' s get a traffic check. ted: we have some road work out there. the lane taken out here, most see clear roads around seaworld. here we have the westbound.
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downtown orlando, it' s only eight in its. virtual look out of seminole county, it' s six minutes. downtown orlando, it looks like four minutes. brett: sean penn is in the hot seat. michelle: what mexican authorities want to know after his secret meeting an interview with el chapo.
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including bogos. give walmart every day low prices a try today. you'll be glad you did. brett: there is huge ceremony for the newest hospital. there be a ribbon-cutting at 10:00 this morning. there will be a neonatal intensive care center. michelle: a suspect is preparing for court. he was charged with her.
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the other suspect is on the run. michelle: mexican authorities want to speak with a mexican soap opera star and actor sean penn. el chapo agreed to a secret meeting while on the run. brett: we have this new twist jazmin walker: there is an interview. now mexican authorities want to know what else he shared. this is when the questions he answered. >> how did you get involved in the drug business?
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m from, i was raised on a ranch. in that area, there are no job opportunities. jasmine: five of his people were killed in a shootout. six others were arrested. he was cap your at a nearby motel. he broke out of his and in july through an elaborate tunnel. prison officials fired and people charged. he was transported to that same prison after being recaptured. the exhibition process is set to begin. they have not said when. he is wanted in the united states. michelle: a big change can help make your trip to the irs easier. the office will allow taxpayers to schedule appointments.
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from dozens of people who said they had to spend hours waiting outside the building. major budget cuts hurt their staffing. uber is helping a lower price will make you want to take a ride. they announced they are cutting prices. this is something they have done the past after seeing the demand drops in january. i did not think that would apply in orlando. brett: there is nothing compared to the snow in other parts of the country. amy: when you see here this cold, you know it' s really cold and snowing to the north. that' s what' s happening. it is a lot different this morning that was when we ended last week. we have temperatures that have dropped into the upper 30'
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we are warmer along the coast. most of us are in the 40' s. we' ve got cloud cover. it feels colder than an act truly is. sunrise doesn' t happen for another two hours. we will break apart some of the clouds and have mostly sunny skies. the 24 hour change. that is because the front had not come through yet. our temperatures quite warm. if you were out at all during the day, the temperatures dropped during the day. now, dropped back to a little bit cooler than average. it' s been a while since we' ve been cooler than normal. 45 in daytona beach. with the clouds, i don' t take we will drop significantly. we may drop more over the next two hours. it'
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-- leesburg. now the cool air will continue coming in today. the north and will not clouds. we will have lots of sun and dryer. our high temperature this afternoon will recover into the upper 50' s and low 60' s. this is 10 degrees cooler than average. we will be well below average later today as well. it' s not quite as windy today as it was yesterday. wind out of the north. 63 in winter park. s to the north. we' ve only had 57 for the high. 64 for our high in all night. it' s going to be colder than it is this morning.
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county is under a freeze watch. most of central florida is in the mid-to-upper 30' s. the windchill will not be as much. that cool air will keep pouring in. our highs are only going to climb through thursday. once we get back to the mid-70' s, we have a better chance for rain. that will arrive from the north. ted: we see things wrapped up. the cones are coming. this is a live picture from 95. this is north of international speedway boulevard. it' s nice to see 95 wide open. for a weight , that speed sensor is right outside. it' s looking good at 55 miles
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it would take you four minutes good we started and as we fly through seminole county, we are not seeing any delays. it' s a nice drive. it' s only 15 minutes. brett: the internet is buzzing
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michelle: brett: the 73rd of that honored the best in tv and movies. we have a look at some of the winners. >> that frontier revanche was a revelation at the golden globes. it won best drama and best director. >> this film is about survival. it was about adaptation. >> the larson one best actress been --. it was a double been for the martian.
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>> jennifer lawrence spoke to dave a russell. >> i want us to be. next to each other. >> sheep passed out cookies on her way to claiming best actress good --. jon hamm took best actor for mad men. mr. robot captured best drama. two upsets for amazon it. >> this is really a big surprise. >> rachel bloom was surprised. the night highlights was a standing ovation for sylvester stallone. >> i want to thank
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>> a golden moment on a golden night. brett: you' ve got a lot of movies to catch on. coming up, a major concern after a threat against the police
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michelle: >> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, a man accused in a deadly new years eve shooting is now in custody. brett: plus, central florida' s medical services are expanding. what to expect as the new florida hospital for women prepares to officially open it' s doors. amy: cold air in central florida. how cold it will feel in your forecast coming up. michelle: and, powerball fever is continuing to grip the nation saturday' s drawing. the problem the new jackpot is creating for billboards across the country. i did when four dollars. i don' t know that makes me a big winner. brett: you did win some money
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michelle: good morning. thank you for joining us. i am michelle imperato. brett: and i and brett connolly. a chilly start for us today. amy: to. that 10 -- the winds at 10 miles broward. some cloud cover early on today. clear out, and we will have lots of sunshine. we should drop quickly after sunset tonight though. right now, we are at 49 in ocala. 45 daytona beach. 47 in orlando and kissimmee. there is a little bit of cloud cover. it will all be going away this morning. once it is gone, there will be lots of sunshine later today. with the breeze, not much at daytona beach, but all we need is a five mile per hour breeze to make the wind feel colder. we are getting a bit of a wind
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mostly sunny skies, we will make it up into the upper 50' s and lower 60' s for high spirit 61 in bellevue and leesburg. 63 and ocoee and maitland. saint cloud, you are headed to 64. 68 daytona beach. let' s get a traffic update with ted noah. ted: we saw the last of the cones getting picked up on i-4 eastbound. write your princeton street. things are mostly clearing up alan i-4 ultimate. if you have a early-morning drive, things are looking quite nice. tracking from 434 down to winter park, six minutes. a very short minute -- drive. i-4 eastbound into downtown orlando, the speed sensors are out.
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at seven minutes. michelle: deputies and osceola county are looking for a robber. initial reports say that two men with guns went in demanding cash, a detective tells us there is good surveillance footage that will be revealed later today. happening today, a unique hospital for women. a brand new medical facility, featuring state-of-the-art care for women, will officially open it' s doors in orlando. brett: florida hospital for women will host it' s grand opening today at 10:00 a.m. the new facility is located just off of east rollins street near the orlando science center. alex villarreal is live this morning with a more on the big day. alex, good morning. good morning to you. ceremony. later this month. the new, 12 story hospital is
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around caring for women. pregnancy care, mental health services, and a three level nick you are some of the services it will have. anderson to cancer and best cancer screening -- in addition to cancer screening. the hospital' s chief medical officer says their goal is to make women' s care their top priority through wellness and other support services. the hospital expects to care for about 20,000 patients in its first year. if you want to be part of the unveiling, on thursday january -- on thursday, the hospital will open to the public. today, we had a chance to speak with hospital officials and get a sneak peek of what is inside. we'
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stay tuned to wesh 2 for those updates. brett: new information about a deadly crash in pine hills. troopers say the man who died was walking in the turn lane on pine hills road at the time. he was run over near white heron drive, just after 10:00 last night. the driver did stop. troopers are still investigating, so no charges have been filed. today, one of the suspected killers in a nightclub shooting faces a judge. michelle: anthony dawson was arrested last night. two people died and a third was hurt in the new year' s eve shooting. jazmin walker is here with the charges the suspect faces, jasmine. jazmin: on for a male is still wanted in connection with the shooting. it happened outside the biarritz club in daytona beach. police say a group of people from deltona and winter park pulled up in an impala and started arguing with a man on the street. they allegedly beat and stomped that man as a crowd of 50 or more gathered. investigators say, among that crowd was a gunman.
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the beaten man was shot twice in the legs but survived. police believe some of the uncooperative witnesses helped dawson and mayo hide evidence and get away. as anthony dawson prepares for there' s a five-thousand dollar being offered for mayo' s arrest and conviction. brett: two people were burned the knight' s circle apartments. the fire was out before firefighters arrive. as a precaution, one building was temporarily evacuated. >> i' ve seen similar things but not to this scale so this is the biggest incident i' ve seen since living here. brett: the two treated for burns did not have to go to the hospital. michelle: we' ve spent nearly a year investigating florida' s prescription painkiller problem and today, a proposal based off our findings could move forward. a state senate committee will
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bill that clears up the rules for electronic scripts. wesh 2 uncovered that it would help pain patients get their meds faster, but many doctors are confused about the rules. the new bill lays out which controlled substances qualify for e-scripts. it would also eliminate strict caps on wholesale orders for pharmacies. happening today, the woman in charge of the affordable care act will be in orlando with a reminder. secretary sylvia burwell is here ahead of the january 31-st open enrollment deadline. she' ll tour united way' s call center and speak with local leaders about sign-ups. before any of that, burwell will join us live on wesh 2 news on cw 18 at 8:15. philadelphia police are on high alert, worried that the suspect who ambushed an officer, may be part of a larger, radical group. the fbi is investigating a tip to police, that three other radical shooters are on the loose. they' re not sure how credible the information is.
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confessed to shooting officer jesse hartnett last thursday in the name of isis. he' s charged with attempted murder. brett: new from overnight, four teenagers are in custody and one more is wanted for a gang rape on a new york city playground. police say they knew who they were looking for, thanks to this surveillance video. the woman says the group attacked her thursday night, as she walked with her father. police say he was forced to leave her at gunpoint and by the time he returned with two officers, the suspects were gone. the suspect in a horrific rape case in volusia county, is staying in jail. terrell williamson turned himself in saturday night and appeared before a judge sunday. >> do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help you god? >> i do. brett: the judge denied bond because williamson had a warrant out for his arrest. williamson is accused of beating and repeatedly raping a woman at a deland apartment complex over the course of several days. the victim says williamson' s girlfriend, daria hill, held her
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hill is also in jail. michelle: happening today, a somber ceremony to mark 32-years since the deadly shooting at the orange county courthouse. in 1984, thomas provenzano walked into a courtroom and opened fire,killing bailiff william wilkerson and injuring bailiff harry dalton and officer mark parker. dalton died from his injuries in 1991. parker was paralyzed and passed away in 2009. a flag raising and wreath presentation will be held on courthouse steps at 7:00 a.m, -- 7:00 a.m.. brett: turning to that mind-boggling, jaw-dropping powerball jackpot. the line and that number could grow. during saturday night' s drawing. michelle: i got one in each of my tickets. that gives you nothing, right?
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momentum going into this one. michelle: this jackpot is now a world record-holder. the number is already so big, it doesn' t fit on billboards. take a look, they now read over a billion dollars. the next drawing is wednesday night. it should just say a lot of money. brett: a lot of cash. all right, let us swing it over to amy sweezey fore-check on your forecast. amy: we do have a bit of cloud cover today. they should wrap -- fadeaways later on, giving us plenty of sunshine. temperatures will cap out at the upper 50' s and lower 60' s. we should be well above average this afternoon. we are not really that far below normal this morning. it has just been so warm in the mornings so far, that this will feel a lot colder to you. 39 degrees in writing. silver springs at 38. groveland it is 46.
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apopka has dropped to 42. windemere and celebration at 47. lower to mid 40' s to the north in mid-flagler and volusia county' s. 46 and port orange. a little warmer to the south. palm bay is at 49 degrees. we will stay cool this morning, but once we get some sun our temperatures will climb. we are only headed into the lower 60' s or most spots. i will take you around him a county by county in just a few minutes. let' s get a traffic update. ted: we are starting with a live picture of eiffel in downtown orlando. downtown orlando westbound at eastbound art nice. really no delays at this point in time. we have the travel times at the bottom of the screen. here is i-95 , just north of
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going into daytona beach, it is looking nice and quiet. from seminole into orange, it is only at 11 minutes. michelle: eight jewelry the is caught after a month on the run. next, how investigators were able to track her down. brett: first, a florida woman found strangled in her apartment
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the clues >> you are watching wesh 2. michelle: welcome back. it is monday morning, and boy is a cold outside. this is lake eola. this is lake eola. you will want a jacket when you step outdoors this morning. first alert meteorologist amy sweezey will be back with us and just a moment to let you know how high temperatures will get. right now, italian police are investigating the murder of a florida woman. brett: 35-year-old ashley olsen from st. johns county was found dead saturday in her florence apartment. jazmin walker is here with the latest developments.
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jazmin: and not is scheduled for later today. she was found with bruises around her neck. investigators believe she may have been strangled. the corners office says that there were no signs that she had been raped. friends back home in florida are struggling with the news. >> it is very unfortunate , and not fair to her that she did not get to continue to be that vibrate, a spirit that she was. that she could not continue her travels. that she could not continue to be that beautiful, amazing person that she was. it just does not make sense. i do not understand how anyone could do what we are reading. michelle: her italian boyfriend that was also an artist, reportedly found her body. suspect. he reports that he with her for a few days after they had a fight. brett: a woman is facing charges for driving drunk with four kids in her car.
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found alcohol containers in jacquelyn tadrous' car saturday night. the kids in the car were between two-years-old and 16-years-old. police say tadrous was driving with a suspended license and on probation for a previous dui arrest and conviction in july. michelle: happening today, the accused jewel thief in an eight-month, five-state crime spree will have to answer to a judge. fbi agents arrested abigail kemp on friday in georgia. 2011. the fbi says kemp and an accomplice held up six jewelry stores in five states, including one in florida. kemp is accused of threatening employees and zip-tying their hands in some of the heists. investigators say they tracked her down through social media. brett: this morning, we' re working to find out how a car nearly ended up in a backyard pool. you have to see these pictures from volusia county firefighters say the car first
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circle in ormond beach sunday. we are told the driver is not her. it is not clear what caused the crash. michelle: all eyes will be on arizona today when alabama and clemson meet in the national championship game. brett: the undefeated tigers are the underdogs in this game with the crimson tide looking to secure their fourth national championship in the last seven years. kickoff begins at 8:30 tonight. the ucf knights fell short in their upset efforts. they were trying to upset the smu mustangs. smu is actually banned from postseason play this year due to ncaa violations. next up for ucf is a home game against carolina on saturday night. michelle: amy, we are used to our low temperatures in the morning. the good thing about florida is that things tend to warm up, and then it is a nice day outside. amy: it'
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today though, we will stay a little colder than average. this week, we will keep our temperatures in the 60' s for highs. compared to up north, it is not so bad, because there is a lot of snow happening. we' ll be back on -- into the 70' s on friday. we have this cool week ahead for most of us. a lot of sunshine expected. compare today' s highs to where we are supposed to be. we will climb to 63 in orlando. 71 is our average high. it is about 10 degrees colder than average. though today. we will have lots of sunshine. it is still a little bit colder than our normal temperature. this morning, these blows are actually not that far from our average low temperature. we have just been so warm the past couple of months, that we have kind of forgotten what normal january feels like. so, we are supposed to be in the upper 40' s.
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45 in daytona beach. 45 in daytona beach. ocala is our cold spot at 47. tomorrow, it will be even colder. it is 47 degrees in orlando. lots of dry air. the dew in the upper 30' s. the wind giving a slight wind chill. that is in the lower 40' s. so, it feels a little bit colder than it actually is. here is the satellite showing lots of clouds across the area. it is joint some dry air to the north. in the next couple of hours, the clouds will continue to fall apart. we will end up with lots of sunshine later today. the dry air coming in on those north winds will help keep the humidity levels low. it will also keep our temperatures colder than average. again, the highs today in the upper 50' s and lower 60' s. in marion county, 59.
5:45 am
six he won in eustis and mount dora. 64 in kissimmee and st. cloud. orange county in the lower 60' s. 63 longwood. 61 in del tone up. along the coast to the north, not even making it out of the 50' s for much of flagler and coastal volusia county. 63 our high in titusville. 64 in palm bay. tomorrow morning will be colder than this morning. in fact, we have a freeze watch in effect. temperatures are expected to drop right around freezing for the early hours around tomorrow. seven-day forecast, we will climb into the mid 60' s on thursday. the next front and rain checks on friday. also, some warmer air on friday and saturday. let' s get a traffic update now. ted: good morning. we have eastbound going into
5:46 am
if you have to go from john young parkway to colonial, five to six minutes on average. it is looking perfect. westbound, going into downtown orlando, no trouble getting on and off i four. another live look here at the 528 beach line. it is getting a little congested , likely in the 6:00 hour. not right now though. we are flying virtually, which is ever so fun, from seminole county into orange. not seeing any delays. if you are going through the rest area, it is 15 minutes. brett: still ahead on sunrise, how you can help save some at from a flood waters in
5:47 am
michelle: plus, another majno brett: this morning, 109 new animals are now up for adoption in marion county. michelle: they arrived there yesterday from the humane society in mississippi. they were moved to clear space for dogs and cats found trapped in flood waters along the mississippi river. >> we' re really excited to help, because every dog needs help if they'
5:48 am
re excited to help them as much as we can. 10 of the animals, and others went to the sillies across florida. -- facilities across florida. brett: the new "star wars" movie is dominating in the box office for a fourth straight weekend. "the force awakens" held the top spot this weekend, banking another $41 million. it just became the third, best-selling move of all time. the number-two spot this weekend went to "the revenant." the historic drama, with leonardo di caprio, raked in $38 million. it' s followed, by will ferrell' s comedy, "daddy' s home" with $15 million. a major step forward for florida women. alex: we are getting a new look at the new florida women hospital opening today. coming up, the service is the
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jazmin: breaking news from overnight, david bowie is dead. coming up, we will take a look back on his life. amy: central florida right now. and some of our northern areas s. i will try you how cold it is going to get later today. michelle: wesh 2 apple new hour of wesh 2 -- a whole new hour of
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