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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. michelle: breaking news at noon. a guilty plea from the man charged with the brutal rape and murder of a local woman. they did for joining us. -- thank you for joining us. i' m michelle imperato. brett: and i' m brett connolly. john lytus took the plea deal a short time ago in a volusia county courtroom. wesh 2' s claire metz is live in claire, this wasn' t the only plea from lytus. claire: the convicted sex offender was charged in a separate case with second degree
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murder. as part of the negotiation, he pled guilty to that crime as well. 52-year-old john lytus will serve 45 years in prison for all the combined crimes. he pleaded guilty to murdering laura nagengast, whose body was found in a ditch near deland september 23rd. lytus also kidnapped and raped a pregnant woman in daytona beach. though, as part of the plea agreement, the rape charge was reduced to aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. he met that victim at a 7-11, and, once back at his home, hog-tied her in an rv, tortured her with a knife and raped her. she spoke with us and agreed to be identified. >> i just kept praying the whole time. i do not know why it happened, but he let me go. it changed my life. claire: another woman in daytona beach says lytus raped her as well. and though lytus was not charged in that crime, she was in the
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courtroom as well, sobbing when lytus said the word, guilty. prosecutors say the victims, including loved ones of the murdered woman, agreed to the plea to avoid the pain of a trial. the victims say, with 45 years, lytus will never be allowed back on the streets to hurt anyone again. we are live in daytona beach, claire metz, wesh 2 news. michelle: right now. the suspect accused of running over an orlando police officer this summer is waiting to hear if he' ll be granted bond. the state alleges, 17-year-old edward kelty struck officer will anderson during a traffic stop. wesh 2' s jazmin walker is live at the orange county courthouse. jazmin, the state would like the judge to deny bond. jazmin: that' s what prosecutors are asking the judge to do. they began today' s hearing by showing that chilling dashcam video from the night of the incident.
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his wife, jessica, also took the stand. she says on july 13, her family' s quote, "whole life changed." now with the possibility of the defendant being released, she says she fears for her family' s safety. anderson also said her husband suffered a traumatic brain injury early on and couldn' t walk. >> he has suffered a bruised retina, because of his brain bouncing off the back of his eyes when struck by the vehicle. he still to this day has memory issues, tremors throughout his body and hands. severe spinal cord pain. head pain, neck pain. he suffers from ptsd and depression. jazmin: kelty is charged with attempted second degree murder on a law enforcement officer. his lawyers are asking for $15,000 bond due to the family' s limited financial circumstances.
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d stay with his father. he said if not at work, he would spend all this time with his son. judge julie o' kane has take the best will review the case and all of the evidence. she will make a ruling later today. the state attorney' s office is not even sure when that will happen. live at the orange county courthouse, jazmin walker, wesh 2 news. michelle: cold weather in florida today. brett: yes, this is one of the days when you actually need your seat warmer. we go out to eric burris. eric: it is deathly one of those days where -- days where it feels so crisp and so refreshing. look at that clear sky. it is gorgeous from that lake eola skycam. bouncing around a little bit because it had those cold breezes around.
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we are up to 51 and silver springs. 49 in winter park. 48 degrees at lake mary. along the coastline here, we find about 50 degrees at flagler beach. 56 degrees at cocoa beach. here is a look at the visible satellite. you see the crisp, clear sky. only clouds visible over the shoreline. with those perfectly clear skies, we will make it up to 63 degrees with the sunshine. once the sun gets lower, temperatures will quickly fall. by nine a clock already into the 40' s. some of us will be flirting with freezing temperatures. michelle: breaking news at noon.
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gun battle that ended with the recapture of mexican drug lord el chapo. this video, which first aired on the mexican television network, televisa, shows the police raid at el chapo' s hideout. el chapo, whose real name is joaquin guzman, was later captured on a highway. extradition proceedings are now under way to bring guzman to the u.s.. but they could take up to a year. this afternoon, one of the suspected killers in a nightclub shooting faces a judge. brett: 30-year-old anthony dawson was arrested last night. two people died and a third was hurt in the new year' s eve shooting. dawson is charged with two counts of first-degree murder. police say another man, andre mayo, is still wanted in connection to the shooting. it happened outside the biarritz club in daytona beach, following an argument between groups from deltona and winter park. two men in their 20s were killed. a third man was shot twice in the legs, but survived. police believe some of the uncooperative witnesses helped dawson and mayo hide evidence and get away.
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the suspect in a horrific rape case in volusia county, is staying in jail. terrell williamson turned himself in saturday night. he is accused of beating and repeatedly raping a woman at a deland apartment complex over the course of several days. williamson appeared before a judge sunday. the judge denied bond, because williamson was also wanted on some warrants. his lover, daria hill, is also in jail. she' s accused of holding the victim down and watching the alleged rapes. this morning, orlando is welcoming the new is the medical facility. michelle: this is just for women. wesh 2 mobile app alex -- wesh 2 ' s alex villareal got a sneak peek look. alex: this morning, officials cut the ribbon. the new hospital opens its doors to patients later this month. officials say everything in it is designed with women and their families in mind. >> whether it'
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sure that they can control temp or lighting in the room, making sure there' s a place for their family. we' ve concealed medical equipment to make sure women' s anxiety is reduced during their stay. alex: with 12 floors and over 330 beds, the florida hospital for women will offer pregnancy care. including central florida' s first milk depot and postpartum depression clinic, and 14 state of the art labor and delivery rooms, designed to offer a spa-like environment. other women' s services will include cancer and cardiac screening. the new hospital also offers special care for doctors. these space-age looking energy pods will allow doctors to get some much needed rest in between procedures, and stay close to their patients. holly sorensen, who had her son at florida hospital two and a half years ago, says having everything close together and specially-designed is going to make a big difference for new moms.
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was, when connor was born, it felt like it took me forever to get from my room, to where he was in the nicu. and i know the rooms are much closer now. just to have that peace of mind to know that they' re just right there. alex: the goal, say officials, is to help women make their own health a priority in orlando. in orlando, alex villareal, wesh 2 news. michelle: the facility is hosting a open public event on thursday, january 21st. brett: the deadline to enroll in health care is quickly approaching. -- her office says that florida topic country with many still needing to sign up.
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>> right now, seven in 10 people in the marketplace can find a plan for $75 or less in premiums for a month. brett: january 31 is the deadline to enroll. there are penalties to enrolling without coverage. we' ve spent nearly a year investigating florida' s prescription painkiller problem. and today, a proposal based off our findings could move forward. a state senate committee will hold a hearing, and vote on a bill that clears up the rules for electronic scripts. wesh 2 uncovered that it would help pain patients get their meds faster, but many doctors are confused about the rules. the new bill lays out which controlled substances qualify for e-scripts. it would also eliminate strict caps on wholesale orders for pharmacies. michelle: a somber ceremony in orlando today, marking 32-years since the deadly shooting at the orange county courthouse. a flag raising and wreath
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remember the moment in 1984, when thomas provenzano walked into a courtroom and opened fire. baliff william wilkerson was killed. bailiff harry dalton and officer mark parker were injured. dalton died from his injuries in 1991. parker was paralyzed and passed away in 2009. new at noon, we have new surveillance footage of a gas station robbery in osceola county. here is a photo of one of the evil that robbed a circle k near osceola parkway just before or :00. deputies say he asked for cash at gunpoint while the other suspect took merchandise from the store. no one was hurt. if you have any information about this drive, you can call the osceola county shares office. brett: right now, a donut shop robbery is on the run. we are told that the robber had a gun and that he got away with some cash. deputies are reviewing the surveillance footage.
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jewel thief have to answer to a judge. fbi agents arrested abigail kemp on friday in georgia. this is an old mug shot from 2011. the fbi says kemp and an accomplice held up six jewelry stores in five states, including one in florida. kemp is accused of threatening employees and zip-tying their hands in some of the heists. investigators say they tracked her down through social media. -- after her cell phone number showed up at all of the stores that were being robbed. brett: happening today, orlando mayor, buddy dyer, and others will take the oath of office at the dr. phillips center. it marks the beginning of buddy dyer' s fourth full term as mayor. he won re-election in november. tony ortiz and samuel b. ings begin their third terms on the city council. and patty sheehan begins her fifth. the ceremony takes place at 3:00 this afternoon. michelle: new gears today that police in america could be in danger. brett: white deputies believe the shooting of a philadelphia cop could be part of a larger
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terrorism threat. we will look back on the
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the brett: late breaking this noon, the trial of the police driver charged in the death of freddie gray has been postponed indefinitely. jury selection was scheduled to start today in the trial of
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caesar goodson, but a maryland appeals court has now delayed it. there is no timetable for the next steps of the trial. goodson is the second of six officers scheduled for trial in baltimore. we' ll have much more on this decision later today on wesh 2 news first at 4:00. philadelphia police are on high alert. they' re concerned that the suspect, who ambushed an officer last week, may be part of a larger, radical group. michelle: the fbi is investigating a tip to police, that three other radical shooters are on the loose. they' re not sure how credible the information is. police say, edward archer confessed to shooting officer jesse hartnett last thursday in the name of isis. earlier today, officer harnett' s father visited his son at the hospital. >> his spirits are positive. >> how are yours? >> positive now that i see he' s waking up. it' s going to be a tough road. he' s a tough guy, and he' s an excellent philadelphia officer. michelle: archer is now charged
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with attempted murder. brett: right now, police in italy are investigating the murder of a florida woman over the weekend. 35-year-old ashley olsen, from st. johns county, was found dead in her florence apartment on saturday. officers say, she was found with her neck bruised and scratched, possibly from strangulation. her father was called in to identify her body. friends say they are shocked by her death. >> i can' t imagine a person who would hurt her. she is a gentle, a kind, a beautiful, friendly, lovely girl and it' s an awful shock. we' ve got a great community here of people, and everyone loved her. brett: authorities say she had been living in italy for some time. so far, no suspects have been identified. michelle: it is the end of an era for one of the world -- for the world' s largest surface -- circuits. ringling brothers and barnum & bailey is ending its elephant
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acts after more than a century. the company says they are retiring the elephants in july a year and a half earlier than first planned. leaders say it' s in response to growing concerns raised by animal rights activists, and an increasing number of bans across the country. brett: we knew it would happen. just moments ago, they raised the power ball jackpot up to $1.4 billion. and that number could continue to grow. the number is already so big that it does not fit on some billboards. take a look at how they read now. over a billion dollars. the next drawing is wednesday night at 11:00. the music world is mourning the loss of one of its most unique singers and performers. michelle: david bowie died of cancer last night. fans have been paying respect to the singer at his birthplace. the british star was a rock icon
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leaves behind a colorful legacy. >> dated though he was a rock music icon for more than 40 years. bowie' s death comes just a few days after his 69th day. it was celebrated by the release of his 47th album, black star. ground control to major tom >> david goalie burst into the music scene with space oddity. it started a spur of david billy icons, such as ziggy stardust. >> this man did it all. cinema, art, this man did all. >> later,
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>> overnight, fans paid respect to his star on the hollywood rock of fame. reactions poured in on twitter. kanye west tweeted that he was one of his most important musical inspirations. madonna said, talented, unique, genius, game changer. to earth, his spirit lives on forever. >> he played in our area twice. he played in 1974 and 1990. brett: he influenced so many artists. you can see the scope of his versatility. eric: really an incredible story. ali have left is his library to listen to for the rest of our lives. if you like the cooler temperatures, the weather is nice outside. here is a look to the left of
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on the right is our average lows. 36 in ocala. 44 in orlando. all of these numbers are below average. although not quite as below average as you might think. here is a live shot. off in the distance, a disney crew ship. just wonderful outside. north, northwest winds at eight miles per hour. no wind chill, or if there is not very much. 52 in the villages. 56 at cocoa beach. 53 degrees in orlando. winds up to about 10 miles per hour in some areas. it feels nice and cool. high pressure is building in behind this final boundary. -- final boundary. -- funnel boundary. 61 degrees in webster. 64 in kissimmee
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and saint cloud. springs. as a push towards the coast, is coming on and. 61 in deland. down here and into the space merritt island. surprise, futurecast is about as clear as can be. it is gorgeous out there now. seen. at 5:00 p.m., no issues. clear skies and light winds, we are going to drop amateurs off tonight. -- temperatures off tonight. tomorrow morning, it should be the coldest air we have seen. 39 degrees in leesburg. ocala at 33 tonight. there is actually a freeze watch in effect there.
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we could even upgrade that to a freeze warning. 44 in melbourne. of weather. take a look, all the way through this chilly pattern. rain moves in on friday. on saturday and sunday, readjusting patterns. chilly, chilly, chilly as we look into next week. michelle: breaking in downtown houston right now. this is a high-rise rescue happening right now. it looks like they are bringing these guys and while to window washers where stuck on the scaffolding, hanging off the side of the high-rise. this is the chase tower in downtown. they just got the guys off. pretty incredible. they are bringing it to safety. this happened later today. brett: 75 stories high.
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that is way up there. it is a big day in arizona today, alabama and clemson going head-to-head in the national championship game. michelle: the undefeated tigers were the underdogs in this game. the crimson tide, who are looking to secure their fourth
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brett: right now we are monitoring any donuts in the case of 17-year-old edward kelty. he is accused of hitting officer will anderson. we are waiting to hear if a judge will attempt on. michelle: we' ll have an update for you first at 4:00.
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