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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh two news at sunrise in high definition. a former local schoolteacher accused of sex crimes of a student is facing more charges this morning. what she is accused of doing that landed her back in jail. amy: it is our last cool day s return. when we will see rain.
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i know we are all enjoying the weather. >> we are a few degrees warmer this morning but you probably won' t feel it as you step outside. he will probably still want your jacket. amy: we have a little bit more cloud cover this morning. the clouds have been streaming in from the gulf of mexico, that is keeping that is keeping the temperatures from dropping quite as much as yesterday. it is in the 30' s and 40' s. as we had through the day we will have the high clouds. hazy skies for us and temperatures still cooler than average. topping out in the mid-60' s. it is 37 in palm coast and 39 in ocala. with the cloud streaming and we have seen temperatures come up a
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48 sanford and orlando. there is a frost advisory in effect through 9 a.m.. no freezing temperatures expected but cold enough that we can see some frost developing, maybe on your windshield or grassy spots on the pavement. that are the clouds streaming and. we will be partly sunny and temperatures are cooler than average. 64 for the high and the villages. 66 today, 65 in the land. time for a traffic update. here is ted. this is a live picture of 54. not blocking before derksen, keep an eye on that.
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street. things look good. 95 construction at volusia still lingering self down by state would. good-looking flow from the dean road toll road. michelle: an overnight chase and it by being hauled up id. beauties -- deputies. >> we are live there this morning. >> jason we were. we saw these two young men put into the back of a squad car and it happened a few houses down on amber road. i want to show you where we saw the suspect' s vehicle. that was here on oleander way, just a few hundred yards from
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the car was the subject of the investigation by deputies out here. it was a white mazda with significant damage to the windshield. reports say there was a chase from ocular county into orange county. deputies from both counties were here this morning. they were focused on the white mazda. when we got out here we did see the two guys being put into the squad car and handcuffed. that again was at a home a few houses down from where the car was on oleander. a k-9 unit was also here which likely means the suspects were chased here we are working to find out more information from the sheriff. the only thing the orange county sheriff' s office confirms is osceola county. when of the suspects we saw
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not happy that our camera was out here and yelled file language -- follow language of here to our cameramen. as soon as we get more details we will bring you more. michelle: right now a former osceola county substitute teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with a minor. sarah moore was arrested last night. she will see the judge this afternoon. >> sarah moore is now charged with evidence tampering on top of the 10 counts of sexual battery she already faces. she bonded out of the osceola county jail last week and was rearrested last night. she is 35 years old and is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old more than 20 times. according to a statement the victim gave police, the sexual
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she denied the allegations, telling the judge she had never been in trouble before. it is unclear what she was arrested for evidence tampering. a judge will decide at a hearing this afternoon. michelle: a child pornography suspect arrested during an f the wood will go before a judge. there are new charges against the man. he faces six counts in will be arraigned in federal court this morning. new information today that could help solve and orlando murder investigation. police released a photo of a vehicle believed to have killed joseph pipkin.
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michelle: president obama hits to lay out the vision he outlined in his state of the union speech. tracy' s has a recap from washington. >> anyone claiming that america' s economy is in decline is peddling fiction. >> even with millions struggling, i' m the president said america' s economy is strong. on terror he defended his fight against isis. >> if you doubt america' s commitment or mine to see that justice is done just ask osama bin laden. >> he is asking to lift the embargo against cuba and to act on climate challenge. he did not mention you up captured -- u.s. captured sailors do to be released today.
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politics -- any politics -- that targets people because of race or religion. >> nikki haley' s republican response criticized broken promises, but she admitted her party contributes to washington' s dysfunction. >> there is more than enough blame to go around. we as republicans need to on that truth. >> republicans say the speech fell short. >> i heard the president' s word, i just wish we would convert to action what he said. >> the president leaves washington today to spread his optimism to a divided nation. >> today in omaha the president is giving a speech at the university of nebraska that he has two baton rouge, new cities he is never visited as president. michelle: you just heard tracy
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sailors just about an hour ago iran said they had freed them. the today show will have much more on the state of the union. matt lauer will spend the day in the white house -- will spend the day with paul ryan for an interview. and hillary clinton' s reaction and coverage. >> loretta lynch will be discussing the obama administration worked to reform the criminal justice system. she will meet with leaders. she will also be visiting harvard law school to discuss criminal justice and reentry services. michelle: people in florida and across the country will -- are hoping that lady luck will be on their side. powerball is at $1.5 billion.
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>> good luck, everybody. i got one in florida. my brother made a trip to georgia i got one there. and today the strategy is to wear a jacket. amy: mid-to-upper 60' s is where we are headed today. it will be cooler than average once again. we are climbing a little bit. each day we will get the 70' s back and here. we have cloud cover today. a lot of high clouds have been streaming in from the gulf in the overnight hours. it is kind of hazy and milky. we will call it partly sunny for today instead of mostly sunny. our temperatures are a little warmer.
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were , and our temperatures have gone out. -- up. we are back up to 40 in citra. 43 at umatilla and 46 in claremont. for just 45 and mike mary. winter park 46. 47 palm bay and 49 port st. john. pearson in volusia county is 37. 60 by noon, keep climbing into the mid-60' s that both spots. county by county in just a few minutes. right now it is 6:11. >> you can see downtown orlando, the mills offramp on the right side. no delays so far. the conway toll plaza area to i-94 is where we see most congestion.
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two hours around i-4 has cleared. i four was found on the left side of the screen getting out of all tomorrow -- all tomorrow ultima no problem. >> warning about something that may be in your medicine cabinet. >> the warning for certain types of children' s cough syrup. >> and what happens when one school give kids four breaks per day.
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california,or michelle: two people are in custody after a chase last night. it is not yet clear why they were fake -- chasing the car. jason: police want to find a suspected robber who took off after his partner was caught.
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jason: iran says it has freed 10 u.s. sailors after an apology from officials. they were held after a broken navigation system led them into iran' s waters. they were freed over an hour ago. iran said it was just a mistake and said the u.s. navy said they promise to help it -- stop it from happening again. the u.s. rams are late bound. >> good morning. the nfl is doc in los angeles. -- back in los angeles. they could have some company. the rams start playing in los angeles this august, they will play at the l.a. coliseum. while they wait on a new $3 billion complex ring built in inglewood. the rams sprucing played in los angeles before leaving in 1995. this is negotiations between the
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here' s their honor on leaving behind so many fans in missouri. >> it is a difficult process and it is bittersweet. we understand the emotions involved. it is not easy to do these things. >> roger goodell says the move allows for the san diego chargers to relocate to l.a. as well as if they don' t exercise the option the raiders can have the option to move back to los angeles. los angeles is the second largest market behind new york which means that orlando is the largest tv market in the country without an nfl team. jason: very interesting. this morning if your child has a cold you want to be careful what kind of called syrup you give them. it comes as a recall is issued for two types of medicine.
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-- marked incorrectly. the medicines are sold in four ounce bottles great and cherry flavor. michelle: people dealing with substance abuse and orlando get a new option. a new detox center is opening up near summer date lane, east of 441. it is operated by sunrise at detox and features 40 beds good they also have several other locations in new jersey and georgia. the today show looks at a new school program that calls for students to get for recess periods a day. jason: one elementary school in texas has been doing this for five months. leaders say they have been seeing great results. they say students are less fidgety in class and listen more closely and they have fewer discipline issues. last spring orange county encourage school district to allow for 20 and it' s a recess a day.
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>> we don' t have a humidity out there. amy: it is a much better hair day for us,. we are called this morning but it is not as cold as yesterday. kids at the bus stop need a couple of layers that they can get rid of later today. we do not have full sunshine yet. once we get to sunrise we have high clouds streaming in from the gulf. hazy to start the day. we are little warmer than we were earlier sense midnight we did drop to 37 and oh call a -- ocala. it is cooler than average in most spots.
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again -- 42 daytona beach melbourne 50. we have high clouds that will stream in today and we also have our wind coming in out of the north. our high temperatures will like yesterday be well below average. most of us will top out in the mid-60' s on average. farther north in the mid-60' s. orlando, winter park and saint cloud will be at 66. the farther south we will have a few upper 60' s. 64 daytona beach, 61 at flagler beach. tomorrow morning cool again. this will be the last cool morning before we get back into the 50' s.
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wind is fairly loud -- light. tomorrow we are going to be cool ish, we will be close to 70 degrees. upper 60' s for most of up -- us. we do not expect rain tomorrow. to friday that changes. a warm front comes in early in the day and that will bring us scattered showers and the morning. we will get a second round of showers and storms as this cold front comes through. it will be a complete and total washout. i do think we will get opportunities for showers and storms on friday. another front will come through, once it passes by temperatures will drop. back down into the 60' s for highs as we get into next week. ted: i four and lake mary, things looked not that bad this
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here is the 408 westbound, right by the area of 436, the westbound drive from dean road toll plaza to i-4 is only a nine minute drive. i am standing over john young parkway as we animate this, we pass obc 55 miles an hour. >> another one of those stories that say only in florida. michelle: comic book characters and this could have used a
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jason: the dangerous michelle: right now a party city in south florida is closed as investigators try to figure out what led to this. no one was trapped under all the debris but three people did have minor injuries. a couple of men dressed as comic book characters made a couple of big mistakes that could land a behind bars.
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they were both dressed as the marvel character dead pool but as they try to pull the atm out of the store watch what goes down. one man' s mask of nearly fell off. the battery in the getaway car also died. so they didn' t get any cash. authorities want to catch these guys. if you can help call police. the orlando city lions have a new addition to their schedule starting today. they will mentor base -- kids. the kids are homeless or have behavior problems. the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot drawing is up tonight. a look inside the place were dreams are made and broken. jason: we are on top of breaking news. a group of u.s. sailors held
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>> we saw two young men being taken away in hank us here in orlando a short time ago. amy: we are in the $.30 40' s this morning as you head out the door.
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. high definition. jason: right now, a wild ride across two counties. michelle: two men were arrested after in overnight chase. >> morning shots fired, south korea sending a stern message to the north. what triggered aggressive action overnight. jason: gas stations are about to hike again. the historic pirate -- powerball a just hours away. >> get your tickets. another big drawing. 1.5 billion. thanks for joining us on your wednesday. jason: let' s just hope there is a winner as we wish them good
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6:30 now. cool start. just below 50 degrees in downtown orlando. amy sweezey is tracking that forecast for us. amy: it is a little cold this morning. it is not as cold as it was yesterday morning. all those clouds acted as a blanket for us. s and 40' s in most of the area. we will top out in the mid-60' s later today. between filtered sunshine and wind coming in out of the north, we will once again be colder than average. a frost advisory in effect until 9:00. no freezing temperatures but we do have some frost in these spots that have dropped into the 30' s. putnam county, some of those wind protected areas. 39 in ocala what we were curler -- koehler -- colder earlier. 48 sanford, 50 right now in melbourne, but today' s lows
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than yesterday morning. we froze yesterday in ocala now we are warmer today. creeping up a few degrees each day. lots of clouds streaming in but they will be with us through the day so we will call hazy sunshine and temperatures in the mid-60' s. 63 in dunnellon , 65 in deltona, 60' s expected for highs up and down the coast. here is ted. ted: we are taking a live look -- westbound coming at the camera. if you' re going to travel from lake mary to lee, a good-looking drive. westbound on the right side of the screen. atlee road and winter park, the overall drive is at 11 minutes. and the weekdays -- in the
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into downtown orlando with ease, 436 to i-4 no delays. speed sensor 436, 63 miles an hour. he enrolled toll plaza will only cost you nine minutes. jason: deputies from two counties are investigating an overnight chase. michelle: alex villareal is life this morning. quite a busy seen today but things have quieted down for the people who live there. alex: yes. quiet out there now, no sign of deputy presence. it was not that way just a couple hours ago. there were many deputies out here and we did see two young men being hauled off in handcuffs. it happened just a few houses down on amber road. down here, on oleander way , this is where we saw the car that it appears the suspect abandoned as they were trying to flee from deputies out here.
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that car, we could see the windshield was badly cracked. the car was told away -- towed away just before 5:30 this morning. there was some kind of case into orange county. deputies from both counties were out this morning. we saw both sets here. a k -9 unit was out here. we are working to find out more county sheriff' s office about catch these young men. sheriff' is that they were assisting osceola county in this incident. we did witness to people being arrest. one of the suspects not happy. photographer. still a lot of unanswered are working to find out more
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straight to you. live in orlando. jason: a man accused of trying to rob a gas station is in the hospital after coming face-to-face with a fed up store owner. two people tried to hold up the chevron on south cocoa boulevard. the truck was flown to holmes regional medical center for surgery. the other got away in a car but it was hit by at least one bullet. we have covered two other incidents at this station. michelle: 10 american sailors have been freed in iran. there is more tension between south and north korea with warning shots this morning. south korea has confirmed a border early this morning. south korea fired 20 machine gun warning shots. none of the shots hit the drone.
6:32 am
week. the 10 captured navy sailors around. the guard left him -- let them go after holding them on farsi island for a day. one had mechanical problems. iran is still demanding an apology claiming the u.s. navy carried out navy maneuvers in its territory. cnn talked to the pentagon and the sailors are getting medical checks on board a u.s. navy ship. jason: new on sunrise, the autopsy is back on a florida woman murdered in italy. ashley olson was strangled with an object like a rope but more time is needed to figure out when she died. say olson' s boyfriend found her body. investigators are looking into
6:33 am
references a stopper. -- stalker. michelle: a man who overstayed his reason will return to court today. hamid rehaif will be arraigned on charges. the department of homeland security was in on the investigation. he stayed in brevard county a year after dropping out of school making him in illegal. they found ammunition he was not supposed to have it at a storage unit he was renting near his home. jason: testimony will continue in the retrial of amber wright. she was found guilty of beating and killing seth jackson nearly five years ago. a judge agreed to a new trial agreeing with an attorney that she was not properly read her miranda rights. her attorney is expecting a new verdict. >> for the first time we are
6:34 am
owner of a sanford store owner -- murdered weeks ago. his family are pleading with anyone who may have information about the killer to come forward. the texans have spoken with one person who was inside the score before the desk. michelle: governor rick scott is kicking off his statewide job creation tour in orlando. jason: the governor is promoting the plan he pushed. >> we cannot let up. our $1 million tax cut package will be key elements to make florida first for jobs in the nation for years to come. jason: lawmakers have not been able to agree about which taxes to cut or for how long. we will be there as governor scott' s to her kicks off at 9:00 this morning. the present' s final state of the union is in the books and those reviews are in. nikole killion is in washington
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>> president obama travels to omaha nebraska to meet with a local family. they will speak to a larger crowd touching on some of the same themes from last night. >> i believe in change because i believe in you. the american people. that is why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union -- >> the president cited his accomplishments. he also looked past his presidency telling americans they have a choice in the next election and taking veiled shots at some of the republicans. many candidates took to social media wealth nikki haley delivered the official gop response saying the president has fallen short of his soaring word. jason: millions of us across the country are waking up hoping
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michelle: powerball wednesday. more than a billion dollars on the line. brett, that drawing will take place right here in florida. brett: tallahassee -- they are the worst odds in the house. two dollars could turn into 1.5 billion dollars. you would still have to pay taxes on 930 million, but how good would it feel to deposit a check with that many zeros into your bank account? the odds of winning one in 292.2 million. listen to how much money we are spending on this improbable prize. >> we are averaging $556 a second in florida. that is a lot of money. brett: numbers drawn in tallahassee tonight at 10:59. you have seen all these means on
6:37 am
money, so we have done the math. if you do that cash lump sum and do the math, you have enough to give everyone in our viewing area about $174. you would be very popular in our area. the downside is you would have just one a couple hundred million dollars and would have to go to work again the next day. michelle: i don' t feel like it is worth it then. can i say that on tv? i do want to help. i would rather give more money to a good cause. up next, a woman was attacked while she was walking her dog. jason: this frightening incidents that happened in a volusia county neighborhood. >> is there somebody else? michelle: police are crashing
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>> i hope you did not pack away your jacket after yesterday because you will certainly did it again. jason: a cool start in central florida. amy, we see you have got the coat on. amy: warmer this morning, but only a few degrees. on the chilly side for central florida. 30' s-40' s right now. more clouds than yesterday, that is keeping our temperatures from dropping quite as much but we will stay hazy through the day. we will have those high cloudsthostemperatures will stay in the mid-60' s for highs on average. we are at 40 in silver springs, 36 in dunnellon. we had dropped down into the lower 30' s and even had a freeze. 44 lake mary, 46 orlando and winter park and 49 in celebration. 41 flagler beach and 47 in palm
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temperatures will climb despite the fact that we have that cool wind coming out of the north. that will keep us in the mid-60' s for highs later this afternoon. i will take you around county by county in just a few minutes. let' s send it back inside for a traffic check. jazmine: -- ted: 6:46 here, westbound on the left side of the screen, westbound is a bit slow by the i-4 ramp to get onto the westbound side, so on the 408 you will see that right lane starting to block off in the heart of downtown orlando. westbound in the main side -- left lane a little bit slow, but for the most part you will get through ok. john young, that is obg as we animate this and fly through downtown orlando and obt still six he five miles an hour.
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jason: covering volusia county, a frightening attack. michelle: a woman asjazmin walker is here with what police are saying. jazmine: daytona beach believes this is a random attack. the victim is a 71-year-old woman named rose. a young man came from around the corner, hit her in the head and then took off. >> they know what you look like and they know what you look like, and this guy is out there. you can imagine what they would do at night. jazmine: rose asked us not to show her face however she did show us the gash on her for head and a black and blue bruise. >> all i could do was scream and i yelled "help." jazmine: police have pulled surveillance video from the area hoping to catch this attacker but the camera may not have been working.
6:41 am
s help. a call. jason: underage drinking around ucf. a joint operation found more students are trying to pass off fake ids. >> why don' t you have an id? >> fake id? jason: only wesh 2 secured this video. police say the accessibility and quality of these ids is on the rise. many students do not realize it is a felony just for possessing one. police say the operation is focusing mostly on three off-campus bars which are -- >> the day'
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jason: the full recap of president obama' s state of the union address. >> coming up, we are focusing in on what we heard from the president. we will break down his message to voters in this election year and talk to nikki haley about the veiled shot she took at donald trump. hillary clinton will join us. matt goes one on one with paul ryan. what he says surprised him most about this new job. what you need to consider before jumping into your office powerball pool for tonight' s
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from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. jason: good wednesday morning. it is cool and less humid. it got -- this try air -- dry air amy:. amy:it has been warm so far this winter. we get these little stretches of cool, dry air. we have a lot of clouds especially compared to yesterday. when you look at these two views, a lot of clouds and quite a few clouds in the orlando area as well. that is having an impact on our
6:45 am
we will be cooler than average so high clouds will continue streaming in. 64 in orlando but our normal high temperature is 71. cooler than average and we are going to keep climbing over the next few days. tomorrow will be our last day below average and then we will be in the 70' s for friday and saturday. rain moving intoo. we are starting to get these cold fronts coming all the way through and bringing us cool air instead of getting hung up which is what we had for a couple of months. 37 and palm, 39 in ocala, 48 sanford and orlando. warmer this morning that it was yesterday. wind between five and 10 miles per hour. that feels more like 44 and dew points are lower. it is drier. low
6:46 am
tomorrow morning we will still be in the 40' s but then we get a couple of 50' s well above our average low. our clouds will stream in and we still have that north brees drawing in cool air -- bree ze drawing in cool air. 56 in kissimmee and st. cloud, 65 in deltona and deland, 64 hour high in daytona beach. mid-upper 60' s along the coast in brevard county, 57 is where we are headed in palm bay. tomorrow morning will be similar. we will drop to 47 in orlando so no freezing temperatures. we do have front advisory this morning for marion county until nine k -- 9:00 a.m.. along with the warm air we will have two rounds of rain.
6:47 am
ted: crash on u.s. 27 at kagan crossing not too far away from u.s. 92. your best alternate would be to use state road 429. i four eastbound still not so bad. i for westbound into seminole county busier in altamonte. jason: these are the top stories. beginning with the overnight chase from osceola county into orange county. michelle: two people are in custody. deputies caught up with the people in the car near east colonial in orange county just after 3:00. it is not clear why deputies were chasing this car. jason: police want to find a suspected robber who took off after his heart and are in crime was shot. it happened in cocoa last night. the owner shot one robber and shot at a car well the other crook drove off.
6:48 am
substitute teacher accused of having sex with a 14-year-old was rearrested last night on a new charge. sarah more -- moore is charged with evidence tampering. jason: police believe this vehicle belongs to the person who killed lawrence pitkin junior. michelle: governor rick -- scott is kicking off his tour. he is promoting the plan he pushed in the state address yesterday. governor scott'
6:49 am
r amy: another cold start in central florida. 39 in ocala, 47 in orlando, 50 in melbourne. we will climb today into the mid-60' s and continue to climb as we had through the week. showers and storms expected on friday. another comes through sunday and coldest down for next week. ted: crash near kagan crossing not too far away from 192. best alternate is avalon road. busy drive i for westbound.
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